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    1. #229: Renovating / Fertility clinic

      by , 12-21-2016 at 06:14 AM
      I'm in my mom's city in the Netherlands. There are renovations going on throughout the whole city. I'm happy and feel like it's great that there's so much being done to improve the city. I'm in a street, where in this dream I eat all the time. I'm kinda tired of eating here all the time, I want to eat somewhere else. I use a scooter and am accompanied by two guys in a car. We enter a T intersection, coming from the right. Very last second, when I've almost crossed the intersection, we decide to turn left. It's kinda shady, dangerous and I nearly hit another scooter. I keep driving though. The other guy is not very pleased and comes after me for a bit. I drive off again while performing a wheelie. I do my best not to overdo it. I manage to keep in control. I'm nearing a bridge and decide to drive on both wheels again. It turns out to be a good decision, as the bridge is under renovation. A part of it is just gone and had I not seen a sign and stopped, I would've driven straight into the water, as there are no barriers.

      Fertility clinic
      I'm in some type of fertility clinic. I'm the only guy in a waiting room, together with a group of girls. The person who will lead the tour comes in. Somehow I know he's French Canadian. His English is good, though there may have been a slight French accent. He gives us a tour, showing us around some outdoor area with lots of pipes and tubes and such. It's all a bit dirty and it's abandoned. I wonder how this relates to the surgery. Surely they won't perform the surgery in such an environment. I have to duck to pass underneath a tube which is obstructing my path. I ask the 'tour leader' a question. It's one sentence and I asked it in Indonesian. I get a reply back. It's to do with in which direction to continue.

      My friend Alif is present as well. We continue walking. I think at this point there's at least one other guy, who may be hitting on her for a bit in an obnoxious manner. We pass a building where Alif and I may have been before and she asks me if that building is that particular building. We start walking back, using a different route. We walk down some stairs and then past a point with spiders. Spiders that I've only ever seen in Indonesia. I go 'fuck it' and just go through the path.

      We're in a living room situation now, with the whole group. I'm sitting on a couch. Alif is sometimes on the twin bed, sometimes next to it. She is topless by now. I find that surprising, considering that she is prudish. Her breasts are much smaller than you'd expect from having her seen with clothes on. I bet she uses a padded bra. At one point, while she is on the bed, her face has turned into that of another friend, Jacinta. I notice that it's different, but I don't end up performing a RC. The tour leader is performing a final briefing. In the mean time, there's another French Canadian sitting on the couch to my left. It's a man who I suppose is in his 40s. He's got a strong French accent and is telling me stories I don't find very interesting. It's to do with the Dutch involvement in certain central African countries during the colonial era. I spot some signs on the wall. The tour leader is clearly practicing his Indonesian, as he has written some translations to/from French on some cardboard on the wall. There's a different.. thing.. on the wall. A poster or something similar, with a text on it. It starts out in Dutch but switches over to English. It's a warning, presumably to black people, not to get on a boat. It's not mentioned, but I assume it is because they will end up as slaves. The tour leader gives the final price for the surgery. 690, instead of 800 something. Most of the girls start chattering and making sounds, because they feel like it's quite expensive. I was already very uncertain about whether I wanted to proceed with this, but now I'm certain I shouldn't. I mean, I'm single and I'm travelling a lot. That's no life to raise a kid. My friend Alif shouldn't do it either. She's practically a kid herself. I have shorts on and now I start looking for my pants. There's a pair of jeans nearby on the floor. Are those mine? Did I even wear long pants? There's a black leather wallet on top. I give it a peek and it's my wallet. Then it must be my jeans as well. I start putting them on, when one or a few spiders start appearing from the pants. I freak out and it wakes me up.

      I have a FA and start typing out dream notes on my phone. The phone that I'm using during this FA is the one I recently bought in real life.
    2. #216: Mudcrawl / batshit insane

      by , 11-25-2016 at 01:06 AM
      I'm somewhere outside, during daytime. I'm together with another person throughout some moments, while alone for some others. I'm standing in a muddy area. I'm walking carefully, sinking into the ground a bit all the time cause the ground is quite liquid. I'm trying not to get too dirty shoes. There's one moment where I'm standing still for a while and quite suddenly I sink up until maybe my knees, within 1 second. Great, standing still is also not an option anymore. I decide to tiger crawl, so as to divide my weight over a larger surface. I crawl past some sort of natural fountain. I turn blind for a while. Over exposure to sunlight? I continue crawling and then stop and wait for my vision to return. It takes a moment. In between I have a conversation with a friend, Fiona. It's been a long time since we last saw each other. Ow perhaps we'll see each other this Saturday? Ah wait, I'm meeting another friend this Saturday though.

      Batshit insane
      I'm with my friend Coco. She's having an argument over how much her clothes weigh with a guy. The guy is trying to overcharge her for the weight of her clothes. I butt in and say that if I can pack my big backpack and live out of it for 2 weeks and it's still only 7-8 kg, then there's no way these clothes are more. The guy doesn't reply. Eventually I go to the housekeeper and ask her in Indonesian if she has a weighing scale we can borrow. I don't know the word for weighing scale, so first I take a guess, and then I try to describe it. She tells me she got one in the room and to just bring by what needs to be weighed. I go back to Coco to let her know. She's already arranged some whacky bet, where she will play baseball while blindfolded. There's not even enough room here for her to swing her bat without destroying something. There's also motorcycles all around. They've all been chained together with a few long chains, as protection against thieves. I take a look.. despite my bike being a crappy, not worth so much bike, it's still chained up as well.
    3. #189: Super short lucid

      by , 08-08-2016 at 04:28 AM
      I only remember 2 little things:

      I'm talking to someone in Indonesian and am pretty content with my language skills.

      I've become lucid through pushing my finger through my palm. I have a single thought that disrupts my stability, though I don't remember what it is. Or perhaps I tried to move on without properly stabilising first. I start to panic and frantically move my finger around in the palm of my hand to stabilise myself.
      Tags: indonesian
    4. #185: Papua / Guard

      by , 07-30-2016 at 03:28 AM
      I'm talking to a dark skinned girl. She has quite short, black hair. I had a reason for talking to her. I think she was behind the counter somewhere. I started talking to her in Indonesian, but apparently she doesn't really speak it that well yet. She tells me in English that she often gets confused for Papuan and that she doesn't like it. I tell her that I understand the feeling, cause it happens to me all the time as well. My skin is lighter than hers though.

      I'm outside of what is supposed to be my dorm. It's a sunny day. I am about to walk into the direction of the building. The guard whom often looks grumpy is sitting outside. He's got the near empty tube of showergel in his hands that I threw out yesterday. Really? He took it from the trash so that he could salvage that little bit? I walk past him and he asks me a question about why I'm moving rooms. He asks me in Indonesian and I explain it to him in Indonesian. I tell him about the dog that's always barking and that someone else living on the other side of the hallway can never hear the dog, so I'm hoping to solve my problems like that.

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    5. #184: With Sil / Gas foot

      by , 07-29-2016 at 03:03 AM
      With Sil
      I'm driving my motor with my friend Sil on the back. At some point we switch and she is driving. There is some weirdness going on for a moment, where there are suddenly two motorbikes and I am making a switch from one where I'm solo to getting on the back of the one she is driving. I think for a moment what to do with the discarded motorbike and then decide that it's all good. In my mind it's suddenly all solved. There's also something about the helmets. There's only 1? I don't know. We pull over at an Indomaret. I think it's already dark out. I park in the back and we walk past some friends, without talking to them. They've all got a junkie look on them. Wearing hoodies and pacing about in the dark area of the terrain.

      Next thing Sil and I are at a Mexican looking restaurant. We sit down at a table. The floor is made of sand, which gives a nice vibe. Sil asks me to send a message to our whatsapp to let our friends know where the party is going to be at tonight. I remember the lady from the restaurant coming over to tell me the name of the restaurant. It's 4 words, in Indonesian. All I can remember is the last word, "Minyak" --> Oil. She calls me 'pinter' --> smart, for immediately figuring out how to spell it. I take a long time to craft the perfect message to the group, cause I want to make a joke. A few tables down is our friend Steve, who spots us. He joins us, sitting to my right side. For some reason I turn my head at one point, apparently hitting him in the face with my dreads. He complains about it. I let my hair down so it doesn't happen again. Sil asks what happened and I explain it to her.

      Gas foot
      I'm sitting at a table in a tiny restaurant. The setting is Indonesian. I'm with 5 others I think. I'm at one end of the table, at the other end is a guy who is apparently my friend. To my left is a girl. I'm not entirely sure, but I get the impression that it's my friend Fay. The others I can't recall. At another table is a guy, who seems a bit shady. He is Indonesian. We get to talking, though I don't remember whether it is in Dutch, English or Indonesian. It's about our ethnicity. I think he's not talking in Indonesian, cause he figures that most of us are half-half and don't speak it. I wonder what he thinks of me, considering that I'm not Indonesian. At some point he has a needle aimed at the base of his foot. It seems like he's going to shoot up. I can't look at this. To my left is my little brother. I don't want him to see this, as I don't want him to get any ideas. The guy takes a long time to do it, cause he's doubting himself as well. The needle is huge in its circumference. It turns out that he's not shooting up. He's doing it to let out gas from his body. The gas is the result of... don't remember.
    6. #182: Yet another short lucid.. / Shoes & Africans / Water money

      by , 07-22-2016 at 03:18 AM
      Went to bed around 1am, woke up from my alarm at 6am, stayed awake till 7am and then went back to sleep.

      Yet another short lucid..
      Im in my friend Fays dormitory, in her room [which is much smaller than her real room]. Were in her bed together, trying to sleep. Its a single bed, so were cozied up together. For the most part, I'm facing away from her, and she is hugging my back. After a while I consider this to be odd. Not in a dreamlike sense, but in a 'this is morally wrong' sense, considering that we're both in a relationship and are friends with each other's partners. There are some holes in my memory of the dream. At one point I'm completely nude, just because it is so hot. I feel like she wasn't able to see it anyway, so it didn't matter much. Some time later I put on my blue/white boxers with a red waistband. At yet another moment we're facing each other. She laughs at me 'pretending' to have been sleeping. She's talking in English. There's a point where it just becomes so weird to me that I feel the need to RC. I'm sure now that I managed to push my finger through my palm, but at that moment my view was obstructed, so I wasn't sure. At a later moment in time I have severe difficulties opening my eyes. I know this feeling. It's happened to me before in dreams! It takes me forever to open my eyes. I think it's at this point that my friend is becoming touchy. I resist at first, but as I'm becoming more confident that I'm in a dream I let up. Finally I decide to perform another RC. My finger goes through my palm and I can see it clearly this time. There is no weird sensation though, like there sometimes is. It also took a lot of effort to push my finger through, as if my skin was resisting it. I move my finger around in my palm for a bit. Then I get slightly excited and think about what I want to do. I get up from the bed. There's 2 things on my mind: I want to teleport a friend in here and I literally said something along the lines of "Sweet, now let's make that fireball eh waterball," in Dutch. I go for the waterball. I think to myself for a moment whether I shouldn't take the time to stabilise first. Ah nah, screw that. Ok so how do I make a waterball? I improvise. I put my right hand up in the air, forming it in a half circle. With my left hand I start pushing into this circle, as if I'm trying to move something (water) into it. I can hear a dog bark. Neighbour's dog. Fuck. It's destabilising me. I'm trying to focus and to remain stable, but I wake up. I perform a RC. This is not a FA. The neighbour's dog is really barking.. for just a few seconds.

      I definitely need to read up on stabilisation again, considering how many lucids I've had lately and how quickly they always end.

      Shoes & Africans
      I'm in the room of my dormitory. There are some shoes on the desk that I never use. Including some women's shoes. They're all black or another dark colour. I take them outside with me. I put on one of my own shoes, the black ones. Only on the right foot though. I think I'm wearing white socks. I walk downstairs with the other shoes still in my hand. There's a large gathering of African students downstairs. The hall is much bigger than it is in reality. If I had known that there would be people around, I wouldn't have made a fool of myself by wearing only one shoe. Also, there's this many Africans here? I would've loved to know this earlier. There are a lot of people here I don't know though. I should lock my room. I think I hear some talk in English. That's all I remember.

      Water money
      I'm at the dormitory again. This time there are just a few people, including our non-English speaking guard. Someone makes a joke that since we [the tenants] are paying for drinking water and the guard is also using it, he should also pay. He tells him in English. I ask the guard in Indonesian if he understood, ready to translate if necessary. He tells me he did. He'll get his money. I think it's kind of mean, considering how little he earns from this job.
    7. #181: Another short lucid / Motor

      by , 07-20-2016 at 12:40 AM
      I woke up naturally around 5.30 am and decided it would be a good moment to become lucid. I went to the toilet and then started performing SSILD.

      Another short lucid
      I'm lying in my bed in my room in the dormitory. To the left of me is my Mac. There are two guys in my room. One of them is my dormmate, the other a guy that frequently visits. They are tucking me in for bed. At first I'm ok with it, but after a while they get annoying. They keep on tucking the blanket and touching my head and generally just preventing me from falling asleep. Then it occurs to me that I might already be asleep. I attempt to push the index finger of my right hand through my left palm. It works. I should put more attention into stabilising before doing anything else. I leave my finger in my palm, wiggling it around every once in a while. At one point my eyes are closed. I'm afraid to open them, cause I'm afraid that I will open my real eyes. After a few seconds of indecision I slowly attempt to open them. I believe I can feel my real eyes opening, though I'm not sure if that's true. I'm not sure whether this was still in the dream or after, but I turned around in bed and tried to push my left index finger through my right forearm.

      I'm in a city in Indonesia, riding a motorcross bike. The body is predominantly green. Behind me is my girlfriend, also driving a manual motor. I switch gears a few times, though I think not so smoothly. Across the street is a woman who is just getting on her motorcycle. It seems like she has fallen off. I cross the street to ask her in Indonesian if she is doing fine. She replies in English that she is. It surprises me slightly that she would reply in English. I focus on getting back to the other side of the street. My motor has shut off and the electric start won't turn it back on. I switch gears down 2 times. The motor changes gears quite violently. After this I believe to be in first gear and try again. It works.
    8. #163: Cruise & motor

      by , 06-23-2016 at 01:29 AM
      I'm not exactly sure where I am at first, but after a while I'm on a cruise ship. There are quite a number of people. I'm with.. my mom? Not sure. We're just entering a tight area that will lead us to our seats, a bit similar to an airplane. There's a white guy, a crew member, showing everyone their places. I have a very short chat with him. I'm holding a blanket and then move to my spot. Somewhere while moving, I can hear something over the intercom, which changes later into a radio broadcast or something. There's crew discussing about the vegetarian food having run out. There's one woman in particular that is quite shocked by it. She can't believe that that happened and goes on a rant about how non-veggies eat all the veggie food and then the meats, instead of sticking to the meats. Selfish. I'm quickly fed up with it, due to her innocence/ignorance. Yeah, all you can eat, people take advantage. Duh.

      At some point I'm mapping out a route with Google Maps. The route is unclear to me at first, as it involved backtracking. Not sure what happened to this route.

      Next thing I'm on the motorcycle, driving in the evening with my new friend D, towards a house. The other guys are supposed to come too, but I don't see them yet. I'm wondering if I should go find them. Not too long after they show up on their motorcycles as well. Stupid me. They know this area better than I do. It's one of their house after all. I meet an Indonesian guy who is sitting at a table. I accidentally introduce myself as Michael. I correct shortly after. I think his name was Victor. He asks me if I can speak Indonesian. I answer in Indonesian, saying that I can, but that I sometimes talk slowly if it's a live talk, as opposed to instant messaging.
    9. #139: Football / Moving / Dick!

      by , 05-02-2016 at 07:51 AM
      Bed: 23.45 ish
      Wake up: at 05.00.. at 06.00... :/
      Now: 08.30

      I'm watching a football match. Not a real, professional one, but a competition/tournament that seems to be for fun. The field is small, as are the goals. The dream shifts around a bit. At one point it's football, at another it's rugby with a full size playing field. From the rugby part, all I remember is a combination of the dream with memories from years ago. I'm playing touch rugby and taking it chill. I come up to someone one on one and start making speed, throw in some manoeuvres and I break through. There's another part where there's another object that's also used for playing. It's near the end zone and before it touches the ground, someone from my team manages to hit it spot on with the ball. Good throw! For some reason that's a very good thing.

      From the football part I remember sitting on the grassfield, close to the goal together with a girl (my girlfriend?). We weren't the ones playing, we were just chilling there and watching the game. At some point in between games we're chilling further to the back. A girl who is on one of the teams is supposedly my friend. She asks us to please join her team because else she doesn't stand a chance. I tell her that I'm not allowed, because this competition is only for.. her school? Idk. Eventually she persuades me and I put on my beaten, white sneakers. I distinctly remember first putting on the right shoe, then the left. I walk into the field. Our team is just her and me. The other team consists out of 3 people. I tell her that no wonder she felt like she needed me.

      I've arrived in the city that I'll be moving to in reality in 3 weeks time. I am together with someone in a dormitory. We're looking to find someone who has a key so I can get a room. One of my friends sends me a message telling me who I should find to get a key. She tells me I need to find Ryan or Yang. I don't know this Yang guy. I go down a flight of stairs, while holding my phone in my right hand. I can tell that the battery is nearly drained.

      I'm with my girlfriend in my room at my student home. My housemate comes into my room. I honestly do not feel like talking to him, so for the most part I just ignore him. My girlfriend does talk to him cause she doesn't realise I'm mad at him. Multiple things happen and also my room changes a bit I think. At one point I'm brushing my teeth, at another point we're eating noodles, I think all 3 of us. I'm talking to my girlfriend in Indonesian to update her on how I feel about the guy.
    10. #138: Flirt / Dick

      by , 05-01-2016 at 07:03 AM
      Bed: 23.30
      Wake up: ~ 07.15
      Now: 07.55

      I'm somewhere inside. It reminds me of my mom's living room, though different. There a mattress it seems in the living room and a blonde girl lying on it. Her name is Karin. She pulls me on top of her and I'm not resisting. So far I think it's fun. We're underneath the blanket and pressed against each other. She tries to kiss me. Here's why I break away. I can't do that to my girlfriend. In my mind, a week ago we did kiss though. Now I need to find a way to explain this. To our left is a sort of high, rectangular desk. There are some people sitting on the other side of it, facing us. I walk over there and grab the markers that are placed on the desk. In Indonesian, I write that I have a girlfriend. I know this girl is Dutch and I wonder if she'll understand. I do it in Indonesian because I know she's been to Indonesia for a while. I stumble a bit, trying to explain the situation.

      I'm somewhere outside, close to two permanently semi-open straw buildings. The weather is sunny. I'm probably in a tropical area. There are a few people about and I'm talking to maybe 1 or 2 of them. One of them (if I remember correctly) is a bit of a stereotypical surfer dude. He reminds me of Deeks from NCIS: LA. He's being a know it all. We're talking about the weather in Indonesia and I tell him that it's rain season now. He tells me it's not. I tell him that that's what my friend who lives there told me. Here's where he becomes a pretentious dick by saying something like "yeah it's raining, but you haven't seen a real rain season yet if you haven't [something". I'm quite fed up with the guy now.

      There's also something about me, or someone else going into one of the straw buildings and coming out again.. with a sideflip?
      Tags: indonesian
    11. #131: Pee

      by , 04-23-2016 at 07:13 AM
      I'm in Indonesia, somewhere in the nature, a jungle area. Something tells me that this is Pangandaran. I'm driving a moped with my girlfriend on the back. We're going back to.. a building or something? I don't know. A bit of a starting base. En route we pass my friend Sander, who is going in the opposite direction. I shout out to him. He's taking a mudtrail straight ahead. There's also a semi-trail a bit to the right. It's a more interesting location I think. I thought about turning around and following him, but I don't.

      My girlfriend and I are at the 'building'. I don't even really remember a building. I guess it's more of a resting area. At some point my cousin and her husband show up, along with their 3 kids. Suddenly I'm standing in the bathroom in my mom's kitchen, brushing my teeth. I exit to greet them while they walk through the hallway. My cousin's husband is first. Awkward handshake cause he's holding the baby. I'm not sure if we talk about motorcycles or that that happened in a later dream.

      I'm inside a building now with some people, including a few of my best friends. I'm sitting on a chair. A few people enter, including a blonde girl. She is somehow pretty and ugly at the same time, making her interesting. I think it's a shop we're in. The shop owner at the back wants them to speak in Indonesian, just as a friendly joke. The girl asks for help from us. I ask her in English what she wants to say. Somewhere early on I figure out she's Dutch, but still we talk in English for a bit more.

      A bit later on she decides to sit on my lap. My girlfriend is in this time room, so I wonder for a moment how this is going to go down. After a few seconds I realise she is in fact sitting on the lap of the woman to my left and her feet are on my legs. Her feet.. while she's wearing dirty shoes with some mud still stuck to the bottom. I think "takroe maniri" to myself [rude manners in Surinam]. I don't say anything for some reason. The woman on who's lap she is sitting does. She changes position so that she is still resting her legs on me, but not her feet, something like that.

      There's a big brown, old-looking bookcase. For some reason it's been decided that this is the ok place to pee, so I do so. The blonde girl is looking at me from an angle where I'm sure that she can see quite a bit. First I make an effort to conceal myself, but then I think 'fuck it'. Later on I go there to pee again. Somehow my aim is bad and I manage to splash myself. I can feel the warmth of the pee dripping in my pants. My hands are also wet. I dry them on a towel to my left. I'm feeling quite uncomfortable.

      I woke up immediately and went to the toilet shortly after. I couldn't fall asleep for another hour at least. In the beginning I felt very uncomfortable as I couldn't shake the feeling of having peed my pants, even though that didn't really happen. After that I had a load of short dreams about a lot of different things.
    12. #97: Hot cop / Bus / Uni

      by , 02-21-2016 at 09:24 AM
      Hot cop
      I don't remember exactly where I am. A kind of restaurant/bar I would say. It seems that I'm with friends. One of them, a white guy, is using my phone to send a message to the police through Whatsapp. The profile picture that the police uses shows that there is at least 1 hot cop. My friend gets her number using my Whatsapp and then continues on his own phone. I ask for my phone back and send the hot cop a message about what happened. Basically my intention is to let her know who she is talking to... I want her to be talking to me of course.

      I'm in a public bus. Behind the wheel is a white woman. I want to get out but she won't let me at this stop, I'll have to wait until the next. I ask her if she is serious and she is. She tells me I can sit down for another minute. I'm quite annoyed by her and start walking around a bit, not wanting to sit down because I refuse to listen to her. I walk to the end of the bus and get out at the next stop. It's been a set back of a few hundred metres. I start walking through the city. It's daytime and the city reminds me of Amsterdam. I walk past some people and can make out some Indonesians talking amongst each other. There's an endless supply of Indonesians in this country.

      I'm at the university, though I don't recognise any of these buildings from reality. I'm standing on perhaps the 3rd floor. There's a trashbin all the way down. I throw some plastic down, but it's caught by the air current and deviates. My second piece of plastic I crumble up to prevent this from happening. I throw it and miraculously it hits the first piece of plastic and now they're in the bin together. Sweet.

      I'm in class. The lecturer is my first grade in high school history teacher. We're talking about the results of the test we just had. It was the 2nd of four tests. I explain my logic behind the grades I wanna get to the friend who is sitting next to me. The logic I'm using is actually from one of the courses I'm following in reality, where we also have 4 tests.
    13. #93: Suits / Talking hamster / Haram

      by , 02-13-2016 at 09:11 AM
      Donna and Rachel from Suits are in a car together. Donna is the one who is driving. The steering wheel is on the left side. I think it's evening already. I see the whole scene developing from the front of the car, as if there's a camera on the dashboard. They're talking about how Rachel doesn't love Mike anymore. She is fiddling with her engagement/wedding ring. I think it's Donna who mentions that Mike also doesn't love her anymore. Rachel is relieved by this news. This will make the break up so much easier. Rachel and Donna kiss for a moment. I think to myself that that's a stupid idea as Donna is driving. They swerve and the car ends up running into a building.

      Talking hamster
      I'm not too sure about the details anymore. I'm in a house which is supposed to be my cousin Xen's house. She's got a hamster which is really small and I end up befriending it. It sits on my shoulder close to my left ear and I can feel it nibble sometimes. The hamster is able to talk. It talks to me in Indonesian! We talk back and forward a bit. My mom and I think also my cousin probably think that I'm crazy. I want my cousin to treat the hamster better now that I've befriended it. I want to prove to them that I'm not crazy and that he can really speak. I consider having him talk to them, but for some reason that's not what I do. I also consider putting on a blindfold and turning my back to my family. They can then raise a number of fingers and the hamster can tell me how many fingers they raised and I can tell them, which should provide proof. Then I consider the fact that the hamster doesn't know how to count. Ok I'll just raise a number of fingers as well and the hamster can tell me when my hand matches that of my family member.

      I'm sitting in class. It's pretty full. To the left of me is a group mate for an assignment. She is wearing her hijab and she slowly but increasingly starts arguing with the teacher, who is also wearing a hijab. The arguing gets worse and worse, with my group mate calling the teacher haram. The teacher manages to 'out argue' my group mate. Throughout the argument I think about how stupid it is to argue like that with the teacher, as she still has to grade us. Eventually the teacher says she'll solve the problem by not allowing her to join the class anymore. I ask another classmate if she can even do that. I'm also wondering if it's just her that's banned from the class or our entire group.
    14. #83: Living together / Nina / Sorry

      by , 02-02-2016 at 08:45 AM
      Living together
      A dream about a classmate that I have talked to only once. In this dream I've been living with her ever since my 2nd month of our studies. We even sleep in the same room. It's supernice of her to let me stay. And I don't even have her as a friend on FB. She has a lot of stuff in her room which belongs to the government, but for which the government also doesn't have space, so they store it in people's homes. One of the things she's got is 3 treadmills right next to each other. I'm considering moving out of her place and getting my own, even though there are only 2 months left.

      I'm at a small party with a small group of my best male friends. It's kinda as if it's at someone's house. Nina, a girl from my previous school, is also present. We get to talking and we're having a fun, short conversation. She compliments me on my dreads.

      One of my friends and I are putting the dishes on the counter. I don't really feel like doing the dishes. Luckily he starts doing it and I start to drying them. We start talking about his girlfriend. I thought they were still dating, but apparently they broke up months ago, after only 20 days.

      I'm sitting on the ground, with my grandma behind me. We're talking about something, though I can't recall what. Nina, from a small distance, is listening to us talk and laughs at our conversation. At the end of the party I immediately tell my friend who organised it that I wanna have another party next week. He agrees to it and something about a bbq is mentioned. I really hope he'll send the invites through FB so that Nina will also be invited. Fuck, I suddenly realise I already have plans next weekend.

      Harvey and Jessica from suits are lying in a bed together. Jessica has got the white blanket covering her body, but it stops just around her nipples. I appreciate the view. She says sorry to Harvey and mentions that this normally never happens, similar to how guys say that to women in movies if they remain flacid.

      There's a long digital text which is written in Indonesian.

      I'm somewhere outside with my little brother. It's some kind of LARPing event with knights.
    15. #82: Kaki lima / FA

      by , 02-01-2016 at 09:04 AM
      I went to bed around 00:15, woke up around 08:30 and it's now 08:45. I had more dreams, but I don't wanna spend a full hour writing it all down.

      Kaki lima
      It's almost midnight. My friend has parked his car in such a way that it's a major hindrance in case anyone would want to pass. As my friend is busy, I'm the one who has to take care of it. First I go inside a house though. The storyline changes and it's now my cousin's kaki lima [Indonesian mobile food vendor]. My cousin comes up the stairs, just as I'm about to head out. He tells me that his kaki lima already has a wheel clamp on it from the police. I tell my cousin that I think he's joking and he assures me he's not. Crap, well I guess since I was supposed to take care of it I'll just pay the 30ish to get it removed. He then says he was joking.

      Standing outside, I pack up the stuff from the kaki lima. I white man, perhaps in his late thirties comes up to me. He immediately starts talking in Dutch and wants to order. I wonder how he knew that he could talk in Dutch with me. I tell him that we're closing up and that he can't order anymore. He keeps insisting and eventually my cousin relents, seeing the opportunity to get some money. The man orders noodles and I think a load of vegetables. Since my cousin doesn't have that, he asks another vendor for help, whose kaki lima is standing just in front of his. My cousin has now turned into one of my friends, who is trying to learn German. He starts talking in broken German to one of the two guys manning the other kaki lima, asking to make some noodles. Since I'm afraid the Dutch guy will understand German, I talk in Indonesian, but I don't remember what I say. One guy mentions [I forgot in which language] that someone should think of something, cause all he's got is regular cheap Indomie and he needs to find a way to make the Dutch guy think it's worth the money he's gonna pay.

      Had a FA where I took notes on my phone from one of my dreams. Either while taking notes or just after, I really woke up.
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