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    1. #53: iPhones / Levitate / Tiled garden

      by , 12-10-2015 at 10:22 AM
      I went to bed around midnight. I woke up around 07:00 after a lucid. Couldn't fall back asleep for a while, then had another (mini)-lucid.

      I'm on the couch in my mom's living room. My mom is also in the living room, though not on the couch. She hands me my cousin's old iPhone 5, though it looks exactly like an iPhone 4, except it's slightly elongated. I can have this phone if I want. I consider it for a moment. It's an upgrade from my 4S, though only a minor one. I examine the phone. Mine is still in perfect condition, but this one has a cracked screen. After turning it over a bit more I detect more flaws. I'm still considering it. I have a simcard cutter in my room, so I could cut the simcard to the right size if necessary.

      I'm at the Deen [supermarket] with my cousin. We've just arrived at the registers and he stands in line at one. I point to the one to the left of it, which has no line. It's manned by our friend Robin. My cousin tells me he wants to continue waiting in line. I look at the girl behind the register and see that it's Roos. Ah so that's why. Sure. There's only 2 people in front of him anyway. Skip forward to the moment where I've paid for my groceries. Roos tells me to have a nice day, or something along those standard employee lines. I give her a smooth wink. I even remember the right eye being the one I closed.

      It's daytime. I'm walking with my cousin past an area where there used to be an apartmentcomplex. Instead I see a bunch of cows standing next to one another, fenced in. They don't have that much space to move. One of the cows is laying down. We're a bit further along and we're handing each other some stuff. Perhaps the groceries. I think my cousin messes around with a kite for a moment. A bit further again, he tells me he suddenly remembers that he still owes Anthony money. He takes out his wallet and takes out a 50,- bill. I give him some basic financial advice: either start spending less or start earning more. I suddenly realise that this Anthony must be the guy who my little brother owes money to as well. We're a bit further along again. I kick a small stone that's on the sidewalk. I don't kick it particularly hard, but it bounces and makes a 90 turn and ends up on the other side of the road, on the roof of a driving car. It's Anthony's car. He stops and starts shouting. My cousin sort of tries to take the blame for it. A bit further along, we're in my mom's street now. Anthony comes up to me. He's an Indian guy and as small as a toddler. I think we exchange some words and then my cousin and I continue walking to my mom's home. I make a call with my iPhone 5. Anthony sends his goon after me, a white guy named Robin. I think about how it wasn't wise to take out my phone, as he might try to steal it. At this point it's a 'glitch in the matrix' kind of thing, meaning it happens several times. Robin wraps his arms around me to restrain my movement. Nothing else happens. The second time this happens I move/roll forward and lodge myself free. The third time we both end up on the ground and I kick Anthony, figuring that Robin will let me go if his boss is dead, cause then he has no reason to harm me.

      I'm in my room in my student house. I'm looking at my hands, which are dark skinned, just like in reality. I look in the mirror. My face is white! I have Robin's face. But my hands are still black. I figure that this must be some kind of curse that Robin put on me. "My" face looks a bit mad and intimidating, much more than Anthony.
      I realise I must be dreaming. I walk away from the mirror for a moment. What shall I do with my lucidity? I should be careful. For some reason I figure that if I look in the mirror I will cement the fact that I'm dreaming. I shouldn't do that until I'm ready, to prevent the dream from destabilising. I should definitely summon someone. Sukma? Alexandra? Lets go with Alexandra. I make a small jump into the air and retract my legs, sitting like Buddha, but floating in the air. I make my way towards the mirror, but before I've reached it I hear an old school digital alarm going off in the real world. Fuck, it's gonna pull me away. Focus! It's no use, it's too distracting. I wake up. There's no alarm

      I was lucid, but I didn't have that much control. The levitating just happened naturally without me thinking about it, as if I was merely raising an arm. I also had a dream goal for myself to attempt telekinesis, but I apparently totally forgot about that and pretty much immediately went to 'I should summon X'.

      Tiled garden
      I'm in my student room. I see a girl walking towards my window [my window isn't on ground level, so that's a pretty neat trick I'd say]. I look straight at her and I'm about to get up to open the window for her. The fact that she felt it was necessary to still knock on my window to announce her presence annoyed me slightly. I open the window for her and she has a bag and says something about this being from/for my housemate who forget it or something along the lines. She's a bit quick in telling what she wants to tell. I don't notice that she's likely floating, but I do notice that the garden below has tiles. It's a bit difficult to look at this garden as I can't bring my eyes to focus on it. It remains a bit blurry. Wait, isn't this garden supposed to have grass instead of tiles? I force myself to think about what the garden should look like in reality. I wake up.. again

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    2. #52: Fragments only

      by , 12-08-2015 at 09:13 AM
      Had a really miserable sleep. Went to bed around midnight again, woke up around 5 I would guess to go to the toilet. Spend 2 hours mostly awake, before getting some real sleep. At one point I nearly WILDED, but I either woke up again or didn't become lucid. I remember a distinct feeling though.

      I know I had a dream early on in the night, but I can't recall what happened.

      I'm with my girlfriend in the living room in my mom's house. My girlfriend is doing her best to make me happy

      I'm in my room in my student home. The door is open and I close it. The door opens again. I blame it on someone opening it and I'm annoyed by it. This time the door opens to the other side though, as if the hinges are on the left instead of on the right. I consider this strange and tell myself that I should probably RC, but I think I don't do it.

      I'm pretty sure there was another dream, but I forgot what it was.
    3. #41: WILD gone wild / Evil tree / Stadium parkour / Kitchen trouble / Fight again

      by , 11-27-2015 at 10:42 AM
      WILD gone wild
      I'm standing in the kitchen in my student home, behind the stove, cooking something. There's something unusual. I think it has to do with the pan that I'm using. I feel like I was really close to becoming lucid, or maybe I even was lucid. Suddenly I feel horrible. It feels as if I'm really drunk. My stomach hurts and there's some swinging back and forth of the dreamscene involved. It's destabilising.

      I'm not sure if I woke up or if I had a FA.

      Evil tree
      There's something to do with two sorcerers, Belgarath and Beldin [characters from a series of books I'm reading]. They're near a small airport during the day. The air traffic control centre is an enormous building which is capable of flight. It comes flying off from the distance and then lands near the airport. Apparently it's moved away every time the airport closes. Belgarath thinks this is outrageous and a word needs to be had with whoever is behind this.

      Belgarath (and I?) are standing near an enormous tree, just behind the airport. It's mining something from the earth with its roots. A red evil substance. It doesn't surface, so you can't see it, but we know it's there. I see an image of the roots of the tree extending down deep into the earth. The roots different shades of glowing red. Someone makes a surprised comment about where the evil guys behind this are getting this substance from. Every sea in the world has been mined for it already. I forgot the exact reply, but it was something sinister.

      I/Captain America (not sure if I'm him or watching him) am in the airport, full costume. I have an old fashioned bomb with a fuse. It should blow any minute really. I recall the last time I was in this exact same position. I jumped over some glass railings and shielded myself mid-air while the bomb exploded. This time I'm trying to run outside with the very limited time that I have and throw the bomb at the tree, despite the tree being on the other side of the airport and me not being able to see it. This is ridiculous. It's never gonna work. Maybe Belgarath can use some sorcery to steer the bomb towards the tree once it's in the air.

      Stadium parkour
      It's evening, not yet fully dark but quite a bit already. I'm walking towards my moped with a female friend. It may have been my classmate. We hop on and she makes me drive towards the security guard. She asks him for an alternative route of here and does so in Indonesian. That's the idea at least. I didn't really hear the words, but I recall that she asked because my language skills were a bit limited. She asks for the alternative route because if you go out through the regular exit, you have to pay a parking fee. The guard points us towards a stadium through which we can drive to avoid it. I give the guard perhaps 2.000 IDR for his help. I drive towards the stadium.

      Inside the stadium there are some people. I drive somewhere to the left. It's a bit of a maze in here, but suddenly I recognise it. I've been here before or I've seen it in a video. I'm not really myself anymore. Instead I'm controlling a freerunner called Luigi. There's unequal heights everywhere and I make great use of it. In the end I just want to exit, but Luigi automatically turns pretty much everything into a parkour move.

      Kitchen trouble
      I've had it with the dirty kitchen in my student home. I start exploring and it turns out that the kitchen of my mom's house is accessible from my student house. How did I not notice this before? This is excellent? Would my mom mind if I used her kitchen instead? The counter is quite small. Then I start to wonder: so all these years while I've been living in my mom's house, people from my student house were able to enter our home? I walk through our home. It doesn't entirely make sense to me.

      I'm in the living room of my mom's house. My mom is very nearly passed out on the couch from being incredibly drunk. It's time to send everyone to bed.

      I'm looking at my dreads. They're so long! They're real dreads now. Some of them are black, some of them are brown. I realise that must be because my own hair is brown and the extensions are black,

      My real hair is black.

      Fight again
      I'm sitting in my room at my mom's house. I'm sitting behind my desk, looking at video's on my iPod. The image is not fullscreen as it often is in my dreams. My little brother enters my room, with my mom in tow. They are having a fight again. O no, out! I've had it with their fights. They are unwilling to take my advice, so they shouldn't come to me with their issues.

      I feel like it's near midnight, or at least late. This plays out in the living room and kitchen of my mom's house. It's already bed time for my little brother, but he still wants to eat. He's arguing with my mom over it and says something along the lines of "you're not my mom, so you're not the boss over me". He heats something up in the microwave. I'm at the point where I feel like slapping him in the face with a flat hand. Not to hurt him, but to make him realise how retarded his behaviour is. Eventually he does go to bed without eating I believe. I take his food from the microwave. A cracker with cheese on it. I offer it to my mom, since I don't like cheese. She tells me I can eat it. I remind her that I don't like cheese.
      Somewhere in the middle of this dream I saw a tub in the corner of the kitchen. It was put on its side and pasta sauce was leaking into it from a plastic bag.
    4. #38: Whiteboard / Nasty drink / Uni hoodie

      by , 11-24-2015 at 10:02 AM
      I'm writing on my whiteboard with a whiteboard marker. There is not much consistency in the colour that I'm using. At some point I erase something I just wrote, which was written in blue. I also try to write something with my black marker, but it seems the ink has run out. It turns out that the marker I'm using is actually a red one and it won't work because I'm writing over some blue parts, which messes with the red tip. I thought it was red because the cap I pulled off it was red. Weird.. shouldn't the whole body of the red marker be red?

      There's something with a submarine. I'm spectating I believe. Something has gone wrong with the submarine and some things have to be done to prevent people from drowning. It doesn't feel all too realistic. At some point it also seems more like it's a computer that needs fixing. I think about what a horrible way to go it would be to drown in a submarine. Like hell I'll ever get on one.

      Not sure what we're doing. We're recording a video, but I can't recall for what purpose. I'm a bit conscious of the fact that I'm totally naked. Lets make sure the camera doesn't pan down any further than is necessary.

      Nasty drink
      I'm in Indonesia with a classmate. I decide to get us some food on the moped. I sort of see/know a very fast summary of a few seconds of me being at the foodplace and then I'm back with food. She tells me that the place I wanted to go to is quite far and the food must be cold. I told her that it's far for her, but not for me, since I have a moped. I think she asks me where I live. I live right around the corner of her place, but I don't wanna tell her since I don't really like her. I take a zip from a bottle. It's one of those bottles which you have to squirt if you really want to make something come out. The taste is a bit vile and I quickly realise that I'm drinking my lens fluid.

      Uni hoodie
      I'm walking outside on a slightly sunny day. I see my cousin with her two kids. I pass past some branches and they are just laying there on the sidewalk having some fun. I think I give my cousins a hug. They then start to move to the other side of the street, where my mom's car is parked. She is standing close to it. Because I was talking to their mom, it took both of us a moment to realise they were heading out to cross a street. I run after them. They are surprisingly fast. I catch up to them at a point where I couldn't have prevented anything. If there was a car, all I would have accomplished was that I would have gotten hit first. There is nothing. The 4 year old is wearing my grey hoodie from my university. It's all soaked and it's way too big for her, dragging over the ground. I ask what happened to it, as I'm attached to that hoodie. Her mom and my mom both tell me to not make a fuss about it as it can be cleaned. I'm not, I just wanna know what happened. I consider trading my crappy red hoodie for the uni hoodie, but what would I wear then? I'm not gonna wear the uni hoodie while it's wet.

      I'm at my mom's home, on the balcony. I throw my uni hoodie on a drying rack. I ask a question about it and my mom gives me this shitty answer that's not really an answer. Now I'm mad.

      I'm sitting in my room. I can hear my mom shout, asking to borrow 1,- for some reason. I ignore it. It turns into an argument. I'm not gonna borrow her the 1,-. She can't even answer a question but she wants to ask favours? No! I think about later tonight, when I'll need a ride to the train station. Fuck it. I'll figure something out on my own.

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    5. #32: HIV / Grass mover / More cinema & drugs / Korfbal / Goodbye

      by , 11-17-2015 at 09:46 AM
      I've just entered a dark room. It's a cinema. There are not as many chairs as you would expect from the amount of space that's available, making the cinema aspect look small. There are a couple of people on pretty much every one of the rows. I enter a row and get to the middle, past 2 guys, the last one being Wes. I'm not sure if I inject myself with medication. Wes, who's sitting on my left injects himself with some drugs. I offer to help him with his needle because he doesn't seem to be handling the situation well. He spasms too much and the needle ends up stuck just below my right elbow. GODDAMNIT MAN! In this dream he has HIV. I walk out the room.

      It feels like I'm still in the same building. There's a counter which is shaped like a bar area. My mom and aunt are behind it. It looks more like I'm in a clinic. I tell them what happened and that I need a STD test. I'm just mildly stressed for someone who is nearly certain he now has HIV. I place the needle on the counter and ask my aunt for a cap so I can dispose of it.

      On FB a public discussion ensues with Tony [he has taken over the role of Wes]. We talk about the whole situation and others join the conversation. I think at one point the conversation turns Indonesian.

      Grass mower
      I'm at my mom's house. I'm looking outside and down to the grassfield behind the apartment. There's a muscular guy mowing it with an enormous electric cutter. His outfit is strange. He's barely wearing anything. At one point he walks into the water seemingly without thinking about it, to cut grass there as well. Man he is dedicated! I would never do that. Suddenly his outfit makes sense: less to get wet. I watch him go about for quite a while.

      I'm looking at pictures it seems. They appear 'fullscreen'. They are pictures of my Balinese classmate. She's in a public building, a restaurant of some sorts. On the wall behind her I think I see an address: Jalan Galante 60, if I remember correctly.

      I'm reading the 4th book of a series I'm reading. Man the quality is really going down. Barely anything has happened in this book and I'm already midway after a few hours.

      I'm walking in a public building. I think it's university related. I'm headed for the exit.

      I'm in a living room it seems. My friend's Indonesian girlfriend enters the room. Not sure what she was wearing on her upper body, but lower body was just a thong. Well this is new. I pretend to not notice and she doesn't seem to care. We say something to each other, possible in Indonesian. She walks up the stairs and I look after her for a moment. On a device which doesn't look like it's my phone I have a message from her, but I'm not sure anymore in which language. I want to reply with a witty remark, but I can't get it right. My 4 year old cousin messes with the device and sends something. Great, there goes my chance. Still in the same room, but to the other side and at a later time, I'm playing with my cousin(s).

      More cinema & drugs
      I've just entered the cinema. At least 2 Indonesian classmates are there. Not sure who else. The movie is about to start. I think I see everything fullscreen. It's a comedy. It starts with a guy in a chair talking about a pathetic wannabe drugdealer called Joey. We then see his lifestyle. He has a little bit of cash. He has 2 women sleeping in his bed with their bra's still on [it's implied that real dealers have women sleeping in their bed without bra]. Joey thinks he's the shit though. At one point we/I see through Joey's eyes. He's sitting at a table. He puts a round pinkish pill on the table, licks it up, holds his head back and swallows. Then he takes another one, places it on top of an open, green beer bottle (Heineken?) and shakes the bottle.

      At another point in the movie there's a scene with an elderly woman in Joey's swimming pool, trying to be seductive. At some point Joey has been replaced by an old woman as well and she slips, but really over the top. She lands on her back and then bounces to do a sort of backflip. I think to myself that it's very odd. There's a blond attractive woman in a tub who jumps out and performs a 360 rotation before landing. She does this because she is startled.

      I'm at the old korfbal [if you don't know what korfbal is, think basketball but different] field. I'm with 2 good friends / old teammates. We and maybe some others are looking around for Eve, another member of our team. She has to be our reserve keeper [there's no such thing in korfbal], in case I can't do it for the whole match. I already feel that I won't be able to physically. I have goalkeeper's gloves. We pass the club building, towards the parking lot. I'm pretty sure she's getting dressed in the club building, but it's best to make sure she doesn't leave before we tell her, so lets check the parking lot first. We jog along a narrow tiled path. I open the iron barred fence to the parking lot. The iron bars really stand out in terms of detail / attention that I give them.

      It's almost game time. I take off my clothes that I wear over my uniform. The ref, Robin, starts the game already. Crap, I don't have my shoes ready yet. Ah well. I know that I haven't played in a while and I can tell. I'm not as good as I used to be anymore. My knee is also a slight concern. The match goes on for a while in quite some detail with regard to what I do. I remember a number of moves really clearly.

      I'm at the uni, in a ceremonial hall. I think the room is mainly made out of wood, which gives it an old and classy feel. There's a goodbye ceremony for one of the teachers. First it's one teacher, then suddenly it turns into another one. There are some speeches and Leo, who is sitting in the audience with other students, starts to clap. Nobody joins in so after maybe 2 claps she stops, feeling slightly embarrassed. I think Frank and I make fun of her a little bit. For some reason I'm standing in front of all the students. Then it seems to turn into a graduation ceremony. Leo has graduated from the master that I'm doing. Huh? I used to be ahead of Leo by 1 year. I must've done something really wrong if Leo has graduated and I haven't yet.
    6. #28: Subway / Pool. Swimming pool. / Housemate / Mom...

      by , 11-09-2015 at 09:56 AM
      I'm sitting on the subway. There are other people too, but I'm travelling solo. We're at an underground station, reaching a platform. We pass the platform and circle back to the other side. I see Anthony standing on the platform whom I haven't seen for a very long time. The subway doesn't come to a complete stop. I just jump off. There's an object in the subway that stood out to me, but I'm not so sure what it is. My best guess would be a yellow mechanical clock. I walk up to Anthony from behind. I'm just in time to see him land a sideflip. He turns around and we greet each other.

      I'm in a small supermarket, it's just a few square metres. I think I'm still inside the subway station and this is a To Go supermarket. I think it's the brand Plus, though in reality I don't believe they have a To Go supermarket. There are two or three employees inside the shop. As far as I can remember all white guys. Teenagers or early twenties. There's another white guy in the same age range, a customer. He's asking for the AH, a different supermarket which does have a To Go shop and which you'll find in/near some stations. Someone tells him where to find it, though I'm not sure if it's one of the employees. I myself was thinking that if I was the employee I'd try to sell him something.

      At the exit of the shop I'm with AJ, a freerunner. We move through a small area, supposedly parkour style, though in reality it's more like we're moving about from a low squat position and using our arms to hold onto something and then swing forward.

      Somehow this feels like it's part of the same dream. I'm working behind my laptop on something anime related, though I don't remember where I am. The programme I'm working in somehow feels similar to an Adobe programme, in that it feels very professional. I think it's an anime related game. There are 3 things for which I can change the settings. One has to do with an anime girl and the particular sound she makes. I open this setting and I click around on a map that's heavily pixelated and not much more than different shades of pink and salmon. The spot on the map where I click influences her talking. I've clicked near Tokyo (there's nothing about this map that makes it spatial, I just know it's Tokyo), though the indicator seems to have a mind of it's own and moves away a couple of times.

      Pool. Swimming pool.
      I'm at a swimming pool, nothing spectacular, just a regular rectangular one. I can't recall whether it is inside or outside. There's the normal amount of light you'd expect when in a swimming pool. I'm not so sure if I'm myself. This dream is James Bond related. I might be him. There's a woman with him/me in the pool. Somehow I'm under the impression that she's fully dressed in black. They go underwater from one end to the other end. She has a snorkel which she shares. There's something about a kid in the water. He needs to die? Or he serves as a distraction, I'm not so sure. Either way I (no longer connected to JB) jump in to help the kid.

      I'm with my housemate Karen in a room. The room isn't identical to any of the rooms in the house in reality. I think there's a grey carpet though, just like in my room. There's a mattress laid out on the floor and my mini fridge is also placed on the ground, though not in the corner. I want to put on some music, using my iPhone. I use YouTube and in my mind I've selected a Reggae Trap mix. I give my phone to Karen. I'm a little surprised and I think it's a little odd when instead I hear the album Invasion by Savant being played. I quickly let it go though.

      At some point Karen is laying down on the mattress, with her head near where I'm sitting. I sorta crawl over to get something out of the fridge, though I don't remember what. Karen places her hands on my crotch, over my pants. I don't consider this dream like strange, just regular strange and ask her what she's doing, reminding her that we're both in a relationship. That doesn't stop her. Despite me not physically protesting, it doesn't feel like I'm morally doing something wrong.

      I'm standing outside near a small building. I distinctively recall the reddish/brownish bricks I'm doing something on my iPhone. I believe selecting music. I'm standing a few metres away from the backdoor to my student home, which in reality should lead to a balcony. The door is open. I think it's a dark green door with glass in it. I can hear Karen talking to another girl. It's about her moving out to find a place together with her boyfriend. I think of how quick that is, considering that they've been together for just a few weeks. One of the two says that'll free up some space in the kitchen. They come outside. First I thought she was talking to another one of our housemates, but it's a friend of hers. I realise it may seem like I was eavesdropping.

      I'm in a different house, but somehow it feels like part of the same dream. I'm in a living room with Anthony and some other people. I think the door to the outside is open and some people are in the garden. It feels like a sort of goodbye. Anthony hugs a dark skinned girl who is playing the guitar while standing. Somehow she manages to continue playing with Anthony hugging her.

      I'm in my room at my mom's house, sitting behind my desk. It's located exactly the way it is in reality. My tv is on the desk (my little brother didn't miss a beat to put it in his room after I moved to a student home), as well as my laptop and... a very tiny laptop? I'm working on something and using my tv as a second screen. I don't think I'm using a cable to connect them though. My laptop screen itself is black. I use the mini laptop as another screen. I believe it's running on Windows XP, which makes it all the more strange that it instantly connects to my laptop, despite this being the first time connecting them and me not selecting which screen to use. It's as if it knew what to do. I think of how stupid it is though to use this very small laptop screen when my own laptop screen is much bigger but turned off.

      My mom enters my room. She is mad at me for leaving the tv on the whole day. I argue with her that I didn't do that. She holds her hand out a few centimetres in front of the tv. She starts shouting that it's hot so I must've left it on the whole day. We move to my brother's room. I tell her how ridiculous she is and that there are at least 3 reasons why she's wrong. I decide not to mention them to her. Instead I mention that I'm her go to guy when it comes to technology, so she shouldn't pretend to know anything about technology related stuff.
    7. #9

      by , 10-13-2015 at 07:49 AM

      Dream 1
      It's daytime and I'm standing outside somewhere. In traffic I believe but close to an escalator. I call my old boss from the time I worked at Telfort. Not entirely sure what we talked about, but he's on his way. Somehow it feels like he's coming by motorcycle, which he doesn't have.

      I enter the Telfort shop and one of my old colleagues is standing there. We talk for a bit. I remember me mentioning Vodafone, a competitor.

      I am standing in my mom's kitchen, which is the backoffice for the Telfort shop. I'm with the earlier mentioned former colleague and someone else walks in. He started working there after I left, so he doesn't know me. We talk for a bit, but I feel some slight tension. Not too fond of the guy.

      Dream 2
      I am watching what seems like a documentary, which happens in 'full view'. It looks like a high-school toilet area, with a tile floor. The camera is positioned low, so that I have a sideways view of two teenagers laying on the ground. Documentary style, their names and ages are shown with white letters. I forgot their names, but the guy was 17 and the girl 16. While you can't actually see any of the action, it becomes obvious that they are having sex, right there in the middle of the toilet area, not even in the stalls. I think it's slightly odd that this is being aired. Is this even legal? The guy asks for another drink and grabs a bottle with a dark fluid from the wall (as if there was a shelf there, except there wasn't). The girl becomes mad that he needs to be drunk for this and can't do without.

      It's now the hallway just outside the toilet area. The girl is claiming that she got assaulted by the guy, who is still in there. A teacher tries to get the guy to come out. He goes into the toilets but doesn't see anyone. I mention that the guy might be in one of the stalls, with his feet on the toilet so that you can't tell he's in there.

      We are in a large room with some office desks. We (= one other guy and I) are trying to identify who the guy in the toilets is. It feels as if we are cops now. We look at stuff on the computer, such as old records and what not, but come up empty. The one guy that looks like the guy in the stalls is an adult man around his 40's. In looks he reminds me slightly of Vincent van Gogh or Louis CK. To our right, just next to the desk is a group of presumably teenagers standing, whom are very interested in what we're doing. To the left the girl in question walks by. We ask her some questions to help us out. What she tells us doesn't add up. She gives us a description of the guy which includes something about his hair length, which is way off.

      I am now in cuffs. It's not certain yet that I've done something wrong, but just as a precaution. We seamlessly move from the office area to an outside area. It's already dark. The person that is handling me is Paul from Spin City. Can we at least put a jacket or something over me so that not everyone has to see that I'm cuffed? I start to think about how I would act if I was on the run from the police. How far would I come?

      Exactly that happens. I am running. I don't recall my hands still being tied. While running I think about how I would contact my mom. Obviously I'd throw my own phone and simcard away, or else the police would trace it. I could send a message from a new phone and simcard, but my mom's phone might be tapped. I would have to ask a stranger to use his... but then they would know that stranger's location and thus also that I'm in the vicinity. Apparently that vicinity is in the southern part of the Netherlands. Ok I got it: that stranger needs to text a friend in the northern part of the Netherlands to text my mom. That will throw the cops of my trail. I'm running across still standing traffic. I run in between two cars and perform an aerial [freerunning move] to get by them, though that wasn't really necessary. Sweet! I can do that. Never nailed an aerial before. I'm not sure what I did, but I end up running back to where I came from. I perform another aerial, but from a less optimal position. I land, but need to touch a car with my hand for a moment for balance. I think it might've been an orange car. I continue running and put my hand on the rearlight for a moment for an extra push.

      Dream 3
      I meet up with my dreadlock artist from Indonesia. I think it might be a beach. Wow, his hair has become really long! How has it grown so much and has mine only grown a little bit? Then I notice that his dreads are thinner than they used to be and that halfway they have a different colour. Blond? He's using extensions! It feels weird that he of all people is using extensions, as if he is cheating.

      Still on the beach, I am with my first girlfriend and her parents. We're talking about ordering drinks.

      Dream 4
      I'm talking to a freerunner I know, who is also a filmmaker. We are talking about healthy food and he tells me how difficult it is to find healthy food in Groningen. No it's not man, you just gotta stay away from the candy and all that stuff. While this conversation plays in my mind I see a totally different image. I see a trippy freerunning sequence for a videoclip. The image is turned 90 at one point.

      Dream 5
      I'm supposed to use a syringe to draw some blood from myself. It's supposed to go into my belly, next to my belly button. I'm quite nervous about it. The only syringe I have left is one I already used once. That's not really hygienic is it... I decide to risk it. I start to look for a good spot on my belly. There are still some marks from the other syringes I used a while back. Don't wanna get too close to that. I start taking deep breaths, which causing my belly to also move in and out. This in turn causes me to accidentally insert the syringe already to the left side of my belly. I decide to roll with it and push it further in. Man this feels weird. It kinda hurts a bit.

      A few months ago I had to do this daily for 30 days, except I had to inject myself instead of drawing blood.

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