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    1. #142: Dealing / Fragments / Physical / Magic

      by , 05-08-2016 at 08:05 AM
      Bed: 23.30
      Wake up: 08.20
      Now: 08.20

      I'm at some guy's apartment. He's a drugsdealer and apparently a tad dangerous. My girlfriend is there as well. At some point he calls her a bitch. Not for having done anything wrong; that's just how he refers to all women it seems. I don't like the way he disrespects her. I take one of my soup bowls; white with grey and black flowery decal. I hit him over the head with it and he goes down. I keep smashing him, not sure what with at this point, but I make sure he's dead or else he'll kill me for this.

      A bit later someone is at the door. A customer. I open up the door and I try to fake my way through it and start talking more roughly than I normally do. I throw in a 'motherfucker' every other sentence. I also start talking a lot of Surinam [a lot of Dutch slang comes from Surinam]. At some point the guy at the door starts talking about Sergio, an elementary school friend. I've seen him as an adult and he is quite a big guy. He's a few metres away and he's tiny and mentally disabled. I start asking the guy what happened to the motherfucker. He's got an "i know right" kinda attitude. It is something drugs related. I'm not sure what happened next, but shortly after there's another customer. I think at some point we're all in the house. Not sure what happened to the body though. I think I may have made up a horrible excuse. I remember that at the end of the dream the situation has evolved into a gun deal. Ok this is getting way out of hand.

      I watched Drugs Inc. on NatGeo about an hour before I went to bed.

      I don't remember my surroundings. All I remember is one of my teeth being wobbly. Eventually I break off a piece of it, cause it's annoying the hell out of me. I can already see (don't know how actually) that there's another tooth inside this tooth, like a Russian nesting doll. I consider just removing the whole tooth and be done with it. I'm slightly worried that it might not be a good idea.

      I've taken a train. I'm supposed to get to my mom's city, but I can't get there directly. Instead, I take a detour. I have 2 options and both of them will bring me 2 stops away from my mom's city. Somehow I feel like things are not going my way.

      I'm playing football at first. This changes into korfbal and later into basketball.

      I'm sitting at a round table with my friend's mom and 2 of my friends. We're eating (dinner?).

      I'm just about exiting a subway station. I'm going down an escalator and I see Milad going up the escalator to my left. I think we say hi. After that I'm distracted, I think by my phone. I've been walking for a bit, but not getting anywhere. This escalator is suddenly going up. Wasn't this one going down. Whatever. I hop down a few times and I'm down.

      I'm at what's supposed to be my physical therapist, but the building is vastly different. There's multiple storeys. I go into the basement to go to the toilet, which is way bigger than in reality. There's a row of at least 6 urinals and then there are stalls as well. There's an older man in one of the stalls. I take a urinal somewhere on the left. There's a glass wall so you can see into the garden it seems. There's an oddly shaped pool there. Makes sense I guess. Some people have injuries that require swimming. For some reason I decide to finish up at another urinal all the way to the right. I then have the issue of not knowing which urinals to flush. I decide to just flush em all and then make a run for it, before the older man comes out and identifies me.

      Still in the same building. There are signs to public transportation on every floor. So convenient that you can just take the public transport from inside this building. At some point my friend Wina goes down some stairs. A white dude about my age is following her, or perhaps she's already blacked out and he's helping her down the stairs. Either way I know exactly what's going on. I go down the stairs, damn near action hero style and beat the guy up for trying to rape my friend.

      Somewhere in this dream my physical therapist tells me I still have an appointment for next week. This confuses me, as I thought this was supposed to be our last session. I already moved out. Now I have to come back specially for this?

      This is a Harry Potter dream it seems. I am Harry, or I am myself and have taken over the importance of Harry. I'm in what seems like the University Library, somewhere near the top floor. I think Dumbledore is also there. He has given me command of a sort of army of students. They are all walking down the stairs. I'm having a bit of fun translocating even for the smallest distances. I'm not aware that I'm dreaming, but I'm aware that I can make anything happen that I want to happen cause I'm a wizard. I make a joke that I should go check out my army, as there are a lot of girls in it. At some point I allow myself to fall flat onto the floor, wanting to translocate at the last second. I fail to do so, but I do manage to float just above the floor so I don't hurt myself.

      Something else pops into my mind. I'm not sure if it's a thought. It seems more like a commercial. It's about Harry Potter or some other wizard and going on vacation. It's about him not having to go to the airport early, nor having to stand in line, as he just translocates there. Man that's stupid. Just translocate to your final destination.

      I'm outside. It's night out, nearly pitch dark with just about no lights. It looks as if I'm standing on a miniature island shaped exactly like Africa. There's a very dark skinned woman swimming west to east the whole time, despite there being land. She's doing so around the longitude of where Cameroon should be. I go to talk to her. She's swimming around a little buoy or something alike on both sides and then goes back. She's supposed to make this trip perhaps once every X minutes or hours, but she is doing it on an endless loop. Eventually she comes out of the water and walks somewhere. Woow. Quite a big woman. She has a bit of a weepy story. At some point I don't really feel like listening anymore and I somehow sort of delegate this task to the dude that's with me. While walking, I spot two girls in the distance. One is a black girl with glasses that I've met at a language cafe in reality. I can't see any defining traits of the other girl, but I assume that to be the friend who was with her. I look the other way. I'm not feeling conversations right now.

      I get a message on my phone. It seems like whatsapp. I'm tasked with babysitting the army right now and someone has gotten themselves into a situation. This person has sent a picture of what seems like 2 barrels near a beer place where they're trapped and there's fire or something like that. I ask the guy that's distracting the 'swimming woman' if he recognises this place. It's just down one of the side streets. That particular street is glowing with green light because there are several beer companies next to each other; at least Grolsch and Heineken. I go over and make a quick entry to the 2 barrels, which I immediately try to extinguish by conjuring up a big amount of water. There's no fire to be extinguished though and no water appears. Still I persist. I try to start with a droplet of water, which appears, and add more and more to it. I've got a little string of water going now.
      Suddenly it dawns onto me that I should try harder, cause things in dreams only happen if you believe in them. I'm now thinking about whether I should just continue the water or solidify the dream. I choose the latter and try to push my fingers through my hand because that will give me a sensation that the water won't. The RC fails. I know that I'm dreaming though. I just shouldn't let go of it. The dream slowly starts fading. I believe that my hearing starts being influenced by the real world, even though this is not true.

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    2. #107: Flash / Digits

      by , 03-08-2016 at 08:01 AM
      I'm in a house with some classmates. I think we're in the house of someone who gave us a lecture once, a PhD student. We're in the living room and I think he is upstairs. I'm helping one of my classmates fix an intricate lamp. It's quite a big thing. I mess around with it a bit. Before I attempted to fix it, the brightness would fade in and out slowly. After my attempt this process happened faster. Whoops, the opposite of what I was attempting. I'm not sure if I end up fixing the lamp. Eventually I'm alone with the classmate I tried to fix the lamp for. She kisses me. I'm not sure anymore what happened after.

      Not sure if I'm doing something in this dream or if I'm an observer. There's a woman and a guy. I might be that guy. They're somewhere high in a stone tower. It's dark outside. Down below there are two people trying to spy on them. They've 'thrown' two small magical gadgets through the window (which is just a hole), something akin to dragonflies. The woman is a witch and the guy also has some skills. They dispatch the spying devices.

      I'm sitting at the same cafe I was sitting in yesterday evening with 4 of my classmates. Now I can only specifically recall 2 of them being there. One of them is sitting to my right, the other in front of me. The one in front of me has had 10 beers and is slightly messed up. A girl who is following a course with us approaches him. They start talking about yesterday's exam. Both of them scored 17 points. He scored equally well as this super smart girl. Very well done. At some point there is a blanc piece of A4 paper on our table, though with stuff written on it. She is asking for his number. He's so messed up that he wrote down something that is by no means correct. Dutch numbers have 10 digits. He used maybe 20, plus the code at the beginning is wrong. It's something like 0088888. He tells me there should be four 8s. I start laughing and take a picture of this with my phone, so that I can show it to him later. I notice that my battery is almost dead. I ask my classmate to my right to give me his phone and look up our friend's number, as I don't have it. I want to help him out and write down his number for him.
    3. #33: Suriname / Appetite / Gear up / Rip off! / Blegh

      by , 11-18-2015 at 08:58 AM
      I'm in Suriname with my family. I'm with my aunt and her oldest daughter / my cousin. I'm not sure if my mom also joined. We are visiting an aunt who lives in Suriname. I'm the last person to walk from inside the house to outside. I stand next to the car, while the rest is already in there. It's a 4x4. I'm not sure of the details anymore, but in the end they drive a bit through the street and I'm standing to the side of the road. I think it was a sunny day, with palm trees and a road next to the beach. The person driving (my aunt) is driving forward and wants to park inside the garage in the house. She hits an edge. The car bounces a bit, but it's no problem.

      My friend Sel, who I haven't spoken to in a few months, has tagged me in a FB post. It's an article from... Buzzfeed? The article is about her. It says something about how people have been photoshopping the pictures she has put on Instagram. The photo that I can see on FB is one where her boobs have been deformed from the photoshopping.

      Think it's part of the same dream. It's a sunny day and we're sitting on a patio. I can't see (or don't bother) to look beyond the borders of the patio. It seems to belong to a restaurant. I think this patio was the background for the photoshopped photo. At one table there are 2 people sitting and at another table a small group. At both tables I know someone. I think I'm with the small group at first and then standing next to the table of the 2 people. It's something about the guy (an Indonesian I believe) having finished an entire cake in just 10 minutes. It doesn't seem so ludicrous... Then I see the platter the cake was in. Wow! In just 10 minutes?

      Gear up
      The details of this dream elude me quite a bit. At first there's something with 2 undercover cops and their dog. They are after someone I guess. They get stopped by a cop with a shotgun and a bulletproof vest, who doesn't know that they're undercover.

      Next thing, they are all by a tent. The wall is lined with weapons. Not only guns, but also axes and other stuff. One of the undercover cops is standing next to it. With ridiculous precision he throws an axe to his partner, who is sitting on a tree log, next to the regular cop. His partner catches it and I think he chops at the head of the cop 1 single time.

      I'm standing on the 2nd floor of an open building. It's night time. The wall of weapons is there. I'm with a girl, though I can't recall who. We gear up, getting ready to defend ourselves or go after someone or something. At one point I'm sure I took one of the 3 axes, but I can't seem to find it on my outfit. I also take a can of graffiti(?), but it's empty, so I leave it behind. When I pressed the button to check I could hear the familiar whizzing sound of just air leaving a canister.

      Rip off!
      I'm in Indonesia. It's a sunny day and I'm driving on a moped. I'm on my way to a sekolah tinggi (high school). My new high school? I have issues remembering the exact direction I took at the start of the dream, but I end up on a parking lot on a roof. I'm lost. I look around me. At first there is a fog, so I can't see that much. I had a map (Google Maps?), but I'm not sure what happened to it. Eventually I see some city landscape, as well as some rural area between mountains. I see some roads. The direction I'm looking at is a dead end. I look at my map, which is carved into a cucumber which I hold in my hand. It's blurry and there is only 1 clear line. There's a teenage Indonesian boy standing on the roof. A cheery fellow, a little bit chubby in the cheeks. In Indonesian I ask him how to get to the school. He isn't sure, but he knows that I'm headed the wrong way. He gives me the directions to the road which I just came from and to then take a right. I can see the road from where I'm standing. The 'take a right' was obvious, as I came from the left. The road looks like it's 1 class below a highway. It's built along the coast and slants to the right. From my perspective, there's a white arrow on the road which tells you that you're supposed to go to the right. I think further ahead is another arrow. I follow the road with my eyes and finger, but eventually stumble into the fog. I ask the boy what next. He tells me he isn't sure, but to take a left. I ask him when. I think to myself that it's at the end of the road. He tells me the same. I get back on my moped. Politely he says something along the lines of 'sorry, you forgot the parking money'. He says something about downstairs, which is odd. He tells me the fee is 5.000 IDR. What a rip-off! I take out my wallet from my back pocket. I don't want to give him 5.000 IDR, but it's the smallest note I have. The note looks strange though. It's red. This feels a bit wrong.* I hand it to him. Now he says the fee is 10.000 IDR. I become mad. I consider switching back to English to show him that I'm a foreigner and show him just exactly how mad I am. I think I start in Indonesian, but end in English. I lay a curse on him. I do it using my Will.^ I'm not sure if it will work. Actually I'm just mad and I don't really want something to happen, I just need to vent. I decide not to use any poison.

      This dream was quite interesting due to the details and the fact that we spoke in Indonesian.
      *5.000 IDR notes aren't red. More like brown, green and yellow.
      ^I'm reading a book where sorcerers use their Will to perform magic.

      I'm in my student home, which looks way different from how it should be. I'm in my room. The ladder to my highrise bed is way longer than in reality. I've positioned it at an angle, allowing me to use it as an exercise bar, hanging from just my hands and moving forwards and backwards. Man, this is pretty easy. I don't know why people are having difficulties with this in Ninja Warrior. Or maybe I'm stronger than I thought. I think about Sel. This makes me feel as if this dream was before the dream with Sel.

      I'm walking in an enormous AH [grocery store]. I want to go home. I think it's dark out already. I'm headed towards an exit. I know my train will depart soon and I'm close to the train station. I keep walking, but I don't seem to make much progress. It's as if I can't move fast, despite my best efforts. Somewhere in the mean time I look at my phone. I have a new email on gmail. It's from Dinne, who is both my colleague and my housemate at this point. I had sent her a one-liner with a joke that she apparently didn't perceive as a joke. She replied back along the lines of that if I fuck with her, she fucks with me. It's about her having mentioned me somewhere in a way that made me seem like a cheap asshole. This has to relate to Bart, our boss. Wauw. A colleague is one thing, but if even the boss is involved. I don't wanna work in a place like this anymore. Then I realise that she is also my housemate. Fuck. I guess I should knock on her door and go talk to her.

      I'm in the kitchen. It's really big and interesting in some ways. It's made mostly out of wood and the seeming lack of a plan while building and decorating it make it appealing.

      This dream really left me feeling blegh. Also not so sure about the order of events.