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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #230 - Cafe Playground / Star Wars office

      by , 04-15-2016 at 09:18 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I've been thinking lately about something a friend said to me, apparently if you stay properly hydrated during the day then your body will need 30% less sleep during the night. This is because keeping hydrated allows it to function better during the day so you don't need to recover as much while sleeping. I started paying attention to how hydrated I've been and noticed that the days where I stay extremely well hydrated result in the nights being more vivid with a higher chance of lucidity. I had 2 lucids last night which was unexpected, especially since the activities I spent time on doing yesterday usually result in me being less aware (reading, gaming, watching shows, exercising). My awareness has also just been generally gobshite over the past few days, despite meditating every night. I also didn't meditate last night since I was too tired, but I did consume a massive amount of liquids throughout the day. The only variable I can think of was that I drank like 3 different kinds of tea which I usually don't drink at all. Other than that my diet was completely the same as always.
      I think staying hydrated could be a key condition for myself getting lucid at night, so I'll keep paying attention to it for now.

      Dream 1 - Cafe Playground
      I remember being with my daughter inside a playground (like the ones in McDonald's). She was much younger than she is now so I was helping her out a lot. I remember being able to see her mother/family outside the playground, we decide to head down a slide and go see them. We get down safely and go sit in the cafe that we appeared in. Next to me is someone from the family but I can't recognize who. I order a smoothie, it must be blueberry (guessing from the blue colour). I think I get up to go pay or something and I realize the baby isn't on me, so I turn around and go pick her up but I realize I'm dreaming. I wander past the cafe (it's like a small cafe they in the middle of the mall) and look around. The area seems similar to the mall near where I live, I think about what to do and come to a decision. In 1 of my previous lucids I was able to enter a VIP area by the elevator and wanted to see if I could get in there again. I find an elevator and press the button a few times. Geeze I feel like it's not working, eventually I wake up. The dream was pretty standard for my lucids, about 30-60 seconds.

      Dream 2 - Star Wars office
      It was like I was in a star wars video game (like jedi academy), I was doing a mission in an enemy base. The corridors were all metal and there was an opened gateway to my right. Past the gateway was a rocky cliff that seemed to end in an endless abyss, but there was another gateway on the other side. I'm sprinting along as I see this gateway, the doors on both sides are slowly closing, I do a huge leap over the abyss and tumble under the gateway on the other side. It was really close but I managed to make it before the door closed. I then enter the stars wars galactic government room, with all those floating things the politicians talk from. I remembered that in a video I watched a while ago the race E.T. was from was part of the galactic government, for some reason I really felt like looking around for them. After not being able to see them (though there were definitely a whole variety of alien species around) I had the awareness to become lucid. I decided that, unlike in my last lucid earlier in the night, I would reality check and attempt to stabilize a bit and then pursue a dream goal. I pushed my thumb into the palm of my hand, stretching it and confirming the dream state. Next I decided that I'd continue my search for a dream guide, the area I was in was more like a business work floor now. I remember seeing a girl walk past so I tried asking her if she was my dream guide, she kept moving away too fast and I couldn't catch up. She was only walking at a normal pace and I was running, she should have been a metre apart but eventually the distance increased to several metres and she disappeared. I got too caught up in the chase and ended up waking up.
    2. #190 - Treehouse / Han Solo / School mischief / Geology math

      by , 01-18-2016 at 03:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Treehouse
      I remember it was night time and I was in this tree village place where people liked to build houses in trees. There was a gondola that led up into the trees and I think my brother was with me, he was making a house I think. Later on we ended up on a bus that was going through the city during day time.

      Dream 2 - Han Solo
      nREM type dream where I was imagining some star wars related stuff. There was a conversation with Han Solo and I remember seeing the Millenium Falcon flying around in space

      Dream 3 - School Mischief
      I remember that I wasn't wearing correct uniform or something, I was standing next to my friend Sorabh (who I haven't seen in like 5 years) and we were at the base of a cliff. There was some activity involved where you had to rock climb I think as I remember him holding onto a rope. My mum looks over the edge down at us and we both get in trouble. We walk up to meet her and she rants off at me. I get all angry and just explode a series of words about how I'm dealing with shit and she lets me off. I walk off and I get a slight smile tweaking at the edge of my face, I felt like I knew I would be let off if I said that stuff. I see Sorabh again and he's grinning a 'Whoa dude' face at me

      Dream 4 - Geology math
      In a classroom with desks, we have to do a sheet of homework but I haven't bothered doing it. Hmm maybe we can just do it in class to help with study? It's not due for a week I think. I talk to the guy next to me about this and we sort of team up. There's a bunch of really buff dudes walking past, I remember them from earlier as the gym junkies, they're carrying sacks of potatoes. I remember from earlier on that they were eating some nice looking potatoes too, they must be restocking for dinner later.
    3. #189 - kotor2

      by , 01-17-2016 at 06:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      KOTOR2 = Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords

      Dream - KOTOR2
      The start is a bit fuzzy, kind of resembles the forest world from Star Wars 7. I recall running onto a large ship as a battle was taking place. Later on I'm on Peragus II mining facility from the Star Wars game KOTOR2 (google it) and I've just beaten the bad guy leader. There was some dream-forged history about how this bad guy had been beaten before and had been rescued (like Palpatine rescue Anakin style or something) and he'd come back to get revenge. We're in the mining tunnels which are really hot and I've just cleaved him in two (possibly with a lightsaber?). I look at his body and see the modifications made to his brain, there's mechanical implants used to enhance his memory capability (some similarity to the protocol assassin droid in KOTOR2) and another implant which can control him. From this I gather that there has to be someone who was control the Sith but I don't know who.

      I probably shouldn't have stayed up so late playing KOTOR2
      Tags: kotor2, star wars
    4. #187 - Just thinking / Grudge

      by , 01-15-2016 at 03:01 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Just thinking
      It was less of a dream than just an internal debate and though process revolving around star wars and Anakin Skywalker. I was very intently just thinking about it and had some visuals but I noticed I was doing when I realized my alarm was vibrating next to me.

      Dream 2 - Grudge
      I really didn't want to write this down but I ended up doing it anyways >_<
      I'm in my room watching a movie on a small TV with a DVD player (I don't have this in my room in RL). The movie is 'The Grudge' and it's pretty much in first person with me as the victim of the grudge. To make things worse the movie set resembles my room.. On one side of the room there's a hole in the wall, and the opposing wall on the other side of the room has a hole in it too. Things get pretty freaky as the main character goes insane and is imagining himself trying to stab another version of himself, but it's all happening in his head. I see what he's imagining first (it goes to 3rd person perspective now), I think there's another version of him and he's trying to kill him with a knife. The camera pans right then back left to the guy but now we see what's actually happening in reality. All we see is the hole and there's a hand coming out of it wielding a knife, flailing around wildly. The camera continues to pan left to the other side of the room where we see the man with his arm in the wall, he's consumed by raged. The movie ends and I 'wake' up, as if I had fallen asleep after watching the movie, had a dream about it and then woken up. I'm on the floor and I'm pretty scared, I had a blanket on me and it's pulled over my head, I don't want to take it off incase the grudge is there... I know that the grudge doesn't exist but I'm still scared. I think I'm trying to go to sleep but decide to get up instead. I head over to the TV and eject the DVD, it has 'How to Train Your Dragon' on the other side of the disk, yikes. I feel sorry for the kid who watches the Grudge by accident .

      I had 2 other dreams which I thought I committed to memory but I can't remember them clearly enough to write about them
    5. #160 - Bird of Paradise / Museum

      by , 11-18-2015 at 05:05 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream fragment - Bird of Paradise
      I remember seeing a whole bunch of these flowers known as 'Bird of Paradise'. I thought to myself that I should tell my friend about them so he could come get one for his girlfriend.

      Note: yesterday my friend told me he was looking to find a bird of paradise flower for his gf because they were her favourite, surprised this manifested in my dreams O_O

      Dream - Museum
      I'm in a museum with my friend Matt and a girl (I think it might be his ex gf?), there's some sort of god who resides here and owns the place. We head downstairs into a room with all these ancient greek mythology related artifacts, everything had a grey-black rock material that covered them. It was sleek and smooth, and fitted the form of each item perfectly and I think it was meant to 'freeze' them in time and preserve them. I remember I went off into a side room and knocked a Cupid angel (isn't this Roman?) statue by accident which cracked a little. Oops. I head out of the room, noting that there are special techniques and stuff in there too (like in little CDs that you somehow download into yourself?). I walk back to the downstairs room where Matt and the girl are perusing the artifacts on display. It was things like the Aegis shield, the head of Hercules which had an intensely ornate helmet on it, or the head of Medusa etc. Matt accidentally knocks another Cupid angel... It cracks. "Damn dude you broke it" . Suddenly I see something flesh-like beneath the rock layer of the statue which twitches and moves... "Hey it's moving" I say, and the grey-black layer coating the statue starts crumbling off. Oh shit. Me, Matt and the girl all run towards the side room. In this room an arrow is let loose at us, it's the other Cupid statue! It came to life as well. I quickly grabbed a handful of those CD techniques and we all scrambled back out and continued to run. I also remember some of the CDs having references to Star Wars. The pictures on the front of one had Luke Skywalker holding a lightsaber.

      Felt too sleepy to bother remembering my dreams, and I got up earlier.