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    1. Condom hunt

      by , 07-22-2018 at 09:44 AM
      Condom hunt
      I'm in the east part of Amsterdam. It seems to be the EvS street. I'm in a hotel with my ex, F. We've just had sex and are ready for round two. We have one condom left and she messes it up. She unwraps the condom and rolls it down instantly, now leaving us to fidget with it. We try to make the best of it, but it doesn't work. We end up making our way downstairs. I'm not sure what she's doing anymore, but I go out on to the street. It's nearly 22:00, meaning nearly closing time for the shops. I attempt to find some condoms. I look for them in two different supermarkets. It's surprisingly difficult to find some. I end up staying until closing time. At first I think I've found some, in various quantities. There's some packages that contain just way too many for me and are also quite expensive. I settle on just a few. When I've made up my mind, a change occurs. When I open the boxes, it turns out that there are no condoms inside. Instead, there are things like hair conditioner. I came close to buying the wrong thing. I end up leaving the store, not having bought anything.

      Outside on the street, I see a man from the back. He's not wearing a shirt. His small of the back stands out, because it is somehow shaped well / looks good.

      At some point while I was in the supermarket I was asking myself something along the lines of: "am I really going to do this? Have sex with my ex? I have a girlfriend". I decided it was ok to do this, because this is just a dream.
    2. #226: (Ex) girlfriend

      by , 12-13-2016 at 02:49 AM
      I'm with my first ex girlfriend. In this dream we're a couple. Yesterday we buried her father. I think we just woke up quite recently. The place where we are looks similar to my kos [Indonesian dorm]. Both of her brothers have already left. I assume her mom to be around somewhere, but she doesn't appear in the dream. I think to myself that if one of her parents passed away, it might be for the best that it's her dad, considering that her mom's the stronger one in a mental sense.

      Still with my ex girlfriend. We're watching a video by actually being there. It's some kid's first birthday. He's gonna kick a football, trying to score. I make a bet with my 'girlfriend' that the kid will miss. If he scores, I'll break up with her. I quickly regret my words and become nerves. The kid kicks the ball and it bounces off the left post. Pfieuw. Next, it bounces left and right for a crazy long time, before coming to a stop. This kid is the son of a famous football player, though I can't remember who.

      I'm sitting on a bench in a garden with my 'girlfriend'. I stand up and walk around a bit. I throw my wallet down next to her, some money sticking out a little bit. She pretends to be greedy for my wallet and I tell her to go ahead. All that's in there is IDR. There's not a single euro. In my room I've got some MYR. I literally don't have any euro anywhere. In my mind, the room I have is in Indonesia and I'm in the Netherlands right now. Waste of money? I should do something about this situation. I tell her that I will likely work in Melbourne. She becomes jealous, because that's what she has been thinking about as well. I've just started telling her about the crazy pay, when the dream ends.
    3. #211: Lucid Limbo

      by , 09-14-2016 at 02:52 AM
      I'm talking to Cor. He tells me that he can identify who has been with who in a purely sexual way, based on the messages that they leave behind.. on FB? I'm doubtful, but he manages to take my doubt away by accurately stating who I've been with. What the hell. I need to remove this stuff from FB right away.

      Read some articles about online privacy violations by government and private companies throughout the day.

      Lucid Limbo
      Iím in a single room with my blonde ex girlfriend and two male pilots. The pilots are Ďhersí. Sheís using the corporate jet I believe. The two pilots are sitting at a desk/table in the corner of the room, facing the wall, though also facing sideways a bit. I seem to be lying on the ground or perhaps on a mattress. My ex is sitting on top of me. She is trying to seduce me and tells me emotional stuff, such as that sheís missed me and wants me back, or something along those lines. I participate in the physical stuff, but I refuse to say stuff such as that I want her back, cause fact is, I donít. I at one point get a sly grin from the left pilot. I kinda Ďgood for you, broí. I tell her that the pilots gotta leave the room. First she mentions a reason why they canít and I tell her that I mean for them to leave the room. She agrees to that. More stuff happens

      Iím now with my friend Sil in my room. Everything is purely platonic, though the feelings from the first part are residual. I leave to go to the toilet. The toilets are a far cry from what the toilets in my dorm look like, though I donít realise it. One of my dormmates is collecting money for internet and such. Iím not in my room, so I hope he doesnít find me. And I hope my friend / my ex (she changed back?) tell where I am. I can hear her voice and I think she did tell where I am. I attempt to silently, fully close the door to this particular toilet / shower. The door is messed up though and wonít fully close. Plus, next to the door are windows, so heíll be able to spot me. I move out to a larger area, still completely naked. Iím hesitant as people might drop into this living room like area and Iím nude.
      Somewhere along the line (I canít tell where exactly, I think in the shower area) I have the notion that Iím dreaming. I look at my right hand. No black letter S on it. Thereís a faint trace of it at most. I try to push my finger through my hand, but no success. Not dreaming? I look at my right foot. Six toes. The one on the far right is even bigger (and misshapen) than the big toe. Ok that canít be real. But.. the RC failed? Have I always had 6 toes on 1 foot? No way. I look at my left hand and discover that most of my pinky is gone. Guess I know where that extra toe came from. I sorta try to cut my toe with my finger as a means to restore reality to how it should be. Next I try to push the remainder of my pinky on top of my extra toe, in an effort to make them merge and get my pinky back where it belongs. Why are all the RCs failing? Still, Iím clearly dreaming right? Come on, hand and foot?! I get hung up on the failed RC though and let it affect me. Iím positive nevertheless. I perform a hovering above the ground sliding tackle somewhere. I know Iím dreaming, so I can do whatever. Still the RC is on my mind.

      Iíve forgotten part of the dream, but Iím in a big office like building with open structure. The stairs and elevators, basically the whole lobby area, is in an open area with walkways on every floor directly on both sides. I feel like Iím not sure of what to do, given the RCs failing. I decide to aimlessly Spider-Man around. I shoot some webbings and swing myself up. On the way I overhear some corrupt anti-narcotics officers talking. One of them has bought a new GoPro, claiming it was necessary for work. When he isnít paying attention to it for a moment I decide to shoot some webbing at it. I continue to kind of aimlessly web, not feeling any excitement and not fully appreciating that Iím lucid.

      I'm standing somewhere in the town I was born in. I think I'm a kid again. I've been taken back to the 1990s (1992 or 1993?). I'm outside during the day and there's something that relates to a racism discussion. I'm not sure if it's actually being discussed right now or if it's all happening in my mind. I wonder about some things to which extent I actually find them racist and to which extent I feel obligated to think that they are racist. Eventually music starts playing. Snoop Dogg and then I think also some other rap (2Pac?). I love those guys in this context, whatever this context exactly is. A girl who in real life would be my age starts talking to me.. but then stops?

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    4. #210: Oh ow / Damn son / Keyboard motorcycle

      by , 09-13-2016 at 12:52 AM
      Oh ow
      Iím in my room, texting a girl called Mel. I think itís my room at my momís house. Iím not sure whose idea it is, but we want to meet up. I tell her she can come by. I chill for a moment, knowing fully well that I will regret chilling, as I still have a lot of cleaning up to do before she arrives. She suddenly texts me that she is already on the way and will be there in a few minutes. Fuck. See! I gotta make this room presentable. I dash all over the place to make it happen. Meanwhile she also texts me that she has had a beer or 2 and not to take advantage of it. Ok.

      Iím standing in an elevator with a girl that went to the same elementary school as me. I kinda pretend I donít recognise her so I donít have to talk. She strikes up a conversation about how much we have (not) changed. Iím casually leaning against the wall, facing the door. I turn around to look into the mirror to have a look at us both. The door opens. I let her get out first. (Interesting intermezzo?)

      The setting is different. Iím at a university building. Itís more of a bar type of setting though. This is supposed to be (or look like) one of the buildings of the uni of Amsterdam. Mel texts me to ask for the location. I tell her something, though I canít remember what. I assume to tell her where I am. After a bit my ex girlfriend shows up, looking a bit sad. Fuck! Whatís she doing here? She should be halfway around the world. I feel an urge to talk to her to check how sheís doing, but I fear Iím the last person she wants to talk to right now. I try to avoid her, make it so she doesnít see me. Then Mel shows up. Really?! This close to each other. Come on man. Mel tells me that she came here by riding my ex girlfriendís bicycle. The two of them know each other? Just perfect. Eventually my ex does spot me. Iím not entirely sure what happened anymore, but I do remember that I imagine doing something to her. Driving her into a corner and.. slapping her with my shoe? Not sure anymore.

      Damn son
      Iím watching a police stop go down. Itís inside the porch of a building. Thereís a suspect in the left corner on the ground, whom I can barely see. Thereís a male police officer (black guy I think) and one or two more other people. Thereís an animal thatís supposed to help the police, sorta like a police dog, but more like a police.. rat? The main cop, which is the black guy, picks it up and orders another younger white guy to take care of it. The animal is way too vicious towards the suspect, canít have that. The suspect starts heading towards the opening of the porch slowly under some false pretence and eventually makes a run for it towards his car 20 metres down and gets in on the right side. He does something with the dashboard, donít remember what. Whatever he did, me and someone else are cheering him on. Well played. Whatever charge the cops had has just become invalid and they now need another reason to arrest him. His car was already neatly parked but for some reason he re-parks it, actually doing a shitty job now. Heís partially parked on a spot where youíre not allowed to park. Also his car is much bigger now. Like he went from a Volkswagen to a SUV. Both black models. The cop is now Ice Cube. Iím a neutral bystander, but we give each other a smirk cause we both know the guy is fucked once he exits.. which he does. Ice Cube immediately attempts to arrest him, but the guy resists. Eventually the suspect is Ice Cubeís son. Thereís some shooting. Ice Cube gets on the driver side of a white truck to get some cover. He gets shot at from inside the truck it seems.. though it also seems fake. He takes a lot of shots without getting hurt. This happens two times. By now his son thinks weíre messing with him. Eventually his son gets into a police or ambulance car and drives off. I run along the passenger side and manage to open the rear door. Just barely, as the vehicle was speeding up and getting away from me. Itís Ďmiracleí that I managed to get it. I lean over. I consider pulling the handbrake but that seems foolish. I pull out the key instead. The suspect gets out a gun and I feel like Iím fucked. A few seconds later heís got his hands on the roof of a car cause heís getting arrested by Ice Cube and.. Kevin Hart? The gun is also on the roof though and heís getting close. I stab him through the arm, just off his hand, with the key, while quoting a Cube lyric. I get a ďdamn sonĒ look. I just turned from nerdy to having proven myself, in the same way that a nerdy white character proves himself to black gangsters in a comedy.

      Keyboard motorcycle
      Iím riding a motorcycle. The controls are pretty messed up. Itís a manual and instead of kicking up, I switch gears by pressing buttons on a sort of keyboard. I have to hold control and another button. I think at least, cause Iím not sure what Iím doing. I also have to then type the number of the gear I want to go into, meaning I have to remember which gear Iím in at all times. I pull up at a traffic light.
    5. #167: Movie / Holding hands / Epic medieval fight

      by , 06-28-2016 at 01:30 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: 06.35
      Now: 07.00

      I'm inside somewhere. A company visit / business case of a company I really like has just finished. We're busy exiting. I tell Jim that the case was interesting, just to make sure that he keeps me on his mind. Outside the room, on the hallway, is another employee of the company. We start heading towards.. someplace.

      I'm now in a big lecture hall. It feels as if we've walked here from the other place. We're going to watch a movie. My high school English teacher is leading the class. Eventually we're somewhere along the 50 minute mark, perhaps even further. The video is streaming slowly cause the school/uni connection is shitty, sometimes forcing us to pause. Someone explains the technical stuff to my teacher. She asks us if we will have enough time to finish it. We have 30 minutes left in this class and 40 minutes of movie left. My friend Lin tells her that we do. Huh? Idiot. Meanwhile I'm seated, with my bag in front of me on the floor. I open and close the zipper a few times, probably being very obnoxious, considering that we're watching a movie. I've got candy inside in a see through plastic bag, which I share with my friends and cousin. I still make a lot of noise.

      Holding hands
      I'm walking outside with a lot of people. Not sure where we're going. My first ex girlfriend is walking to my left. She decides that she wants to hold my hand. Her boyfriend is somewhere in the crowd, walking behind us. We're at the very front. I tell her that this isn't a good idea. At some point I wonder whether she is trying to make her boyfriend jealous or whether she genuinely wants to hold my hand. She mentions that her boyfriend is holding a girl's hand as well. I look and see that he's doing one of these poses where he creates a loop with his arm, allowing the girl to place her hand in the loop. I tell my ex that we would be better off if we were walking to the back. She varies in how intensely she holds my hand.

      Epic medieval fight [literally the only note I took of this dream]
      I'm somewhere outside in a mountainous area. There are quite a number of armed forces. I feel like Thor [Chris Hemsworth version] is also present. A fight is about to go down. Our side is trying to ambush a different group, but our advance group gets ambushed in return. There are so many different groups which have allied to the group that I belong to that I'm no longer sure which uniform belongs on my side and which doesn't. At some point I'm in need of a weapon. There are some scissors. Nah. There's a bamboo pole with a kite attached to it. Perfect. I ask an old man to cut the string to the kite. He uses some big scissors which look pretty damn awesome as he's cutting the string. Really?! You couldn't tell me in the first place you had that?! I take both the bamboo pole and the scissors with me. I'm not sure how I'll use both, as this bamboo pole will serve as a two handed weapon. I put the scissors in my right back pocket. I encounter 3 white girls standing close to what seems like a coin buying stand at a fair. The 3 girls are my height and are dressed identically. They all have the same gun and are aiming for me. I use the bamboo pole to slap their arms away to throw off their aim. This isn't something that I can keep up long with the 3 of them. I advance so that I can use my scissors. I'm not sure what happened next, but I'm victorious. I start talking to the girl behind the stand. She was going to give her number to those girls for some reason. I ask her to give me her number instead, and she hands me a white paper with her number. The girl herself is quite pretty. The only details I can remember is that she's a white girl with black hair. I put the number in my front left pocket and tell her that if I don't die, I will call her.

      Ľ There's some family gathering going on. My cousin is present, as well as my little cousin, who I take with me into an elevator. At some point my cousin and I (and someone else) are eating.

      Ľ I'm walking from the hallway of my dormitory into my room. To my left I see an Asian girl walking away from me. I stare at her for a moment. I make sure to look away the moment she looks back. I walk into my room. I look out my room to look at her again. She turns back, presumably to see if I was looking. I think she caught me.
    6. #166: Table / Home / Ex and bags / Modelling

      by , 06-27-2016 at 01:39 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: 07.00
      Now: 07.20

      I'm in a house. There's a long, rectangular table, with I guess about 10 people sitting at it. There's my best friend, with her brother and father. There's Tina. And then some others I'm not sure about. At one point I make a comment to my best friend about people not sitting in their seats or something. She tells her dad and brother, who immediately go back to their seats. I ask her if she realises that I was joking. Next thing I'm suddenly online with whatever device, sending a message to her dad who is in America. I make a joke about not wanting my friend to be pushed off the sidewalk. He doesn't get it. The profile picture he uses is off a Repsol bike.

      I'm back in the Netherlands for just two weeks. I've ridden a bus to some station. My mom's boyfriend is there. We talk very briefly and then I walk away with.. my mom? And grandma? We walk in the direction of a big building, of which I'm not sure what it is. It's a new building, because I've never seen it before. It looks very old though. It's impressive.

      Ex and bags
      I'm with my first ex girlfriend. It's as if we're still together. We're in bed together I guess. I'm working on getting her horny, with success. She is on her period though. She shows this by using some weird.. I don't know what it is. A rectangular pill box for her birth control. The thing becomes red if she's on her period. Dirty, glowing, bloody red. There seems to be actual liquid inside. She's hoping that we'll still have sex. Nope! I on the other hand am hoping that at least I'll get lucky somehow. Nope again.

      I'm in the back of a car with her. We're driving in Amsterdam. There's a blanket partially covering us and she makes use of it to reach down to my crotch. She's not very proficient at being sneaky. Luckily there is no driver and the rearview mirror has not been adjusted for the person in the passenger seat to see what's going on. The car is driving a bit though. Eventually I need to get out. I take my bag with me. Then the car starts to drive off. My mom's doing. I get very annoyed as there is still a bag or 2 in the trunk which I want to take with me. Eventually I get the opportunity for this. There's my big backpack and then there's another one. I consider for a moment which bag I'll really need. I'm gonna see my mom soon, right?

      I'm seeing a WhatsApp conversation on my friend Fi's phone. She's talking to D, the guy who has hired me to model for him. He's annoyed because he thinks I only look internet pretty and not real life pretty, as if my online photo's have been photoshopped. I consider for a moment that it doesn't matter at all, as he'll likely photoshop my pictures anyway.
    7. #161: Waterfail / Gossip

      by , 06-20-2016 at 12:44 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: 06.30
      Now: 06.35

      I'm having a dream within a dream. In the second layer I start fidgeting with my tooth which is in the upper right section of my mouth. Eventually it comes out, leaving a new tooth which has just pierced the gum to develop. I immediately realise what this means. I start moving my hands to perform an RC, but I know it's not even necessary. Yup, dreaming. After maximum 2 seconds of indecisiveness, I attempt to complete my waterball challenge with werty52. It's a total bust. I have my eyes closed and get thrown out of the dream in mere seconds. I have a FA, without realising it.

      I'm in a shop or something. There's multiple lines. My ex girlfriend is already standing in a line, at the very end, with a black guy close to her. I approach her from behind and rest my hand on her stomach. It seems as if we're still together. The guy starts talking to me about another black guy a few metres to our left. He asks me if I heard the guy. He asks me so in Dutch or in English. I reply that I heard him, in Surinam. I figure I don't want to be overheard by the guy who we're going to talk about, though odds are he also speaks Surinam. I also realise quickly that I've put myself in a bind. My Surinam is not that great, so I hope the guy won't make it difficult. Luckily he switches over to English pretty fast. He says something about it being impolite, but he's talking about it being impolite for the other guy to talk Indonesian..? Meanwhile the line is moving and my ex is asking me what we're talking about. I decide on telling her shortly after, though that moment doesn't come.
    8. #151: Beautiful view

      by , 05-31-2016 at 02:50 AM
      I'm with a male friend. Someone has sent him a text to ask him what his plans for tonight are. He asks me what our plans are. I tell him that I have no clue and that we can just wing it. He's not very fond of the idea. He wants to have a plan. We're walking towards his room. First, there is a front door that needs to be opened. He has hidden the key somewhere off to the left.

      Next thing, I'm lying on a mattress with my ex girlfriend. We are lying next to the sea, parallel to it. The view is absolutely amazing. This is the life. I'm trying to take some pictures with my phone, ducking my head underneath some power cables. My ex touches one of them. Don't! She's fine. The cables run to a small platform in the water of just a few square metres. The platform is several metres lower than us, judging from the angle of the cables. My ex starts laughing and wonders why that platform would need power. I tell her it's to turn on a lamp. I've seen it up close. I feel like the power cables are sagging more and more. It's reached the point where I can't get out from under them anymore without touching them. I put a small pillow on my head and hope it's not too conductive. It works. I'm starting to feel like the sea is getting closer. GET UP NOW! I throw the mattress onto higher ground, into the bushes, where it tumbles and falls down on the other side. We're suddenly standing in the water. My phone is being swept away. It's floating on the water. My ex was too slow to retrieve it, so I take a go at it. I think for a moment of taking off my white thermal shirt with long sleeves, because it will weigh me down once it's wet. I've already gone halfway, but I decide it will take too much time and go after my phone. I manage to retrieve it. I then breast crawl back. In the mean time some guy on a jet ski arrives. My ex hops on it and I grab a hold of it at the back.
    9. #126: Shopstuff

      by , 04-14-2016 at 06:55 AM
      I am working in the female clothing shop that my mom used to work in when she was younger. The place is different from reality. It's significantly less crowded with clothes and the cash register has been moved to another wall. Several customers enter one by one. One guy enters and is looking for something. I'm about to tell them that this is a shop for women when my colleague (a white guy) tells him to look in a specific rack. Apparently we have a small men's section. That's new to me. A bit later another guy comes in and asks what I think of a certain shorts. It's the exact same as the one I bought in Indonesia and I tell him so. I'm afraid for a moment that might put him off, but apparently not. Two more white guys come in, saying that they're testing security. I am weary about them. Perhaps it's a ruse to steal some stuff. At some other point in time I have to use the pin device, but it's being a bit bitchy, so I ask my colleague for help. He tells and shows me that you have to press in a code which was something like 111211.

      The shop is now... something else. My first ex girlfriend is here. I'm helping someone in her family move? Her mom has made food. Rice with beans I think. Her dad is present as well. I snort for a moment and she asks me what's up. I tell her that my mom thought her dad had died [my mom really did think that]. Might wanna sort that out.

      I'm just outside the shop with my housemate and... his aunt? Or someone else, I don't know. Anyway, the woman in question gives us something as a gift. It turns out to be 2 tickets to a NBA match on April 13th at 19:00. At first my housemate wanted to keep them, but he then realised he already had plans. I would like to go, but I'll probably be working then since that day is Kingsday [no it's not].
    10. #101: Train fun / Ex / Cinema

      by , 03-02-2016 at 07:31 AM
      Train fun
      Spoiler for 18+ stuff :P :

      > I'm going around on a tropical island, together with other people. I think we had to complete some assignments, though I can't recall what.

      > I'm with a close friend and my housemate, though I'm not certain I'm with them at the same time. First I'm in a bus and later I'm in a school with my friend. We're looking for a classroom. I'm already late for class. Eventually we venture down a long hallway where a white woman is standing who I think is the teacher. She's waiting. She's talking to someone or multiple people... guards? The class I'm going to attend is a coffee brewing class I think. The other students and I form a huddle before we leave.

      Spoiler for Some more 18+ stuff :

      I'm in the cinema where I used to work with a friend of mine. Not sure if we've already gone to the movie or still want to go, but we figure we need to pee. We go to the toilets on the third floor, which aren't there in reality. Pretty much all occupied. Ow lets go to the second floor. There's another guy with us who doesn't quite get why. I tell him that that floor is always less crowded. It turns out that the second floor is totally under construction. There's not a single working toilet. Damn.

      In the main hall against the wall, there's an animation or a statue of a smurf holding a big platform. He's squatting with it and every time he pushes out, he goes up a bit, bringing the platform closer to the ceiling every time. That's quite fun.
    11. #49: Fragments only

      by , 12-05-2015 at 09:31 AM
      Went to bed around 01:00, but I couldn't fall asleep until I believe 03:00. Woke up at 09:00 and started writing at 09:15.

      Ľ I'm in a room with my ex girlfriend. It seems to be a living room. There's a low rectangular table. At one end there's a comfy chair and I think to the side of the table is a small couch. My ex girlfriend is chasing after me. We're going in circles around the table. Sometimes the direction reverses. I can't recall what the reason is. It's partially for laughs and partially because I don't wanna be close to her. At some point while making a few clockwise runs around the table I figure out a faster moving pattern, by pushing off the couch and chair.

      Ľ It's dark and late. I'm outside, bicycling with one of my best friends to... not sure. The train station I believe. I can't recall why, but I make mention of the idea of buying a baguette and getting drunk. We're now in an AH [supermarket], which doubles as a bikeshop. The shop is quite dark and only the employee/owner is present. We've parked our 3 bicycles a bit to the back, in front of a cooling cell. I talk to the employee/owner and he tells us to park on a certain spot, which we do.

      Ľ I think one of my friends found my new gloves and got excited about them and wore them himself.

      Ľ I'm with a different ex girlfriend. She's telling me about how I hurt her in the past. She says that at one point I said she had whorelegs, because they were big and ugly. She tells me that I was right about them, but that it was mean.

      Ľ I'm in a train. At some point I think I move to another section of the train. I recall there being people about.

      Ľ I've got the small grey blender from my mom and put it up on a fridge that's almost my height. The blender doesn't look anything like I should. I think I take it with me to the kitchen counter to blend a banana.
    12. #40: Stations / Sales

      by , 11-26-2015 at 09:55 AM
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in a train. I'm on my way to my hometown. The train stops at a train station with the name of my hometown on it. Heh.. no way. This station doesn't like it at all. It's a tiny station almost in the middle of nowhere. I think an elderly couple gets off. I'm still a bit confused over the situation. It's one thing to get the wrong info from the on board announcements, but to have the wrong namesign up on a train station... Suddenly I see the area from an aerial perspective. Ow I get it now. They've added 2 new train stations in this city, to increase accessibility. Apparently they all have the same name.

      At the next station now. I clearly see a shop on the other platform. The building is very rectangular. I'm standing on a different platform. I look at the announcement board and see that the next train will go to my hometown. I start walking towards the correct platform. I will have to check out and check in again.

      Ľ I'm with my cousin. She takes a look at my dreads. She gets all excited and sort of states that I've fixed them. I tell her that my mom fixed them up a bit, but not entirely. Somehow I feel a bit embarrassed with the attention.

      Ľ I'm with my mom, grandma and aunt. My aunt is blind.* We were walking around the house and my aunt had no problem moving about with the same speed as a non-blind person. We're then all seated at a table and I'm playing chess against my blind aunt. Instead of black-white, the board is black - light blue. The position of the pieces changes ever so slightly during one of my turns, causing me to take a very long time to think about what move I want to do. At some point one of the pieces is a squished little tomato with some other stuff mixed into it. It's quite messy.

      *My aunt's not really blind.

      Ľ I'm walking along a trail in the hills or on a mountain. I'm hiking with a group.

      Ľ Not sure if it's the same group, but we're in a cave with a lot of people. We're playing a type of infected tag game. If you get tagged, you become one of the growing group of taggers. The purpose is to make it to the other side. I think I get tagged at some point, but somehow have a retry. It's easy to tell who is infected as they have a certain light around them. I think I dive to make it out of the cave on the other side, but I'm a bit too late. I finish in 3rd position, which I can clearly see displayed as if I'm playing a video game.

      Ľ I'm talking with my ex girlfriend on whatsapp. It's about a mountain and a volcano I've been to in Indonesia. There are pictures. Our replies are somewhat normal, but at the same time it feels like there's a sub-meaning as the situation feels a bit hostile. Did I go to these places with Christina?

      Ľ Writing Christina's name triggered the memory of a plane, though I'm not sure if I dreamt about one.

      Ľ I'm scrolling through LinkedIn. I've added one of my lecturers. I think I see her scrolling to hers and her ignoring my invitation. I reason that she probably doesn't know who I am, as I've omitted some information from my profile.

      I'm standing inside a small shop. It's supposed to be an office for a street sales company at which I will start working. I know it will be different than the last time, because this time I have my housemate Quint with me who will also work here.* We're standing in front of a type of post-mix machine with the manager, who is our age. He offers us some cola. I'm not really into cola because it's unhealthy, but I don't want to be rude. We get it in a big cup. Quint prefers dr. pepper, but the manager is not allowed to pour the same quantity of dr. pepper as cola. A rule from his uncle, who is the owner. We watch the television which is mounted a bit above our heads. It's an event in a stadium. There's a group of perhaps 100 people in the middle of the field. It has to do with mourning for a terrorist attack. I see an old friend of mine, Tris. Wauw.. it looks like he hasn't slept for days. Then the whole thing turns into a performance, with riot police and such. At some point it turns into a form of rehearsal, as one thing is done again and again to get it right.

      *We don't live together. He used to work at the previous street sales company.
    13. #30: Switcheroo

      by , 11-11-2015 at 08:26 AM
      It's daytime, a sunny day. I'm in front of the train station in my mom's city. I'm on my mountain bike and I just arrived. The area isn't completely the same as it should be. There's a wooden wall on the left, something like what's put up to shield off a construction area. There's no bike anymore. I'm walking towards the bike rack together with my friend Abby to the left of me. For a brief moment our hands touch and we both don't seem to mind walking sort of hand in hand, but not fully committed to really doing so. It's kind of a shy version. I think it's Abby who eventually pulls her hand away.

      I'm standing in front of the bike rack, putting my bike away. Now I'm with Jacintha instead. She asks me if I remember how to say something in Indonesian. I think she asks for 'happy birthday'. She gives a suggestion and I react along the lines of 'what? Noo. It's [...]'. It was something very basic. I then start to tell her about the idea I had of meeting up with the whole Dutch - Indonesian group, but that the guy I talked it over with was too busy (this is pretty accurate from reality). We start walking towards the train station.

      I'm in front of the station now, on my bike. One of my best friends is there. He goes into the station first and I follow on my bike. Once I'm inside I have a big pc on wheels with me and no bike. I think Jacintha has been replaced with my ex girlfriend. My best friend and my ex are talking with an elderly woman who approached them. They are talking about Indonesia. Something about a stop-over in France [I automatically assume Paris] and how France is the stopover place for Asian destinations. The elderly woman says something which I can't recall so well. It has something to do with a girl and that girl wanting to go somewhere to a zoo or something alike at the airport. The woman pulls something out of her wallet to demonstrate. I feel like it should be a paper bill, but it didn't look like money, though I didn't get a good look. I don't remember who, but I told someone about my plans to visit my grandma, because she's going away for a few months. I think I told Abby. I made sure to add 'a few months', to not make it seem like she was dying.

      Ľ Something about my mom..
      Ľ I'm with my girlfriend. I think we're driving around the city on a moped during daytime

      Great fragments