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    1. #192: Lots of fragments

      by , 08-13-2016 at 02:33 AM
      It's mostly fragments that I remember.

      I'm somewhere with a large crowd. It may be a bar. There's a band performing. The music is great and there's a lot of dancing going on. I'm loving it. I'm with some friends, though I can't recall who, besides my friend Sil. She is kinda annoying me. She wants to have my attention the whole time, but I feel like she is just stringing me along. She knows she's hot and wants the confirmation, but that's it. It's annoying me and I just want to enjoy the awesome music, so I ignore her. At one point there is a drum. It sounds great.

      There's some event inside a building. Perhaps inside the bar as well. There's quite a crowd, but in the middle there's a mostly empty circle. I can't see it clearly cause there are people in the way, but there's a game going on. Whoever manages to balance on one leg the longest wins.. something. There are now 4 people left. There's one white Dutch guy, dressed kinda hip-hop, who continuously switches legs, but always stays on one leg. After a while he decides that it's not worth it to compete for so long for this price. He gives in. There's something about his shoes. I think they are sneakers with wings on them.

      There's an inside area with lots of exactly the same objects. They are moveable. I use it to train some parkour. Two other parkour athletes show up and start getting in my way. I don't feel so comfortable anymore.

      There's some type of diving competition going on. A guy has made a jump from up high into a swimming pool, but he is not satisfied, so he wants to redo it. He has to climb up a wall out of the pool, leading to the platform. This is already his 4th or 5th attempt and he cramps up. He falls. The digital scoreboard displays a 37. I think that's the amount of cm he managed to get up, which is a bad score. His previous one way 1m something. I really hope for him that it's not 'last score counts'.

      I'm with my mom, sitting at the dinner table with her in her living room. For some reason we're having an argument. I really disagree with something she said. I think it was something that put me in a bad light.
    2. #191: Pokemon / Live hash

      by , 08-12-2016 at 02:09 AM
      The details of these dreams are quite vague.

      There's a garbage truck. I may be part of the crew. It's driving around inside a very big building. A school? The scenario stays the same, but the plot changes to me and some others hunting Pokemon. I think I'm wearing a Ghostbusters shirt. I feel quite stupid, going around with my phone like this held out in front of me. There are a lot of people doing the same. At some point I pass a few people who look like a team, all wearing the same orange shirt.

      Live hash
      I'm participating in an event. It's mostly inside a big parking structure. There's two people, a girl and a guy I haven't seen or talked to in many years, whom we need to catch. They are ahead of us and we're following the trail laid out by them. The movements it requires to catches up to them are predominantly parkour based.

      There was some other stuff. Me talking to various people and having to do some stuff.
      I woke up feeling like I really needed to contact a few people, but I couldn't remember who or why.
    3. #177: Faulty brake / Break out

      by , 07-13-2016 at 03:32 AM
      Faulty brake
      It's daytime. I'm driving a car in what seems to be the Netherlands. The steering wheel is on the left side. I think it is my mom's car. I enter a street with a dead end and some parking spots on both side of it. There's a supermarket here. I try to park for what feels like 5 minutes, just failing and failing. First I use the sidewalk to get past 2 cars which are blocking the street. I find some parking spots, but they're all marked with blue lines and a wheel chair. Handicapped spots. Damn. At one point I consider just standing on the spot for a moment, cause it's just going so ridiculously bad. I go back a bit down the street again and find some parallel parking spots. There's 3 in a row, all empty. I try to park, but even here I mess up. I can't get it between the lines. I use the handbrake and the footbrake at the same time, yet the car keeps moving. Eventually it just moves all the way backwards into a container or something, coming to a standstill. While it was moving backwards I realised that this is too messed up to be real. Plus, a car with faulty brakes has happened more often in my dreams. I don't even care what happens to the car anymore. I focus on pushing the index finger of my right hand through my left hand. There's one second where nothing happens and then it suddenly sinks in. Cool! The tip of my index finger emerges on the other side and I wiggle it a bit. I'm not sure if I should keep it there to make it easier to remain stable, or if I should move it out again. I do the latter. This is the first moment that I become aware of the car radio playing music. I make a gesture with my right hand to turn off the sound and it works. Sweet! Now, to summon a fireball to win my bet with werty52. I become anxious for a few seconds at most and suddenly I'm awake in my bed. I didn't RC to check if it was a FA.

      I used to push my finger from my left hand into my right hand. I switched it the other way around about 4 days ago.
      My bet with werty52 is actually to conjure up a waterball.

      I'm in front of a hospital or something. I just arrived by car. There's someone else with me. My mom? I'm supposed to see the doctor, but I can't recall why. There's a railing in front of the hospital and I decide to bust some parkour moves. I do a few vaults, one of them going ridiculously bad. Guess my muscle memory has 'forgotten' these moves, cause I haven't done it in so long. I should practice them again. Not now though.

      There's a very trippy fragment from something happening out in the universe. Two of my friends / people I was with had to kill themselves to go back to the normal dimension.

      Break out
      I'm inside a police station. We've just been arrested for.. dunno. We're in a group. The woman in our group gets escorted to a cell with a glass door that says VIP and looks freaking fancy. Damn. She's escorted by a female cop (wearing a hijab I think and middle eastern style outfit). They start struggling as the woman tries to escape. In the end we all break out. I go by every door, checking if there's someone who might go after us. I have a gun.. a gas gun (or something). It's supposed to knock people out, but it doesn't do much. I still use it anyway. There's only one person in one of the rooms who I know. Kristen, my classmate. I ask her if she will snitch on me. She says she has no clue where I'm going cause we never hang out, cause she thinks I'm crazy and this just proves it. Thanks! She knows exactly where I'll go. Indonesia. I give her a quick hug and run out. We've only got half the crew assembled, cause the other half didn't get arrested. We need to get to them. Someone wants to make a call to them. I tell him not to, cause it may be traced. We walk for a bit (not the mad dash you'd expect from having just escaped police custody). We end up passing my old high school. Two police cars and a third, not police car but looking official, pass by. I turn my head and pretend to be talking to my friends. One of them tells me that I can tell the story that I was trying to tell. As soon as the cars have passed I explain that I didn't have shit to tell. I just wanted to hide my face from the cops. Let's get to the rest of the crew. It's my cousin, her husband and kids.. and an old man.
    4. #169: Fragments

      by , 07-02-2016 at 02:24 AM
      Bed: 23.30
      Wake up: 07.55
      Now: 08.05

      I'm along the side of a highway. There are some metal fences and quite a large gap which I use for parkour practice. I perform several precision drops to the fence below me. At first it's going quite alright, but as I move further to the right, the likelihood of falling into that deep gap increases. I become more careful and as a result, don't execute my jumps well.

      I'm with friends, on the bicycle. We're with quite a large group. There's one couple, who are friends of mine. A girl who is supposed to be my girlfriend is also present. I'm just having fun together with the guy of the couple. We're at the front of the group and my girlfriend is more to the back. I think this is gonna cause me to get into some trouble with her later on. It feels a bit as if some part happens twice. At some point I'm in a bookstore, when my girlfriend catches up. She mentions that something that she was cooking was slightly burned.

      I'm sitting at a table, with my old classmate Re next to me. It's evening. It's kind of a warung type of place. She has her head placed in my lap a few times, which ultimately leads to some sexual jokes. At some point I wonder where this could go, but there are people around, so it's best not to do anything.

      I meet a white guy who seems to be an Australian in his 20's. He tells me that he has been appointed as the new manager of BAM cafe for a few months.

      I'm riding along a big road on a motor, together with a friend, who has his/her own motor. It's a little bit of a rundown road. We actually seem to have gone in the wrong direction, not that I really manage to care. There's an explanation of sorts. A voice over? At one point there is an explanation about poor people taking out loans and carrying the money home with them in inconspicuous bags. I consider for a moment that I could easily steal this woman's bag. I won't. It'll cause a lot of trouble for her.

      I'm with my friend Julia. We just went out (with a group?). It's evening, dark. At this point it's just the two of us. We arrive at what's supposed to be my place. There is some chemistry, but isn't she married? Nothing is going to happen at my place anyway, as it's a men only building. I ask her how long it would take her to get home. She mentions it's 20 minutes walking. I tell her I can take her on my motor. She refuses at first, but because it's quite long and it's dark out and she's alone, I offer again. She says it's a good idea and thanks me for it. She also tells me not to expect anything to happen, but in a way that says that there is a possibility of something happening.
    5. #127: Moves / more moves

      by , 04-16-2016 at 06:12 AM
      I'm at a sort of apartment complex. The scene is about two students, a m/f couple. They're about 24 years old and the girl is pregnant. It feels as if there's a television programme being made about it. The white male presenter mentions something about that they're at least still getting free money (student aid). I don't like the comment. We don't know for sure that they do and it's wrong to pretend as if they will use it all on the baby in a irresponsible manner.

      There's a hallway / stairway leading to the 3rd floor. I go up and on my way say bye to the pregnant girl, who is walking down. She still has a flat stomach, so she's probably not far along. I look at her for a moment, but not too long cause I know my girlfriend is close. I reach the 3rd floor. There are a lot of people partying and there's music. I'm in Miami. There's a fence / railing in my way, so I go over it with a front handspring, with my hands on the bar. In the process I drop a small white towel on the ground, which I pick up. I see my girlfriend [who doesn't resemble my real life girlfriend]. She's smiling at me and I smile back. I feel good about myself for being able to do that move and I think she may be a little proud as well. She's dancing and just in front of her is a girl dancing with her pants a little too low. You can see some buttcrack. I continue my way. There's another railing which I pass significantly less elegant. I place my hands on it and jump with my legs extended to the left. My bad side. I pass it though. My friend in the mean time (I think it was Irli) takes a small run up and does a backflip so far that he just disappears behind a pillar a few metres away. What the hell?! That was insanely awesome.

      More moves
      I'm at my old elementary school. The buildings look more like what it was like when I still went there. I'm standing outside the building that was meant for the 3rd grade. My little brother and his friend Tony are hanging around there. I'm assuming they might get into some trouble at some point. I'm here to practice my parkour skills. I attempt different ways to climb up onto the roof of this building. There is one route that forces me to be careful because of two rows of spikes. There's another route where I first have to jump towards an emergency ladder and can then climb onto the roof. I practice jump that one, first practising what I will do in case I don't make it. I jump below below the ladder, land on the ground and roll away. I'm a bit scared of this one because it's similar to how I ended up messing up my knee in reality. I do it and manage to succeed.

      Other dreams I had were about my housemate tricking me into playing League of Legends and me not wanting to, having sex with a girl who I assume to be Japanese (all I know for certain is that she was Asian), playing a game of tic-tac which evolves into chess, moving to a city at the very edge of the country and driving a car on the highway (with my mom?).
    6. #119: Dragonball / Physical therapy

      by , 04-06-2016 at 06:58 AM
      The scene is from Dragonball. I'm only a spectator. Someone (Frieza?) has assembled all Dragonballs and wants to make a wish. Piccolo and I think also young Gohan and Krillin are there to stop him. Piccolo has transformed his body a bit, super sizing certain parts. He comes flying in and smashes Frieza away, to the surprise of Krillin. Piccolo makes a comment that it's no wonder that Kami doesn't trust [it was Kami or Mr. Popo]. Piccolo shoots some purple ki at the Dragonballs, covering them with sand I think. He could've also just made a wish so that Frieza couldn't anymore, but ok.

      They've turned their backs on Frieza for a bit too long. He's launched a big ass purple energy bomb which will destroy the Earth. It travels around a bit and Goku appears to deal with it. I think he may have gone Super Saiyan (4). He flies in the same direction as the bomb, passes it, makes a u-turn and kicks it so hard that it flies into outer space in perhaps 2 seconds, where it collides with another planet and destroys that one instead. Whoops.

      I'm at my physical therapist (PT), at the basement level. I slowly open the door, but there is a white girl with dark hair working out. I close it again. The intern that I sometimes work together with tells me to wait. Yeah my bad. Suddenly, 10 minutes before my appointment starts, I realise that I'm not wearing my workout outfit. I ask if there is enough time to cycle home real quick and grab it. My PT says it's ok, but that I should make it back in time. I tell him I will with my bicycle, though it's a total piece of crap.

      Once outside I decide to take some hybrid of a bus and taxi instead. It has scheduled departures/arrivals and I know I will be late by a few minutes. On the way back, if there is no bus, I can just run back to my PT. That way I will have done the warmup already. The driver pulls into a side street that's not on the route, to accommodate a girl. Sure, close enough. We all get out. I pay him about 4.000 IDR, plus some EUR because those coins were just in my wallet.

      I'm walking along the length of a wall. I jump off and on it one time. Then I jump off it one last time with a webster [frontflip variation]. Nailed it. Nice, after all this time. I'm walking into my street now. Instead of the houses on the corner I see a beautiful park. Nice. I didn't know I could also enter the park from this side. I have a small fire extinguisher in my hand. I'm trying to walk home but it's as if I'm fighting through an invisible force to get home. Eventually I realise that the extinguisher is holding me back. I realise it and it immediately flies into every direction. I duck for cover.
    7. #118: Fireless / Smash

      by , 04-04-2016 at 07:47 AM
      I'm lying in my bed at my mom's home, next to my girlfriend. It's just like how it's supposed to be. For some reason I'm pretty convinced that I'm dreaming. I decide to push one of my hands through the glass of the window. It goes through. I'm happy to finally be lucid again. There is a blue substance behind the window. Kind of like a body of water, but the texture is as if it has been drawn with crayons. I don't remember every single thing that I did with my lucidity. At a certain point I remembered a lucid challenge I had with werty52: create a flameball in your hand (he has already won that bet). I try to make it happen through several ways. I especially use different voice commands. None of them work. I consider the fact that I'm not believing in myself hard enough to make it happen. I then decide to do something else. I think I'm flying about for a bit. I'm a slightly annoyed by my lack of control over this dream.

      Somewhere in a fancy/modern hallway. I guess I'm just observing. Justen, along with a few other guys is in the hallway. They're all freerunners I think. At least Justen is, that much I know for sure. There's a slanted glass wall and he does a run up against it and tries to perform another trick, but he doesn't manage to finish it. He nearly defied gravity there. Then he runs through the hallway, does a round off > back full combo. While twisting in the air he smashes into an art piece that was standing in the hall. It shatters. It was made out of stone or keramic or something alike. It looked a bit like an old Greek head.
    8. #114: ISIS / Pole fun

      by , 03-21-2016 at 11:09 PM
      I'm sitting in class. The lecturer is one of the lecturer's at my current university, a bald white guy with glasses. The room looks more like a classroom from my high school. After a short while the lecturer takes his dark blue, thick coat and another object which I can't remember, perhaps his bag. He makes a joke about leaving and then says that in all seriousness, we're not allowed to continue the lecture in this room. We're going to a different room, though it's not a real lecture room.

      In the new room, he mentions that he's not allowed to lecture here. But that's ok, cause he's not giving a lecture, he's just giving a presentation which has powerpoint slides (his idea of being funny, and it actually is). At some point we're not in the room anymore but somewhere outside and he's sort of honouring a young guy for academic achievements.

      Next thing I remember my lecturer is holding one of his arms stretched out, holding a gun. He shoots a student through the head. Apparently my lecturer is a member of ISIS. Donald Trump also appears. He's apparently also a member of ISIS. His whole political campaign served to drive regular muslims into the arms of ISIS. I think it's actually pretty smart and makes me think of him in a different light. Less idiot, more mastermind. There's also a flashback or something to him with an old woman whom he loves, though I can't remember more beyond that. She's a vulnerable woman due to her age.

      I'm watching a movie with my little brother and my mom. It's about Super Mario. My brother isn't enjoying the movie. I can't recall if I am. The movie isn't what you'd expect from Super Mario. It's a very deep movie in the sense of a lot of thinking and deep thoughts being involved.

      I'm in a room which is quite shady. All I remember is that there are several gas canisters or oxygen tanks, something along those lines. I open at least one of them up and see that they are filled with seemingly adult human bodies. All of them are black though. This is clearly a hate crime / genocide type of thing.

      Pole fun
      It's a sunny day and I'm walking outside with a girl I know. Behind us is a car, with on the backseat my girlfriend's sister. We're walking in a straight line and the car is right behind us. At some point I think I do a parkour move. A bit later I see a pole, perhaps with a traffic sign on it and a short thicker pole or something alike. I decide to take a run, jump and grab the tall pole with two hands, swing back 360 degrees towards the smaller pole, which is a bit of distance away and land on it. The first time I fail. In the mean time a crowd gathers. They're actually standing in the way, preventing me from doing my run up. I tell people that if they want to watch that's fine, but if they're standing in the way then there's not much to watch. Still some people are in the way. I go for my run up eventually and people move. I manage to execute everything just right and land on the other pole.

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    9. #111: Fragments

      by , 03-17-2016 at 07:27 AM
      Last night while lying in bed I started to notice a sensation that I've experienced a few times before. It felt like my body was swinging from left to right, even though I was lying still. I realised what was happening and told myself to lay still and keep paying attention, but I drifted off anyway.

      I'm riding my crappy bicycle somewhere on a somewhat busy street. I'm with a big group of people, sort of like when you're on a class excursion. Somewhere later in the dream I'm walking around in a big store. I'm somewhat looking for lights to put on my bicycle. At some point I find some lights, but those are not the ones I want.

      I've made a parkourvideo of my own moves. It's one run and every move is executed quite smoothly. The perspective changes a few times and I think see the same video a couple of times. After that (or in between) I see FB comments of the parkour group I posted this video in. Two people seem to think that what I'm doing doesn't count as parkour.

      I'm in Rotterdam. It's evening. I've got the keys to what is supposedly the house of my housemate Bart. Or I should say key. For some reason I've got the key for the door below, but not for the one up stairs. I make it until his frontdoor upstairs and then consider my options.
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      dream fragment
    10. #102: Blade / Parkour

      by , 03-03-2016 at 07:23 AM
      Shortly after going to bed I noticed I was being drawn into a WILD. I could feel my body swaying back and forth at varying levels of intensity. I tried to tell myself to remain aware, but in the end I fell asleep regularly.

      I'm sitting at a round table with a number of people. Two of them are my classmates/friends. I'm not sure who the others are. At the opposite point of where I'm sitting, a rectangular table has been attached to the round table. There are more people sitting there, but I don't remember who. There's gonna be a fight I think, though it's an organised one. Something is being handed out. Pencils? The handing out is based on some type of seniority system. At first I get one, but when I mentioned that I am (one of) the youngest it's taken away again. Having one gives you the right to participate in the fight I believe. The fight is against a blonde Polish classmate of mine. She is wielding some type of katana. Despite me not having a pencil I am chosen as the second person to fight her. I don't want to. I know she will pretty much destroy me. I fight anyway.

      Somewhere early on in the fight I use my left hand to fend off an attack. I'm holding her katana by the blade, but it's not cutting into my flesh. Somewhere vaguely I sense that this is a simulation. Next thing I know I'm sitting on her back. She doesn't seem bothered by my weight. Someone shouts in excitement that she's trying to plant the katana between my shoulder blades. If she manages to do so she wins by default. I struggle for the katana with her. Eventually I bend it and am able to plant it between her shoulder blades. I get cheered on and am feeling proud of myself for managing to win this fight. Apparently this doesn't happen often.

      I'm in what seems like a playground, messing around a little bit. I'm doing some basic parkour jumps which also involve a fence. Eventually I do something more challenging; from a sitting position I fall back and grab the bars of the fence, pushing myself forward again and doing a roll. I end with a frontflip. I do this routine a few times. I know there's someone on the playground with me, but I'm not really paying attention to that person. I start thinking about how it's best if I don't do a sideflip, cause I've tried that perhaps 3 times in my life. I see it happening anyway, making me wonder if I'm the one who did the flip.

      > I'm in the backseat of an Uber. I forgot to check the surge, but it seems like I'll end up paying 3,40. The driver wants me to pay 4,40 though. Uhh, no. He left the engine running for a bit longer. I'm not sure if I'll have enough coins. I seem quite stuck in this dream, counting my coins over and over and the price keeps increasing. By the time I get out of the dream the price was 7,40. At that point in the dream my grandma was there, saying something in Surinam to a guy I don't know.

      > There are three groups inside a building. Groups 1 and 2 are supposedly going to work together to take group 3 down. Group 1 is double crossing group 2 though and is secretly working together with group 3. The ambush is that people whom are walking around the building watching YouTube on their phone are going to stab the members from group 2. It's a bit chaotic. At some point I'm witnessing this while in some guy's body. He gets stabbed by a cute girl. He asks her for a last kiss and she thinks it's cute. Before she does she asks him if this isn't a ploy to stab her back. He says it's not, but tries to stab her anyway.

      -- Had more, but I have stuff to do today damnit!
    11. #99: Train fight / Free food / Knock knock

      by , 02-29-2016 at 08:21 AM
      Train fight
      I'm at a train station in Amsterdam. I'm jogging at a slow pace towards my train. Turns out that wasn't necessary, cause one of the doors still has to open by the time I get there. I'm thinking about which wagon I'm gonna take, taking into consideration where I need to get out. I decide on the 2nd door of the 1st wagon. I take a seat close to the door. The destination of the train is a bit weird. At some point it's Groningen I think, but it will pass the Indonesian island Lombok. The conductor is at the front of the carriage, starting to do his ticket checking routine. Two guys, about late teens, 1 white, 1 black, whom are sitting in the front are causing trouble. They don't have a valid ticket. The conductor tells them to get off, but they refuse. Eventually they start threatening to beat him up. I walk over to the front and tell them not to be stupid. This wagon is loaded with people. One of them tells me he doesn't give a shit and will beat me up too. I tell him that even if he succeeds, there are plenty of people left in this wagon who he'll have to face. He gives me a shove by planting his foot into my chest. He says something, a clever word pun that I can't recall. I tell him that that's funny. It's kinda hard to fight with the carriage swinging left and right. I see a sort of twitter feed about our fight, like a live update.

      Free food
      An event has been organised by some freerunners that I know. Walking around the area while the setup is being prepared, I see a lot of freerun friends. It's starting to rain pretty heavily. Nevertheless the event continues. There are also many non freerunners in attendance. There's a lot of food, including donuts with red glacing. I'm walking around and see that many people are taking the food without paying for it. A blond, teenage girl walks off right in front of me and I grab a hold of her by her elbow to tell her that she should pay for that. I go to one of my friends, who is just about to make an announcement through the microphone. I tell him that he needs to do something about this.

      Knock knock
      I'm with the (ex)girlfriend of my housemate. We're sort of together, but at the same time my housemate is not allowed to find out, perhaps to spare his feelings. We're in what's supposed to be my room, together under the covers. I think a guy enters my room at some point. Also at some point there's a dragon which looks like Smaug behind the not fully closed door. Damn, she didn't close it and now the dragon might get in. I quickly go to close it. At some point I go to the adjacent bathroom to take a shower. It's of real shitty quality. The water won't even drain. I convince myself that this is Indonesia. Maan.. do I really wanna do this for 3 months, showering like this? It's just the beginning of my journey and I'm already sick of it. Then I think about the fact that this is February and I'm not in Indonesia yet. This is a practice run of sorts to allow me to get used to it.
    12. #73: Smell / Wet / Wetter

      by , 01-21-2016 at 09:48 AM
      I went to bed a bit earlier than usual I think, but not by much; between 23:00 and 23:30. I woke up at 06:00, stayed awake for a while and then slept again. The last time I woke up was around 08:45, it's now 09:15.

      Something that has to do with Dragonball Z and timetravelling.

      Something about my little brother, though I don't remember what.

      One of classmates has made a parkour video. I'm watching it, but also sort of living it. It's taking place outside during the day.

      A dude enters my kitchen. He has a plastic tomato ketchup bottle and he intents to stab me with one of the shards.

      There was a police chase that ended in Indonesia. A guy ended up getting electrocuted by a power cable. I think he was the bad guy. He ended up like that cause he was just centimetres away from the cable while standing on top of a car that I ran in to with my police car. The steering wheels were all on the left, though in Indonesia they should be on the right. I also remember my girlfriend and another friend being there.


      I'm with my cousin and her 4 and 1 year old kids. I'm on the ground playing with the 4 year old when I smell something. I wonder if the 1 year old just pooped in his diaper. Just moments after I'm sure he has, he somehow pulls his diaper of and starts playing with his poop. He even eats some of it. His sister joins him. I try to stop both of them, but they still get some in their mouth. Meanwhile their mom, just 1 metre away, doesn't do a thing.

      I think this might be the first time I smelled something in a dream!

      I'm on a couch or in bed with two girls. One of them reminds me of the girl with the ukelele from Scrubs. The other is a girl I went on a few dates with. Ukelele girl just joined us and is already passed out on the corner. I tell the other girl that Ukelele has a nice butt and grab a hold of it. Ah, guess I was mistaken.

      A bit later the girl I dated is gone. Ukelele girl is naked and I invite her to join me in the shower. I walk to the bathroom. It's mostly blue/green -ish tiles and a weird shaped bath that's very shallow, made of the same material. A lot of my clothes are on the bathtub (on instead of in, because it's like a platform). They're all somewhat wet, as are my black backpack and my blue/white striped hammock. I attempt to rescue them, but I quickly grow tired of it. It seems the cause is that the tub isn't probably draining, just a few drips at a time, in combination with the crane leaking a bit. I walk outside to the other room again. Ukelele is dressed. I'm surprised that she isn't joining me. She says I only hurt her, so she won't. I'm surprised again. I thought she meant physically, but she meant emotionally, as I don't want the same level of commitment that she wants. We walk in the bathroom again and this time I make a real effort of saving my stuff. She helps me. Now there's also my iPhone, iPod and 1 or 2 more valuables, plus someone else's white iPhone with a colourful cover with an integrated charging point that hooks up to the side, which I think is pretty weird. They are covered in a layer of water and I quickly move them all out.

      I'm at a party in a public area, something like a small park or something. It's my birthday? I'm not sure. I recall several family members being there. Most noticeable is my uncle, who I've never dreamt about before. There are several party tents. There were some people who joined in a small, friendly competition with me, a sort of mini championship. They've just left the party, but the score cards are still on the table. A bulldog appears out of the blue. My mom places some chocolate in a box on the hood of a car close to him. I take it away and tell her that chocolate can kill dogs. She says that the chocolate wasn't meant for him, plus it's in a box. I reply that he might take it anyway. He then makes a run for a table which has tiny sausages and cheeses on it. At first a bit like a cartoon dog would do, he snatches the sausages in rapid pace. Then he just uses his mouth like a regular dog and goes all out. Some people look at him in disgust. I run after him to get him away. He runs from me. I hold a sausage in my left hand and let my arm hang besides my body. He runs up to me and I grab him by the skin of his neck. He fights me, but I take him with me. For a moment I wonder if he's in pain, but this is how you pick up a dog, right? He has a keychain around his neck. I take the keys off and cross the street, towards an appartmentcomplex. He also has a kind of nametag, except there is no name on it, just a drawing. Great. I take a look at the different keys. My grandma stands besides me and tells me to use a certain one. I do and it opens. In the mean time a woman all the way at the top comes down and thanks me for bringing back her dog. I think she has short blonde hair. She has the dog in her arms and it's cuddling her back. I guess it's safe to assume this is really her dog. I also hand her the keys.

      Back at my party it is slowly starting to rain. There are some drinks on a table that aren't covered. My uncle, being a wiseass, says that there is no need to cover them cause none of them are his. In the mean time we cover up everything else. When I look to that area again there is a white table with an enormous laptop on it, which must have at least a 30" screen. It's closed and there's a big "sun umbrella" (can't think of the word right now) positioned above it, to keep it dry. It still gets a bit wet. It's the laptop of my mom's boyfriend. He's worried about it.
    13. #69: Presentations

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:25 AM
      Went to bed a bit before midnight. Really had issues falling asleep, took me at least until 01:00. I set the alarm for 06:45.

      I'm in a classroom. The presentations of our project groups are about to start. The lecturer asks me to present for our group. I tell him that someone else in our group has already prepared to present. The lecturer asks me to present anyway. My voice changes just a little bit, I guess it breaks a little. I ask him why. He backs off, seeming a bit intimidated. I go up to my group to tell them and we laugh about it a little. In my head I've got the joke ready that that's the advantage to being black: it's easy to scare white people. I don't make the joke.

      We're on the 2nd floor of a building. The walls on two sides have arched holes in them so you can look outside. There's some parkour going on. It looks like a live video. One guy falls from the 2nd floor. I take a look over the edge. The guy was lucky. He's still hanging on to an edge just a bit below, so he didn't tumble all the way down. A teacher for a different course then decides to stand on an object which was used in this particular parkour run, to prevent more people from doing it. It's presentation time again. The first teacher ends up buying us all food, but only some of us get to choose. He makes a girl take orders from all of us. Everyone is shouting and I suggest that she writes it down, cause she's not gonna remember that many orders. My friend is sitting next to me. He complains that it's unfair that some people get to choose their orders and others don't.

      I had another dream but I don't really have the time or energy right now to go into it. It involved my Indonesian classmates, a train station, drugs and being late for an appointment with my thesis supervisor. The dream sucked
    14. #68: Supermarket shenanigans / Castles

      by , 01-07-2016 at 09:15 AM
      I went to bed around 23:30. Couldn't sleep until at least 00:30. I woke up at 08:00. It's now 08:40I

      I'm with two friends I met in Indonesia. We're sitting in a small restaurant in Indonesia, the three of us at one small square table. It's raining outside.

      Supermarket shenanigans
      I'm in a supermarket it seems, though no one who is present is using it as such. There's a gymnastics mattress on the ground. We've been told to do a roundoff - backhandspring. I'm with a few guys. Most of them nail it. Damn, I haven't even done a roundoff for so long. I do the roundoff on the floor. I nail it. Ok, guess I'll go for the combo. I run up to the mattress and perform the roundoff perfectly. The backhandspring is miserable though. I think we're supposed to do it five times. I go back in line. I get skipped a few times for not really being in line. I don't really care, though I should probably practice a bit more before the instructor gets here. I think it's my taekwondo instructor.

      At some point the lights are out. I'm moving around on touch after a while as my eyes haven't adjusted to the dark. At some point they suddenly do and I go from no vision at all to a decent amount of vision.

      It's daytime. It's nice weather, a bit sunny. I'm outside, though I think at this stage of the dream I'm more of a bodyless spectator. There are a few people near a balustrade made out of grey stone. From the look of it, it's an old building, like an old city hall. Two white people behind the balustrade are arguing with two white people in front of the balustrade. The people standing on higher ground are an older man and an older woman. The woman has short, grey hair which makes her look like a man. I wonder for a moment if she's not a man. I check her shoes. Female boots. Well to be honest, that doesn't mean a thing. The people standing on lower ground are a 20ish year old girl who is filming the woman and a guy about the same age. The girl is working for a gossip media platform. The woman has already dragged the boss or the girl to court once and won a big amount of money. She intends to do it again now. I think the reason for filming was something along the lines of the woman's husband's death. The man next to the woman at some point is friendly to the two, though it is a kind of friendly that you reserve for people you dislike.

      At the same location, this place is now part of a castle I think. I'm sitting on the balustrade. Just to my right is a white or a very light skinned girl. Her hair has a lot of small curls. I can see the make up around her eyes. We start talking. She mentions liking puffy cheeks. She moves her hands up to her face and then on to play with her hair. I tell her that for a moment I thought she was gonna touch her non-puffy cheeks and start complaining about them. We talk some more. I ask her if she's heard about the bee which delayed an airplane of Garuda [true story]. She tells me she's heard about it. I take a look to my left. We're on an island and in the distance I can see some awesome castles. The image zooms in for a few seconds and then back again, as if it's on a tv. I tell the girl to have a look, but just then it zooms out. I tell her to wait a moment. We both think it's awesome and we want to go there. Any moment now we might be called to board our plane though. There's a bench just below my feet, where at least 3 girls are sitting. One of them is kind of holding me in place. I push on her back with my feet, pushing my weight onto her. Then I let go. She, or one of her friends, asks me how much I weigh. I answer 65ish kg. They are all very surprised that I'm so light.

      I'm walking with the curly girl towards the castles. To our left, again we see more castles and some other stuff. There's a kind of maze as well. There are also some bleachers, from which people are throwing things. Somewhere at the end I can see my Dutch language teacher from high school. There's a gap somewhere between two blocks and instinctively I go into parkour mode. I precision over it, though I can tell my balance is a bit off. I've placed one foot a bit further than the other on my landing. Next is a block to the left, which is higher than the one I'm standing on. I run towards it but I don't have full power. Instead of landing on top of it I catleap and then pull up. My pull up is quick and strong, though I linger around for a moment. Somewhere further on there's a dude standing. There's a naked white dude who is climbing his back for some reason.

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    15. #62: 24

      by , 12-23-2015 at 10:28 AM
      I went to bed around 23:10 and spend 10 minutes reading. After that I did a DY exercise (focus on 1 thought, 6 minutes). I woke up around 05:00 I think, went to the toilet and didn't really fall asleep again until 07:00 or maybe even 08:00. It's now 10:00

      This dream had quite a number of repititions in it. I'm inside a building. Not sure if I'm bodily present or just a spectator. I'm in a sort of lobby with an escalator. I'm looking at the outer wall, which consists of glass panels with a black framework. I can clearly see that it's daytime. There are two white cops. One is a woman, the other a guy. There are also two freerunners. I think also one male, one female. I think the freerunners perform a bit at the insistence of the female cop. They are standing in the lobby. One of them runs to the exit a bit to the left and then once outside, runs all the way to the right, along the glass wall. The other one immediately runs right. I think this is one of the repeated moments which happens more than once. I think at some point one of the freerunners does a sideflip outside.

      My view is from outside the building now. The male cop brings the car around and the female cop joins him. They have been called in for an emergency.

      At this point it's Jack Bauer and I who are responding to the emergency. We're inside an office building. There's a group of white women who presumably work there. They were just about to leave, but we make them show us the way. At least one of them is clearly grandma age. Guns drawn, we move towards an elevator. It's not really an elevator though. It's more of a vertically moving platform. I look up and I can tell that there's nowhere to go as there is a ceiling right above us. Someone (Jack?) presses the 2 button and we move 2 floors down. One of the ladies (the grandma?) makes a flirty comment to me. I respond quite seriously to it and am not interested. Jack and I move along a hallway.

      Jack and I have taken cover behind a wall with a big glass window in it. We're laying on the floor so that the wall can conceal us. In front of us is a huge area, which is hard to describe. I think it's still inside, but there are sort of islands. I see things happening from another perspective (or maybe I saw this part earlier already). Rachel from Friends is laying on her back on the ground just behind a desk. There's a dude crouched close to her. His boss is telling him that he's fired and he loses it. He rips open one of the upperbody layers that Rachel is wearing. I see a nipslip moment. He then proceeds to place one hand on her breast and slides another into her pants. She is somewhat shocked and starts to scream for help. This part repeats as well and this time the dude holds one hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. There's another dude who takes advantage of the whole situation and starts talking to the rapey dude to further destabilise him and turn it into a whole hostage situation. That's why Jack and I are here.

      We're still behind the wall. The office ladies, mostly old women I think, are walking through the hallway in our direction. We try to motion them away, because they might draw the attention of the hostagetakers. They get the hint, but one of them makes a loud popping sound with her prosthetic whatever, which sounds like a gun reloading. The guy has heard it and moves in on us. This part also repeats, but this time there are young kids instead of office women. One time the guy walks up to the glass window and doesn't see us. Another time he sees us, but I'm busy reloading my gun softly, so I'm not prepared to shoot him. Another time he sees only Jack, who quickly passes me his gun before surrendering, as I don't have one of my own.

      The hostagetaker has murdered the 21 year old black president of an African country and an old white lady. A young girl is still alive. The dude comes up close to us (we're still behind the wall) and plays with some kind of toy factory with a tiny conveyor belt and mini pizza's or something alike. I'm tempted to do something with the conveyor belt (can't recall what), but I don't. It's all really weird. I think eventually Jack loses his shit over the dude killing the little girl, but I'm not too sure about that. A shoot out ensues, which I think also repeated itself. One time I had the 'weak' gun and another I had the 'strong' one, which is Jack's. Damn the strong one is awesome. I end up giving the hostagetaker an execution shot. Jack bulletsprays and some point, and nearly hits me. It's the weak gun though, so it's ok. I can see the path of the bullets he's fired.

      I'm standing on the island close to where Rachel was. I'm holding a yellow, plastic, flower handbag toy which is a boombox. Different beats come out of it if you twist some knobs. I'm with KRS-ONE and I make him do a freestyle.

      I can't recall the scenery, but there's a guy who's using a showerhead to shower me (not sure if I had clothes on or not). He aims it at my head and I tell him not to make my hair wet.

      I'm on a ship with a group of people. It's an old timey trade ship and we're out in the middle of the ocean. At some point I'm with at least one classmate. Polgara is also present at some point, as I send someone to go get her. I recall us being in a harbour at night and also that I dropped some glasswork on deck which needed cleaning. There's also another old ship in the harbour. I take the 'wheel' and I crash into a lot of stuff while reversing.
      It's too bad I didn't take notes for this one, cause it was definitely interesting.

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