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    1. #205: China

      by , 09-06-2016 at 03:13 AM
      I'm in the lobby of a fancy building. I'm together with a woman and her 7 year old son. All I remember is that her son has an Arabic name. Not much later the son is gone and it's just us and some other people. There's a turnstile to enter a certain area of the building and there's an entry fee to be paid.. or actually more like an exit fee. Just like when parking your car. We're here to pick something up or to talk to someone, so I feel like it's unnecessary for both of us to go in and pay the fee. Eventually I go in. There were 2 guys at the turnstiles, one of them some kind of enabler / smooth talker.

      I walk into the 'restricted' area, which is a big Chinese themed establishment, mostly coloured red. I walk around a bit with the smooth talker with me. The woman I was with is nowhere to be seen. The guy thinks I'm here to buy drugs, which I'm not. I forgot my real purpose, but I do tell the guy that I'm not here for drugs. The guy finds it implausible. Eventually I bring my face close to the guy's face to let him know that I'm not looking for drugs, but if he's got stuff, I'm interested to know what he's got. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm a cop. I remember at this point that I had one ring on each hand, two different ones. I walk and see a group of guys and 1 girl from my elementary / high school. I'm quite surprised. Here, in China? These are the people whom you'd expect to amount to nothing, so it's surprising to meet them on the other side of the world. The smooth talker greets them, I kinda awkwardly wave from a distance.

      I continue walking around. I remember the left front tooth on the bottom being slightly loose. I push it back in, but do so a bit too far, pushing it further down than the other. I eventually manage to get them on the same level. I came here for nothing and now my tooth is messed up as well, because I came here. There are some seats which look like airplane seats. I'm holding a blanket which I intent to throw on the seats, but instead just drop on the ground. In the mean time the smooth talker is telling me about how impressive this place is and that it's all a facade for illegitimate business established by his boss, whose name I've forgotten. Even my 'friends' are part of the 'make it look legit'. I walk over to a table and sit down. Meanwhile a man picks up the blanket I've thrown down. I take out my laptop. My background image has the same checkered grey pattern as one of my boxershorts, including the buttons. I ask the man where my girlfriend is. The woman is not actually my girlfriend, but I feel it's easier to state it that way. A sliding door opens, showing a hidden room. The boss, who is some slick dude, is in the room with the woman (who has now changed appearances) and another girl. They're on a bed. Nothing is happening yet, but the woman I was with does look sorta busted. I know the other girl is someone's girlfriend. The guy is holding a big, black smartphone and it seems to be opened on a Whatsapp conversation. He gives "my" girl his phone, I suppose for her to insert her number. They end up making out. Throughout the whole ordeal she looks at my once or twice with a look that tells me she feels sorry for me / guilty, but hey, irresistible rich guy. I keep a straight face throughout.
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    2. #187: Homework

      by , 08-03-2016 at 03:30 AM
      I'm sitting in a library. There are three computer workdesks standing right next to each other. I'm sitting at the right one. There is something using the middle one. It's a guy. He's quite talkative. At some point I mention that I really need to focus on my work. A while later my classmate Kristen is using the left one. The guy meanwhile keeps going on and on with distracting me. Eventually I throw him, black chair and all, to the ground. He's lying on his back, still in the chair. Perhaps I even threatened him. The guy leaves. I get back in position and fiddle with an orange highlighter for a while. I explain my burst of violence by stating that I already mentioned that I need to get this done. I don't want to dole too long on an explanation though, cause else my classmate may think it's weird that I would go to such lengths to get some peace, only for me to continuously keep talking myself.

      The wall in front of me is made out of glass, so I can see the guy come walking back together with my old mathematics teacher. Damn. This is gonna drag out. Plus, since this is America, the guy might sue. They come back in and I just pretend not to be aware of their presence, continuing my homework in my paper notebook. I'm not sure if the teacher actually said something. A bit later Eminem is rapping. Somehow it's supposed to relate to me. I can't remember which song it was. I keep working, but eventually interrupt him. I tell him that he's one of my favourite rappers, that is one of my favourite songs and the part he just did is my favourite part of that song, but I've got homework to finish and he is so awesome that I'm focusing on the music instead of on my homework.
    3. #186: Garden

      by , 08-01-2016 at 03:04 AM
      I'm in the same big garden where I really was a few days ago, with a lot of people for an event. Somewhere in the garden I suddenly hear a sound. I don't remember what it sounded like, but upon looking it turned out that a fan had just dropped to the ground. It's a bit distorted due to the impact. Some people have already gathered around it. I think about going there as well, but what's the purpose. I walk the other way. In the mean time I start to think about how crazy it is that Snoop Dogg, this laid back stoner who says nigga all the time, is working for NASA as an engineer. I walk over to my friend Frank, who is playing an addictive reaction based game on his phone. We get to talking and he wants me to have a go at the game. I tell him I'm avoiding it, cause I know I'll be addicted to improving my own score.

      A little bit later, my friend Re is here as well. We're sitting down with Frank. We get to talking about his girlfriend. He uses a different name than from what I was expecting, which throws me off for a moment. The conversation moves to a type of Skype programme. Re's pc is standing on the desk right next to me. I press the Windows key to make the search pop up and start looking for this programme. Totally not an invasion of privacy... In the end my friend San is there as well, and FIFA is booted. I quickly use the username "M", not wanting to bother to use an actual name. I then get to choose the level of difficulty. I think it may have been set in Dutch.
    4. #171: Fragments

      by , 07-05-2016 at 02:16 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: 07.45
      Now: 08.00

      Ľ I'm sitting on the couch in my mom's living room together with my little brother. I'm looking out the window. There's a party going on on the other side. The building is missing a wall, allowing me to look inside. There are just a few people, all teenagers. I'd say about 8 girls and 2 guys. I can't hear any of the music, making the dancing seem all the more weird. Adding to that is that the people are dancing in different rhythms. Is this a silent disco? I tell my little brother to have a look.

      Ľ I remember seeing a list of anime's. Three of them are different variations of Naruto. There's the original, Shippuden and then some other. Naruto is slightly older in every one of them. There's also something going on at one point, where I can select a character from the anime. I choose Shikamaru. There's something going on with a needle passing the screen and my finger. It's sowing into my finger. I can feel the pain of it a bit.

      Ľ I'm looking at FB on my laptop. The timer of stayfocusd seems to have run out, yet I'm still able to keep spending time on FB. Perhaps the timer won't allow me to reload?

      Ľ I'm in Indonesia, looking for a toilet. At some point I finally find one, though it's weird looking. I decide to pee anyway. Some people enter the hallway and with the door and walls being quite shady in this situation, I'm afraid of being spotted. Eventually a slightly older woman wearing a hijab and glasses comes in. She informs me that this is not a toilet, but a wasbak [sink]. Damn. A few seconds later, two women/girls exit from two white doors behind me, which seem like the actual toilets.

      Ľ I've just finished doing... something. Work perhaps. I've already gotten mostly dressed, but I hop into another big dressing room. A girl joins me in there. She leaves shortly after. I'm pretty much all done getting dressed. All that's left is for me to put on my black vest and my backpack and leave. I do this as slowly as possible, hoping that the girl will come back before I leave. She does come back just before I exit. A few moments later an English teacher from my high school is also there. She's asking what the plan is. The room has turned into a hotel bedroom with 2 separate beds. She's asking in a way that tells me she doesn't want me here. I tell her I wasn't planning on staying. I'm actually from this city, so I have a place to sleep. In my mind I curse this woman [who I already hated anyway].

      Ľ I'm meeting up with a friend on my way out. He invites me to join him and my other friends to [something] Monologues, or something. It's a play at [...] TTT. I'm trying really hard to resist, as I have a thesis to finish. In the end I give in, thinking to myself that I should allow myself to have some fun as well. I buy a ticket online for Ä 27,- In the end my friend informs me that he won't be going anymore. Fuck.
    5. #155: Tooth / Touch / Wolfish porn? / Sleepy head / Going crazy

      by , 06-09-2016 at 09:27 AM
      Bed time: ~23.00
      Wake up: ~07.00
      Now: 07.25

      I was awake for an hour from 04:00 to 05:00. Itís Ramadan right now and the mosque nearby likes to remind everyone in the vicinity of that through praying loudly through a speaker.

      Iím standing next to a building, which may have been an apartment complex. One of my teeth (right side, upper row) is annoying me. I fidget a bit with it, because it just doesnít feel good. Itís very loose and even though Iím trying to push it back, Iím afraid it will fall out soon. Suddenly it hits me that this is an issue I only have in dreams. I try to push my fingers through my palm. No success. I loose the idea of a dream for a moment. Iím not sure if I woke up for a few seconds. A few moments later I ask myself why I didnít try multiple RCs when the first one failed. I try the same RC again, confident that this is a dream, despite it failing the first time. It works. Immediately I start levitating. I try to remain calm and keep looking at my hands. One of my hands is sort of wavy. I try to bend the fingers that are in my palm upwards and backwards. I get quite far. Meanwhile Iím levitating a few metres above the ground, not necessarily against my will, but also not because I wanted it. After just a few moments the dream starts to fade. I try to remain in it. I canít rotate like this. I try to focus on my hands. I also shout stabilise (or a similar command). Itís slowly turning dark before my eyes. One of the last things I do is raise my arms. I can feel the sensation of doing so. I wonder what my real body is doing in bed.

      Iím at what is supposed to be the city hall of the city my mom lives in. Itís the old building, which has been abandoned and been overgrown by plants. Iím interested in going through this abandoned building. I approach it, trying to squeeze myself in between the roots of the plants and what not. I scratch myself on some thorns. It hurts.

      Nothing about that building resembled reality. Also, I donít experience a sense of touch very often in dreams.

      Written the following dreams after a few hours, because I didnít have enough time in the morning to write it all down, meaning Iím missing some details.

      Wolfish porn?
      I have my laptop with me I think. I am in the mood for some porn. At first I consider that I donít watch porn, but I think I give in. It turns weird real quick. Next thing I remember is that I am seeing something happening in front of me. There are 3 people. One girl, one guy and the otherÖ I think is also a guy. The guys turn into part wolf part man beings. Iím not sure what happened after that (also not sure if I want to know).

      Sleepy head
      Iím at the train station. Thereís a sprinter train [common type of train in the Netherlands]. Iím waiting for people to get out, so that I can get in. The door is not where it is supposed to be. It is located at the short end of the train. There are some particularly rude people who squeeze their way into the train before everyone has exited. At one point, even a white female staff member does the same, blocking off her colleague who is trying to exit. I finally get into the train. There is something going on, some obstruction I guess, so the train turns into the bus and we hit the road. I fall asleep and when I wake up, weíve gone past the stop where I wanted to get out, which is my momís city. I consider asking the bus driver to stop, but I know that heíll stop at the next stop instead.

      Going crazy
      Iím riding a motor, with my girlfriend on the back. We have to stop somewhere for a police check or something. The person behind the counter is asking me to pay Rp. 3.000. Itís not a lot of money at all, but I am frustrated by the corruption and refuse to do so. Next thing, weíre having lunch at the same place. The owner, a guy, offers us something thatís not on the menu. It turns out to be insanely expensive and I go crazy over it. Somewhere in between him bringing the lunch and me figuring out how crazy expensive it is, there are dogs trying to eat our food.
    6. #145: Dejavu / Chicks with dicks

      by , 05-13-2016 at 06:31 AM
      Bed: ~23.30
      Wake up: all the time, cause I'm taking care of my sick girlfriend
      Now: 07.05

      I'm in my old student home, on the top floor, together with my girlfriend. I'm just visiting I guess. For some reason I go downstairs. My old room is there, with two thrash bags in front of the door. Really? They [old housemates] put them there instead of just throwing them out. There are flies circling the bags. I go into the kitchen. There are several trash bags right in the middle. There are flies circling them and the number of flies increases quickly. I exit the kitchen and go back to the upper floor. I don't remember the transitions from second to first floor and back occurring (i.e. climbing the stairs).

      I'm outside with my girlfriend. We're on our way to the city centre of my student city. She has something in mind and I have no clue what it is. We enter a weird looking subway station [that city doesn't have a subway]. We don't check in and I'm wondering if we should, to avoid a fine. There's someone up ahead checking if you checked in, but we take a left down a hallway. She's walking quite a bit in front of me, to my annoyance. I'm trying to ask her where we're going, but she's pretty much jut ignoring me. We're going up a set of stairs, I think with a purple railing. There are some people coming down as well. We're walking on the right side. I'm silently saying 'goddamnit' cause my girlfriend is way ahead and not letting me in on the plan. We arrive somewhere at a door. A white guy opens the door and tells us we need an invite [happened in the movie I was watching before going to bed]. I'm somehow allowed to enter. My girlfriend stays outside for a bit. The guy asks me a question (what I'm doing here I guess?) and I'm not sure. I decide to let my girlfriend in. When I open the door, immediately to the right there's a white couple making out. My girlfriend is the only other one standing there, not even a metre away from the couple. She comes inside. Apparently this is an apartment she came to check out. She'll be living with two white guys if she decides to take the room. The other guy is lying on the couch, talking in an eastern European sounding language on the phone. I look out of the window. I can see a lot of typical old Dutch buildings standing in a line. This place looks great and is in the city centre. I wish I had taken the effort to check around when I lived in this city. But then again, it would've been a waste of the fees I paid to change rooms. Suddenly my girlfriend is behind the other guy in terms of distance from me. I think she went into the room and I wonder how she did it so quickly. I see a door to my left. Then I realise that she is just also on the couch, or a similar object, but just further to the back. In the next moment, she is cuddling up with the guy. She's sitting on his lap. This is... weird. I had a dream just like this recently [no I didn't].
      Dejavu moment. I realise this might be a dream and try to push my fingers through my palm. Success! Ok, take it easy. You should stabilise. I continue moving my fingers around in my hand a bit, while wondering what I should do with my lucidity. I consider tinkering with the gravity. Naaahh. My girlfriend comes standing next to me and starts trying to distract. I consider building a cell out of thin air to trap her in, so she won't distract me anymore.

      Chicks with dicks
      Had a weird dream where I was reading an article and there was a term in there I didn't know. I figured the term would be NSFW, so I went into private mode. I searched for it and I landed on a tube site. From the look of the previews, the term referred to women who have two penises. I scrolled through it a bit, in a sense of revulsion mixed with curiosity.
    7. #130: Laptop

      by , 04-22-2016 at 07:00 AM
      I'm in an electronics shop. I've brought my Macbook Pro in because there is an issue with it. The thing I'm focusing on right now is that one of the rubber feet has fallen off (really happened). The employee I'm talking to is an older white man with grey hair. He presents me with a DIY fix which involves cutting out a makeshift rubber foot out of some different material, which is grey. I can get the perfect shape by placing the fallen off rubber foot on it and cutting around it. I end up with a hole in the material though and cause the material is a bit stretchy it doesn't really work. I wonder if the guy is going to charge me for this. He starts asking me how old my laptop is. I immediately recognise that this is a sales talk. I tell him and he comes up with packages of cables I could buy. My laptop will be obsolete soon and then I will have a hard time finding spare parts, so best to buy them now. I tell him I've already replaced a cable recently, so I'm good. While I'm placing my laptop back inside my bag, he walks over to his colleague. They're a bit in the distance, but I can clearly hear and see the frustration of the guy over my refusal to buy anything off him. I consider telling him to be more professional.

      I know I've also dreamt something about my girlfriend, but I can't remember what.
    8. #125: Cycling & mail / Deal

      by , 04-13-2016 at 06:18 AM
      Cycle & mail
      I'm cycling somewhere in a city. There's one point where I slowly cycle from the street onto the sidewalk. There are 3 people standing in an inconvenient location. They make some room for me to pass through. While cycling I somehow see that I've received an email. It's from a lawyer from the iCentre. The sender's address is something like [email protected] (= Lawyer1). I'm somewhat impressed and surprised that I've gotten an email back. He's asking me what I need this data for [relates to something that happened in real life]. I consider how I will reply. Straight up telling him the truth or will I pretend to be my friend to expedite the process? Then I consider that since he's got my email and my name is in there, he will recognise my lie. I will have to tell the truth. Meanwhile I am approaching a traffic light.

      Not sure if this was the same dream or another one. I've got my thesis opened on my laptop. There's stuff that's totally wrong. The word "lol" is actually written somewhere and the font is nearly unintelligible. I figure that the weird words must be because of the spell check which has been set to Indonesian

      I'm not entirely sure if I am one of the people involved or if I'm just watching. There's a shady deal of some sorts going on (drugs perhaps). The atmosphere between the two man is pretty hostile. They end up having their guns raised at each other. They finally decide to unite when there's a team of cops at the door. One of the guys noticed them by looking in the mirror. He saw them at the lower half of the front door. It's impossible though, as he would've had to look through the door. I wonder for quite a while how he saw them. As soon as he sees them the other guy starts spraying bullets at them. The door is made of thick wood though. Some bullets pass through, but I'm not sure if anyone got hit.
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    9. #104: Fragments

      by , 03-05-2016 at 07:40 AM
      > I'm in my room at my mom's house, though the layout of my room is different. I'm using my laptop and am just about to shut it down. I think about the fact that there is still some porn running on it. I should probably close that down first. My little brother suddenly enters my room. I quickly close the lid on my laptop.

      > My mom's boyfriend is telling my little brother and I that it's about time to leave for the birthday of our cousin. My little brother isn't ready yet and is still doing some irrelevant things. I tell him to hurry and eventually I slap him across the face with a flat hand. Eventually, once we're outside, it turns out that my mom's boyfriend lied about how much of a rush we are in. I get pissed off and go back inside the house. Now I feel bad for hitting my little brother.

      > I'm at a family party it seems. There must be 20 - 30 people sitting on chairs in two long rows facing each other. I enter and say hai to everyone, cause going to everyone individually would take a lot of time. I see my 1,5 year old cousin. i think he's with my mom. I ask/tell him something and he tells me in Dutch that he doesn't want it, in a typical "I just learnt to say these words" type of speech pattern.
    10. #91: Mac & dread / Court

      by , 02-10-2016 at 08:34 AM
      Mac & dread
      I'm sitting on the couch in my room in my student home. I'm checking out my new Macbook. I'm trying to figure out what it is that's wrong about it. Then I realise that the bottom has been unscrewed. I have to put it back on. The bottom 'lid' has some of my hair stuck to it. I try to peel it off. I examine the lid and discover that it should just slide back on. It uses a pneumatic system to close and open the laptop. Along this dream I keep messing with my hair. First half a dread comes loose from my head. Then I slowly start to feel like I'm losing more hair. Fuuck.. well I suppose I could go with millimetred hair....

      Court *potential slight spoiler for the show Suits*
      There's a court decision coming up. Mike Ross from Suits is standing outside a court room I suppose with another white man. The court is gonna give a verdict soon about the legitimacy of a law that will have Mike convicted for being a fraud. They're probably gonna rule in his favour, but Mike wants to do something to prevent them from ruling like that because he wants to give someone else a chance to... I don't remember what. The man tells him that he's crazy. I don't remember the actual verdict.

      In what is probably the courtroom, but what looks a bit more like parliament, Mike is standing somewhere with I guess Rachel close to him. She takes a few steps back and bumps into the guy she cheated on Mike with. Next thing they bring their faces really close together, but at the last possible moment decide not to kiss.

      Mike and Rachel are at a train station. He's walking away from her and she is chasing after him, apologising. Somehow the tables get turned and suddenly he needs to apologise. Huh? What? No man, that's not right!
    11. #90: Mac / Foot drainage / Alexandra

      by , 02-09-2016 at 08:23 AM
      I run into an old friend, Martin. He's standing somewhere near a wall, bend over poking around in his bag I think. I approach him holding his 17" Macbook Pro and my own 13". I ask him if he was looking for this. In fact he was. I think I thank him for letting me use it.

      Foot drainage
      I think I'm in my room at my mom's house. I'm concentrated on my foot, I think my right one. I got a wound there which is pretty fresh. It's still healing, getting a crust. I peel it off. I start thinking that I shouldn't do this, but I can't help myself. I've totally removed the crust. Next thing I squeeze and some stuff exits from the wound, in a similar fashion to toothpaste exiting its tube, except the hole is bigger and the stuff is pinkish. At one point I think I should stop, cause I'm draining my whole foot it seems. It's just sooo much.

      I'm standing in an Indonesian club, perhaps 2 metres away from a wall. My friend Alexandra is standing in front of me. We haven't seen each other in a very long time. We give each other a very big hug, one that seems to be a bit more than just friendly. There are perhaps 3 people standing against or near the wall on my left, I think I know all of them. At least 2 of them are female friends. Alexandra asks me what I think of them, but asks me in a way that makes it sound as if she is trying to gage whether she's got competition.
    12. #56: Laptop / Friend's place / Saggy shelf / Superman / FA

      by , 12-17-2015 at 09:09 AM
      I went to bed at 23.30 and woke up several times between I think 07.00 and 08.00. I finally decided to get out of bed at 08.30.
      I didn't take any notes in between (lazy & stupid).

      I've walked towards a shop and I'm now in it. I'm buying a new laptop. I've found one that i want and I take the box with me. I don't handle it carefully enough and it bounces on the floor for a moment, though from a very low height, so it should be fine. I put the box in my black laptopbag and I start walking towards a specific point in the shop. An employee stops me as he sort of believes that I want to steal the laptop. I'm about to go pay for this. I open up my laptop bag and I see the box with the laptop in it, as well as my older, scratched up Asus. I take the box out to ensure that I took the right one. It's a Toshiba or a HP. Huh? I really thought I took the right one, but apparently I didn't. Glad that that employee stopped me, else I would've bought the wrong one, though it comes very cheap (around Ä14). I put the Toshiba/HP on a table and open it. It's really a hideous looking thing. I don't want to buy this anymore. I've already configured it with my name and everything though. I need to figure out how to get rid of that so that I can return the laptop.

      Friend's place
      I'm in the house of one of my close friends, though it looks quite different from reality. I'm with several of my close friends. I'm sitting in what seems like a sleeping bag with one of the staff members of my Indonesian uni. We're fooling around a bit. Considering that I have a girlfriend [in this dream I'm still/again together with my first girlfriend] I am taking things entirely too far. We're in the middle of the hallway and it feels like we're sitting on an unused eastern style toilet, which feels dry. My friend's sister or mom opens the door to the actual toilet, which is also eastern style. Yuck. Someone mentions that there is a western style toilet upstairs.

      Still in the same place I think. I have a bowl of food and one of my friends keeps trying to take food from me. Damnit man, let me eat in peace. He says that I can't eat this anyway since I'm a vegetarian. I tell him that I'm eating everything but the meat. He starts eating the meat of my plate. I'm starting to get really annoyed now. I let him know that he can have the meat after I'm done.

      At some point in the dream I think the staff member is gone and my girlfriend is present. I act very distant towards her.

      Saggy shelf
      I'm in my student room, though it looks quite different. I'm not sure who I'm with, but that person starts to lean on one of the low shelfs on my wall. Don't do that! Too late. The shelf sags until it pretty much hits the ground. I'm very annoyed by this. I specifically remember thinking that my shoes won't fit underneath the shelf anymore. I try to prop it back up several times, but it's not working.

      There's a guy without superpowers who is taking on Superman. He has a cell build for him, with walls covered in kryptonite paint, though he calls it slightly differently. It's in a tower. Superman is outside, x-raying through the tower to find the guy. He eventually does and he falls right into the trap, bursting into the kryptonite room. His uniform is a bit different from reality. Also, if he wants to use his laser vision he needs to charge it, which is visible from a 'thermometre' filling up on the front of his suit.

      I dreamt I got an email from the person I'm supposed to be interviewing in reality tomorrow. That person apologised for not going to be able to make it. I think the reason was that it was the birthday of one of the colleagues and thus everyone would be unavailable. I also recall checking my phone after waking up to see if it was a dream or not, and seeing the message on my lockscreen (so I had an FA).

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      false awakening
    13. #19: Theoretical / Languages / Amusementpark / Wacky village

      by , 10-25-2015 at 10:09 AM

      Fragment: Theoretical
      My exam period is coming up, so I've spent most of my day studying. As I drift off to sleep, thoughts about what I studied today come to me. It's a highly theoretical subject. I'm not a 100% sure, but it definitely feels like I was dreaming instead of just thinking. I remember being impressed that [..?] knows all of these things and knows how to explain it [my course material]. I don't remember there being any images. Not real sounds either. Just.. thoughts. Something abstract. Fits well with the abstractness of the course material

      Dream 1: Washing the laptop
      I'm standing in front of a kitchen sink. I'm doing the dishes, except it's my laptop that I'm washing. It looks exactly like it should look. First I'm scared for a moment (my laptop is wet!), but then I quickly start to believe that's totally fine. It's still functioning, it's turned on. It should be turned off while I'm washing it though, for safety reasons.

      Dream 2: Languages
      I'm with one of my best friends, an Asian guy. He's really into animes, to the point where he has learned a little bit of Japanese from them. I see a couple of books on his bookshelf. One set is about learning Japanese. The other.. I believe Korean. They all look similar, as if they're from the same series of books, but on different languages. I'm quite surprised by the fact that he's learning 2 languages at once. Also by the fact that he's learning Korean. I didn't know he cared for the language.

      Dream 3: Amusementpark
      I'm with my girlfriend, somewhere outside during the day. The weather is slightly depressing, a bit dark. We're near a station. We're going to take what looks like a subway. I have to help her climb into it, as the entrance is just an opening perhaps a metre of the ground.

      We are in the amusementpark, inside a shop or another building. We've decided to stick together with a girl and a guy. Not so sure what's going on right now. We're having fun, that's for sure. I think at one point we decide to rent bicycles.

      Dream 4: Wacky village
      It's dusk and I'm on the streets of a weird village. There is no electricity. Or any other type of modern convenience it seems. I do see an electric motorcycle driving, which makes me wonder where he gets his electricity from. Perhaps he needs to go out of the village for it. I pass two people who are sitting at a round(?) table on a sidewalk. I ask them a time related question. Something along the lines of how they know that X is open or how they know if it's Sunday if there's no way to tell time. One of them replies that every villager asks themselves if the synagogue is open today. But there is no synagogue here? Yes exactly. I find the whole experience strange and can't make much sense of it.

      EDIT: remembered another dream

      Dream 5: Bars
      I'm hanging out in a bar with a couple of my Dutch friends who I met in Indonesia. Something tells me that we're in Indonesia right now. I talk to the bartender in Dutch or English and this feels odd, because I'm not talking in Indonesian. The bar we are in changes at least 1 one time. At one point I see everything as if I'm watching a video, seeing myself hanging at the bar, with some friends. At the end of the dream I walk away from the bar, and perhaps 5 people make a certain move, all together at the same time, as if they're dancing. One of my friend is sat on a barstool and doesn't join in on the movement. The view sorta zooms in on her face and the way the colours of the disco reflect on it. She is sat perfectly still, staring up into the distance.

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