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    1. #212: Phasing through

      by , 09-22-2016 at 10:23 AM
      Itís daytime and Iím driving a white motorcycle in what appears to be an Indonesian city. Iím driving on the left side of the road. I decide to stop my bike on the side of the road. I think I may be dreaming, but Iím not sure yet and I donít want to take any chances, considering that Iím driving a motorcycle. I try to push my fingers through my palm and it works. I instantly realise that I am indeed dreaming. I decide to get up from the bike. The whole steering section has just vanished, allowing me to dismount very easily. I continuously re-push my finger through my palm and keep telling myself that Iím dreaming. I think of other things that I can do to stabilise the dream. Iím doing good so far. I might even win the challenge with werty52 to have a 5 minute long lucid. I decide to strengthen the dream by focusing on my senses. I drop to the ground and run my hands over the sand thatís on the ground. The sense of touch is very realistic. It feels awesome. Throughout the dream I feel some excitement, but I contain it.

      I am in a room somewhere inside. I have the feeling itís an Indonesian room somehow. I feel the need to RC (perhaps because I feel like Iíve had a FA, though Iím not sure anymore) so I try to push my finger through my palm and it works. I realise Iím dreaming again. I consider what to do for a moment. I donít have any real goals, any actions to undertake. I walk over close to a wall. Then I crouch down on the ground, placing my hands on the ground as well. I decide to let myself phase through the ground. I know that normally this is done with the wall, but ah, whatever. Without putting any conscious effort into it, I slowly start sinking into the ground. I wonder what will await me on the other side. I get about halfway through when I hear a sound that throws me off guard. I assume it to be from the waking world, though Iím not certain. Itís the sound of a mobile food vendor coming by.

      Iím in a similar, or perhaps the same room again. Iím seated in a comfy chair. Iím already considering that I might be dreaming again and perform the finger through palm technique. Iím not fully convinced by the results, because my finger goes through at the edge of my palm, making me doubt whether it really went through or just along the side. For some reason I canít make it out very clearly. A bit in the distance are two white people, a guy and a girl my age. They come over to talk. Iíve never met before. Now Iím performing the same RC over and over, while trying to have a conversation with 2 strangers and trying to make a good first impression. The guy is German and has me using my very limited vocabulary. The girl is from Australia. We talk for a bit more. Eventually I want to get this RC right so I ask the guy to touch index finger tips with me. I figure that this way I wonít be attempting to smash my finger through my hand like an idiot and if my finger passes through his, Iím dreaming. Yeah.. totally normal request to make. So much for a good first impression.
      memorable , lucid
    2. #140: Black / Korfbal / Tram / So many fragments

      by , 05-03-2016 at 07:20 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: ~07.10
      Now: 07.35

      I'm in the setting of the movie How to Train Your Dragon. I'm in a stone valley. There's an alpha (level 10?) dragon which needs to be defeated. There are a lot of dragons around, but none are strong enough to challenge him. There's Toothless, the Night Shade, but he's not very big, whereas the alpha dragon is huge. There's quite a big dragon which might be a challenge to the alpha male. It has two long necks and two heads. It belongs to someone else though. The main character of this dream (I think I'm just spectating) sends a message on a scroll to the two people to which this dragon belongs to that he really needs their permission to use this dragon to defeat the alpha dragon. He doesn't get it, because the owners don't like him. Eventually he challenges the alpha male with Toothless. He wins.

      Not sure what I'm doing. I'm outside and one of my best friends makes a black joke. I consider seriously snapping at him cause I've had it with all the black jokes. Then I realise that this is the first black joke he's made in a very long time. Someone else has been making black jokes for so long that I've grown tired of it [in reality this is my housemate]. I decide not to lash out at him, but I do give him a note about how I value our friendship and that if he wishes to remain friends he should stop making black jokes. While he's reading it, I walk away, rounding two corners around a building that no longer exists in reality. There's 2 people doing something with horses in a trailer. I offer my assistance, despite me not having a single clue what to do. The only thing I do know is to stay away from the rear. Apparently one of the horses is pregnant. I want to assist, but she gives birth within just a few seconds. My friend joins me to tell me that he won't make black jokes. I'm relieved by it.

      I'm standing besides a bus. It's not a public service bus, but one of those touring rented ones. There's a small issue with regard to who will be sitting where. Eventually we leave, only to stop again shortly after because we've reached our destination. We park in front of a house. There's a kid that apparently holds the record for most amount of goals in one season of korfbal ever. At first I thought he would be a late teenager, but apparently he's even younger than that, judging from the photo.

      We're at a grass field. It's already dark out, but I can still see everything, I assume because of artificial lighting. I'm watching from the sidelines as other people are playing korfbal. There are 2 teams playing, but the way that they're playing makes totally no sense and it confuses me. It looks more like a sort of warm up. At some point a white girl of perhaps 3 years of age enters the field. She has Down syndrome. One of the players, an adult white male, scares her off the field by pretending to be a bull(?). He makes the same 'dragging your leg' movement that a bull does and it scares the girl. He follows her off the field. Her mom gets upset a bit about it. A bit later it all happens again. I think it's also kinda sketchy to frighten her.

      I'm sitting in the tram. There are a few teenagers (I guess) sitting just in front of me, talking. They're having a conversation about their sex lives, seemingly not caring that they're in public. Apparently a dentist didn't take one of their sex lives into consideration, because (s)he extracted a tooth from that person and that is now messing with her sex life. At some point these kids start messing around in the tram, dancing provocatively.

      Still in the tram, but I guess now with different people. They're talking about Indonesia, about the same university that I attended. I but in and say a few things about it, even though I don't know these people. The girl sitting closest to me asks me if I also want to go there. I explain to her that I've already gone and that I will go again.

      So many fragments
      Ľ I'm talking with a girl about going to the cinema. It seems like it will be fun. Another girl in the mean time tells me that I should let the girl I'm going with know that I've got a girlfriend, because apparently she thinks that we're going on a date. Fuck. I'm not sure how to smoothly mention that I've got a girlfriend without it sounding weird.

      Ľ I'm walking around a bit somewhere outside during the day. There's a weird architectural object in the middle of a black square. It's a sort of stairs which is ~ shaped if you look at it from the side (so going up, down, up). It doesn't have anything to hold on to.

      Ľ I'm walking around outside during daytime. It's supposedly somewhere in the Netherlands (I'm assuming Amsterdam). I might be with my girlfriend. There's a museum which you can basically visit or kinda observe from the outside. There are a lot of people and there's a tour guide. It's a white guy my age and he's talking in crappy German. I wonder if I could do that. My German is about equally crap.

      Ľ There's something to do with a train in the evening. I want to get home I guess, but I'm not getting anywhere cause of these trains. I think I'm around the Amsterdam ArenA area. I know there's more going on here, but I can't remember.

      Ľ I'm standing in front of my mom's house on the 2nd floor. I'm looking down towards the parking lot. There's an attractive Vietnamese or Thai girl doing something with her car. I think she was washing it. I take a step back so that she won't see me. Then she is doing something else. Eventually we end up talking. It's a bit flirty/sassy. The kind where you're flirting, but trying to out-manoeuvre each other the whole time.

      Just realised that when I am able to recall the race of people, most often they are white. I wonder if this is gonna change in the next few months, as I'll be moving to Indonesia and the number of white people in the city in which I'm gonna live is very limited.

      Also realised that every time that I'm taking a train in a dream, it's not getting me where I want to go.
    3. #82: Kaki lima / FA

      by , 02-01-2016 at 09:04 AM
      I went to bed around 00:15, woke up around 08:30 and it's now 08:45. I had more dreams, but I don't wanna spend a full hour writing it all down.

      Kaki lima
      It's almost midnight. My friend has parked his car in such a way that it's a major hindrance in case anyone would want to pass. As my friend is busy, I'm the one who has to take care of it. First I go inside a house though. The storyline changes and it's now my cousin's kaki lima [Indonesian mobile food vendor]. My cousin comes up the stairs, just as I'm about to head out. He tells me that his kaki lima already has a wheel clamp on it from the police. I tell my cousin that I think he's joking and he assures me he's not. Crap, well I guess since I was supposed to take care of it I'll just pay the Ä 30ish to get it removed. He then says he was joking.

      Standing outside, I pack up the stuff from the kaki lima. I white man, perhaps in his late thirties comes up to me. He immediately starts talking in Dutch and wants to order. I wonder how he knew that he could talk in Dutch with me. I tell him that we're closing up and that he can't order anymore. He keeps insisting and eventually my cousin relents, seeing the opportunity to get some money. The man orders noodles and I think a load of vegetables. Since my cousin doesn't have that, he asks another vendor for help, whose kaki lima is standing just in front of his. My cousin has now turned into one of my friends, who is trying to learn German. He starts talking in broken German to one of the two guys manning the other kaki lima, asking to make some noodles. Since I'm afraid the Dutch guy will understand German, I talk in Indonesian, but I don't remember what I say. One guy mentions [I forgot in which language] that someone should think of something, cause all he's got is regular cheap Indomie and he needs to find a way to make the Dutch guy think it's worth the money he's gonna pay.

      Had a FA where I took notes on my phone from one of my dreams. Either while taking notes or just after, I really woke up.