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    1. #225: Island

      by , 12-12-2016 at 04:34 AM
      I'm somewhere close to a beautiful island. I'm watching 2 girls make their way to it on 1 watercycle. They've got an interesting tactic: they are peddling in opposite directions. Somehow it works to keep them going straight. They make it to the island. I'm there myself now as well. There are quite some people here, including my little brother. Despite us supposedly being on the island, we're still in the water. It reaches up to my chest. If I walk away even just 2 metres it immediately becomes a bit deeper. I'm concerned for my little brother, who is a bit shorter than I am. I make my way to him with two floatables. I don't tell him that I'm worried, so as to not damage his ego/trust/whatever. We both hang onto a floatable for a bit and eventually I let go.

      There's some guys playing football very close. They're only using one goal, which is a bit small and taking turns at taking penalties it seems, from up close. They're not lining up logically, with people awaiting their turns in and around the goal. Eventually there are two guys my age who are not even playing, but who are frustrated by the inefficiency of it. They decide to intervene. At first they shout for the guys to line up for the penalties and when no one listens, they decide to come up close and give further instructions. I move along.

      Somewhere on the island I meet a blind woman. We talk for a little bit. I run into her twice and once into another blind woman. I continue walking. It seems I've reached the limit of how far I can walk here. I see some kind of clinic and decide to go in. It's the only building I've encountered on this island. I walk to the end of the clinic and decide that they have nothing for me and walk back out again. On the way out I see one of the nurses in the hallway. She has a pretty face. She walks out in front of me.
      Tags: family, island
    2. #101: Train fun / Ex / Cinema

      by , 03-02-2016 at 07:31 AM
      Train fun
      Spoiler for 18+ stuff :P :

      > I'm going around on a tropical island, together with other people. I think we had to complete some assignments, though I can't recall what.

      > I'm with a close friend and my housemate, though I'm not certain I'm with them at the same time. First I'm in a bus and later I'm in a school with my friend. We're looking for a classroom. I'm already late for class. Eventually we venture down a long hallway where a white woman is standing who I think is the teacher. She's waiting. She's talking to someone or multiple people... guards? The class I'm going to attend is a coffee brewing class I think. The other students and I form a huddle before we leave.

      Spoiler for Some more 18+ stuff :

      I'm in the cinema where I used to work with a friend of mine. Not sure if we've already gone to the movie or still want to go, but we figure we need to pee. We go to the toilets on the third floor, which aren't there in reality. Pretty much all occupied. Ow lets go to the second floor. There's another guy with us who doesn't quite get why. I tell him that that floor is always less crowded. It turns out that the second floor is totally under construction. There's not a single working toilet. Damn.

      In the main hall against the wall, there's an animation or a statue of a smurf holding a big platform. He's squatting with it and every time he pushes out, he goes up a bit, bringing the platform closer to the ceiling every time. That's quite fun.
    3. #44: Jungle war / Odd adventure / Vivid printing

      by , 11-30-2015 at 10:28 AM
      I went to bed at midnight and just got out (09:30), though I've been awake for a while longer.

      I am enormously pissed off at my mom. I don't recall what the reason is specifically, but I say the most awful things to her.

      I'm with my thesis supervisor. It's a white woman. We're talking about the research that I want to do. She tells me I shouldn't pick such a narrow topic, but keep my options open a bit more. Overall she doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the research proposal for my thesis.

      I've joined my best friend to what seems to be her university. She has her own desk in a big communal office space. She's a student, but I suppose a bit more than a regular student, as this is a privilege which is mostly kept for teachers. I think the idea was for her to work on her thesis. After a while I take her spot and start working on my thesis. I'm thinking about the topic and considering some things.

      I'm a spectator. I see Patrick on his sports motorcycle, performing a jump on some grassy hills in a park or something alike. As soon as he lands, he loses control a little bit, but he manages to regain it. Someone asks him something. Perhaps if he has done it before. It sounds a bit accusing, like a mom would do if you did something dangerous. He claims he didn't.

      I'm at a house party. I'm not sure what happened anymore, but something tells me this would have been an interesting dream if I could recall more. I'm in a living room with a group of people. We're all a bit tipsy/drunk. I may have performed some magic.

      I'm on the beach of what seems a moderately deserted island. I'm with a woman and a kid I think, though I'm not sure. We don't really have anything to eat, so the woman decides it's best if we eat 'airfruit'. At first I think this is just a way of denying that we don't have anything to eat, but somehow some fruit appears from thin air. I think this dream had some details about the airfruit that made it really memorable. I should've written it down earlier though.

      Jungle war
      I'm on a tropical island that's not all too big. I'm on the side of a militia group. There's also another group on this island, though I haven't seen them. These groups are at war with each other. It's already dark and I'm in the jungle with a few men from the militia group. They are talking about exterminating the other group and conquering the island. Their talk makes me not want to be a part of their group anymore, as I don't like what they stand for. I'm not gonna tell them now though. A mission is about to start to destroy a building of the other group. It's a highrise building surrounded by a moat. A few man use something akin to the grappling hooks and swing back and forth like Spidey. I can't recall how anymore, but a fire starts on one of the upper floors, which seems big enough in size to be able to destroy the building in due time.

      Odd adventure
      I'm in the living room of my mom's house. My mom is also in the living room. I'm extremely frustrated. There's a crack in my glasses, despite me being so careful with them. In this dream my glasses look like the glasses of Le Corbusier.

      Totally not related, but someone feeling as if it's part of the same dream, I'm driving either a bicycle or a moped through a sort of small park. I pass a boy that I seem to know. Perhaps a friend of my little brother.

      At some point I'm driving on a road parallel to a highway, definitely on a moped now. I'm on a bridge, but there's a major problem. A part of it has sagged enormously and is actually so low as to be below the waterline. The bridge doesn't appear to be broken though. It's more as if the bridge is insanely flexible. I find it highly inconvenient, as there is no way that my moped's engine is going to survive that much water, but it doesn't occur to me to turn around. I wanted to wait it out, but something has caused me to move forward past the point of no return. Knowing it's not gonna help, I try to go as fast as possible, in the futile hope of using my momentum to get to the other side. I don't think it worked.

      Vivid printing
      I'm standing near a big printer, the type they have at the university. I don't recall there being anyone else. My document is being printed. It's a document that I have highlighted with a different colour on every page; blue, green, etc. The highlights on the printed document are very vivid, as if I used an actual marker after printing. Some pages have an excessive amount of highlights. There's a page where every single word is highlighted. I try to be quick about it. I don't want someone to catch me while I'm printing with this many highlights. I think my reasoning has to do with excessive use of ink. I try to put the pages in the correct order, but I drop a few. I pick them up and try again. It feels as if the ink is still wet, but there are no smudges anywhere.

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