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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #273 - R18 lucid

      by , 10-29-2016 at 03:28 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Don't read ahead unless you're an adult, I've tried keeping some of the descriptions to a minimal though.

      It's sunny and I'm walking along a sheltered wooden deck outside, like a walkway you might see at the zoo. As I was walking I saw cute girls walk past in leggings, I flirted with one of them and it felt unrealistic which clued me in that it was a dream. I became lucid and immediately went cave-man mode, no stabilising or anything.. I just walked up to the cute girl and groped her, kissed her and many other things I managed to go all the way and even finish which isn't something I've ever had in a lucid dream. A weird thing I noticed was that she kept disappearing yet was still there, it's hard to explain but basically she went invisible or something..
      Tags: girl, leggings, sex, zoo
    2. #256 - X-Men, youtube babes

      by , 07-17-2016 at 01:32 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - X-Men
      I have a dream about x-men, it's dark and we're on top of a building, it feels like I'm watching a movie. Wolverine and Storm are there, maybe someone else. There's a helicopter too, and the weather is stormy. Wolverine had the best hair I've ever seen, it was long and flowing, black with brown and gold highlights. Storm had lightning flashing around her, and she walked up to wolverine and the lightning engulfed them both in a wicked display of effects, teleporting them somewhere else. I remember thinking "That's bullshit, she shouldn't be allowed to teleport with her power" as if she had cheated in a game or something. It was a pretty epic dream and there's a lot more to it, but this dream was like a week ago. Also it occurred during my 3rd sleep cycle which was unusual since I've been slack with my dream journaling lately and would usually only remember the last dream of the night.

      Dream 2 - Youtube Babes
      I remember a dream where I was at my laptop and I was fighting the urge to fap (since I've recently started up 'No PMO' again). I was on Youtube and saw a music video that had hot chicks in it, and I thought "Hmm well it's only Youtube". I watched the video which had lots of hot chicks in tight and revealing clothing dancing around each other, I had the feeling like it would lead to me searching for porn after but then I woke up.
    3. #240 - Oh so powerful

      by , 05-10-2016 at 10:42 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Surprised how much I managed to write down in the morning.. I typed it out on my phone before I got up, it didn't feel like much to remember though. This will probably be the only way for me to write my dreams up now, since I'm rising at 5:30am and then I'm hustlin' and bustlin' around to get to work.

      I'm outside where there's green grass around, there's supposedly 3 classes (there's 3 of us). 2 of us are running around chasing the one another, they resemble Sterling and Lana from the show 'Archer'. They're just being goofy, I kind of see things in 3rd person next to the other class character. There's something about a hedge wall they're running around, it shifts and moves places which doesn't make much sense to me. I forget how, but 2 of the classes die and I'm the last one remaining. I think how silly it is, I'm not even the strongest. The other guy was super powerful and talented for his class but I ended up being the one to live (I seem to miss them or something).

      I'm in a cave now, there's a huge tombstone sized book latched across my back. I swing it off and plant it upright on the ground, then kneel before it. It has 'game-like' options displayed on it, oddly enough. Is it really a book? I'm quite powerful at this point, having gone a long way since my friends died. I'm trying to get some sort of power from here though.

      Now I'm at a place that resembles my old primary school, I'm brawling with this ginger white guy but he's not really a match for me (I don't think there's anything 'power' or 'magic' related going on either). We fight 2-3 times without really going hard enough to have a 'winner'. The guy is also a real douche, like SUPER douchey.

      I'm now in my house, just randomly sitting on the toilet in the bathroom with the door open (NO I'm not doing anything, the seats were down, I might have been brushing my teeth and too lazy to stand I think?). The mother of white ginger guy comes in, she's super hot and beautiful dark skinned woman, but a bit older than me (in her 30s I think? But still really hot). She gives me a bag of pills, it's supposed to be medicine for helping with my eating. Apparently she thought I had vomited because there was a bit of pumpkin in the sink. I have to explain to her that it was from when I rinsed my bowl, since I made a red curry with pumpkin in it (the bathroom is right next to my room, I don't do this but it's really plausible in RL). It's considerate of her to do that, she's nice. Much nicer than her douchey son. I get up and we walk out into the hallway, we're talking by my room and I kind of head her in there. She's in the doorway in front of me (I'm still in the hallway). I say how it's kind of her to give those to me, then say "But I'd much rather have you". She gets all bashful and blushes, I lead her further into my room intending to tease her. There's people in the house and it's broad daylight and we know we really SHOULDN'T, but it feels naughty . I start kissing her, we're in my room now and the door is wide open. We're still safe since I can't hear anyone down this end of the house. I sit on the bed and pull her onto my lap so she's riding. Kissing her again, she turns away shyly so I can't see her blushing. I make her turn back look at me, she's really pretty. We start having sex *somehow* through our clothes, enough to make us really want it but we have to stop before someone passes by. I then wake up.

      Sooo yeah, from goofy start to adventure, street brawling and sexy time. Twas good.
    4. #219 - Plane-jack / Sex lucid

      by , 04-01-2016 at 11:28 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Plane-jack
      I remember being in the sky flying a plane, there's some context about the Joker (from Batman) being a terrorist. There was another plane or two on my side, I think a black guy was the leader of the troupe and he seemed reminiscent of an actual comic character. I think I shot down a couple planes, and then swooped in to land at the airport. It was chaos here because of all the planes getting shot down nearby, I was now the Joker too. I hid my face a bit just in case the security recognized me and snuck out of the building.

      Dream 2 - Sex lucid
      I was in a house, I seem to remember having sex (non-lucid) and then progressing into the dream a bit more. I walked into a business meeting room with a large oval table and some nice looking chairs seated around it. There was a blonde lady in here which I approached and hooked up with. As this happened I realized I was dreaming, but I had the feeling that by becoming more aware I would wake myself up due to the precarious instability associated with sex-lucids. But it wasn't stable enough regardless and I felt myself wake up, though it was probably a FA. When I woke up I saw next to me my friend Sam, asleep. I woke up properly a while later to let my cat out I think.
      non-lucid , lucid
    5. #209 - War / Cops / Ancient tortoises

      by , 03-13-2016 at 07:45 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - War
      The context of the dream was that we were in the Middle Earth universe and there were elves who refused to help the mortal races or something.
      A female elf similar to Arwen had joined Rohan's side in a skirmish to convince her father, the elven king of (Mirkwood maybe?) to join their side. I remember a huge amount of mounted horsemen charging forward, lead by the elf girl, for some reason we were absolutely thrashing the elves and storming through them. There was another elf on our side and he somewhat resembled Legolas. They began to route and after continuing to chase them the only one left was the elf king. He reached the forest edge with the Rohirrim right behind him and started skirting the forest instead of going into it. The reason was because soldiers began to emerge from behind the trees, and at this point I remembered that we had established reinforcements in the forest to ambush the elves. From the group of horsemen in pursuit of the king, the elf girl shot out on a white horse really fast. As an elf she is supposedly meant to be really fast on horses or something . She dismounted the king but he continued to fight, that male elf leapt after him and began freezing his legs with a stream of ice magic. The king was resistant to magic and the ice was rapidly thawing, though it still slowed him enough for someone to grab him. The king continued to resist, his elven pride relentless, and then I woke up .

      Dream 2 - Cops
      Spoiler for Warning, R18(ish) content!:

      Dreams 3 - Ancient tortoises
      I was somewhere with a small fungi-covered tortoise that could talk, we were outside and the scenery was bland. There was some dream-context to this, we were meditating to reach some sort of state or possibly just a certain age. The tortoise left at one point to head to the place where all the ancient tortoises go when they've reached that 'level'. I think I headed there with him, but my memory gets a little confused here.
      I'm at the place where tortoises go, but only when I get there do I actually know that it's the place where tortoises go. I look around and realize that what at first look like a green-fungi ridden stone was actually another ancient tortoise.
      "That must be your dad?" I asked the tortoise.
      "No, that's my wife. She did get to meet my dad before moving here though" the tortoise replied, I guess that means that his wife is a bit older than him?
      Looking around I can spot about 5 more tortoises sitting still. The scenery is like a desert, there's a palm tree in front of me and some small green tussocks of grass that are around too. It looks like the Sahara meets Tropical rain forest, though with more sand? The reason the tortoises come here is because of the old man sitting cross-legged near the palm tree on a little sandy slope. His hair is white and his skin is a deep tan. He's really old and looks quite withered, I know that he wouldn't respond if I tried to get his attention and for some reason I the thought of even talking to him doesn't seem possible anyways. Like he was god or something?
      The confusing part in my memory is that now I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing the journey towards where the tortoise and I were heading. The tortoise isn't there this time, and I'm walking through jungle that has some sand scattered on the ground here and there.. There's maybe 2 other people with me as well. The jungle is really dangerous, everything seems alive and at one point a plant opened up revealing these thin long vines with little sharp jaws at the ends, I clambered away from it as it tried to nip me. Straight after I looked up a slope to where we needed to go, just beyond would be the end. I remember seeing 'me' climb it, but from 3rd-person. At the top was a wooden log and I fell on my ass for some reason, only to have a GIANT python land next to me! I clambered up over the log and ran for it. The python didn't even bother noticing me .
    6. #182 - Home / WILD

      by , 12-18-2015 at 05:56 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Home
      I'm at home in my room, yet outside is the back deck rather than the front deck and sitting at a round wooden table are two girls drinking coffee. I'm trying not to be caught I think, as I think me and another girl are doing 'things' in my room. Are the deed is done I think I clean up my room a bit, and I remember that the 2 girls outside had vivid outfits, one I think was wearing blue and yellow gym gear and the other was wearing red and blue. The curtains (which were drawn so no one could see into my room) were the same as the ones I had when I was a kid, with little animals and stuff on it. I think my cat Peaches was in my room too.

      SC2) 04:50
      Dream - WILD
      After waking up from my last dream I didn't manage to get back to sleep. I had done a WBTB and must have woken myself up too much. After rolling around in bed for over an hour I ended up getting visuals and sensations but I didn't manage to fully transition to a dream. Eventually I realize I'm in a dream right as it started ---> I'm at home in the family room sitting on the sofa, there's a few people and everything is very realistic. Someone says something which slightly deviates from what I remember to be the truth which spurs me to do a RC. It succeeds and I'm a little unsure, this is so real, how can it be a dream? I reality check several times and confirm that it's definitely a dream so I walk on outside and try to stabilize (even though it's actually quite stable already) by shouting "Stabilize!" loudly, yet it isn't as loud as it should be. I try this several times, I'm hoping to boost the stability and depth of the lucid dream but it backfires as I end up destabilizing the dream.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. #176 - Flat / (?) / Dragons / DC talk / Red car / Car park

      by , 12-09-2015 at 01:11 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I've decided to commit to dividing my dreams into sleep cycles since I can now remember my nREM dreams. I didn't really understand how people could recall so many dreams before, but now it makes sense. I think there was ~6 dreams last night that I could remember, I know there was another but I couldn't recall it since I didn't write anything down about it.

      Sleep cycle 1
      Dream 1 - Flat (03:34)
      I woke up to my 2am alarm but I just let it ring for ages and fell asleep again without turning it off. After writing this into my DJ I decided to kick it for the rest of the night. I let myself rest a bit since I've been feeling sleepy during the day because of my night time drea journaling.
      I'm in a block of university flats standing on the driveway, it's quite nice here. My friend Giles is renting one of the apartments and I end up moving next door. It seems to be night time when I do and I seem to get pretty ecstatic about moving here. I'm happy and I end up running back and forth moving things into my room. I think I might be prepping for a gaming binge. I look up and see through the window my mate Giles, he's looking at me with this funny look that makes me laugh a bit. I end up shutting the curtains and hunkering down for the game/TV spree.

      Dream experience: 2 (pretty happy but not too vivid)
      Dream awareness: 0 (No real awareness)

      Sleep cycle (?)
      Dream 1 - (?)
      This dream was pretty damn sexually explicit soo I won't write any details. Pretty much just me and a girl having some fun, I remember a lot of it but I won't write it up ^_^.

      Dream experience: 5 (for obvious reasons, and vivid)
      Dream awareness: 1 (I had a moment where I realized that things seemed a little off, but I was too caught up in it to care)

      Dream 2 - Dragons
      This dream was so vivid.. Everything had a certain crispness to the detail. I was in a large glacial-eroded valley which looked very barren and was filled with craggy rocks on the flood plain. I think there was a river flowing through the middle of it though the area I was in was quite huge and I was a ways off from this stream. On either side of the valley were towering mountains, and behind me (kind of like the entrance to the valley) there was a large structure where everyone was hiding. We were hiding because... There was a powerful dragon around. This dragon was really ferocious looking, it had these craggy looking demonic spikes all over its body and a long neck which made me think it resembled a chinese dragon from the neck onwards. Previously we had managed to all run inside and escape, I believed that the dragon had gone now. I was standing outside, the weather was overcast but it looked so cool. *RROOOARRR* Oh shit... It's back? I look up left towards the mountain peak in the distance, but a different dragon swoops into view. Oh, wow... This really is not good. This dragon is a different colour and slightly different in size and shape, but it still has that insane, crisp, sharp detail to it. Its wings have a certain blue hue to the underside which seem to resonate a sort of magical power. The beast turns its gaze onto the valley, I start running hoping to make it back inside. There's a bunch of other creatures in the valley so I hope that the dragon won't spot me, it's already leapt into the air and started flying down lower. I get the feeling that it will spot me as it gets closer.. I'm too far from the safety zone, the dragon has spotted me and it's swooping up behind me gliding really fast. I stop and get as close to the ground as possible.


      I open my eyes, I must have been knocked unconscious, what happened to me? I'm on a narrow path with two steep cliffs on either side of me, they're somewhat flattened. In front of me is a human shaped figure, but I know who it is. It's the dragon in human form. I have to follow him, he walks down the narrow path in majestic looking robes while I follow behind him.

      Dream experience: 7 (really vivid, cool plot and generally just a cool theme)
      Dream awareness: 2 (felt naturally aware, but not of the dream itself)

      Dream 3 - DC talk
      I think I woke up and fell back asleep, and this dream was a sort of 'continuation' with some massive differences. But the idea that I woke up in a strange place kind of remained and my mind told me that the dragon delivered me to this place.
      I seemed to be in a huge casino building, and the higher the floor you were on the higher your supposed level of power. I think I see a small little cat, poor thing probably hasn't been fed enough, its ears are huge too. I walk forward and I know that I'm on a really high level but I shouldn't be here. I look at a card I'm holding and it says level 0 part 6. Geeze that's weak >_<. I decide it's best that I don't act suspicious, better play it cool for now. I walk around in the level I'm in,

      There's beautiful women everywhere.. Hmm I should go talk to one, but they all seem so busy :/. I start getting the inkling of the fact that I'm dreaming, and as I'm walking I turn and see a man standing behind a bench, maybe he's a barman or something. He's a bit old and dressed rather impeccably.
      I realize I'm dreaming, I mean... Of course I'm dreaming? I just seems so obvious all of a sudden. I don't even need to RC since I feel like the dream is really stable too.
      "Hey can you show me something" I say to the man, I seem to convey to him that I'm not from this level and I got here by accident. The realization of me dreaming kind of happened simultaneously to the thought of saying this, and I had another thought that I actually wanted to ask another question instead. Damn. Too late :/ I wanted to ask him to let me meet someone. I had the intention that I would talk to a different DC but in proper length and ask them lots of questions for my dream goal.
      The man says a few things and I interact with him a bit, then I get ushered to the elevator by another man and they send me down level 0 part 6. Guh, I shouldn't have done that. I walk out into the new floor, looking around me I see that the women are pretty average. I really shouldn't have left that floor >_<. There's a bunch of people playing casinos, gambling is such a waste :/. I decide that there must be at least some pretty women to talk to. (For some reason I get the feeling the a pretty woman is the DC that will be able to answer my questions ). I wake up really abruptly, like I kind of just realized I was in my bed.

      Dream experience: 4 (semi-vivid and lucid, glad I got to talk to a DC but overall pretty meh)
      Dream awareness: 3-6 (at the same time I felt like I was highly lucid, I also felt like there wasn't a lot I could do about being lucid. I should have done a RC)

      Sleep cycle 5 - (>07:00)
      Dream 1 - Red car
      I remember walking with my dad, we're talking about stuff but I can't remember what. We walk through a car park and it's a sunny day. We make it to his car, but it doesn't look like his car. It's a red hyundai rather than white, hmm that's strange.

      Dream experience: 1 (we were just talking and walking to his car. meh)
      Dream awareness: 2 (might have become lucid had I RC when I realized he had a different car)

      Dream 2 - Car park
      I seem to be in the car park of the casino building I was in earlier in the night. I'm with my dad and we're heading to get the car (like a prequel story to the last dream or something). On the way we're near the exit of the car park area (our car was in a different car park) and we see a couple of girls that are advertising the casino place. There's a crowd around them and there's an overseer who's making sure they're doing their job. That's screwed up, they're in such skimpy outfits, they must be freezing. They huddle together and shiver as if to emphasize this thought. Me and my dad step up and try to help them out, we're like protesters or something.

      Dream experience: 4 (seemed pretty emotional and vivid)
      Dream awareness: 1 (not very high awareness)
    8. #166 - School trippin'

      by , 11-28-2015 at 03:44 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Went to bed later again as I was exposed to TV for the first time in a long while.. Where does time even go?
      I'll have to restart my dream recall goal (3 dreams every night for 3 days in a row).

      Dream - School trippin'
      I was on a school bus, we were going on a field trip somewhere. I had a lot of bags (these were the bags that I had left in my flat to be picked up by a moving truck) and I remember unloading them from the bus storage. So many bags, I can't possibly move them in one go... I pick up 2 bags and follow along with everyone else, deciding to make a couple trips to get everything to wherever we're headed. I distinctly recall there being a very realistic sexy big breasted (she had a boob job) brunette woman (in her thirties?) at some point who was guiding me. I don't think she appeared to me in person, but may have been an image on my phone. She had no shirt or bra either . There was also another girl that was the same age as me, she was a strikingly beautiful voluptuous blonde. She gets replaced suddenly by a feminine looking guy with short brown hair... Wait a second... Is that a wig? I think to myself that I think it's actually the girl in disguise. I continue to a playground train which we're supposed to climb onto. It's literally a playground, yet it's somehow a train? I climb up the bar ladder on to the wooden platform, Katie tells me that I shouldn't hog all the space because of how many bags I have. I say that I won't... So bossy. I dump my bags into a corner and climb back down to the bark ground, Katie comes up to me again with 2 of my other bags. Huh? She went and brought my bags for me? "Thanks, how many bags are left?" I say, she responds by telling me there's 3 left (she says it in a way that makes me think she's feigning that she doesn't care, though it's really nice of her to help me out). I think to myself that 3 can't be right.. I should only have 2 more bags? I don't stop to think about this properly. I look at my phone and I see that sexy big breasted brunette woman again, she's in a .gif with the brown haired guy. The woman has her breasts bouncing left to right (they're huge ( . Y . )), the gif is pretty well-made but I can see where the frame resets, the guy isn't doing much except trying to look cool. I notice that there are 3 loops in the .gif, they each play twice before seamlessly switching to the next one. WHOA! Suddenly it switches again... I notice that the guy has turned back into that beautiful blonde, I knew it was a wig! She's in tight-fitting gym clothes with her stomach showing and she's swinging her hips from side to side. It's incredibly hot . The entire scene of seeing this .gif on my phone wasn't very long but it was very vivid and very intense. The end

      Dream experience: 8 (pretty standard dream but the girls were incredibly vivid and the experience was quite intensive and has been on my mind most of the day)
      Dream awareness: 2-3 (Not aware enough to be lucid, but I was aware of inconsistencies during the dream. Awareness reached ~3 during the .gif part due to vividness and emotions)

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      non-lucid , memorable
    9. #163 - Conch shell / Gift / Home

      by , 11-23-2015 at 11:29 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I completely forgot to write up these dreams today... And I actually had pretty alright dream recall for once :/ damn.

      Dream 1 - Conch shell
      From what I remember I was in a cave with some people, it was a pretty massive cave that was easy to see in because it had a large opening and in was day time (though the sun wasn't shining directly into the cave). I recall seeing a big conch shell, it was mounted on a pedestal like it was some sort of treasure. I picked it up and brought to my face inspecting it, seeing some holes I placed my thumb over them and blew into an opening..
      *Bang*! Whoa that was unexpected, I didn't think it would be loud. I put it back hurriedly thinking that I shouldn't mess around with it... Then I pick it up again, just one more try won't hurt
      Knowing what to do this time I prepare to blow into it really hard, sucking in a big breath and then unleashing a full throttle exhale into it. *BOOOM*!! A huge sound wave emanates from the shell and causes the whole cave to shake extremely violently . Everyone else that was around starts running for the exit, I start running too. Debris rains down from the ceiling and splashes into the water (most of the cave is in deep water) and sticks out which I use to jump across towards the exit. Suddenly a big piece of debris falls in front of me and I die... It was 'game over', and actually felt like a game. I was in third person watching my characters body go limp like a game character would in something like Skyrim. My character began sinking into the depths and I was left wondering how he actually died.. It didn't make sense (the debris didn't even touch my character).

      Dream fragment
      - I remember at some point talking to someone (it was a girl) and she threatened me and stuck two fingers into my mouth and grabbed my tongue I'm not sure if this even happened last night..

      Dream 2 - Gift
      I can't properly remember this dream so I'll just try string together the notes I put in my phone about it...
      Apparently I was talking to my dad outside the house and then my mum must have came out and given me a gift, I remember it seemed to resemble the star that you would place on top of a Christmas tree. There's trash to clean up and I think I clean it up, maybe from a bin that spilled. The parents of my ex gf are there at some point and I think they may be doing something illegal.

      Dream 3 - Home
      I'm at my parents house with some friends, for some reason we ended up all being naked because something had happened to our clothes and we had to get new ones, maybe they got too wet? O_O.. There's sand on my feet and we're heading through the hallway in my house towards the bathroom to wash the sand off I think. As we walk through the hallway we walk past these 3 girls who I think are really ugly, they're covered in acne all over and their faces just don't look right for some reason. They're naked too for some reason. We reach the bathroom and the others start rinsing themselves, there's no real awareness to the fact that we're naked in the company of each other. Suddenly me and this blonde girl start interacting, I decide to start 'teasing' her, though I have no idea how it's considered teasing... Since I pretty much put her in a full-blown sex position, this dream took a really hot and heavy turn . She said "what are you doing?" coquettishly, and wanted things to progress but I said "haha I'm just teasing" (since I knew I had a gf). This moment in particular during the dream was extremely intense... None of the others had noticed but it's pretty much like they don't really exist temporarily. I put a jacket around me and cover up my crotch for obvious 'reasons' after that event. I then head back to my room just across the hallway. Everything in this house was where it was supposed to be, but I didn't realize that all the rooms were about twice the size they should have been. I pick up a towel and some clothes, hmm I probably don't have enough clothes for everyone.. Oh well. My friend Matt comes up to me and I tell him I'm going to have a shower and he smiles and nods then strides back over to the others.
    10. #159 - Concert / Rumpus room / I punch cars?

      by , 11-17-2015 at 10:08 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Concert
      I remember being at one side of a building which was used for stage performance concerts. It must have been night time and there were people starting to show up. It wasn't a big concert, maybe a couple hundred people that were to fit into this place. The seats available were fold-out chairs and bleachers. I was sitting pretty far back on the bleachers, I looked down at the crowd and saw my mate Zac. He looked up at me and smiled, waving happily, then he turned and sat down on one of the fold out seats at the front.

      I have some dream fragments about this dream too:
      - My mates girlfriend was managing the show or was a ticket collector? I met her yesterday. I also saw my mate too who I also saw yesterday.
      - I remember something about another friend called Giles, but I can't remember what.
      - The area we were in was next to Castle St, one of the most famous streets where I used to live.
      - I seem to remember something about another friend being the lead guitarist for the band, he plays guitar in RL and was shredding like crazy. His hair was really long too. I remember that the sounds weren't properly matching up to what he was playing.

      Dream 2 - Rumpus room
      I remember having a very erotic dream... I'll leave out the details . It happens in the rumpus room of my parents house where I lived for a while, but now it's been converted into a flash looking flat. After the erotic part of the dream my ex gf showed up and we started hanging out (I have no idea where the other girl went). I think at the time I was on the phone and she walked around while she waited for me to finish. The phone was a big as a brick though . I remember jokingly throwing something at my ex which made her laugh. I wrote that the phone call had something to do with managing a the concert of the other dream.

      Dream 3 - I punch cars? + Hill
      I felt like I was very lucid in this dream, I did a short reality check and was pretty convinced I was dreaming. It was surprisingly stable and clear. I was just standing on a normal suburban street on a sunny day and realized I didn't know what to do. I saw a white car approaching on the road, so I walked up to it and swung a left hook straight into it. It shot backwards really fast, but it hadn't been hit into the air which was what I was aiming to do. I then continued to do this a few times... Just hitting cars O_O. I remembered that I was lucid and then.. carried on hitting cars. At some point I think I lost lucidity and the dream led to a grassy slope going downhill by the side of the road. I sat on the grass here and looked below me, there was something going on but I can't remember what. I then saw a road bike to my left and pulled it out of the grass. Turning behind me I saw a couple teenage cyclists who had stopped because one of them had been injured. A scrape on his knee? Ouch. There's a red car behind them which a concerned mother hopped out of.

      I really should have written this down in the morning rather than when I'm off to bed again. There were so many people I knew in these dreams :/
    11. #104 - bed

      by , 08-14-2015 at 09:19 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dreams summary
      I woke up remembering a lot about my dreams, but it's been too long of a day so I ended up forgetting most of it. I started the day in a heightened state of awareness too which is unusual for me. My dreams were pretty realistic and the last one was sexy time with my wife, but I can't recall what the others were about anymore.
      Tags: cara, sex
    12. #96 - Passionately embracing a woman...

      by , 07-06-2015 at 09:11 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - Passionately embracing a woman
      I'm in a bedroom with a woman and her boyfriend, but they're not actually dating I think. The room is a bit small with bunk beds, the floor is carpeted and the curtains are shut across the windows. The walls were creamy white, and the frames of the doors, window and the bottom of the walls were wooden. There were a few things littered around that might have been toys or books or something... So it seems I'm staying the night and the other friend, who I think at this point more resembles a brother, walks off to sleep in a different room. Now pretty much as soon as the guy leaves, me and the lady launch ourselves at each other
      This dream got really vivid and intense, I remember it quite well and also remember being really turned on O_o
      First we kiss and just touch (not anywhere specific, it was just an ecstacy-like feeling from simply touching in normal places) and it's pretty intense, we pull up a bed mat and I lie on top of her and pash her neck, it feels pretty damn good. We both want to do the deed but the dream ends before progressing to that point. I also remember a scene where we're on the top bunk bed pashing, so I think I woke up at one point and fell back into the dream momentarily before properly waking up.
      Tags: bedroom, bunk bed, sex
    13. #89 - Recap since my last DJ

      by , 05-28-2015 at 05:43 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      I've had a few stress related lucid dreams this past week, I still haven't given up on lucid dreaming but I haven't done anything to assist myself in developing it...

      Dream 1 - A girl who I don't actually like
      I realize that I'm in a dream, something just clicked and I knew, but before me was a kind of pretty woman who I kind of knew. She resembled a friends love interest who I swear I've never had an interest in, but nevertheless cave-man mode took over and I just found myself embracing her. I ran my hand along her back and realized that the dreamworld was a bit twisted, her skin was all bumpy to touch (honestly really disgusting to touch *gag*) and I look over her shoulder to see why, I could see band-aids and cuts, bumps and hairs, grossed me out...
      I stop right there and push her away gently, then shake my head at her.
      I seemed to wake up at this point.

      Dream 2 - Languages and sugar
      Not long after waking from the last lucid, I thought I would try slip into another... This proved to be pretty darn easy. Seconds later I find myself lucid, but the only thing I see is a bag of white sugar (the brand was 'pams' if you're interested). This bag of sugar was so cool, because everytime I read the writing on it, it would change language. From english to spanish, italian, chinese, etc. I woke up and just laughed

      Dream 3 - The evolution of caveman mode
      I had a weird moment during the day where I was incredibly aware of the sense of touch on my upper arms, just near my shoulder, which later helped me achieve a lucid dream. I was in a modern looking house and I just touched my arm, the smoothness and sense of realism settled and I kind of just knew I was dreaming. Next thing that happened was caveman mode (I think I get caveman mode as result of not being prepared with goals or not trying to get lucid), I approach a beautiful brunette and uhhh... Things got sexual although it was like I was suddenly stupid, like I knew what I wanted but I couldn't remember how to do it haha... I was able to blink in this dream without losing lucidity too, and the skin of the sexy lady was smooth and she didn't morph into a monster - probably the most successful sex-type dream I've had.

      I think I had another lucid dream but I can't remember it... I've had quite a lot of dream that I remember but I haven't written them down despite how awesome some of them were ^_^
      Tags: sex, sugar
    14. #87 - It's start again

      by , 05-06-2015 at 09:04 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream - I didn't try very hard to recall this and I haven't been practicing dream recall for some fair amount of time due to university.
      Lucid oh so suddenly, annnnnd begin... I'm in a room with wooden flooring and white walls but the scene seems almost like a modern Japanese house. I clear my head and stay calm, the first thing I remember is one of my dream goals. I stabilize a bit by talking aloud to myself, then I vocalize my dream goal by trying to trick the dream scene: "Hey how's it going *name*?" (I deliberately left the name of the person out in this write up because it feels weird).

      I pull back the sheets of the bed where I imagine the person to be, she comes out smiling, she looks almost exactly the same as she does in real life except for some reason she has Japanese-like eyes. I guess I should state my dream goal: I want to have a conversation with a dream character + I want to ask a certain person a certain question, but I know that the answer to the question is a reflection of what I truly think and I'd like to know because I can't figure it out... Oh so deep.

      Bull-shit aside.

      Things didn't go the way they were supposed to... The dreaded cave-man-mode took hold, I guess it's probably because I didn't know WHY I wanted to see her in my dream. Things get hot and heavy, she leans forward to kiss me and I close my ey-
      *DAMN IT*
      Open eyes = pitch black.
      I can feel her touch though, so I must not be fully awake... I proceed to keep my eyes closed and just focus on her hands noodling around me - what's this? Light coming into focus, I can see her face again? This hasn't happened before and it doesn't last long, the dream comes to an end naturally and I wake up.

      What comes to mind first? The stress-related lucid dreams are starting again, I have 6 assignments due in the next 19 days which are closely followed by final exams which are worth 50-60% of the papers they're for.
    15. #82 - 3ish lucids in a night

      by , 04-09-2015 at 10:53 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Just going to summarize this, basically I woke up at some point last night and felt well rested... It must have been pretty damn early too (2-3am). I thought that it must be nearly day break though so I didn't have much time left to sleep. What happens next was an attempt to fall back asleep, lo and behold I just slip straight into a dream fully aware that it's a dream. Each of these lucids were only a few minutes each, fading out to wakefulness at the end of each. I had no energy, desire or focus to strengthen my awareness, my mind was only occupied by a couple thoughts. 1: Talk to a certain someone and find out why I keep seeing them in my dream. 2: Sex. I seemed to be in caveman mode mixed with one of my dream goals, except the goals would get twisted and the things I desired would turn disgusting, at one point I met a random woman who had hacky sacks for breasts, I tried willing them to become normal but it wasn't working too well, another time was when a persons face kept morphing because I couldn't remember what she was supposed to look like. It felt like a pretty perverse set of lucids, each time I came out I simply willed myself into another one. The scenery was typical of a modern day mall or sometimes a city, at one point I seemed to be in an apartment. I can comfortably say I had at least 3 of these lucids but I think 5 the most, I didn't try to remember them.

      I'm guessing I was performing some kind of chain-lucid WILD.
      Tags: lucid, sex
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