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    1. #210: Oh ow / Damn son / Keyboard motorcycle

      by , 09-13-2016 at 12:52 AM
      Oh ow
      Iím in my room, texting a girl called Mel. I think itís my room at my momís house. Iím not sure whose idea it is, but we want to meet up. I tell her she can come by. I chill for a moment, knowing fully well that I will regret chilling, as I still have a lot of cleaning up to do before she arrives. She suddenly texts me that she is already on the way and will be there in a few minutes. Fuck. See! I gotta make this room presentable. I dash all over the place to make it happen. Meanwhile she also texts me that she has had a beer or 2 and not to take advantage of it. Ok.

      Iím standing in an elevator with a girl that went to the same elementary school as me. I kinda pretend I donít recognise her so I donít have to talk. She strikes up a conversation about how much we have (not) changed. Iím casually leaning against the wall, facing the door. I turn around to look into the mirror to have a look at us both. The door opens. I let her get out first. (Interesting intermezzo?)

      The setting is different. Iím at a university building. Itís more of a bar type of setting though. This is supposed to be (or look like) one of the buildings of the uni of Amsterdam. Mel texts me to ask for the location. I tell her something, though I canít remember what. I assume to tell her where I am. After a bit my ex girlfriend shows up, looking a bit sad. Fuck! Whatís she doing here? She should be halfway around the world. I feel an urge to talk to her to check how sheís doing, but I fear Iím the last person she wants to talk to right now. I try to avoid her, make it so she doesnít see me. Then Mel shows up. Really?! This close to each other. Come on man. Mel tells me that she came here by riding my ex girlfriendís bicycle. The two of them know each other? Just perfect. Eventually my ex does spot me. Iím not entirely sure what happened anymore, but I do remember that I imagine doing something to her. Driving her into a corner and.. slapping her with my shoe? Not sure anymore.

      Damn son
      Iím watching a police stop go down. Itís inside the porch of a building. Thereís a suspect in the left corner on the ground, whom I can barely see. Thereís a male police officer (black guy I think) and one or two more other people. Thereís an animal thatís supposed to help the police, sorta like a police dog, but more like a police.. rat? The main cop, which is the black guy, picks it up and orders another younger white guy to take care of it. The animal is way too vicious towards the suspect, canít have that. The suspect starts heading towards the opening of the porch slowly under some false pretence and eventually makes a run for it towards his car 20 metres down and gets in on the right side. He does something with the dashboard, donít remember what. Whatever he did, me and someone else are cheering him on. Well played. Whatever charge the cops had has just become invalid and they now need another reason to arrest him. His car was already neatly parked but for some reason he re-parks it, actually doing a shitty job now. Heís partially parked on a spot where youíre not allowed to park. Also his car is much bigger now. Like he went from a Volkswagen to a SUV. Both black models. The cop is now Ice Cube. Iím a neutral bystander, but we give each other a smirk cause we both know the guy is fucked once he exits.. which he does. Ice Cube immediately attempts to arrest him, but the guy resists. Eventually the suspect is Ice Cubeís son. Thereís some shooting. Ice Cube gets on the driver side of a white truck to get some cover. He gets shot at from inside the truck it seems.. though it also seems fake. He takes a lot of shots without getting hurt. This happens two times. By now his son thinks weíre messing with him. Eventually his son gets into a police or ambulance car and drives off. I run along the passenger side and manage to open the rear door. Just barely, as the vehicle was speeding up and getting away from me. Itís Ďmiracleí that I managed to get it. I lean over. I consider pulling the handbrake but that seems foolish. I pull out the key instead. The suspect gets out a gun and I feel like Iím fucked. A few seconds later heís got his hands on the roof of a car cause heís getting arrested by Ice Cube and.. Kevin Hart? The gun is also on the roof though and heís getting close. I stab him through the arm, just off his hand, with the key, while quoting a Cube lyric. I get a ďdamn sonĒ look. I just turned from nerdy to having proven myself, in the same way that a nerdy white character proves himself to black gangsters in a comedy.

      Keyboard motorcycle
      Iím riding a motorcycle. The controls are pretty messed up. Itís a manual and instead of kicking up, I switch gears by pressing buttons on a sort of keyboard. I have to hold control and another button. I think at least, cause Iím not sure what Iím doing. I also have to then type the number of the gear I want to go into, meaning I have to remember which gear Iím in at all times. I pull up at a traffic light.
    2. #199: Study / Party stuff / Sceptre / Lucids

      by , 08-26-2016 at 04:27 AM
      I'm with a group of friends. We're on the streets somewhere in Indonesia, running somewhere. I lose my flip flops a few times. I don't pay too much attention to it, though when I find the exact same flip flops a bit further down the road, I slide them on.

      We've arrived at a study centre now. I have an exam I desperately need to study for. I decide to leave my phone and my wallet in my bag. I know my bag is unattended, but if I take my phone with me, I'll just get distracted. My Macbook is supposedly on the table, though disassembled somewhat and totally misshapen. The keyboard is huge. The very annoying mom of a girl I know tries to assist me somehow. After this, I go into a study area.

      Party stuff
      I'm with a big group of people. There's a teenage girl who took 1 drink and already disappeared into the bathroom, presumably to throw up. One of my friends wants to help her, cause she is the little sister of a friend.

      I'm the assistent to a DJ. I just stand beside her, looking freaking useless, while she does all the actual DJ work. She's spinning vinyl records, though she sucks. Her transitions are worthless. She eventually ends with the Pokemon themesong. I respond in a "really?" type of way, while the crowd loves it.

      My friend Lin is also present at this party and he's so drunk that he decides to pour beer straight out of the bottle into his ear. He then hits the ground. He falls down twice and you can see the blood splatter on the ground, from his head. I seat him in my friend San's car. I ask San if he can drive or if he is too drunk. He tells me he is too drunk. Ok, guess it will be Sven who will have to drive him to the hospital.

      The party is over. I walk off to some place to grab my bag with phone and wallet in it. I pass a girl walkling in the opposite direction. She is wearing a Spongebob outfit.

      Scarlett Johansson (as Black Widow?) has to steal a sceptre from an evil god. The room in which this is in looks like it is in outer space. Scarlett has either the superpower or has been genetically modified to be able to be pierced by sceptres without dying. I think she's also able to teleport. The god is in a different room or building, flying somewhere. The moment Scarlett touches the sceptre, he knows and teleports to the room. I feel like it happens 3 times. The first time she gets stabbed in the stomach. The second time.. not sure. The third time the god has turned into a giant Deadpool and she is hanging on while he is flying.

      Woke up at 6am and stayed awake for about an hour, taking some notes and then mostly reading a book. Stayed in bed the whole time.

      I had a dream within a dream. Not sure what happened, but I decided I needed to perform an RC. I manage to push my fingers through the palm of my other hand. The dream never really becomes stable, because I don't properly take the time to stabilise. I keep performing the RC over and over in an attempt not to lose lucidity.

      I'm riding my motorcycle on one of the main roads in my city. I nearly get into a collision with an orange/red car, which approached from my right. We're good though. I take a left to the gas station. The line for the motorcycles is to the far left [it should be to the far right]. I put my motor on the standard. While looking down I notice that I'm wearing a necklace. Heh, necklace? I never wear a necklace.
      Hey! I perform the same RC again. Success. I'm a bit skeptical, because everything looks so real. Plus, I'm afraid to accept it given the circumstances. I am with my motor after all. I don't want to do anything stupid and find out I'm not dreaming. I perform the RC several times and each time it's a success, reinforcing my belief that this is really a dream. The sensation of my finger going through my palm is weird. I walk around while performing the RC. I remember there being a girl somewhere to the far right, next to a car. She was really pretty due to her eyes, though I know it's due to coloured contacts. I still want to see her again though. She's in the car right now.

      I wake up in a different bed and a different room than usual. I perform the same RC again and I become lucid again. My mind is not completely clear I guess, cause I'm worried about how my real body will react to my lucid activities, thinking of my real body as the body in this bed. It's as if I'm having a dream in a dream and both dreams are connected. I perform the same RC over and over. I also sort of whisper 'stabilise' throughout', cause I'm afraid of how my real body will respond. The first time I whisper stabilise, it reverberates throughout the dream as a shockwave. I don't know if the other times had much effect. I think for a second what to do. Waterball? No, I lost that challenge already. Summon someone. Summon who? Nina. Instead of willing her to just be in the room, I decide to look at the door which is straight in front of me [I'm still in bed]. It's a brown wooden door and quite solid looking. I will it to open and for Nina to be behind it. It takes a few seconds before the door starts to move, but eventually it swings open. The area behind it is quite dark and I can't really see that much. I haven't been able to make Nina appear yet, though I can see that something is beginning to form in the dark.
    3. #187: Homework

      by , 08-03-2016 at 03:30 AM
      I'm sitting in a library. There are three computer workdesks standing right next to each other. I'm sitting at the right one. There is something using the middle one. It's a guy. He's quite talkative. At some point I mention that I really need to focus on my work. A while later my classmate Kristen is using the left one. The guy meanwhile keeps going on and on with distracting me. Eventually I throw him, black chair and all, to the ground. He's lying on his back, still in the chair. Perhaps I even threatened him. The guy leaves. I get back in position and fiddle with an orange highlighter for a while. I explain my burst of violence by stating that I already mentioned that I need to get this done. I don't want to dole too long on an explanation though, cause else my classmate may think it's weird that I would go to such lengths to get some peace, only for me to continuously keep talking myself.

      The wall in front of me is made out of glass, so I can see the guy come walking back together with my old mathematics teacher. Damn. This is gonna drag out. Plus, since this is America, the guy might sue. They come back in and I just pretend not to be aware of their presence, continuing my homework in my paper notebook. I'm not sure if the teacher actually said something. A bit later Eminem is rapping. Somehow it's supposed to relate to me. I can't remember which song it was. I keep working, but eventually interrupt him. I tell him that he's one of my favourite rappers, that is one of my favourite songs and the part he just did is my favourite part of that song, but I've got homework to finish and he is so awesome that I'm focusing on the music instead of on my homework.
    4. #186: Garden

      by , 08-01-2016 at 03:04 AM
      I'm in the same big garden where I really was a few days ago, with a lot of people for an event. Somewhere in the garden I suddenly hear a sound. I don't remember what it sounded like, but upon looking it turned out that a fan had just dropped to the ground. It's a bit distorted due to the impact. Some people have already gathered around it. I think about going there as well, but what's the purpose. I walk the other way. In the mean time I start to think about how crazy it is that Snoop Dogg, this laid back stoner who says nigga all the time, is working for NASA as an engineer. I walk over to my friend Frank, who is playing an addictive reaction based game on his phone. We get to talking and he wants me to have a go at the game. I tell him I'm avoiding it, cause I know I'll be addicted to improving my own score.

      A little bit later, my friend Re is here as well. We're sitting down with Frank. We get to talking about his girlfriend. He uses a different name than from what I was expecting, which throws me off for a moment. The conversation moves to a type of Skype programme. Re's pc is standing on the desk right next to me. I press the Windows key to make the search pop up and start looking for this programme. Totally not an invasion of privacy... In the end my friend San is there as well, and FIFA is booted. I quickly use the username "M", not wanting to bother to use an actual name. I then get to choose the level of difficulty. I think it may have been set in Dutch.
    5. #175: Movie time / Ronaldo

      by , 07-11-2016 at 04:22 AM
      Movie time
      I'm chilling on the ground with my old friend Liddy and someone else. At one point it's a white guy. At another moment it's a white girl. Somewhere early in the dream, Liddy is lying flat on her back on the ground and starts to yawn. I think about putting my finger in her mouth as a joke, but decide against it. I'm eventually sitting with my back against the wall, or something else that is giving me support for my back. I'm watching a movie on the screen that's behind/above the two of them. They are watching the same movie on the screen behind/above me. I am way more focused on this movie than they are though.

      I'm spectating. Cristiano Ronaldo is present, as well as a player for the French team. They're in a warung, just outside my dormitory. Apparently they got into a fight. Ronaldo was in the warung with some others and quite drunk. He started making teasing comments to the French player about having won. The situation turned into a fight. My spectating starts after the fight. The ref is measuring the size of a building / the field by jumping through a window among others. In the dream I'm also surprised that he would feel the need to measure the field and what not, to determine what the repercussion will be.

      Is it very obvious that I watched the game?
    6. #173: No Vaseline / Movie

      by , 07-09-2016 at 03:07 AM
      No Vaseline
      It's daytime. I'm somewhere outdoors in a hilly area. There's a survival camp type of activity going on. I'm with quite a group of people. Someone is instructing us on how to pass the course / do all the exercises. At one point there are pull ups or dips and the instructor can't decide for a moment in which way we'll do them. He decides on convict style [not sure if that's a real thing, but that's what he called it]. The instructor is a friend of mine, Frank. At some point Hillary Clinton is also present. I'm aware of the fact that we've all paid her IDR 50,000 to participate in this. I'm discussing a bit with my friends about whether she's making money off this or if she is breaking even. There is one dude who doesn't seem to get what to do, so he'll get more instructions later. We're standing near a railing, I think made out of wood, watching the events unfold a bit below us. In the meantime I'm rapping along with Ice Cube's No Vaseline, which I can hear from somewhere. There's one line that is incorrect, but I dismiss it. Then my favourite line in the song is incorrect, which makes me go like 'what the..' I start looking around to determine the source of the song. There's a group of guys chilling at a picknick table behind me, with a big speaker next to them. Motherf... My friend asks me what's up. I tell him that they have the shitty version. Somewhere along this dream I talk to Kristina, asking her whether she has learned to sing yet. There's another girl, though I don't know who, who is supposedly also my friend. She wants to learn to ride a motorcycle. I tell them to do some type of challenge to learn it within one year.

      I could actually hear the song, instead of just knowing the sound was there.

      It's Tuesday and I'm supposed to meet my project group for a movie. The dream is confusing a bit. The movie will be in another city. I've been negotiating with my mom for a bit, and for some reason I will pick her up at my grandma's place or in that city. At one point it seems like I will go to the movie with Jorn. That can't be right. I haven't talked to him in forever. Project group, right. The movie title was just one word, but I forgot what it was. I can't find the movie in the programme though. Hey.. but I already paid my classmate to buy the ticket. I ask a question about it in the whatsapp group. Ow yeah.. the movie got cancelled because there was not enough audience and we're getting a refund.
    7. #162: Lucid vacuum / Open Window / Tipsy

      by , 06-22-2016 at 02:28 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: ~07.40 (and several times in the night and morning)
      Now: 07.55

      Lucid vacuum
      I had a lucid that was very similar to my previous one. I remember absolutely nothing about the context. As far as I can recall, I'm in a white vacuum. I push my fingers through my hand to verify that I'm dreaming and it succeeds. There's a tingling sensation. Next I want to stabilise the dream, but I have my eyes closed. There are no details whatsoever to ground myself in. I try to rotate, to get some sensation going. I think I also try to open my eyes. With both of those moves I wonder how this is currently affecting my real body in bed. I wonder if I'm now raising my arm or something like that and whether if I try to open my eyes in the dream, I will open them in reality and wake up.

      Open window
      I'm going to the toilet/shower, which turns out to be quite disgusting. I decide I don't want to shower right now. I'll wait until the other shower is free. I walk back to my room. It's an attic room it seems. There's a window open that's near to the ground. If you fall out, which is very possible, you drop perhaps 10 metres down, into the neighbour's garden. There's some stuff dangerously close to the edge. My Mac, my girlfriend's Mac and some papers and I think her sweater. I start moving stuff away from the edge. Suddenly, it all just starts moving towards the edge. Fuck fuck fuck. I start pushing everything back with my foot, while simultaneously trying to not fall out myself. There's too much stuff, I can't handle it. I shout for help. My voice is quite hoarse. I think a guy comes to help me in the end.

      I enter a cafe that's under construction, at least the terrace outside seems to be. There are 6 tables. At the far end I spot either the singer Ras Muhamad, my friend Tim T. or my dreadlock guy. I think it alternates a bit who's sitting there. I walk up the stairs instead, going to the 1st floor terrace. It's a bit awkward, cause I'm not sure whether I should acknowledge my friend. In the end, I decide to wait halfway up the winding stairs to see if he follows. I start seeing his feet, so I go up to grab what is supposed to be my beer and come down again. Probably not wise to drink beer out in the open during Ramadhan. It's in a Cola glass though. Plus.. this is not beer I guess. What is it? It has alcohol in it for sure. Just after standing on the ground, so after stepping off the stairs, I wobble a bit. I can feel that I'm tipsy. We sit down at another table that's occupied by a white Dutch guy and someone else. He says he remembers me from somewhere. Yeah.. we met yesterday evening, that's why.

      Ľ I'm at what seems to be the Indonesian embassy with my aunt. She wants to go to Indonesia. I've already gotten my visa arranged. I tell her a bit about how it works. Then I ask her what she wants to do in Indonesia. She tells me that she wants to go snorkelling or diving. I react surprised. Her? Anyways, if she intends to stay for just one month or less she doesn't even need a visa.

      Ľ I'm at a food vendor's stall. He's pouring some soup into a bowl for me. He asks me whether I want bakso or tahu. I think about it for a while and then answer with bakso. I consider it a weird question.

      Ľ I met up with my friend Sat. Later on I'm driving a motor and it is just so incredibly slow. Then I realise that Sat and I switched bikes. Damnit. He must be enjoying himself right now. I want to switch asap.

      Ľ At first I'm with a number of people. Eventually I'm just with the little sister (~20) of a friend of mine [he doesn't have a little sister]. We take either an angkot or a taxi to wherever it is we're going. She tries to make a move on me, first being subtle and eventually placing her hand on my crotch. I refuse to give in the whole time, as she is my friend's little sister. She's making it difficult for me to resist once she places her hand on my crotch though.

      Ľ I'm with a group of friends and we decide to go bowling. We're at the bowling alley and one of us has a coupon card that will allow us to play for free. That person tries to scan it, but the card is refused. Apparently it won't work because it's already past 21:00. I see a black analogue clock somewhere, indicating the same. The card is valid for 2 hours, so there's not enough time for us to use all the credit. I consider whether it would work if we would split the credit over 2 lanes, considering that we're with a group of 10 orso people.

      Ľ I just went to the dentist, who in reality was my physical therapist. When I look into the mirror, I see that he has placed a humongous thing on one of my upper front teeth. What the hell. After a while it comes off and I go back to ask him about it. Apparently it was supposed to stick for 9,5 hours. Well.. that didn't happen. In the mean time a black woman is arguing in the office with.. the white, female assistant? It's about the expenses of her son's upcoming treatment, which she can't afford. It's turned into a shouting match.

      Ľ I'm walking on the street and meet a girl I went out with twice, several years ago. She's the centre of attention of 3 or so guys and she is willingly handing out her number. I make a comment about her being easy about it. Eventually we talk a short bit, and we decide we need to exchange numbers. She still has mine. Perfect.
    8. #156: Consulate intern

      by , 06-13-2016 at 04:41 AM
      Itís daytime. Iíve just arrived at an important government office of the Netherlands in NYC. Itís some type of diplomatic post. I am going to do an internship here. The prime minister of the Netherlands is standing there, waiting to welcome me. Wow. Does he do this for every intern? He must be superbusy then. Heís standing close by 2 black motorcycles. The outside area is very spacious. We start walking, together with 2 other men, who are a bit to our left and a few steps in front. I take a good look at the shoulder area of their suits. Supposedly high quality, but it is odd. The seams donít match up with the bodies of the men.

      Inside the building, I see several areas. Weíre in an open area with a nearly circular bench. Some people are being dragged away. They have been refused.. citizenship perhaps? Thereís something about that bench though. Itís a free area, as in youíll be ok as long as youíre there. Somewhere else I see some people walking down some stairs. Thereís a banner on the balustrade which indicates that they were having language classes. From an Eastern European language to English. To English? I get that the demand for Dutch is not that high, but this is a Dutch consulate or whatever.

      Iím not sure if Iím actually present, or just observing. The prime minister is sitting at a small, square lunch table. Across him is a Eastern European woman. Sheís seated with her back against the wall. Sheís asking for her salary to be transferred to her in Indonesian Rupiah. Right now she is spending a big amount of money converting her money every time. I consider for a moment that it doesnít make much sense for her to want Rupiah. The prime minister is giving evasive answers as first and finally decides that, no, he cannot agree to that. The finances are not there to do so. He comes to this decision mere seconds after a white guy in a suit comes and whispers something in his ear. At some point I have a close look at the PMís face. He doesnít look exactly the same. This is a tv show after all, and this would be an actor. Or have they managed to get the actual PM to cooperate on this? He mentions to the woman that the money just isnít there. Right now thereís more important stuff going on. He points to a plane that has crashed behind him. Itís from a Surinam airline, suggesting that as a former coloniser, the Netherlands should help out.

      Thereís something with a motorcycle/scooter crew. Theyíre racing like madmen through the streets, towards an emergency related to the Dutch consulate, or something similar. Some men go down, but this is so important that the others donít even stop to help. I see the bikes from the back for a moment. No plates. It would be much easier to give them Dutch consular plates for immunity, right? I see the scene happening at least 2 times. It looks very well directed. Awesome.

      The Dutch PM is talking to a woman, whoís pissed him off. It causes him to throw his phone away. I see this happening from above. He sure managed to throw his phone freaking high. And then also quite far. Itís flying over a house and a grass field in slo-mo. Thereís something attached to his phone, something like a tiny souvenir. The phone ends up in a small pond. It floats for a few seconds, then he gets an incoming call and it sinks to the bottom. Iím thinking that this scene doesnít make much sense, because they used what seems like an Xperia Z for this scene, which is waterproof against fresh water, thus diminishing the impact of this scene.

      I end up playing basketball against a woman, one on one on a small court. Iím dominating cause I have a height advantage. I can nearly dunk the ball.
    9. #134: Graduation day

      by , 04-27-2016 at 07:38 AM
      Bed time: ~00.00
      Wake up: ~08:10

      I dreamt something that had to do with the USA elections. It was mostly to do with Sanders and Clinton. I think at some point Obama was cracking wise jokes about being homeless [because he has to leave the White House].

      Graduation day
      I'm sitting in a big room. There's a ceremony going on: the handing in of our theses. I'm not sure if this is also our graduation day. We (the students) are sitting in the front of this big room, in at least 2 long rows. Im sitting all the way to the left, next to the wall, on the second row from the front. Things shift a bit with what's really happening. At some point(s) some of my family members are sitting here as well. At some point we actually have to hand in our thesis and a lot of rustling emerges from our two rows. The students all doing their light panicky thing. I feel very warm and try to take of my dark grey vest. I also feel constricted, as if all the food I just ate is making my pants too tight. I try to undo them a bit. This is not really elegant right now.

      A bit later this graduation event has turned into one for the mbo [the Dutch variant to community college I guess]. We have to hand in a dish that we cooked to graduate. I had a dish, but I don't know what happened to it. Then I have a fuck it moment. I take a mic and start explaining to the room full of people what's going on in my mind. "It's something along the lines of: you probably think I'm crazy, or too dumb or another lazy black guy. Truth is I followed this programme for fun. I already have 2 master degrees." I consider for a moment that people might resent me for following this programme with government support.

      I woke up to the heating being on and my girlfriend holding me really tightly.
    10. #124: Attack

      by , 04-11-2016 at 06:36 AM
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in a sort of park/playground. I'm with a few other adults. I remember one of them being a white woman. I myself alternate between being myself and being Sherlock Holmes it seems, the version from Elementary. There are houses built around the park in a U shape. In one of the houses, behind the window of the top floor (3rd?) is a man with quite a big camera. We consider it odd. I decide to go check it out. No one is willing to open the door at first, though at some point someone opens the door and then slams it closed into my face.

      There's a boy in his early teens who is scaling the wall to get to the 2nd or 3rd floor and enter the house from there. I tell the kid to come back, because it is dangerous. I myself consider using the same approach, but I'm afraid that the final part is just too dangerous and I might fall there. The boy makes it though and opens the front door for me. I enter and go to the 3rd floor.

      I encounter a white man. We end up in a conversation, though it's not a particularly friendly one. It's more like bad guy explaining his evil plans. This house used to be owned by his brother, who may or may not be dead. He's here with his camera to capture an image of his ghost. Supposedly. He's explaining that he's staging the whole thing for some reason. Meanwhile I'm holding a camera in my hands and the red light tells me that this whole conversation is being recorded.

      Eventually the man wants to give me a silver necklace as a present. I, as Sherlock Holmes, tell him I can't possibly accept. He insists. I take a hold of the necklace and he pushes my dreads out of the way. We then move to a mirror standing against a wall. I look into it while he is standing behind me and putting on the necklace. My face has rashes. I knew it, this thing is poisoned. I take it off and rub the thing all over his face. He ends up dead not too long after. I open the window and want to shout to Watson (Lucy Liu) but my throat is jammed. I instruct the kid through mumbling. He shouts 'Watson!' a couple of times and eventually she comes over.

      Watson is upstairs, the situation is sort of explained and it's decided that I need medical attention. At some point I wonder how I'm still alive, considering that this guy died really quickly.

      I'm downstairs with someone. A boy in his late teens. We want to leave this house and close the door behind us, but the frontdoor never locks. Eventually someone else tries to open the door. She can't. It turns out that the ghost of the guy who lived here did this. It's his way of telling the boy and I that we are always welcome here. Touching.

      I'm walking across a football (soccer) field now. There's some big event going on, international teams, the works. I'm now Wesley Sneijder. I still need medical attention and can't really talk. There's some ceremonious stuff. Then I jog off the field.

      I'm sitting in the passenger seat of a car. My mom is behind the wheel. We're in a dark parking lot. My old driving instructor approaches us in his car, which is far off from the car he has in reality. My mom think it's creepy and drives off. I explain to her who he is. He probably needed a favour. Poor dude. Didn't his wife leave him? We follow him over the parking lot for a moment, but decide to just leave. I still can't talk too well due to the attack in the previous dream.

      I'm sitting at a table, across my white, female teacher. She has to (re)evaluate my exam. I've written a part in pencil and am allowed to track it over with pen. It feels a bit weird. My hand seems not steady enough. Eventually I'm done and we end up talking a bit. She hands me a piece of torn paper and asks me to evaluate the lecturers of this course. I can't remember on what lecturers have to be assessed. Besides, shouldn't this be anonymous? I consider for a moment that I think that she's hot. A moment later I take a close look and notice it's my older lecturer. No, definitely not hot. Way too old! Didn't I already fill in the evaluation when I made the exam for the first time? I feel kinda stupid that I'm the only person in class who has to do a sort of resit. I'm not the only person who suffered through that attack, yet I'm the only person traumatised enough to mess up. Ow yeah.. I did shoot and kill someone with an assault rifle...

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    11. #105: Fragments

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:24 AM
      > There's an action scene going on. It may have been with Bruce Willis. He and two others have crammed themselves into 1 F1 car and are fleeing from some dictator or something. The type of car alternates. At one point he's at a provincial road with a type of farmer pickup truck, with a tank approaching from another direction. I think about how this would be so much easier with a superfast car such as a Bugatti and voila, it happens. In the end he returns to the racing track, where two guys who are on his side are waiting for him.

      > In a forest with some people, including my cousin. He's picking red berries?

      > There's a conversation going on about Jackie Chan. It's about how he is very muscled, but also very short. For stunts involving gymnastics equipment a quite tall white guy comes in to check everything. Instead of using adult equipment, he'll use equipment for the age category 9 - 13 (or something along those lines).

      > Fairly certain there was something that involved a train, but can't remember what.

      > I have a new phone. It runs on Android. I like the functionality of it, but I'm still on the fence about the look. It's like it isn't entirely finished.

      > I'm playing/seeing a game that in terms of graphics looks like the Pokťmon games from when I still played them. I notice something odd, but it doesn't trigger a response from me.
    12. #100: Produce shootout

      by , 03-01-2016 at 07:27 AM
      I'm not participating in this dream, just witnessing it. There's a white couple (m + f) standing outside on a parking lot. The man is holding a baby in his arms. Judging by the fact that this baby is still wrapped in a blanket, it can't be much older than a few months. It's daytime. There's a SWAT team or something similar which is going to burst into a big building, a supermarket I think. The man with the baby is part of the team, but because of the baby he's on the sidelines right now. I get the feeling that the man and woman are somewhat famous actors.

      Someone mentions that the SWAT team is going to use a car/truck to ram a hole into one of the outer walls. This person mentions that the car is driving backwards to confuse the people who are inside. From what I see the dark coloured car/truck is driving normally at the wall, just at an angle. It breaches the walls. The man with the baby convinces his wife/girlfriend that they should also go inside. No you idiot, not with a baby, it's dangerous!

      Once inside the couple is at the fresh produce department. Both of them have a gun. The guy tells his wife that now is the time to jump out into an aisle and shoot. The woman does so while still holding the baby. The baby gets shot by a woman with a gun. I think the wife goes for cover and comes back and gets shot as well, though she lives. The woman who shot the baby gets shot too, not sure if she lives. She has a sister who is present here as well. That sister and the couple finally come to terms about stopping this, cause they've all lost someone they care about.
    13. #79: Suits

      by , 01-29-2016 at 09:21 AM
      The setting for this dream is Suits. I am using my phone to send messages back and forth to a coworker. We're talking about someone who needs to be fired. I'm visiting a concert and right up until the moment the concert starts I'm sending messages. I don't wanna be rude to the friend that I'm with, so I stop it once the concert starts.

      During the concert there is an extremely annoying blonde girl who makes multiple attempts to steal my notes, which are on the table in front of me. It's a notepad, with one paper torn off of it. A lawyer that's on her side says it's not illegal for her to take the single paper. I'm very fed up with this and eventually I walk down to a couch where there is another lawyer and I manage to get everyone fired.

      I'm with Harvey and I'm playing the role of Mike. We're at the office. Jessica mentions giving Harvey a different office and apologises in advance for the small size. It turns out he is getting the office which is in the garden, which is quite spacious and amidst greenery. Still, he doesn't seem very thrilled.

      We're walking along and through a glass wall I see some paintings hanging on a regular wall. I consider going off script, as if everything was already planned out, and I tell Harvey that so much is fake these days, referring to the fact that at least 4 of these paintings are forgeries. We laugh about it.

      We're inside a building now, which is very spacious. We walk past Stevie Wonder playing an instrument which isn't the piano. The annoying girl from before starts singing along with him. He tells her to stop, saying that she isn't a singer. I can't help but feel some amusement about it.
    14. #67: Women... / Ass / Shy in class / Red scorpion / Telekinesis! Or not.

      by , 01-05-2016 at 09:42 AM
      Not sure at what time I went to bed. I think it was a bit past midnight. I woke up around perhaps 5 or 6 and went to the toilet. Afterwards I had issues falling asleep again. The lucids were all after my wake up moment.

      It's dusk. I'm sitting in the back of my mom's car, on the left. My brother is sitting in the passenger's seat and my mom is behind the wheel. She's feeling tired and doses off a few times. Eventually she misses a curve in the road to the right and instead goes straight ahead. I feel like we're airborne for just a moment, passing over a ditch and land into a meadow. I don't recall it feeling violent or scary at all. There was a box where you'd normally have a console, though just a bit further to the back. I managed to exercise some control over the car by using it. Once we're in the meadow I get out. There's a police car parked here as well. I move towards it and notice that the two officers inside are sleeping. They wake up and join me outside. My mom starts walking over as well. I start explaining the situation to them and they tell me to walk along. We're kinda trying to diagnose my mom. I end up walking with the cops while holding a black granny bicycle. We end up at two houses placed in an L shape. The police want to raid the one on the left, but they're missing a flashlight. My mom walks over again, talking. The police need silence so that they won't lose the element of surprise. They decide to sneak into the building on the right, to get a flashlight over there for their raid on the building on the left. On their way out they are nearly caught, but they've managed. There are now two women, Nikki and Eva Mendez. Eva had something to do with sneaking the cops into the building on the right and is slightly upset by the fact that it was a close call. I'm standing somewhere with Nikki now, somewhere inside. We're in a sort of relationship and she made some promises, something along the lines of finding me a girlfriend just like her before she leaves. We're both undressed. I go to the toilet around the corner to pee. The force of me peeing makes it splash all the way up until my bare chest. I consider asking Nikki to arrange things for me with Eva. They're the same in the sense that they're both called Eva. I know that it's gonna upset Nikki a bit, but I know she won't be leaving and she should've told me.

      The brother of my friend David has posted something on FB. I think it was directed at me. It made me feel like the guy is a total ass, despite having never met him. Man, I'm pretty certain that David will bring his brother when he's coming over, but I sure as hell hope he doesn't.

      Shy in class
      I'm sitting in class, in a row in the back. The class is pretty much filled, though I remember only 1 classmate specifically. The teacher had been explaining something to us and asks me a question. It requires a long answer. I know that this is a lucid, but I don't wanna do it. I don't wanna mess up either, just in case this isn't a lucid. I think I might've pushed a finger through the desk at this point to be certain.

      Red scorpion

      I'm lying in my bed, having just 'woken up'. There's a small, red scorpion on the ceiling, quite close to me considering that I have a highrise bed. I panick a bit and make an effort to slap it away. I'm not sure if I got it. Now my ass is itching. No! Why now? Is it the scorpion?! Why am I so afraid of the scorpion anyway? It's all just a dream. I think I did something more after this, but I can't recall what.

      Telekinesis! Or not.
      It's daytime. I'm walking around some shopping streets. It's got a little bit of a cold season vibe if I remember correctly. There are quite some people about and I sort of evade a few streetsales people, or people who are collecting for charity or something alike. I don't really feel like talking to them. Two metres further I spot two people selling newspapers though. I spot them by the colour of their jackets, which was either red or white. One of them is a former colleague. They are facing away from me. I walk up to the guy on the right, the former colleague. I congratulate him on having been awarded the prize for best newspaper salesman. We chat a bit and he offers me a free newspaper sample. I pass on the opportunity, recognising it as a sales tactic. I move on.

      I'm walking around in a semi run-down building. I walk back and forth along the same route a few times. I can't recall what's in the section which is still in good condition. I remember I said bye to someone over there though, perhaps my former colleague. In the section that's in mediocre quality is my optician. A blonde, former classmate I had a crush on is there as well. She walks away to a different area. I don't really feel like going to my optician, so I walk the other way again. I make sure not to pass the person I just said bye to again, cause that's just awkward. I walk to a part where walls are already crumbling. I clearly recall passing a big, dark green sign with golden letters that was only half intact. Guessing from the letters that were still there, it used to say Bibliotheekzaal [library room in Dutch].
      I wonder what it is about this night that makes me become lucid so often. It probably has to do with the time of day. I'm having this thought as if I didn't just transition from non-lucid to lucid, but was in the same state all along. I walk a bit further and pass another crumbled wall, with a wooden plank put up against it. I'm standing in front of a door opening. The dark green door itself is swung to my side and to the left. The girl is there again. I decide not to pay attention to her. Instead I want to focus on the dream. I consider pushing my hand through the plank up against the wall, but it's not positioned very solidly. I might just end up pushing it away. Instead I decide to push my right hand through the door on my left. My fingertop rests for just a fraction of a second on the surface and then moves in. Sweet. I start thinking about how to describe this. It's like sticking your hand into a deep puddle of mud. Somewhere after passing my elbow the sensation becomes indescribable. I recall thinking exactly that: I have no clue how to describe this. I then pull out. There's a small wooden plank or a brick laying in front of me on a crumbled wall. I remember my lucid challenge with werty52. First person to perform telekinesis wins. My turn to finally win a bet! I aim both my hands at the plank/brick and attempt to make it levitate. I don't have full 100% confidence in it. There's some doubt in my mind that the object might remain there due to being cemented stuck. My vision starts to blur. I think the object is levitating, but I can't tell with 100% certainty. Fuck, come on! I try to stabilise again. I try to shout 'stabilise', but it's more like a soft shout, where you pretend to shout while actually whispering. I wonder if this is coming through to the real world. I shout 'stabilise' a few more times, but now in Dutch. In hindsight I was just doing it in the hope of it having an effect, rather than fully believing in the effect.

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    15. #62: 24

      by , 12-23-2015 at 10:28 AM
      I went to bed around 23:10 and spend 10 minutes reading. After that I did a DY exercise (focus on 1 thought, 6 minutes). I woke up around 05:00 I think, went to the toilet and didn't really fall asleep again until 07:00 or maybe even 08:00. It's now 10:00

      This dream had quite a number of repititions in it. I'm inside a building. Not sure if I'm bodily present or just a spectator. I'm in a sort of lobby with an escalator. I'm looking at the outer wall, which consists of glass panels with a black framework. I can clearly see that it's daytime. There are two white cops. One is a woman, the other a guy. There are also two freerunners. I think also one male, one female. I think the freerunners perform a bit at the insistence of the female cop. They are standing in the lobby. One of them runs to the exit a bit to the left and then once outside, runs all the way to the right, along the glass wall. The other one immediately runs right. I think this is one of the repeated moments which happens more than once. I think at some point one of the freerunners does a sideflip outside.

      My view is from outside the building now. The male cop brings the car around and the female cop joins him. They have been called in for an emergency.

      At this point it's Jack Bauer and I who are responding to the emergency. We're inside an office building. There's a group of white women who presumably work there. They were just about to leave, but we make them show us the way. At least one of them is clearly grandma age. Guns drawn, we move towards an elevator. It's not really an elevator though. It's more of a vertically moving platform. I look up and I can tell that there's nowhere to go as there is a ceiling right above us. Someone (Jack?) presses the 2 button and we move 2 floors down. One of the ladies (the grandma?) makes a flirty comment to me. I respond quite seriously to it and am not interested. Jack and I move along a hallway.

      Jack and I have taken cover behind a wall with a big glass window in it. We're laying on the floor so that the wall can conceal us. In front of us is a huge area, which is hard to describe. I think it's still inside, but there are sort of islands. I see things happening from another perspective (or maybe I saw this part earlier already). Rachel from Friends is laying on her back on the ground just behind a desk. There's a dude crouched close to her. His boss is telling him that he's fired and he loses it. He rips open one of the upperbody layers that Rachel is wearing. I see a nipslip moment. He then proceeds to place one hand on her breast and slides another into her pants. She is somewhat shocked and starts to scream for help. This part repeats as well and this time the dude holds one hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. There's another dude who takes advantage of the whole situation and starts talking to the rapey dude to further destabilise him and turn it into a whole hostage situation. That's why Jack and I are here.

      We're still behind the wall. The office ladies, mostly old women I think, are walking through the hallway in our direction. We try to motion them away, because they might draw the attention of the hostagetakers. They get the hint, but one of them makes a loud popping sound with her prosthetic whatever, which sounds like a gun reloading. The guy has heard it and moves in on us. This part also repeats, but this time there are young kids instead of office women. One time the guy walks up to the glass window and doesn't see us. Another time he sees us, but I'm busy reloading my gun softly, so I'm not prepared to shoot him. Another time he sees only Jack, who quickly passes me his gun before surrendering, as I don't have one of my own.

      The hostagetaker has murdered the 21 year old black president of an African country and an old white lady. A young girl is still alive. The dude comes up close to us (we're still behind the wall) and plays with some kind of toy factory with a tiny conveyor belt and mini pizza's or something alike. I'm tempted to do something with the conveyor belt (can't recall what), but I don't. It's all really weird. I think eventually Jack loses his shit over the dude killing the little girl, but I'm not too sure about that. A shoot out ensues, which I think also repeated itself. One time I had the 'weak' gun and another I had the 'strong' one, which is Jack's. Damn the strong one is awesome. I end up giving the hostagetaker an execution shot. Jack bulletsprays and some point, and nearly hits me. It's the weak gun though, so it's ok. I can see the path of the bullets he's fired.

      I'm standing on the island close to where Rachel was. I'm holding a yellow, plastic, flower handbag toy which is a boombox. Different beats come out of it if you twist some knobs. I'm with KRS-ONE and I make him do a freestyle.

      Ľ I can't recall the scenery, but there's a guy who's using a showerhead to shower me (not sure if I had clothes on or not). He aims it at my head and I tell him not to make my hair wet.

      Ľ I'm on a ship with a group of people. It's an old timey trade ship and we're out in the middle of the ocean. At some point I'm with at least one classmate. Polgara is also present at some point, as I send someone to go get her. I recall us being in a harbour at night and also that I dropped some glasswork on deck which needed cleaning. There's also another old ship in the harbour. I take the 'wheel' and I crash into a lot of stuff while reversing.
      It's too bad I didn't take notes for this one, cause it was definitely interesting.

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