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    1. #169: Fragments

      by , 07-02-2016 at 02:24 AM
      Bed: 23.30
      Wake up: 07.55
      Now: 08.05

      I'm along the side of a highway. There are some metal fences and quite a large gap which I use for parkour practice. I perform several precision drops to the fence below me. At first it's going quite alright, but as I move further to the right, the likelihood of falling into that deep gap increases. I become more careful and as a result, don't execute my jumps well.

      I'm with friends, on the bicycle. We're with quite a large group. There's one couple, who are friends of mine. A girl who is supposed to be my girlfriend is also present. I'm just having fun together with the guy of the couple. We're at the front of the group and my girlfriend is more to the back. I think this is gonna cause me to get into some trouble with her later on. It feels a bit as if some part happens twice. At some point I'm in a bookstore, when my girlfriend catches up. She mentions that something that she was cooking was slightly burned.

      I'm sitting at a table, with my old classmate Re next to me. It's evening. It's kind of a warung type of place. She has her head placed in my lap a few times, which ultimately leads to some sexual jokes. At some point I wonder where this could go, but there are people around, so it's best not to do anything.

      I meet a white guy who seems to be an Australian in his 20's. He tells me that he has been appointed as the new manager of BAM cafe for a few months.

      I'm riding along a big road on a motor, together with a friend, who has his/her own motor. It's a little bit of a rundown road. We actually seem to have gone in the wrong direction, not that I really manage to care. There's an explanation of sorts. A voice over? At one point there is an explanation about poor people taking out loans and carrying the money home with them in inconspicuous bags. I consider for a moment that I could easily steal this woman's bag. I won't. It'll cause a lot of trouble for her.

      I'm with my friend Julia. We just went out (with a group?). It's evening, dark. At this point it's just the two of us. We arrive at what's supposed to be my place. There is some chemistry, but isn't she married? Nothing is going to happen at my place anyway, as it's a men only building. I ask her how long it would take her to get home. She mentions it's 20 minutes walking. I tell her I can take her on my motor. She refuses at first, but because it's quite long and it's dark out and she's alone, I offer again. She says it's a good idea and thanks me for it. She also tells me not to expect anything to happen, but in a way that says that there is a possibility of something happening.
    2. #125: Cycling & mail / Deal

      by , 04-13-2016 at 06:18 AM
      Cycle & mail
      I'm cycling somewhere in a city. There's one point where I slowly cycle from the street onto the sidewalk. There are 3 people standing in an inconvenient location. They make some room for me to pass through. While cycling I somehow see that I've received an email. It's from a lawyer from the iCentre. The sender's address is something like [email protected] (= Lawyer1). I'm somewhat impressed and surprised that I've gotten an email back. He's asking me what I need this data for [relates to something that happened in real life]. I consider how I will reply. Straight up telling him the truth or will I pretend to be my friend to expedite the process? Then I consider that since he's got my email and my name is in there, he will recognise my lie. I will have to tell the truth. Meanwhile I am approaching a traffic light.

      Not sure if this was the same dream or another one. I've got my thesis opened on my laptop. There's stuff that's totally wrong. The word "lol" is actually written somewhere and the font is nearly unintelligible. I figure that the weird words must be because of the spell check which has been set to Indonesian

      I'm not entirely sure if I am one of the people involved or if I'm just watching. There's a shady deal of some sorts going on (drugs perhaps). The atmosphere between the two man is pretty hostile. They end up having their guns raised at each other. They finally decide to unite when there's a team of cops at the door. One of the guys noticed them by looking in the mirror. He saw them at the lower half of the front door. It's impossible though, as he would've had to look through the door. I wonder for quite a while how he saw them. As soon as he sees them the other guy starts spraying bullets at them. The door is made of thick wood though. Some bullets pass through, but I'm not sure if anyone got hit.
      Tags: bicycle, laptop
    3. #80: Wasting time

      by , 01-30-2016 at 09:11 AM
      Went to bed at perhaps 01:00 and woke up around 08:00.

      Wasting time
      It's daytime. I'm riding my messed up bicycle on a street somewhere in a neighbourhood. My mom is driving her car just behind me. From the opposite direction another car is approaching. It makes a strange maneuvre and blocks the way for my mom for a moment. I keep going. I come close to a flat and my cousin is calling out to me. I join him. I'm not sure what happened to my bike at this point. He tells me to be quiet because his ex-girlfriend is around here looking for him. We move around a bit and then I spot a girl I went out with twice. She has huge cleavage. I spot a girl I know from high school and there's a 3rd girl whom I can't remember. I think they are wearing badges of some sorts on their chest. They are with the ministry of foreign affairs and they're out here not doing anything important. I make a condescending remark about it, as if there's a bit of rivalry.

      My friend has offered his macbook for sale. When I come over to check it out, the upper right corner is totally bent, like a Dali clock. When I make a remark about it, my friend is really casual about it, as if it's no big deal. I don't think I'm still willing to buy the laptop from him.

      Something that had to do with Harvey from Suits
    4. #54: Scaly knee

      by , 12-11-2015 at 09:50 AM
      I went to bed around 00:30 I believe. I woke up around.. 7? I stayed awake for at least an hour, did some reading in bed and eventually went back to sleep.

      I'm somewhere in an urban area during daytime. I see my bicycle which was stolen 2 weeks ago. The wheels have been altered significantly, as well as the fenders, but I can still clearly tell it's my bike. Both the front and rear wheel have a chain lock on them. Near the back I can still see my green chain lock. This pisses me off. There are two people about. I wait for the thief so I can confront him.

      The bicycle that got stolen in reality and the bicycle I saw in this dream are entirely different. I saw the bicycle that is still safely in my possession.

      Scaly knee
      This dream was quite dimly lighted. I'm walking around in an indoor swimming pool. I'm walking from one area to another. There's a girl standing at the edge of the pool, facing the pool and with her back to me. I tap her for a moment because I know her. It's Ewa. She turns around. Then I continue walking. My friend Sander is walking in the opposite direction and he tells me that he just took a break from a game that was being played in the other room and that I should take his place. It was a 3 vs. 3 game, rugby perhaps. I open the glass door to another area and enter it. I hold on to the side of the door for a long time, nearly getting my fingers stuck in between the door and the frame. There are just a few people in this area, though I don't remember who they were. One of them might have been a high school classmate. There are some big inflatables in the water. I walk along the edge of the water and stop for some reason and look at my right knee. I had a series of pimples or wounds there that are healing. I have a series of scabs that covers my whole knee. The strangest thing about them is that they look like they are made out of hard plastic. A boy asks me about them, but I don't think I pay any attention to him.

      I feel like I'm at the bottom of the pool.
      My knee has made me realise that I'm dreaming. I consider again whether I should summon my friend Alexandra. I decide against it. It's better to first stabilise this dream. I slowly push the fingers of my left hand through the palm of my right hand. I truly believe it's possible and they go through easily. The sensation is unbelievable and indescribable. The idea that something moving through my hand should hurt me makes it feel slightly uncomfortable, but at the same time it's exhilarating. I feel this strange sensation not only in my hands, but also in my arms. I realise that there is practically no dream scene, as I'm supposedly at the bottom of a body of water, where little light reaches, though I didn't have any other indication that I was under water. I shout out 'stabilise!' (in English), but the sound is muffled and it sounds more like I whispered. I feel like it worked for just a second and would've worked better if the water hadn't messed up my command. At some point I realise that my eyes are closed. I'm afraid to open them, as I'm afraid that I will open my real eyes. I open them anyway and I remain in the dream. Next I notice that I've raised my arms. It feels very heavy to move them, as if I'm trying to raise them after an intense workout. I'm slightly concerned that I might be moving around in my bed and that I may have shouted in reality. In the end I may have softly heard an alarm beginning to go off, though I'm not certain about that.

      The description of the lucid part is very long, but the lucid itself was less than a minute I'd say. Still, I am quite content with the fact that I had the sense of mind to attempt to stabilise the dream before doing anything else
    5. #49: Fragments only

      by , 12-05-2015 at 09:31 AM
      Went to bed around 01:00, but I couldn't fall asleep until I believe 03:00. Woke up at 09:00 and started writing at 09:15.

      I'm in a room with my ex girlfriend. It seems to be a living room. There's a low rectangular table. At one end there's a comfy chair and I think to the side of the table is a small couch. My ex girlfriend is chasing after me. We're going in circles around the table. Sometimes the direction reverses. I can't recall what the reason is. It's partially for laughs and partially because I don't wanna be close to her. At some point while making a few clockwise runs around the table I figure out a faster moving pattern, by pushing off the couch and chair.

      It's dark and late. I'm outside, bicycling with one of my best friends to... not sure. The train station I believe. I can't recall why, but I make mention of the idea of buying a baguette and getting drunk. We're now in an AH [supermarket], which doubles as a bikeshop. The shop is quite dark and only the employee/owner is present. We've parked our 3 bicycles a bit to the back, in front of a cooling cell. I talk to the employee/owner and he tells us to park on a certain spot, which we do.

      I think one of my friends found my new gloves and got excited about them and wore them himself.

      I'm with a different ex girlfriend. She's telling me about how I hurt her in the past. She says that at one point I said she had whorelegs, because they were big and ugly. She tells me that I was right about them, but that it was mean.

      I'm in a train. At some point I think I move to another section of the train. I recall there being people about.

      I've got the small grey blender from my mom and put it up on a fridge that's almost my height. The blender doesn't look anything like I should. I think I take it with me to the kitchen counter to blend a banana.
    6. #48: Terrorist attack / Vega cow poop / Small model corner

      by , 12-04-2015 at 10:15 AM
      I went to bed around midnight. I shortly woke up around 5:00 and finally around 8:45. I'm starting this DJ at 9:10.
      I think it was the terrorist dream or the vega cow poop dream in which I was highly aware at some points.

      Terrorist attack
      I'm in the cinema where I used to work. I'm either in theatre number 9 or 10. There's just a small group of people there and I'm not sure we're actually watching a movie or if there is some discussion going on. The only thing I can recall with certainty is my classmate Tan being there. Star Wars is also on my mind, so maybe it had something to do with that.

      Now it feels like I'm working here again. I'm walking just in front of theatre 9. On the other side is theatre 14. I go over and open the door to have a peek. In reality it should open to a small corridor that leads to the seats, but right now it leads immediately to the last row. I assume the light to be disturbing for the person(s) on the last row, so I apologise and close the door again.

      I overhear some guys talking about shooting up the place. They go into theatre 14. Instead of warning someone, I first go into theatre 14 to check it out myself. I'm at the end of the corridor, at the top of the stairs which go down to all the rows of seats. Someone on the back row starts shooting. I immediately (and poorly) fall to the ground, pretending to have been hit. I hope they'll buy it and that they won't shoot me some more just to be safe. I hear someone talking about that the first round of bullets are just very tiny ones to open up some holes in your body. For the second round they'll use bigger bullets, which will tear through the small openings and actually kill you. I think I make a run for it.

      I'm on the 2nd floor now (theatre 14 is on the 3rd), running towards the corner where the elevator is, but also a personnel only area. I hesitate while running and head for the elevator, as the doors are already open and I can see Chantal [old colleague] standing. I shout out to her and join her.

      I'm on the ground level in the personnel only area. I'm standing there with the manager Ed and my classmate Kristen. I'm panicked and I try to tell what's happening. I keep it down to the very essence. I believe Ed sends the guards to duke it out.
      In this area and in this time frame a lot of things happen and I'm not sure about the right order:
      - I try to recollect my thoughts. I'll need to report to the police later about what I saw exactly. Fuck, I can't even recall a single detail of the attackers. I didn't see shit. I consider filming myself right now with my iPhone to get all the details straight. I know that the human memory isn't all that reliable.
      - I panick and I start sobbing. I'm not even aware of Ed and Kristen anymore. I'm on my hands and feet and I've assumed a position of total defeat. I can't believe that the terrorists have finally struck here. So many people must be dying. Though the description is short, I feel like I spend a lot of time feeling like this.
      - Ed opens the door from this hallway to the main area of the ground level. I don't recall there being any people about. Furniture wise it's nearly completely empty. There's a big metallic looking plate or something alike standing there and from the left side from one of the upper floors a lot of bullets are fired at it. You can see the travel path of the bullets and you can also see some of them ricochet of the plate. I tell Ed to close the door, in case one of the bullets ricochets this way. He closes the door. There's another opening through which we're able to have a peek. I carefully do so at least once.
      - I don't remember where he got it from, but Ed now has a thick and old looking book. He also has a seat , which is just big enough to sit on and just a few centimetres high. I'm calling it a seat because that is its purpose, but it's more like a cardboard box. I'm on the ground, looking through Ed's book. It seems like it's filled with biographies of people. I think I might've seen some drawings of characters from the book I'm reading in there. Ed wants Kristen to sit on the seat in a Seiza position [karate]. I don't recall him explaining what he wants to accomplish, but I think this was some kind of ritual to fill the book up more about today's events. Kristen refuses, telling him that she can't do it because of a bad knee. She says so in a slightly agitated way. I tell Ed I'll do it. Kristen asks me how I intend to do it with my messed up knee. There's just no way. I attempt to assume the position. Some people run by from behind me. One of them brushes my lower leg or steps on it really lightly. I show a sign of pain and Kristen says something along the lines of: see, you can't do it, it's already hurting. I tell her that it was because someone stepped on me.
      - I'm just outside of the cinema, at the side entrance. I did something on a ramp there, though I don't recall what.

      Though this definitely wasn't a pleasant dream, it was interesting due to the emotions which I felt so strongly. The bullet lines into the metal frame were also very vivid.

      Vega cow poop
      I'm on my bicycle in the city I study in. It's daytime and I'm cycling from the city centre towards my neighbourhood. At some point the infrastructure for the bicycle becomes quite crappy. There's no more bicycle lane, so at points I'm just driving on the car road. I keep cycling and am sometimes a bit confused by the road layout. Eventually I take a left towards my house. I notice that I'm on the roof of a house and that I need to jump down. Fuck it, I'll do that. I jump off like a BMX-er would, without a problem. I continue a bit, but then stop for a moment because I know there was a guy cycling behind me. I think I instruct him on what to do.

      I make it to the front garden of a house (my house?). I'm wearing skates. To stop myself from rolling past the house, I go about in a tiny circle, spinning twice along my own axis. One of my best friends just arrived as well, I think by car. We enter the house. I need some help getting in, cause I'm a bit clumsy on skates. It's been a while, considering my knee.

      The interior is like that of my ex girlfriend's house, though with furniture in different locations. We walk from the hallway into the living room. Another friend's mom is laying on the couch. His dad is standing. I either sit down on the ground or I fall into that position. I look at my feet and see that I'm wearing skates which I have managed to attach directly to my beat up Reebok shoes. I can remove the skates without taking off my shoes. My friend's mom mentions something about being sick for the 3rd time already, due to eating some vega cow... poop? Yuck

      Small model corner
      It's daytime and I'm at the physical therapist, though the setting looks entirely different from reality. I'm also not participating in this dream, just observing. There are 3 girls who seem to know each other in the 'small model corner', or something along that lines. It's a corner with exercises for girls who want to exercise but who want to stay petite instead of becoming muscular. I think they're standing next to a bar with weights on it. My physical therapist shows them how to do an exercise for your arms, which involves pulling on a pulley system. After that he's suddenly outside in his car and he's gonna drive off. One of the interns, a guy with red hair, is still inside. One of the girls comes up to him to ask him something about her file. He tells her he can't do anything about it. The moment he starts the program on his tablet, her file is loaded because it recognises that it's about her. She asks if the physical therapist that just left can do anything about it. The intern says he's not sure. The girl says optimistically something along the lines of: so there's a chance?

      I think I may have dreamt something about my mom, though I can't recall anything. The idea is just stuck in my mind that I did.
      There was a dream that had something to do with me being highly educated, but I can't recall a thing.
      I'm with my two little cousins. I tell the girl that she should always kiss her brother on the cheek. It's inappropriate to kiss him on the mouth. She asks me why. She caught me by surprise. I don't know why. That's just the way it is.
      I'm standing in my kitchen with my classmate Erwin [I have no clue what his name is. At some point I just decided that he looks like an Erwin ]. He asks me if I have any Vicks candy's. He tells me he has a sore throat. I have a bag in the kitchen, but I'm a bit reluctant to share. I don't want my entire bag to be empty when I finally want to have a Vicks. I end up sharing with him.
    7. #46: Japan / Heated bikes / Fashion / STD wings

      by , 12-02-2015 at 08:52 AM
      I'm in Japan, visiting my Indonesian classmates from last year. We're somewhere outside and it's already quite dark. I recall Tina being there, who for some reason is in a wheelchair. I also remember Re. Next to her is Kristen. Re, talking in English, invites me to join them somewhere, though I don't recall for what or where. I tell her that I can probably join, but in which city will it be? My classmates all live in different cities. Re doesn't really understand the question, even after repeating it. I explain the question to Kristen instead, hoping that she can explain it to Re in a way that she will understand. Nor is present now as well. Apparently she and Kristen don't get along anymore. They swear at each other a bit. Inside I'm cheerful about this. Those two together annoyed the hell out of me.

      Heated bikes
      I'm at a party/gathering, I believe with my family. One of my best friends is present as well. He says it's about time for him to go. I look at a regular looking analogue clock on the wall. It's around half past something. I've made up my mind to leave around a quarter to.. whatever time it is. 15ish minutes later. I tell my friend that I'll also leave soon. He leaves straight away. I see him out. I think it's peculiar/rude that he doesn't bother saying bye to the others. The place we're standing in is quite odd. It's a open space with bicycles stalled on the left side. I suppose I'm alone already, cause I check the bikes. *sigh* My little brother has left the heating open on some bikes. I turn the knobs to turn it off. I take a look at my mountainbike. There's some ducktape applied on the frame near the front wheel. No way. Did he fuck it up? And I bet he'll deny everything.

      I don't recall where I am. I recall getting my red hoodie and examining it before putting it on. I end up doing the same thing you do when you're using a USB: 3rd time's a charm. After the first time turning my hoodie around I think it's odd that I'm still wearing it the wrong way. I just checked to make sure of it. Come on.

      I think there was a scene which involved my mom, though I can't recall what.

      There's a kind of mini fashion show going on. There's only one guy who shows 1 outfit. It's more of a funny play than a fashion show. I was involved with the idea of the content of the 'play'. The guy puts on a sweater/hoodie, walks around a bit, then places himself in front of a mannequin and pretends that this mannequin is violating him. Then he walks back into the dressing room and takes the hoodie off. He comes out and announces to the people present [despite me not seeing a single other person, I know they are all colleagues] that there are more clothes up on my highrise bed which they can take with them for free. By the time I go up on my highrise all the clothes are gone already. Damnit. Hey! They also took one of my shirts, which happened to lay around here. I think about it for a moment and then decide that they've taken the blue shirt of Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The thinking process in my mind is a bit odd, though I don't realise that. I climb back down and think about how I'll announce to the others that I'm missing some clothing. The others are already gone though.

      STD wings
      There's a girl sleeping in a tent. I think she's sick and trying to recover. She has gotten wings, angel-like wings. I think a potion that I made had something to do with it. I'm standing/walking in front of the tent. It's daytime. The wings can be transferred through biting someone. I consider having her bite me, but I dismiss that thought as I might also get a STD that way. Talking about STDs, I should have myself checked out. A few metres away from me are some people chilling on the grass I believe. I think the cat from Digimon which can turn into an angel is also lounging there.
    8. #39: P.e.

      by , 11-25-2015 at 08:52 AM
      I'm at the campus, at the bicycle rack. I have to go to my former high school and follow P.E. classes. There is some technicality and unless I follow these classes my diploma is invalid. I see the image of one of the P.E. teachers in my mind. I know that today we're gonna do taekwondo. I consider not going. Why should I anyway? I'm not allowed to do martial arts right now anyway. I decide to go anyway. There's not much time though and it's quite a distance. I leave my bike and decide to take my moped.

      I ride with a couple of other people whom I seem to know. It's already dusk and we're driving on what seems like a highway. I've got a couple of plastic bags with me, some hanging from my steering wheel. This is totally not convenient, as I'm constantly worrying about the contents falling out. I also can't easily adjust them while driving. We all take a left.

      We're in a restaurant, taking a break. I know I shouldn't. There's really just a few minutes left. I join anyway. Somewhere early in the restaurant I have some chicken in a white paper bag. I throw it in the trash, since I'm vegetarian now. What a waste though. Maybe it would've been better if I had just eaten it.

      I'm sitting at a table with a few people. One of them is my former classmate, Bobby. I'm with his family it seems: a girl our age and an older man whose hair is moderately grey. They start talking in a language I don't understand. I presume it to be Afghan, since that's where he's from.

      We're in line at the register and as soon as someone gives his bill to the lady behind the counter I realise I have an issue. I think I threw my bill out with the chicken. There's also a language barrier. Somehow it feels like this lady speaks Indonesian, but there is no indication of that. I feel a bit helpless, not knowing how to communicate. Bobby quickly mentions something to her, but then leaves me to figure things out myself. I'm not sure what language we're attempting to communicate in, but in the end I have to pay 7.000 IDR, whereas I assumed it would be 12.000 IDR. There was an initial amount of 5.000 IDR. I think we're talking in English now. I have two wallets and we start talking about which bills I have to give her. She already starts handing me my change, as if she knows exactly with which amount I'll pay. I don't have the bill she aspects me to however, so I'll need to pay with a different one. The money looks a bit weird, not like anything I've seen before. There are also Euro's in my wallets. I have way too many coins to close the small wallet, so I pour them out into the bigger one. The lady starts going through my wallet. I'm apprehensive of this. On the other side I don't really care all that much. I think I have 3 tennis balls with me which I drop. I look for them on the floor, amongst the legs of the people standing in line. I hear a lady talking about an excursion trip to the Arctic. She's talking in English. I struggle with this idea for a moment. We're in Indonesia. The Arctic is super far away. Excursion? It's a bit of an older lady.

      Standing outside now, near a tree with many leaves. It's daytime. I'm with amongst others the girlfriend of my housemate. She's sitting on the ground, doing some kind of bicycling exercise. She's got her legs around my leg while she's doing it. Ehh, why? We're about to go. You're about to cyle for real. She tells me she won't. I tell her she will. I then tell the 3 people present that I really need to get to P.E. class. There are 4 minutes left until the class starts. I'll definitely be late. I knew I shouldn't have stopped. Then I wonder about this. So what if I don't go? They already gave me my diploma. And what if they revoke it? I've already done a bachelor and am now doing a master. This is ridiculous! I consider not going, but I'm too much of a rule follower.

      We're on the bicycle in my hometown. My housemate's girlfriend is sitting on the back of one of the bicycles. Ah so that's what she meant. We enter an intersection. The people in front of me are going left. I should continue straight for the P.E. class. I think I eventually take a left as well. I'm already late anyway. Might as well be a bit later.
    9. #37: Moped/bicycle / Promotion / Zombie

      by , 11-23-2015 at 01:32 PM
      Wrote this several hours after waking up.

      I don't know where I am. All I recall is that it's a sunny day and that I'm with Abby and Dom. I haven't spoken to them in a long time, especially Dom. I'm happy to see him. We talk for a while.

      I had a dream that was really long, but I can't remember that much anymore. The scenery was somewhat spectacular. It felt sort of like a campus, except the building was designed really cool, with nature incorporated in it quite harmonically. I recall that I had a girlfriend of sorts, but also another girl who I was very friendly with. At one point I passed that girl on the hallway and we pretended we didn't know each other, so as not to arouse any suspicion. I think it was a brunette girl. And then there was also a blonde girl, but we seemed to mean less to each other. At some point I took an 'elevator' down, which was just a moving platform. Someone threw a syringe down at me which I would need, but the cap was off, so I was concerned it would hit me. I think there was also a festival somewhere in this dream.

      It's daytime and I'm driving to my campus. I alternative between a moped and a bicycle. I think about it: hmm, it does seem a bit odd to use a moped to go to campus. If I always use the moped, then why do I always feel like it takes so much effort to get to campus? I'm on a grey bicycle path seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I don't recall seeing anything else manmade. There are some people passing on bicycles from the opposite direction. I also recall overtaking someone. That person fell just a few moments later. I didn't stop to help, as other people already did. I pass through a hilly landscape. At some point while I'm driving the moped, my best friend is sitting on the back and I'm trying to ascend a steep hill. She has to get off, because the moped doesn't have the power to handle this.

      I'm at my job. Bart, who is one of my bosses, invites me upstairs. We pass through a sort of hallway and enter a bigger room. We have a conversation at a wooden table, facing one another. He tells me that if I want to get this promotion of sorts and be called in for the real modelling jobs, I should change my attire. My shoes are all messed up. I also need to cut my hair. What? No way man! He tells me that my dreads are just too messy. I show him that it's because I haven't taken care of them for a while and they have grown in the mean time, but they can be really neat. There's a girl sitting next to me who agrees with him. I feel like the situation is a bit hostile. At some point someone throws some old stuff out of the room. I think it might've been a mattress.

      The details are a bit vague. I'm outside with several of my classmates, including a German guy. There are zombies, but we have already beaten the outbreak. A new one appears though and we have to make sure it doesn't spread, since dealing with only 1 zombie is still doable.

      I'm in my highrise bed. My German classmate enters my room. I just know it's him somehow, or perhaps I heard him talking. Because I'm in my highrise, he doesn't spot me. He's scheming to turn me into a zombie. There's a grey towel hanging on the ladder to my highrise. He wipes something on it that's supposed to infect me.
      I'm just outside of my room and I confront my classmate. I push him down the stairs a couple of times. Clearly he's a threat as he wanted to turn me into a zombie.
    10. #30: Switcheroo

      by , 11-11-2015 at 08:26 AM
      It's daytime, a sunny day. I'm in front of the train station in my mom's city. I'm on my mountain bike and I just arrived. The area isn't completely the same as it should be. There's a wooden wall on the left, something like what's put up to shield off a construction area. There's no bike anymore. I'm walking towards the bike rack together with my friend Abby to the left of me. For a brief moment our hands touch and we both don't seem to mind walking sort of hand in hand, but not fully committed to really doing so. It's kind of a shy version. I think it's Abby who eventually pulls her hand away.

      I'm standing in front of the bike rack, putting my bike away. Now I'm with Jacintha instead. She asks me if I remember how to say something in Indonesian. I think she asks for 'happy birthday'. She gives a suggestion and I react along the lines of 'what? Noo. It's [...]'. It was something very basic. I then start to tell her about the idea I had of meeting up with the whole Dutch - Indonesian group, but that the guy I talked it over with was too busy (this is pretty accurate from reality). We start walking towards the train station.

      I'm in front of the station now, on my bike. One of my best friends is there. He goes into the station first and I follow on my bike. Once I'm inside I have a big pc on wheels with me and no bike. I think Jacintha has been replaced with my ex girlfriend. My best friend and my ex are talking with an elderly woman who approached them. They are talking about Indonesia. Something about a stop-over in France [I automatically assume Paris] and how France is the stopover place for Asian destinations. The elderly woman says something which I can't recall so well. It has something to do with a girl and that girl wanting to go somewhere to a zoo or something alike at the airport. The woman pulls something out of her wallet to demonstrate. I feel like it should be a paper bill, but it didn't look like money, though I didn't get a good look. I don't remember who, but I told someone about my plans to visit my grandma, because she's going away for a few months. I think I told Abby. I made sure to add 'a few months', to not make it seem like she was dying.

      Something about my mom..
      I'm with my girlfriend. I think we're driving around the city on a moped during daytime

      Great fragments
    11. #22: High school / Exam / Late

      by , 10-28-2015 at 09:50 AM

      Dream 1: High school
      I'm sitting in a classroom at my old high school. There are at least 2 rows of 2 tables next to each other I'm seated at a table next to the wall, turned 90 in my chair so that my back is against the wall. The table on my right is unoccupied. Immediately behind me are 2 of my uni classmates, a Dutch guy and girl. Seated in the next row is an Indonesian female classmate. My English teacher from high school is in the class. We have to hand something in/give it back. When the guy does so, he softly says to the teacher that his other girlfriend will also give it back, or something alike (referring to the Dutch and Indonesian girls). When he says it he is suddenly sitting next to me. I make a comment about it and he tells me to speak softly.

      There are different people in the class now, people I don't know. I'm still in the same place, back against the wall. Behind (or I suppose to mu right) me is a girl and either another girl or a guy. They've taken on a challenge and start humping the corners of their tables. They moan. The teacher makes them stop. They sit down. This causes me to be able to see a blond girl with big boobs in the next row, as the other girl was blocking my view. Was that girl just masturbating? At some point the teacher makes a comment about something, to which the girl replies negatively because she is wearing a skirt. The teacher says that's her own fault, cause the girl is a Muslim and her religion forbids her to wear skirts.

      I'm walking along the hallway of my high school. I go down the stairs. Close to the exit I see a teacher from my first elementary school. Her hair has turned mostly grey, but there is some orange left. Her hair looks quite faded. I walk out the exit and think to myself that I'm too old for this. In my 20's, but still in high school. But I only have to do 1 course and then I can go back to my master and I'll have 2 master degrees.

      I don't know why I keep dreaming about this Indonesian classmate. I barely talk to her now that our group assignment is finished.

      Dream 2: Exam
      I'm in the gymnasium of my high school, with a group which includes one of my uni lecturers. I think the gymnasium is now in use as an exam hall. Today is tuesday and yesterday there was a mock exam, but I'm pretty sure I missed it. I ask my teacher if she can put the exam on blackboard. She refuses and explains that she isn't allowed to. It's a long winded explanation. I feel like at the end, as I exit class, it's a regular classroom I'm exiting, instead of the gymnasium.

      I feel like my conversation with my teacher was longer, but I can't really recall more.

      Dream 3: Late
      I'm in the room of one of my best friends. His room looks a lot like my real room looks like. A grey carpet, a lack of furniture. There's a mattress on the ground and there's someone on it. I think the teenage brother of one of our mutual friends. There's some talk about picking something up and I say I'll do it. I look at the time (I think by looking at a watch, which I don't have in reality). It's already 1pm. I won't make it, cause I have an exam at 2pm. Next thing I know my exam will start in about 3 minutes, while it's a 30 minute bicycle ride to the location. I freak out. Stupid alarm on my iPhone didn't go off. I set it to 1 hour before my exam. Fuck fuck fuck. Really time for a new phone. I leave quickly. I consider which route to take. I believe the route outside the city will be quickest. I'm suddenly biking there on my black bike. It's a road that in reality is close to my mom's home. It's a provincial road with bicycle paths on both sides. Mine stops though, turning into mud. I continue on the road and then to the other side to the other bicycle path. I get passed by a police officer on a bike. He's wearing the new uniform, black with yellow-green stripes. I look at my tire and see that it's flat. Fuck. So far to go. Suddenly I'm really close. I don't know the exact way though, as I never use this route. I'm now at the uni of applied sciences. I pass some students. I'm in an open building now? I remember passing a dude in a pink.. hoodie? It was for equality. In my mind I wonder if they will also do something about the disadvantages men face compared to women.

      I really have an exam today and I'm always a bit paranoid about being on time for exams.
    12. #10: Bike trouble / Jungle / Good vs. Evil / Early vodka / Storror

      by , 10-14-2015 at 08:36 AM

      Dream 1: Bike trouble
      I've parked my omafiets (bicycle) in front of a pharmacy called Etos. I'm inside, buying some things. I take a bit longer than necessary, but I am out again within 5 minutes. I go back to my bike and notice that my chainlock has been cut, as well as my bikechain and my handbrake (an omafiets doesn't have handbrakes). Fuck. This is really shitty. I mean my bike is still here, but I can't use it now. I see a guy closeby get into the driver's seat of a car. The way he looks at me makes me suspect him, but I can't prove anything. I come up with a quick plan: I go back into the pharmacy and keep an eye on my bike through the window, though I make it look like I'm just shopping. I hope that someone will try to steal my bike and I can catch that person in the act. My plan ends up a bust.

      I'm back in my student home. At least 1 guy is moving out. My focus point is still the fact that my bike is messed up. I don't wanna buy a new one; that's expensive! I can check FB to see if someone is selling bicycle parts. Still, it's real shit.

      More happened at the house, but I can't really remember. This was a shitty dream for me cause of the bike.

      Not sure if it's at this point or later, but I have a false awakening somewhere in the evening.

      Dream 2: Jungle
      I'm walking into a jungle with.. my girlfriend I guess. We would like for a place where we could be alone. So far no luck. This jungle is in the Netherlands. Ah look a mountain, or a hill I guess. It's probably the [insert name of existing hill that I forgot] in Hilversum. Maybe there is a volcano too. No wait, we don't have volcanoes in the Netherlands. We keep walking and regularly see a few people. Eventually we're in a room full of people and a small party is going on.

      I'm no longer with my girlfriend but with my female cousin, who is about 14 years old. A guy sneakily grabs her ass. She doesn't resist it. It pisses me off. I'm at a table where it's self service to get a drink. I take a plastic see-through cup, but it's been used already. Another one. Same story, except this one is still half full. I guess this whole stack is dirty. I manage to find one that is clean and pour myself a drink, I think a transparent one. I consider my options to fight the guy who touched my cousin's ass. Can I handle him with my knee's current condition? I decide to throw the little bit of liquid that's still in my cup at his face and then leave with my cousin. She walks ahead of me through a number of almost empty rooms. I keep up the pace a little bit, just in case the guy does decide to come after me. In the end I see a dragonball animation. Vegeta is coming after me. I quickly deduce that it's not the official one though, because the quality of the drawing/animation is really low

      For those who don't know: the Netherlands definitely doesn't have a jungle (unless you count all the weed).

      Dream 3: Good vs. Evil
      The location I'm at feels difficult to describe. It is outside, a sort of camp / community, a bit like how there are Gypsy camps I suppose. It's in the middle of nowhere it seems. It's daytime and I'm having fun with my group of best friends. We're going about exploring. One rule that applies here is that you can't mix a good colour (orange I think) with a bad/evil colour (purple). This even goes when you buy candy. There's a woman who sells really delicious stuff. She's sitting behind a glass window, sort of like some ticket sellers, but in a small caravan-ish construction. You can bring your candy to her, or she uses her own, and she will give you a sort of deep-fried candy or a macaroon. I go there multiple times. Even when buying this candy the rule applies that you shouldn't have good and evil mixed together. I pay the woman with what looks like Indonesian Rupiah's, but is just a bit different. The very last time I buy something from her I suddenly have to pay an extraordinary amount. Apparently this is due to the receipt roll having run out. I look on my receipt and see that I have to pay for the new receipt roll. What the hell? So if you're unlucky you suddenly have to pay a shitload? I'm not sure if she doesn't get that this doesn't make sense or if she is scamming me. I end up not protesting. I go towards my friends. I have my candy in the left pocket of my hoodie. I pull out an orange one and a bit later a purple one. My friend mentions that I can't do that. I tell him it's ok and that I have separated them: 1 colour in the left pocket, 1 colour in the right. It's a lie. On the ground is a circle (perhaps 1 m big). It's moving (anti)clockwise. There are some brown (ground colour) stones in there which have differing heights from the ground (just a few cm's). It's a natural occurrence and the only place where you'll find orange and purple mixed. There are some orange spots and some purple spots. The kids are having fun playing a ridiculously dangerous game with it. Hit an orange spot with your foot and nothing happens. Hit a purple one and you slowly turn into stone, extremely slowly, starting from the foot you touched the spot with.

      I'm on a market. There's a guy who looks like he is in his 30s - 40s. He looks like the mercenary kind of type. I can't recall the context, but he wants a teenage looking kid to join him on a mission. He is pissed off at the kid, shoves some weapons into his hands and they're on their way. He tells the kid he adjusted a shotgun specially for him, cause he is left-handed. He gave him a knife and possibly a handgun as well. I start to wonder why the kid doesn't just shoot the guy. They go to the camp. One of my friends has hit a purple spot. I panic, but can still think somewhat straight. We have to amputate his big toe, because that's starting to turn into stone. Knife! Where is the knife? Come on people! We need to save his life. Too late, the process has already started to spread to his whole foot. Too difficult to cut with a knife. Ok just blast the whole foot off with the shotgun! I pull the trigger. Nothing. Perhaps 3 more times. Still nothing. Fuck!

      Somewhere something got switched and it's now my 1 year old cousin whose foot is turning to stone. My mom calmly bathes him, washing his foot. It helps. Wow!

      Somehow it feels related to this dream. I am in my mom's kitchen. On top of the fridge is a light green bucket with big ass knives and what not. I take the butcher's knife. We can use this to cut off the toe. But since it's not real and we don't really wanna do it (just for the camera), we have to be careful.

      Dream 4: Early vodka
      It's still morning. I'm joining my friends at the table. They're playing a drinking game with vodka already. This is gonna be a hell of a day... Within a few moments of me sitting down I've already downed 2 entire glasses of vodka. The game turns into a video game. The outcome of the video game decides who has to drink and how much. I get a call from a guy I used to be friends with, but haven't spoken to in a long time. I can't recall the conversation anymore, but it was definitely friendly.

      I have another false awakening in which I note down some keywords about what I have dreamed so far.

      Dream 5: Storror
      There are a couple of guys in a warehouse making a bunch of noise and having fun. I hear a couple of their names. Callum.. Sascha.. It's Storror, a British freerunning group. A cop comes out and wants to have a word with them over the noise they're making. Someone has complained. They're considering running away, but their names are already known, so what's the point? One of them goes to talk to the officer. The officer is suspicious of the pimped out car that one of them owns. He explains that he makes quite a bit of money of freerunning, so he can afford it.