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    1. #168: So Dutch

      by , 06-30-2016 at 01:35 AM
      Bed: 23.30(?)
      Wake up: 06.35 (aside from lying in bed awake while the mosque did its thing)
      Now: 07.20

      So Dutch
      I'm in Indonesia. Two of my Dutch friends are present, IT guys. I'm walking up a set of concrete stairs. At the top I talk to an Indonesian guy. I'm here to give some advice regarding cables. I can't recall what type of cables they are, but they are aboveground and in the way while you walk. I think it's an impractical design like this and I suggest the guy to move the cables to the side. Then I consider for a moment that I'm taller than most Indonesians. Let's see if I can walk underneath the cables. I don't remember if I could. I also notice that the steps are not identical, making the walk down/up less than ideal. I tell the guy and he tells me that he got a good price from an Australian firm for the stairs. I tell him I can see why. You get what you pay for. Now I feel bad. The stairs are actually quite decent, but I make it sound like they're ridiculously bad. I just trampled the guy's pride.

      There's a party at roughly the same place. There are quite a lot of Dutch people. There's one white girl, wearing a white dress, who just hikes up her dress to.. I'm not sure what she did. But since she's either wearing a thong or no underwear at all, her butt is on full display. Now another Dutch friend is also present. Two of my friends are talking about sex and alcohol with some local people. Knowing it's a sensitive topic for many people here, I tell them to knock it off. At some point I'm standing next to a white (Dutch?) girl. She's quite drunk already. I take the glass of champagne / white wine from her hands. Suddenly my old housemate appears, handing her a new one. I tell him that she's already drunk. He's purposefully trying to get her even more drunk to make it easy to convince her to have sex. Asshole.

      I'm walking inside somewhere with a group of people. It has a bit of an airport feel, the way when you go to the gates (at Schiphol at least). There are two older white men standing behind a counter somewhere. Someone mentions that they must be Dutch and we strike up a conversation. Yes they are.

      I'm in a canoe or something similar, on a canal or a river. I'm with two friends, a guy and a girl, who are on a quite big boat. I think they sink for a moment? I myself think about the fact that my iPhone is still in my right pocket. I better not sink. We are ambushed. There's a kind of tripwire which causes me to capsize. Fuck. My phone. I'm not sure if the others also fall for this trap. The people responsible are two guys. I think I/we go after them by land. Either that, or I was fantasising about the way I would beat one of them up for this. Some more stuff happened, but I can't recall it.
    2. #158: Money / back

      by , 06-15-2016 at 01:20 AM
      Bed: 23.00, at which point I meditated.
      Wake up: 06.30, took notes.
      Now: 07.00

      I'm somewhere in a building, shamelessly scratching my balls with my right hand. I've got a sensation of touch. Next thing I wipe my hand. Not that it's gonna do me much good when I meet a person and that person will shake my hand. I'm in the building to get myself a military ID, I think for Indonesia's military. That or I get send away with the statement that I require a military ID. I think it was the second option. The building doubles as a bus terminal. A guy takes me with him to another guy, who is a bus driver. The driver is illegally giving the gps coordinates of the bus to the mafia. The mafia wants John something to be safe at all times. Next thing, I'm in a car, outside. We're driving and the police show up. There's something to do with a bag of money.

      Possible influences
      - I went to a bus terminal yesterday that doubled as an office for a government agency.
      - There was a news article yesterday of people handing out cash in a traffic jam.

      I'm in a house with my old housemates, Karen and Bart. Bart is doing his dishes. I'm joining Karen in her room. Holy damn, there are so many plants in here. She's growing weed. Bart walks by without talking to me.
    3. #141: Dick

      by , 05-07-2016 at 07:23 AM
      Bed: ~01.00
      Wake up: -
      Now: 08.20

      I'm walking somewhere with my housemate. Not really sure what's going on, we're just chilling I guess. At some point I ask him if he shouldn't be on a date with Amber. He tells me he's about to. We're standing close to a Starbucks. Apparently this is where he'll meet her. It's difficult from where we're standing, but I scan the customers to see if Amber is already there. There are a few blonde girls with shoulder length hair. I'm not sure if one of them is Amber. My housemate walks to the store and sits down at a table. He and the girl whom is sitting opposite of him at the table exactly mimic each other's movements. They raise their shoulders a couple of times. Cute. Just met for their first date and already so connected. I start to walk away. Suddenly I wonder why I was chilling with him. He was being a total dick to me before. Did he make up for it already?
    4. #139: Football / Moving / Dick!

      by , 05-02-2016 at 07:51 AM
      Bed: 23.45 ish
      Wake up: at 05.00.. at 06.00... :/
      Now: 08.30

      I'm watching a football match. Not a real, professional one, but a competition/tournament that seems to be for fun. The field is small, as are the goals. The dream shifts around a bit. At one point it's football, at another it's rugby with a full size playing field. From the rugby part, all I remember is a combination of the dream with memories from years ago. I'm playing touch rugby and taking it chill. I come up to someone one on one and start making speed, throw in some manoeuvres and I break through. There's another part where there's another object that's also used for playing. It's near the end zone and before it touches the ground, someone from my team manages to hit it spot on with the ball. Good throw! For some reason that's a very good thing.

      From the football part I remember sitting on the grassfield, close to the goal together with a girl (my girlfriend?). We weren't the ones playing, we were just chilling there and watching the game. At some point in between games we're chilling further to the back. A girl who is on one of the teams is supposedly my friend. She asks us to please join her team because else she doesn't stand a chance. I tell her that I'm not allowed, because this competition is only for.. her school? Idk. Eventually she persuades me and I put on my beaten, white sneakers. I distinctly remember first putting on the right shoe, then the left. I walk into the field. Our team is just her and me. The other team consists out of 3 people. I tell her that no wonder she felt like she needed me.

      I've arrived in the city that I'll be moving to in reality in 3 weeks time. I am together with someone in a dormitory. We're looking to find someone who has a key so I can get a room. One of my friends sends me a message telling me who I should find to get a key. She tells me I need to find Ryan or Yang. I don't know this Yang guy. I go down a flight of stairs, while holding my phone in my right hand. I can tell that the battery is nearly drained.

      I'm with my girlfriend in my room at my student home. My housemate comes into my room. I honestly do not feel like talking to him, so for the most part I just ignore him. My girlfriend does talk to him cause she doesn't realise I'm mad at him. Multiple things happen and also my room changes a bit I think. At one point I'm brushing my teeth, at another point we're eating noodles, I think all 3 of us. I'm talking to my girlfriend in Indonesian to update her on how I feel about the guy.
    5. #128: Motor fun

      by , 04-18-2016 at 07:17 AM
      Bed time: 00.30
      Get up: 08.00

      I woke up a few times during the night and tried to SSILD, but I didn't have that much focus. I also fell asleep way too soon again.

      Motor fun
      I'm driving through the city to the campus with someone. At first it is my little brother, but at some point it becomes my housemate. First we're using bicycles. He's driving on my right side. We're talking about something, but I can't remember what. Eventually the topic of school comes up. It's a somewhat negative topic because something happened, though again I can't remember what. I avoid asking him any questions. We pass a group of police officers who are walking across the street. My little brother gets stopped by them. I continue a bit further. I think it's at this point that he turns into my housemate and I'm now riding a motorcycle. From the looks of it, it's quite lightweight. I'm standing at the end of the street, waiting. It's a T intersection, with traffic coming from both sides. There's a tram line as well. The shape of the street is like a Bell curve, with me being at the top part. I wait from the traffic from the left to pass (some motorcycles I think). I look right.. just enough time to cross the street and take a left. I do so with quite a lot of gas. A bit too much maybe, as I slide just a little bit. I hit 90 km/h before I slow down at the corner of the street to wait for my housemate. I then have a look at my lights and realise that I have been driving this whole route without. I fiddle with the buttons on my steer. It's a combination of a button on the left part and a button on the right part which does the trick. A bit weird, but ok. Somewhere along the way I think of this as my mom's motorcycle [my mom most definitely does not own a motorcycle]. My housemate shows up. I tell him I was waiting for him here.

      I'm somewhere inside a house. The same housemate is seated and I'm standing. I'm excitedly telling him about the dream above. I make sure to mention that I hit 90 km/h just mere seconds after opening the gas.

      The first dream I can remember from this night (which was a profoundly disturbing one, so I don't feel like writing it out fully) was one where I was in the train with my girlfriend and we were talking about a dude who has been stalking her. He's quite the creep. She ends up going to his house to confront him with a knife but he overpowers her. I step in and overpower him, which creates a hostage situation.

      Another (non-disturbing) one was where I helped my housemate put together some wooden shelves. I put them together in my room to later put them in her room. I don't know why I'm helping her. I don't even like her.
    6. #127: Moves / more moves

      by , 04-16-2016 at 06:12 AM
      I'm at a sort of apartment complex. The scene is about two students, a m/f couple. They're about 24 years old and the girl is pregnant. It feels as if there's a television programme being made about it. The white male presenter mentions something about that they're at least still getting free money (student aid). I don't like the comment. We don't know for sure that they do and it's wrong to pretend as if they will use it all on the baby in a irresponsible manner.

      There's a hallway / stairway leading to the 3rd floor. I go up and on my way say bye to the pregnant girl, who is walking down. She still has a flat stomach, so she's probably not far along. I look at her for a moment, but not too long cause I know my girlfriend is close. I reach the 3rd floor. There are a lot of people partying and there's music. I'm in Miami. There's a fence / railing in my way, so I go over it with a front handspring, with my hands on the bar. In the process I drop a small white towel on the ground, which I pick up. I see my girlfriend [who doesn't resemble my real life girlfriend]. She's smiling at me and I smile back. I feel good about myself for being able to do that move and I think she may be a little proud as well. She's dancing and just in front of her is a girl dancing with her pants a little too low. You can see some buttcrack. I continue my way. There's another railing which I pass significantly less elegant. I place my hands on it and jump with my legs extended to the left. My bad side. I pass it though. My friend in the mean time (I think it was Irli) takes a small run up and does a backflip so far that he just disappears behind a pillar a few metres away. What the hell?! That was insanely awesome.

      More moves
      I'm at my old elementary school. The buildings look more like what it was like when I still went there. I'm standing outside the building that was meant for the 3rd grade. My little brother and his friend Tony are hanging around there. I'm assuming they might get into some trouble at some point. I'm here to practice my parkour skills. I attempt different ways to climb up onto the roof of this building. There is one route that forces me to be careful because of two rows of spikes. There's another route where I first have to jump towards an emergency ladder and can then climb onto the roof. I practice jump that one, first practising what I will do in case I don't make it. I jump below below the ladder, land on the ground and roll away. I'm a bit scared of this one because it's similar to how I ended up messing up my knee in reality. I do it and manage to succeed.

      Other dreams I had were about my housemate tricking me into playing League of Legends and me not wanting to, having sex with a girl who I assume to be Japanese (all I know for certain is that she was Asian), playing a game of tic-tac which evolves into chess, moving to a city at the very edge of the country and driving a car on the highway (with my mom?).
    7. #126: Shopstuff

      by , 04-14-2016 at 06:55 AM
      I am working in the female clothing shop that my mom used to work in when she was younger. The place is different from reality. It's significantly less crowded with clothes and the cash register has been moved to another wall. Several customers enter one by one. One guy enters and is looking for something. I'm about to tell them that this is a shop for women when my colleague (a white guy) tells him to look in a specific rack. Apparently we have a small men's section. That's new to me. A bit later another guy comes in and asks what I think of a certain shorts. It's the exact same as the one I bought in Indonesia and I tell him so. I'm afraid for a moment that might put him off, but apparently not. Two more white guys come in, saying that they're testing security. I am weary about them. Perhaps it's a ruse to steal some stuff. At some other point in time I have to use the pin device, but it's being a bit bitchy, so I ask my colleague for help. He tells and shows me that you have to press in a code which was something like 111211.

      The shop is now... something else. My first ex girlfriend is here. I'm helping someone in her family move? Her mom has made food. Rice with beans I think. Her dad is present as well. I snort for a moment and she asks me what's up. I tell her that my mom thought her dad had died [my mom really did think that]. Might wanna sort that out.

      I'm just outside the shop with my housemate and... his aunt? Or someone else, I don't know. Anyway, the woman in question gives us something as a gift. It turns out to be 2 tickets to a NBA match on April 13th at 19:00. At first my housemate wanted to keep them, but he then realised he already had plans. I would like to go, but I'll probably be working then since that day is Kingsday [no it's not].
    8. #101: Train fun / Ex / Cinema

      by , 03-02-2016 at 07:31 AM
      Train fun
      Spoiler for 18+ stuff :P :

      > I'm going around on a tropical island, together with other people. I think we had to complete some assignments, though I can't recall what.

      > I'm with a close friend and my housemate, though I'm not certain I'm with them at the same time. First I'm in a bus and later I'm in a school with my friend. We're looking for a classroom. I'm already late for class. Eventually we venture down a long hallway where a white woman is standing who I think is the teacher. She's waiting. She's talking to someone or multiple people... guards? The class I'm going to attend is a coffee brewing class I think. The other students and I form a huddle before we leave.

      Spoiler for Some more 18+ stuff :

      I'm in the cinema where I used to work with a friend of mine. Not sure if we've already gone to the movie or still want to go, but we figure we need to pee. We go to the toilets on the third floor, which aren't there in reality. Pretty much all occupied. Ow lets go to the second floor. There's another guy with us who doesn't quite get why. I tell him that that floor is always less crowded. It turns out that the second floor is totally under construction. There's not a single working toilet. Damn.

      In the main hall against the wall, there's an animation or a statue of a smurf holding a big platform. He's squatting with it and every time he pushes out, he goes up a bit, bringing the platform closer to the ceiling every time. That's quite fun.
    9. #85: Shower

      by , 02-04-2016 at 08:23 AM
      Terrible night's sleep x_x

      I'm in the shower at my student home. It should be on the right side of the hallway, but it is on the left. For some reason the lights aren't working and the drain is clogged. The water is nearly pouring everywhere and there's also foam everywhere. The door is also open. I guess this means we're gonna have to call the landlord. Tough luck for my housemate who is afraid of the landlord. I'm wearing a white bathrobe and I'm pretty much wading in water.

      A muscled blonde guy comes through the hallway and goes into the room on the other side. Is that Allard? It's not, cause he has the wrong hair colour and his room isn't the room which he is entering, but I don't realise that. He walks by again, this time without a shirt and I think a towel on top of his head. Abs, damn! I bet he works out every morning. A lawyer or something along those lines is waiting for him. The lawyer got in by telling his brother or friend that he was also a friend of the guy, while actually he's not.
    10. #61: Parking / Fight / Jessica Nigri

      by , 12-22-2015 at 10:14 AM
      I went to bed around 23:10 and spend the next 30 minutes reading. Woke up around 08:00 and went back to bed, but couldn't really sleep. It's now 10:00.

      It's daytime. I'm in the car with my aunt and my mom. My mom is the one who is driving. We're in a parking lot and she's about to park, but she keeps messing up. There are parking spaces close to the water. The only thing separating the parking spaces from the water is a sort of sidewalk which is elevated. Eventually I get out of the car and I have a look. No wonder my mom can't manage to park. She's been trying to park perpendicular to the sidewalk, but the parking spaces (marked by white lines) are parallel to the sidewalk. Though that's only in one specific area, because a bit further there are perpendicular spots as well. I tell my mom I'll park the car. I aim for the perpendicular parking spot. My mom tells me to back it up far, until my back wheels are on the sidewalk. Are you crazy?! No way I'm gonna do that. That's scary as shit. I might drive the car into the water.

      I'm in my mom's living. I'm with my little brother and his dad. My brother is laying in the corner of the big, black couch. His dad is standing on the couch, sort of hovering over him. He's either about to or he has already hit my little brother. I don't intent to let this happen. I consider my options. I can fight him now that I'm also an adult, but I might have to be careful with my knee. I consider the idea of getting a knife from the kitchen and just stabbing him instead.

      Jessica Nigri
      I'm in my room at my mom's house. I don't know where I see it exactly, but there's a picture of Jessica Nigri, with on her right a girl with a lot of tats. I'm whatsapping with one of my best friends and he comments that the tatted girl is only 14. I have a hard time believing it given her figure and the amount of tats she has. I think back to a joke someone once made. "If there's grass on the field, play ball". I'm not sure if I make that joke myself. The sight of Jessica induces a lust in me and I consider looking up some porn. No! I'm on this nofap challenge so I can't. Ah does it really matter?

      I've just arrived at the toilet in my mom's house. I pull down my grey boxershort and sit down. I can clearly see a few tiny holes in it while pulling it down. Damnit. I look into the toilet bowl while sitting down. I notice that I have cum. Without me even doing anything? Wow.

      I have my iPhone in my hand. I want to use Google Translate, but it requires a lot of actions to get to the point where I can actually type the word I wanna translate. I assume this is because my classmate logged into his Google account on my phone.

      I'm in a house with my housemate and a bunch of other people. Lipbalm is being passed around. We all gotta put it on as we're gonna share some glasses with each other and it would be dirty to do so without lipbalm. I hate lipbalm. I don't like the feeling of it. I think at some point I can feel it on my lips.
    11. #57: Persistent housemate / WILD

      by , 12-18-2015 at 09:07 AM
      I went to bed at 23:30. I woke up around 07:00, rolled around in my bed for a while and eventually fell asleep again. It's now 08:45 (I snoozed a few times).

      It's already dark outside. I'm in a park. I'm following a guy who seems quite creepy and pervy. I kill him, I believe because someone gave me the assignment to do so.

      Persistent housemate
      I'm standing in a kitchen. I'm not myself. Instead I'm Garion, one of the main characters from a book I'm reading. There's another person in the kitchen. A guy, I think my housemate. I have been assigned to kill him in a very specific way that involves poisoning him. It's too complicated and I go for another method. Eventually I decide to throw two knifes at his chest. He throws one knife back and I'm scared for a moment. I'm sort of frozen in fear and can't do much to evade the knife. I'm lucky however, as the hilt of the knife hits me in the throat, leaving me unharmed. I don't think he also threw the second knife back. He doesn't make much of an effort to fend of this attack. I take a metal watercooker and hit him with it several times. It's still warm. So warm that I can't have my skin touch the metal for too long, cause it hurts. I decide to push the metal against his.. face? This guy is still alive. I consider pouring the hot water over him, though I can't recall actually doing so. At some point Polgara, another character from the book, joins me in the kitchen. She doesn't do anything though. I feel like she is on my side and 'outranks' me a bit. Eventually I'm in the hallway with my housemate and I throw him down the stairs. Just at the moment that I let go, someone rings the doorbell. I mention to Polgara, who is still standing in the kitchen, that this is just perfect. We'll pretend he fell down the stairs while wanting to answer the doorbell and that's how he died. I'm aware of the fact that I'm ignoring the knife wounds in his chest, but I honestly don't really care anymore. That guy was insanely difficult to kill. I go down to answer the door. My housemate has someone ended up outside. I walk outside (it's daytime) and I look at the remains of his body. There's barely half a body left. There are two men standing in the garden basically not caring at all. I still pretend to be shocked by the fact that I have just found my housemate in this condition. The guys are gangsters of sorts and they wanted to deal with my housemate and his girlfriend I think. They go up the stairs and towards one floor above the kitchen, where my housemate's room is.

      After waking up I laid down comfortably again. After a while I noticed that I was quite aware while I was transitioning into a dream. The dream hadn't stabilised yet though, which made me wonder if perhaps I was just caught up in my thoughts. I could still hear a sound from the real world. I didn't consider the idea that I was WILDing and I moved around a bit, which snapped me out of it.
    12. #45: Kiss / Embarrassing / Presenting / FIFA / Forest / Bathrobe

      by , 12-01-2015 at 09:53 AM
      Went to bed around 23.30, then spent until midnight reading, though it was an ebook. Couldn't fall asleep for perhaps an hour and slept until somewhere between 08:00 and 08:30, also waking up somewhere during the night. Stayed in bed until 09:00 before writing all this down. I feel like I had a dream where I was very aware to my situation, maybe even lucid, but I can't recall it. I just have this feeling that it occurred.

      I'm with Alexandra and Vitri. We're chilling somewhere, I guess inside. The girls are both about 1 metre in front of me. Alexandra is a bit to the left, Vitri a bit to the right. I think they're laying down. I myself am seated. I assume on a lower level, because the height difference between our heads is less than it should be if someone is laying down and the other is sitting upright. At some point Alexandra does something with her head to indicate that she wants a kiss from me. I give her a quick kiss on the lips. After the fact I consider the fact that I have a girlfriend. Still, it doesn't really feel like I did something wrong, as Alexandra also just kissed.. [I don't know. It doesn't feel like she kissed Vitri, but she is the only other person I recall being there]. It's more of a friendly thing in my mind.

      I'm in class. It has the feel of my highschool. My best friend, who I went to highschool with, is with me. The teacher asks us all if we agree to talk about a certain topic. It's a topic that we're gonna consider to be embarrassing. We're ok with it, I guess. My friend is first. I'm not really looking forward to my turn. As part of this assignment or another one, someone decides to dress up. I think it might have been another good friend of mine, who I also went to highschool with. Suddenly at some point he decides he doesn't want to do it this way. Instead, he gets back in his suit (or the suit is his way of dressing up for this assignment). He is in the back of the room and lies down on a couch. It's all an act. He receives a phone call. It's from the teacher at the front of the class. She called him to help his act. He says something and the teacher, reading from a script, replies back. As I'm standing close to the teacher, I can hear my friend's voice coming through her phone.

      There are presentations. I think at first we have to hold them outside on a walking bridge, with the rest of the group being seated on ground level. One of my lecturers from uni is in charge. There are maybe 15 - 20 people working in groups. We're seated in 2 rows on white, plastic chairs. I'm seated on the backrow, with my partner Dr. Dre [who seems not as big as in real life] sitting before me. I'm not feeling too confident about presenting and I would like him to do it. He says he doesn't wanna do it and smoothly moves to the backrow. Aw come on man! Dr. Dre! As if he's afraid of public appearances.

      I'm up on the walking bridge. Something about this dream has something to do with Van der Valk [hotels located along the highway]. Maybe that's where we are. I'm doing my presentation, talking about several key points of a certain article. I'm not very well prepared however. After a while it's someone else's turn and I remain up on the walking bridge as well.

      We're now seated in a room. Ce'Nedra [character in a book I'm reading] is standing in front. I can't recall exactly what she was doing. I don't think it was presenting. She's wearing a big dress. Close to her feet, just behind/to the side of her is an owl. It has a certain mystique, but also a cartoony look. Someone tells her to watch out for the owl, as this is the one that we've been waiting for that will give her a valuable clue. Instead she moves about wildly. Idiot. For some reason her dress has disappeared, but she is still wearing clothes.

      I'm playing FIFA with Tim, a classmate from highschool. The only thing is that it's sort of real. I'm on the field and I'm actually going through all the movements. In my mind it's still FIFA though. At some point, the ball exits the field close to the goal post of the opponent. The ref doesn't see it and the game continues. Our team manages to score, but the ref also doesn't notice this, even though the ball was very obviously in the goal. Tim asks me what's up and I tell him that I'm not sure what's occurring. I also tell him that at the point where the ball exited the field, some World of Warcraft stuff was occurring over there.

      Played FIFA for the first time in at least a month yesterday. I've never played WoW in my life. Yesterday evening, just before going to bed, I was looking up a map to the fantasy book that I'm reading. I accidentally ended up with a WoW map.

      I'm in a forest with Tim. It's a big natural looking playground, but obviously man made. Tim says something to someone in Indonesian. It's a three word sentence "... pau ....". I don't understand a thing. I ask him for the translation and he tells me it means something with 'smelly ass' and it referred to the person he was shouting it at. Once I have the translation I get that pau was supposed to be bau, but the other 2 words are unfamiliar to me. The word he used for ass is incorrect.. or is it a synonym?

      I'm with a girl in this forest. We're friends, but sort of also something more than friends. We can't let her parents know however, as they wouldn't approve. Here comes her mom. First I try to walk away, but I'm told to stay. I almost make the mistake of addressing her with the wrong title in Indonesian. I think I almost said mbak instead of tante, and then I almost said tan instead of tante.

      Something else has occurred in this forest. Someone [my ex girlfriend's dad?] has some precious stone he wants us to have a look at. He left it unguarded somewhere. I would have never done that if it was so precious...

      I'm standing in the door opening to the room in my student home. I'm wearing a white bathrobe. Karen is walking along the hallway, wearing the same thing. Just as I'm in the process of closing the door to my room, she attempts to walk in. I make a comment about it, though I don't remember what exactly. Something about if she is coming into my room or if she intends to go to her own room. She seemed kinda absent minded.
    13. #43: Dragonball / Shower / Singing contest

      by , 11-29-2015 at 09:44 AM
      I went to bed around 01:00. Couldn't fall asleep for a long while. I woke up around 09:00 and started typing this some 15 minutes later.

      I'm a spectator. There's some Dragonball stuff going on. There's an enemy which needs to be defeated *duh*, though the situation doesn't feel tense. Goku and Vegeta are taking care of it. They fusion and I think they form Gogeta. Somehow there's still another Goku left. He seems a bit retarded. An explanation comes from somewhere that having Goku multiply and then fusion really stretches his capabilities.. so this Goku is pretty much useless. From somewhere in the distance some other characters can be heard. It's about the necessity of someone reproducing with someone else because that kid is gonna be important for this battle. I think it might be Piccolo who said that. A girl protests, saying that the couple should be allowed to fall in love first, or something along those lines. She also mentions that Piccolo doesn't have to worry anytime soon about getting similar responsibilities. I'm just wondering how long this battle will drag on if they have to wait for a baby to be born first.

      I'm in the kitchen in my student house. I turn around and see that there's a second fridge in the kitchen. It's standing in front of the stove. It looks new and hasn't been connected yet. I open it for a moment to have a peek. Nice. Must be Karen's. I also notice that the kitchen is somewhat cleaner. Lianne has cleaned up half the mess she left on the counter. I walk to my room. I consider offering Karen 5 so that I can use her fridge as well. I also want to borrow her vacuum cleaner again.

      In my room I dress down until my boxershort. I notice that my door is still wide open. Ah no big deal. I'm standing in a spot where you can't really see me. I close my light coloured curtains. It takes quite some effort. It gets stuck a bit and at some point I'm afraid that the railing will fall down. I manage to do it though. I take something with me. I think my white shirt with green stripes. I walk out of my room. Shaun and Lianne are standing in the hallway talking about something. I walk past and say hi. Shaun says hi back and Lianne just ignores me. Bitch.

      I'm in the shower. It's very spacious and looks more like a garage than a shower. Something odd strikes me, but I can't immediately put my finger on it. I see that there are two other doors to the shower. One of them seems looked, but another one is wide open. I take a look. It's another shower room. This one must be Krijn's, as it's adjacent to his room. I guess I was wrong, he does have his own shower. I recall misinforming Bart about it. I lock the door from my side so he won't come in while I'm showering. I turn on the shower and let the water flow for a while so it can heat up while I undress. I pull my shirt over my head. Somehow I know that the water is almost instantly hot. Normally I let it run for a while first though, cause it takes a while.

      I think I was getting close to becoming lucid. I noticed quite a bit of odd things in the shower.

      Singing contest
      In that same shower area (which looks like a garage), I'm now just a spectator. My girlfriend is there with a guy who is apparently a famous Indonesian singer. He has applied some light blue make up around his eyes. It's a whole big stripe. He seems like a weirdo. There's someone else, I think a girl. My girlfriend is singing (with a mic I think). It's some sort of contest. She's wearing a cheerleader type of outfit, just for the show. In the end she doesn't win. The famous singer says some things to her. I don't understand it at all. I assume that they're talking in Indonesian and I assume that I can't understand because this is tv and they simply talk too fast for me. The only word I really hear is the French 'vous'. She didn't win. She's not sad though. Then some effects occur, a couple of fade to/from black.
    14. #28: Subway / Pool. Swimming pool. / Housemate / Mom...

      by , 11-09-2015 at 09:56 AM
      I'm sitting on the subway. There are other people too, but I'm travelling solo. We're at an underground station, reaching a platform. We pass the platform and circle back to the other side. I see Anthony standing on the platform whom I haven't seen for a very long time. The subway doesn't come to a complete stop. I just jump off. There's an object in the subway that stood out to me, but I'm not so sure what it is. My best guess would be a yellow mechanical clock. I walk up to Anthony from behind. I'm just in time to see him land a sideflip. He turns around and we greet each other.

      I'm in a small supermarket, it's just a few square metres. I think I'm still inside the subway station and this is a To Go supermarket. I think it's the brand Plus, though in reality I don't believe they have a To Go supermarket. There are two or three employees inside the shop. As far as I can remember all white guys. Teenagers or early twenties. There's another white guy in the same age range, a customer. He's asking for the AH, a different supermarket which does have a To Go shop and which you'll find in/near some stations. Someone tells him where to find it, though I'm not sure if it's one of the employees. I myself was thinking that if I was the employee I'd try to sell him something.

      At the exit of the shop I'm with AJ, a freerunner. We move through a small area, supposedly parkour style, though in reality it's more like we're moving about from a low squat position and using our arms to hold onto something and then swing forward.

      Somehow this feels like it's part of the same dream. I'm working behind my laptop on something anime related, though I don't remember where I am. The programme I'm working in somehow feels similar to an Adobe programme, in that it feels very professional. I think it's an anime related game. There are 3 things for which I can change the settings. One has to do with an anime girl and the particular sound she makes. I open this setting and I click around on a map that's heavily pixelated and not much more than different shades of pink and salmon. The spot on the map where I click influences her talking. I've clicked near Tokyo (there's nothing about this map that makes it spatial, I just know it's Tokyo), though the indicator seems to have a mind of it's own and moves away a couple of times.

      Pool. Swimming pool.
      I'm at a swimming pool, nothing spectacular, just a regular rectangular one. I can't recall whether it is inside or outside. There's the normal amount of light you'd expect when in a swimming pool. I'm not so sure if I'm myself. This dream is James Bond related. I might be him. There's a woman with him/me in the pool. Somehow I'm under the impression that she's fully dressed in black. They go underwater from one end to the other end. She has a snorkel which she shares. There's something about a kid in the water. He needs to die? Or he serves as a distraction, I'm not so sure. Either way I (no longer connected to JB) jump in to help the kid.

      I'm with my housemate Karen in a room. The room isn't identical to any of the rooms in the house in reality. I think there's a grey carpet though, just like in my room. There's a mattress laid out on the floor and my mini fridge is also placed on the ground, though not in the corner. I want to put on some music, using my iPhone. I use YouTube and in my mind I've selected a Reggae Trap mix. I give my phone to Karen. I'm a little surprised and I think it's a little odd when instead I hear the album Invasion by Savant being played. I quickly let it go though.

      At some point Karen is laying down on the mattress, with her head near where I'm sitting. I sorta crawl over to get something out of the fridge, though I don't remember what. Karen places her hands on my crotch, over my pants. I don't consider this dream like strange, just regular strange and ask her what she's doing, reminding her that we're both in a relationship. That doesn't stop her. Despite me not physically protesting, it doesn't feel like I'm morally doing something wrong.

      I'm standing outside near a small building. I distinctively recall the reddish/brownish bricks I'm doing something on my iPhone. I believe selecting music. I'm standing a few metres away from the backdoor to my student home, which in reality should lead to a balcony. The door is open. I think it's a dark green door with glass in it. I can hear Karen talking to another girl. It's about her moving out to find a place together with her boyfriend. I think of how quick that is, considering that they've been together for just a few weeks. One of the two says that'll free up some space in the kitchen. They come outside. First I thought she was talking to another one of our housemates, but it's a friend of hers. I realise it may seem like I was eavesdropping.

      I'm in a different house, but somehow it feels like part of the same dream. I'm in a living room with Anthony and some other people. I think the door to the outside is open and some people are in the garden. It feels like a sort of goodbye. Anthony hugs a dark skinned girl who is playing the guitar while standing. Somehow she manages to continue playing with Anthony hugging her.

      I'm in my room at my mom's house, sitting behind my desk. It's located exactly the way it is in reality. My tv is on the desk (my little brother didn't miss a beat to put it in his room after I moved to a student home), as well as my laptop and... a very tiny laptop? I'm working on something and using my tv as a second screen. I don't think I'm using a cable to connect them though. My laptop screen itself is black. I use the mini laptop as another screen. I believe it's running on Windows XP, which makes it all the more strange that it instantly connects to my laptop, despite this being the first time connecting them and me not selecting which screen to use. It's as if it knew what to do. I think of how stupid it is though to use this very small laptop screen when my own laptop screen is much bigger but turned off.

      My mom enters my room. She is mad at me for leaving the tv on the whole day. I argue with her that I didn't do that. She holds her hand out a few centimetres in front of the tv. She starts shouting that it's hot so I must've left it on the whole day. We move to my brother's room. I tell her how ridiculous she is and that there are at least 3 reasons why she's wrong. I decide not to mention them to her. Instead I mention that I'm her go to guy when it comes to technology, so she shouldn't pretend to know anything about technology related stuff.
    15. #25: Trees & Trains / Holy mother of knees / WhatsApp distraction

      by , 10-31-2015 at 11:13 AM

      Dream 1: Trees & Trains
      It's during the day. I'm with my girlfriend and we're about to cross a railroad which doesn't have any protective measures. A double-decker train is approaching slowly from our left. It looks like a regular Dutch train; blue and yellow. My girlfriend pulls me back a bit because I was thinking about crossing before the train got here. She says something (can't recall what) which slightly annoys me. We pass the railway, though there are a lot of tracks. I think to our right is a platform. The scenery gives of a grungy vibe, not very neat, slight disorder. There are gonna be some incoming trains, but there are pine trees laying on the tracks, blocking them. They are laying rather neatly, in the same way that a train is on the tracks. Moving them is a matter of pushing them forwards or backwards on the tracks until there's a switch where we can push them to another track. My girlfriend and I are doing this. At one point there is one that we leave laying around for too long and it blocks a train (or 2). It also isn't laid down neatly, but stands up somewhat. Somehow all the pine needles fall off neatly starting from the top. I think we make a run for it at this point.

      Still daytime, I'm standing alone near one of the train tracks. It's like I'm in between scenarios, as I've started cooking, but a different setting hasn't fully materialised yet. I have some meat which I smell to check if it's still good. I'm in doubt. There's also some fatty parts which I remove. I end up forgetting which part is the fat and which part the good meat. I can hear K (my blond female housemate) talking from my left, a bit in the distance. It feels as if there's a door in between us.

      Dream 2: Holy mother of knees!
      I'm with a guy who is supposedly my housemate. We're chilling in his room, which is decorated like a living room. I distinctively recall the colour red. I think it's because of a red couch which appears later on. We're messing with each other a bit. I'm filming him while he delivers a speech of some sort, while standing against a white wall. He's wearing a black jacket and I think a white cap. He's a bit taller than I am. He jokingly punches me or something and I attempt to kick him in the balls. Eventually we're down on the ground and I'm in a low squatting position while he's holding me there. I tell him he needs to let me go, cause my knee can't handle this. He persists. Eventually I start crying and he sees that I'm serious. I think I might've felt my ligament snap. A moment later I'm sitting down on the ground elsewhere in the room. I'm feeling up my knees. In my mind it's the right one which is messed up, while in reality it's left. I can slide my right kneecap all the way to the right side of my knee, leaving a sort of hollow platform where my kneecap is supposed to fit. Holy f! This is not good. I check on my left knee to see what is normal. I can slide it all the way to the left side, same effect. Wtf? I tell my housemate to check it out and if he can do that too. I examine my right knee more closely. Just underneath where my kneecap is supposed to be you can still see 3 or 4 staples from the surgery (I never had staples).

      This is the moment from which I distinctively recall the colour red, though I'm sure it's not only because of the couch. My housemate has about 4 or 5 instruments. Piano, guitar, violin... not sure what else. From a distance I can hear K again. There's a small window with a slit above it through which sound passes rather easily. She is with a guy. She enters the room. It's one of my classmates, one of who I have never dreamed before; BJ (not kidding here). It feels like they aren't just friends, but it's sort of a date.They sit down on the couch, while I look around for a shoelace. When I look down at my shoe I can tell there are supposed to be 3 or 4 different coloured shoelaces in it. I'm missing a red one. I look through a small drawer I believe. In the end I must've found something, cause I sit down on the couch on the far right to tie my shoes. I feel something pushing against me. It's BJ. Because they didn't spread out evenly it's getting very cosy here. I move to another smaller couch. BJ makes a joke about missing out on this opportunity with me. K says something about how it's not comfortable leaning on BJ anymore, cause he's not leaning on me. I tell them that they don't know how to sit comfortably.

      I'm outside in an urban area, I think a residential neighbourhood. It's dark and there's almost no one on the street. I might be out jogging. A classmate comes by with his dog and they pass me. I don't recognise the guy, but I instinctively know that he's my classmate.

      I ask someone about the dreads of a distant friend of mine called Q. I'm not sure who I'm asking, I think 1 or 2 girls I know. They tell me it looks ridiculous. Really? They say that she cut off her previous dreads and started anew, but this time she did it herself and blegh.

      I've entered a building, I believe a university building. Inside are some of my classmates. I can't recall what happened exactly, but it has something to do with our upcoming exam.

      Dream 3: WhatsApp distraction
      I'm at a train station, on the platform talking to a friend (no clue who it is though). We're leaning on the railing. I'm not sure what the conversation is about. I walk towards the tracks and back for a few seconds. On the way back I hear my name coming from my left. It's a former co-worker, who is sitting on a bench reading a newspaper. I greet him from my current position. My friend says it's ok if I go over to talk to him. I'm ok. A few seconds later the co-worker announces he's gotta go back to work. See? Issue resolved. It feels like they've switched places and I'm now talking to the co-worker. He tells me about the time he was supposed to be back at work by 12:00 but wasn't back until 14:30 or something. How?! He tells me it's cause he got distracted by WhatsApp.
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