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    1. First DJ in a long time

      by , 07-21-2018 at 11:12 AM
      Wrong train
      I'm somewhere in the Netherlands, at the train station. I think I'm going home. I need to catch a train. I have a look at the information sign and decide to get on this particular train. In the end, it brings me to the wrong destination. I get out. Now I first have to go back to where I came from, before I can continue onwards to the right destination.


      I don't really remember much from this dream. I'm going bouldering and there's a group of people.

      I'm in what somehow appears to be Thailand. It's daytime and I'm entering some type of nature park with the car. I'm with several family members. My mom, my aunt G and her son and some others. The road we enter through is just straight. I don't remember anything about what we did while we were inside there.

      On the way out, the road we came through is flooded. We're walking towards it now and the car in front of us goes through a puddle of water and actually is completely submerged. The solution I come up with is to advance using a canoe. I'm close to doing it when my mom calls me to get in the car. She drives off in the opposite direction and we somehow end up on a perfectly paved road that is the exit on the other side of the park. It's located lower than the other exit and therefore not flooded. (Doesn't make sense). Somewhere along the way we have to squeeze in, have some people sitting on laps. My friend from elementary school, Ser, has to sit on my lap.

      We're on our way back to... some place. We're in a small van and pass a security checkpoint. Usually we have to show our ID, but this time we don't. After a bit longer, the van is stopped and we do eventually have to show our ID. The driver and my mom have already given their driver's license. I dig through my black and red backpack that's stowed between my legs. I'm looking for my wallet, which has my driver's license in it. As I find it, I notice that while what I've got in my hands is the same format and colour as my actual driver's license, it is in fact not my driver's license. It's a plastic card with something in English written on it and some tape that I added to it myself. The text reads something along the lines of that the Thai police officer holding my card has passed away and therefore I will get my driver's license back in a while. I'm walking towards a police officer to talk about this. I've left my bag inside the van, next to the open sliding door and the bag still being open. A kid runs up to the van and rummages around my bag, stealing at least 1 x 100 SRD note. A police officer takes at least 2. I manage to stop them from taking any more. I manage to get my note back from the kid, as I'm easily stronger than him. The cop is a different story, seeing as how he could arrest me.

      We're about to continue our drive. There's a whole group of teens now walking in front of us, including the kid from earlier. I jokingly say that we should run them over. I talk about my license with my mom. She says that it's very long till I get it back. On July 21, which is supposedly 3 more weeks. I tell her it's in a few days. Either that's too late, cause we're leaving the country on the 19th.
    2. #120: Train fragment

      by , 04-07-2016 at 06:17 AM
      Shitty recall this morning. I think it's because of the painkiller I took right before bed.

      I'm sitting in the train together with 2 friends, though I can't recall who. We exit, leaving our stuff behind, and go somewhere else for a while. Whatever it is we're doing, it takes us 30 minutes to get back to the train. The train had been waiting for us, like a taxi. We board the train again and I think to myself how selfish this was of us, plus impractical. People here have been waiting for 30 minutes, while there's a new train every 15 minutes. We could've just taken our stuff with us and taken a later train upon returning to the station.
      Tags: friend, train
    3. #112: Language cafe & fragments

      by , 03-18-2016 at 03:58 PM
      Language cafe
      I'm at a social gathering / semi language cafe. The coordinator is my thesis supervisor. He makes two groups and splits us up using a wall divider. One side is for people who want to speak in different languages, the other side for people who just want to talk to others. On my side of the wall are perhaps 6 people. I think I end up speaking some Spanish, despite my Spanish being shitty in real life. At a certain point the divider is removed. My classmate Kristen is with some people on the other side of it. She starts crying because the person she was talking to left. She's crying because she just wanted to meet someone and her plan fell through. She's totally burned out. I think my thesis supervisor tries to comfort her, though at this point he may have also turned into one of the other lecturers, who isn't capable of being very supportive.

      » I'm at a camping site. Several of my friends are there. It's already a bit dark out and it's quite a mess around here. As if a multi-day festival just took place... or a flood. We're working on inflating my mattress. It's quite a big thing. You can even open it using a zipper and then store your bags inside for safekeeping. There's also a flute looking attachment which you can use to manually inflate it a bit more. I recall talking to a guy I haven't met before, but I'm not sure what it was about.

      » I'm at a train station. I was sitting on the train, but a bit panicly came out. I think because I was afraid to miss my stop. Whilst walking the length of the platform my grey hat gets blown from my head and lands on the train tracks perhaps 5 or 10 metres away. It instantly combusts, though it partially survives. Physically I don't respond to this at all. In my mind I think it sucks, cause I bought that one in Indonesia. It is my own fault. I could feel my hat shifting a little bit due to the wind, but did nothing to stop it. The second pull is what made it fly away.

      » We've gone on a trip with our class and now we're headed back.. by bus? We're going back to the central meeting point. One girl is disappointed by that, cause her house is in the opposite direction.

      » I'm with some classmates. One of them is making a fuzz over having kissed one of our classmates.

      » I'm sitting in class. Two of my classmates are arguing and eventually it resorts to one of them being silent and the other intermittently shouting "why won't you listen to me?!" or something along those lines. After a while the lecturer threatens to stop the lecture if my classmate doesn't stop interrupting it. My classmate says he'll be cool, but in the end.. nope.
    4. #110: Weirdo / Subway

      by , 03-15-2016 at 07:24 AM
      I'm walking somewhere, I think around a train station. I'm together with my girlfriend. Next to us is a white guy. From the opposite direction a bald white guy is approaching. About my height, but much more muscled. As he walks by he strokes my girlfriend's chin. We are both surprised by what he does. I run after him and do the same to him. He punches me, though not that hard. I run back to my girlfriend. Maybe that'll get him to think about his actions. We were talking to the white guy that is walking next to us. I think it was about our future plans. At the end of the dream we're near a bus stop.

      I'm riding a subway together with my cousin. It doesn't feel very familar, as if we're riding a subway in a different city. I'm not too confident about the route, so I look at the map quite a bit. We have to transit somewhere. Because I'm not familiar I consider going all the way to the end point and transferring there, which is relatively easy. There's a white guy who is riding the subway without having paid. The conductor caught him and to get out of it he has to go to the front to do the dishes. When the conductor gets back he accuses him of not having done the dishes. I tell the conductor that he did. I heard the water running. The conductor continues for a while and I tell him to just go check if he did the dishes before he hands out a fine. I decide to transfer at this station, so I say bye to the guy and wish him good luck.

      My cousin and I are at the top of the stairs when he starts feeling around his pockets. He thinks he forgot his bankcard. For some reason I picture a very specific bank. He goes back into the subway and the guy we were talking to throws him his wallet. My cousin makes a joke about not having taken anything from his wallet. My cousin can't exit in time anymore, the doors close.
    5. #105: Fragments

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:24 AM
      > There's an action scene going on. It may have been with Bruce Willis. He and two others have crammed themselves into 1 F1 car and are fleeing from some dictator or something. The type of car alternates. At one point he's at a provincial road with a type of farmer pickup truck, with a tank approaching from another direction. I think about how this would be so much easier with a superfast car such as a Bugatti and voila, it happens. In the end he returns to the racing track, where two guys who are on his side are waiting for him.

      > In a forest with some people, including my cousin. He's picking red berries?

      > There's a conversation going on about Jackie Chan. It's about how he is very muscled, but also very short. For stunts involving gymnastics equipment a quite tall white guy comes in to check everything. Instead of using adult equipment, he'll use equipment for the age category 9 - 13 (or something along those lines).

      > Fairly certain there was something that involved a train, but can't remember what.

      > I have a new phone. It runs on Android. I like the functionality of it, but I'm still on the fence about the look. It's like it isn't entirely finished.

      > I'm playing/seeing a game that in terms of graphics looks like the Pokémon games from when I still played them. I notice something odd, but it doesn't trigger a response from me.
    6. #103: Fragments

      by , 03-04-2016 at 07:08 AM
      > I'm busy cleaning my room in my student home. I've gotten into an argument with my mom somehow. She enters my room but since I've got my back to her I pretend that I don't know that she's here. She pokes me in my sides. I respond annoyed. So does she. She then asks me something.

      > I'm reading something about how Surinam is related to Spanish and some other languages. I consider learning something of these languages so that Surinam will become easier for me. Then I realise that that's idiotic. I might as well just focus on Surinam immediately.

      > I'm at the cinema with a girl who has only recently become a girl. She is nice to me and offers to pay for the tickets. Well that's definitely a change from when she was still a guy. It feels like I went out with the girl behind the ticket desk once, cause she's acting quite jealous. She's saying stuff such as that I should update my relationship status. A bit early for that I think. We then sit together with a group of people, who start cracking terrible vagina jokes in Dutch.

      > I check in at a train station. I can clearly see the same at which the train is supposed to leave. There also is a train, but the sign which displays the destinations doesn't match up with where I want to go. It shows a lot of places I've never heard of. They don't even sound Dutch. I end up skipping this train.
    7. #101: Train fun / Ex / Cinema

      by , 03-02-2016 at 07:31 AM
      Train fun
      Spoiler for 18+ stuff :P :

      > I'm going around on a tropical island, together with other people. I think we had to complete some assignments, though I can't recall what.

      > I'm with a close friend and my housemate, though I'm not certain I'm with them at the same time. First I'm in a bus and later I'm in a school with my friend. We're looking for a classroom. I'm already late for class. Eventually we venture down a long hallway where a white woman is standing who I think is the teacher. She's waiting. She's talking to someone or multiple people... guards? The class I'm going to attend is a coffee brewing class I think. The other students and I form a huddle before we leave.

      Spoiler for Some more 18+ stuff :

      I'm in the cinema where I used to work with a friend of mine. Not sure if we've already gone to the movie or still want to go, but we figure we need to pee. We go to the toilets on the third floor, which aren't there in reality. Pretty much all occupied. Ow lets go to the second floor. There's another guy with us who doesn't quite get why. I tell him that that floor is always less crowded. It turns out that the second floor is totally under construction. There's not a single working toilet. Damn.

      In the main hall against the wall, there's an animation or a statue of a smurf holding a big platform. He's squatting with it and every time he pushes out, he goes up a bit, bringing the platform closer to the ceiling every time. That's quite fun.
    8. #99: Train fight / Free food / Knock knock

      by , 02-29-2016 at 08:21 AM
      Train fight
      I'm at a train station in Amsterdam. I'm jogging at a slow pace towards my train. Turns out that wasn't necessary, cause one of the doors still has to open by the time I get there. I'm thinking about which wagon I'm gonna take, taking into consideration where I need to get out. I decide on the 2nd door of the 1st wagon. I take a seat close to the door. The destination of the train is a bit weird. At some point it's Groningen I think, but it will pass the Indonesian island Lombok. The conductor is at the front of the carriage, starting to do his ticket checking routine. Two guys, about late teens, 1 white, 1 black, whom are sitting in the front are causing trouble. They don't have a valid ticket. The conductor tells them to get off, but they refuse. Eventually they start threatening to beat him up. I walk over to the front and tell them not to be stupid. This wagon is loaded with people. One of them tells me he doesn't give a shit and will beat me up too. I tell him that even if he succeeds, there are plenty of people left in this wagon who he'll have to face. He gives me a shove by planting his foot into my chest. He says something, a clever word pun that I can't recall. I tell him that that's funny. It's kinda hard to fight with the carriage swinging left and right. I see a sort of twitter feed about our fight, like a live update.

      Free food
      An event has been organised by some freerunners that I know. Walking around the area while the setup is being prepared, I see a lot of freerun friends. It's starting to rain pretty heavily. Nevertheless the event continues. There are also many non freerunners in attendance. There's a lot of food, including donuts with red glacing. I'm walking around and see that many people are taking the food without paying for it. A blond, teenage girl walks off right in front of me and I grab a hold of her by her elbow to tell her that she should pay for that. I go to one of my friends, who is just about to make an announcement through the microphone. I tell him that he needs to do something about this.

      Knock knock
      I'm with the (ex)girlfriend of my housemate. We're sort of together, but at the same time my housemate is not allowed to find out, perhaps to spare his feelings. We're in what's supposed to be my room, together under the covers. I think a guy enters my room at some point. Also at some point there's a dragon which looks like Smaug behind the not fully closed door. Damn, she didn't close it and now the dragon might get in. I quickly go to close it. At some point I go to the adjacent bathroom to take a shower. It's of real shitty quality. The water won't even drain. I convince myself that this is Indonesia. Maan.. do I really wanna do this for 3 months, showering like this? It's just the beginning of my journey and I'm already sick of it. Then I think about the fact that this is February and I'm not in Indonesia yet. This is a practice run of sorts to allow me to get used to it.
    9. #49: Fragments only

      by , 12-05-2015 at 09:31 AM
      Went to bed around 01:00, but I couldn't fall asleep until I believe 03:00. Woke up at 09:00 and started writing at 09:15.

      » I'm in a room with my ex girlfriend. It seems to be a living room. There's a low rectangular table. At one end there's a comfy chair and I think to the side of the table is a small couch. My ex girlfriend is chasing after me. We're going in circles around the table. Sometimes the direction reverses. I can't recall what the reason is. It's partially for laughs and partially because I don't wanna be close to her. At some point while making a few clockwise runs around the table I figure out a faster moving pattern, by pushing off the couch and chair.

      » It's dark and late. I'm outside, bicycling with one of my best friends to... not sure. The train station I believe. I can't recall why, but I make mention of the idea of buying a baguette and getting drunk. We're now in an AH [supermarket], which doubles as a bikeshop. The shop is quite dark and only the employee/owner is present. We've parked our 3 bicycles a bit to the back, in front of a cooling cell. I talk to the employee/owner and he tells us to park on a certain spot, which we do.

      » I think one of my friends found my new gloves and got excited about them and wore them himself.

      » I'm with a different ex girlfriend. She's telling me about how I hurt her in the past. She says that at one point I said she had whorelegs, because they were big and ugly. She tells me that I was right about them, but that it was mean.

      » I'm in a train. At some point I think I move to another section of the train. I recall there being people about.

      » I've got the small grey blender from my mom and put it up on a fridge that's almost my height. The blender doesn't look anything like I should. I think I take it with me to the kitchen counter to blend a banana.
    10. #47: Train run / Sorcery / Wedding

      by , 12-03-2015 at 08:38 AM
      I went to bed around 23:30 and spent the last 30 minutes or so reading a book. I woke up naturally around 07:15, went to the toilet, back to bed and stayed there until 07:45.

      Train run
      I'm sitting in a train with my close friend Li. Next moment we're out of the train and in a train station. We have to transfer to another train which is departing very soon, around ??:44 or something alike. We make a run for it. Due to the stupid system, we have to make a detour. We first have to check in somewhere, before backtracking and then heading off in the right direction. On the way to our check in, we run over a nearly empty square in the train station. As far as I can remember, we were at a point where you couldn't see the outside. There are I believe 3 guys standing in the square. Two of them are handing out flyers for something. One of them wants to give me a flyer. Can't this dude see I'm in a rush! In all fairness I could've accepted the flyer while running. We make it to the check-in and rush back. I'm not sure where I see the time, but for a moment I see that the time is ??:24 or something close to it. That would give us all the time in the world. Why run? I think we approach some stairs.

      We're next to the train, still running to find a door to enter through, as the train is crowded and we won't find everywhere. The whistle has already been blown, a sign that the doors will close. We manage to make it. We then decide to sit down. I think for a moment about the interior of the train, which seems odd.

      I'm in a big multi-storey building which is being renovated. I don't recall there being any furniture and the place is mostly neatly white. Naturally there are guys all about the place, working on the renovation. I'm semi-running down some stairs. At some point I decide to jump down, which is quite a jump. I land just behind and a bit to the right side of my physical therapist, who is crouched on the floor, perhaps because he is also working. He doesn't notice it. My landing was soft. In my mind this is parkour related. His co-worker does notice and potentially also his intern. I continue down the stairs, but at the same time the dream's focus is on the exchange that happened between the physical therapists about me.

      I feel like this is the same neat, white building. I'm standing on a balcony along with at least 1 other person, though I think there are more. It's daytime. If I remember correctly the woman standing next to me on the balcony is my former boss, but at the same time she is also Polgara, a sorceress from the book I'm reading. I myself am also a sorcerer. Down below there is a car park, which belongs to this building I would guess. There are two cars which are leaving. Both of them have a bad guy in it. They are moving towards the building, where apparently the exit is. Ow no you don't. I use my sorcery/telekinesis to drag the car of the last guy back. Then I point at the hood of the car and say "Burst". [This command is also used in the book sometimes]. The engine bursts. Though the other guy is already below the building and out of my sight, I try to use my telekinesis once more. It works. The car is dragged back into the parking lot and then tumbles to its side. I have to be more careful with this one. This guy is important and we want him alive. If I use too much force to make his engine burst it could explode and kill the guy. Instead I turn the car into a different type of car. One that's a bit beatdown and has a very noticeable paintjob. Now he probably can't get away and if he can, it's easy to follow him. The guys below decide to take action against us. One of them does something which I can't recall too specifically. He turns himself into a big hideous ball or something alike and bounces up and down like a big bouncing ball. My boss/Polgara tries to get a hold of him, but her sorcery doesn't reach that far. She leans over the railing but comes up just too short. I take a hold of her legs and push her further out over the railing. Because I did this I can recall that the wore light-blue jeans, though I can't recall the rest of her outfit. I think she was pregnant though. I'm not sure if she managed to get a hold of the guy.

      Next thing I know, one of the guys has performed some sorcery of his own (or used something else) to set up a lot of worms in the building. God this is gross. Then it dawns upon me that all these worms are tiny bombs. I run along the edges of this floor, which seems to be predominantly round. Along the edge are a number of 'packages' made out of worms, which are all explosives.

      The day before this dream I told my dreambuddy (werty52) that I considered taking up a new challenge for myself: become lucid and perform telekinesis. I forgot the lucid part

      » I think there was something about Bali, though I can't recall anything. It might be due to the fact that the boss I dreamt about is on Bali right now. I always seem to manage to find something Indonesia related to dream about

      It's my wedding, or the preparation for it. It's daytime and I'm standing outside with my bride to be and a man and a woman who are supposed to be my parents, but they're not. Maybe they're her parents? It's time for some photos and what not. I look at the dress my bride to be is wearing. It's definitely not a wedding dress, but she looks amazing. I think it was a green dress, with a slit running up until one of her thighs. The people are bossing her around quite a bit. Poor her. Somehow I'm under the impression that I am a king. We sit down on a stone bench. I think some photo's are made.

      I'm in a house, I think in a living room. The wedding party? My friend Christina is there. She makes a joke about having bought me a pack of (Indonesian?) cigarettes for nothing. For a moment I'm not sure how to reply. I think I also bought her a pack. [Neither of us smokes]. I move to open the door. The door opens into a hallway of perhaps a metre wide and 5 metres long. Halfway on the right side is another door opening. At the end on the left are stairs going down. There's a girl standing in front of the door. She seems Moroccan or Turkish. More and more girls join, as well as some guys. They are all distant relatives from one another along with their boyfriend. The only thing I can specifically remember about their clothes is that most (or maybe all) of the girls were wearing a hijab. I remember thinking something along the lines of: great, you invite 1 person and she brings someone who also brings someone and now there are 10 people here I don't know.
    11. #40: Stations / Sales

      by , 11-26-2015 at 09:55 AM
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in a train. I'm on my way to my hometown. The train stops at a train station with the name of my hometown on it. Heh.. no way. This station doesn't like it at all. It's a tiny station almost in the middle of nowhere. I think an elderly couple gets off. I'm still a bit confused over the situation. It's one thing to get the wrong info from the on board announcements, but to have the wrong namesign up on a train station... Suddenly I see the area from an aerial perspective. Ow I get it now. They've added 2 new train stations in this city, to increase accessibility. Apparently they all have the same name.

      At the next station now. I clearly see a shop on the other platform. The building is very rectangular. I'm standing on a different platform. I look at the announcement board and see that the next train will go to my hometown. I start walking towards the correct platform. I will have to check out and check in again.

      » I'm with my cousin. She takes a look at my dreads. She gets all excited and sort of states that I've fixed them. I tell her that my mom fixed them up a bit, but not entirely. Somehow I feel a bit embarrassed with the attention.

      » I'm with my mom, grandma and aunt. My aunt is blind.* We were walking around the house and my aunt had no problem moving about with the same speed as a non-blind person. We're then all seated at a table and I'm playing chess against my blind aunt. Instead of black-white, the board is black - light blue. The position of the pieces changes ever so slightly during one of my turns, causing me to take a very long time to think about what move I want to do. At some point one of the pieces is a squished little tomato with some other stuff mixed into it. It's quite messy.

      *My aunt's not really blind.

      » I'm walking along a trail in the hills or on a mountain. I'm hiking with a group.

      » Not sure if it's the same group, but we're in a cave with a lot of people. We're playing a type of infected tag game. If you get tagged, you become one of the growing group of taggers. The purpose is to make it to the other side. I think I get tagged at some point, but somehow have a retry. It's easy to tell who is infected as they have a certain light around them. I think I dive to make it out of the cave on the other side, but I'm a bit too late. I finish in 3rd position, which I can clearly see displayed as if I'm playing a video game.

      » I'm talking with my ex girlfriend on whatsapp. It's about a mountain and a volcano I've been to in Indonesia. There are pictures. Our replies are somewhat normal, but at the same time it feels like there's a sub-meaning as the situation feels a bit hostile. Did I go to these places with Christina?

      » Writing Christina's name triggered the memory of a plane, though I'm not sure if I dreamt about one.

      » I'm scrolling through LinkedIn. I've added one of my lecturers. I think I see her scrolling to hers and her ignoring my invitation. I reason that she probably doesn't know who I am, as I've omitted some information from my profile.

      I'm standing inside a small shop. It's supposed to be an office for a street sales company at which I will start working. I know it will be different than the last time, because this time I have my housemate Quint with me who will also work here.* We're standing in front of a type of post-mix machine with the manager, who is our age. He offers us some cola. I'm not really into cola because it's unhealthy, but I don't want to be rude. We get it in a big cup. Quint prefers dr. pepper, but the manager is not allowed to pour the same quantity of dr. pepper as cola. A rule from his uncle, who is the owner. We watch the television which is mounted a bit above our heads. It's an event in a stadium. There's a group of perhaps 100 people in the middle of the field. It has to do with mourning for a terrorist attack. I see an old friend of mine, Tris. Wauw.. it looks like he hasn't slept for days. Then the whole thing turns into a performance, with riot police and such. At some point it turns into a form of rehearsal, as one thing is done again and again to get it right.

      *We don't live together. He used to work at the previous street sales company.
    12. #36: Music / Selling / Train

      by , 11-23-2015 at 01:37 PM
      With no real way of knowing where I am, I know that I'm in Indonesia. It's already somewhat late in the evening. I'm walking around in a mall and feel like it's near closing time. I hurry a bit, because I still want to buy some earplugs. I enter a store that looks like it's an electronics store. I believe the floor consists out of white tiles, which have been polished until they shine. It kinda looks as if there are two entrances behind one another. As if there is a 'pre-shop' to the actual shop. There are two salesmen standing in the 'pre-shop'. All this consists of just a counter. Without me having said anything, one of them asks me if I want to buy earplugs. He just really wants to sell. Because I came here to buy earplugs I go along with it. I look at the counter. There are purple earplugs connected to a black iPhone I believe. I tell the salesman in Indonesian that I want to try those. I put them in and connect them to my own black iPhone. I'm scrolling through my playlist. I want to try these using the song Backseat Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar. I keep looking through the music I have of him, but I can't find this song. Then I decide that it's no problem, as it's just for testing anyway. I play a song and I can hear it being played double. I take out my earplugs. The sound is coming both from the earplugs and the speakers, but it isn't synchronised. How annoying! This is totally inconvenient. If I sit in an angkot [public transport minivan] everyone will hear it. I want to tell this to the salesman, but I'm struggling to find the words in Indonesian.

      It's daytime and I'm standing somewhere on the street. I'm with a colleague. It's one of my first days as a street sales person. I approach a girl to convince her to become a member of whatever it is I'm standing for. At some point I've convinced her. I put my black bag on the ground and grab 5 pens out of the front pocket with one hand. I present them to her, so she can have her pick of which one she wants to use. There are two green ones which I know are empty already, so I'm hoping slightly that she won't take those. Then I remember that the registration form is still in my bag as well. I grab it out of the main pocket.

      I'm standing in a train, near the end of a carriage. In front of the door to the other carriage is a steel rod on which I decide to sit. It's blocking the way for someone to enter, so I move. I look at my phone to consult the train app for travel information. This new version is bothering the hell out of me. On the left I can choose a time of departure and on the right I can do something similar. Who thought of this? It's totally not convenient! To make matters worse my screen responds erratically to my touches.
    13. #25: Trees & Trains / Holy mother of knees / WhatsApp distraction

      by , 10-31-2015 at 11:13 AM

      Dream 1: Trees & Trains
      It's during the day. I'm with my girlfriend and we're about to cross a railroad which doesn't have any protective measures. A double-decker train is approaching slowly from our left. It looks like a regular Dutch train; blue and yellow. My girlfriend pulls me back a bit because I was thinking about crossing before the train got here. She says something (can't recall what) which slightly annoys me. We pass the railway, though there are a lot of tracks. I think to our right is a platform. The scenery gives of a grungy vibe, not very neat, slight disorder. There are gonna be some incoming trains, but there are pine trees laying on the tracks, blocking them. They are laying rather neatly, in the same way that a train is on the tracks. Moving them is a matter of pushing them forwards or backwards on the tracks until there's a switch where we can push them to another track. My girlfriend and I are doing this. At one point there is one that we leave laying around for too long and it blocks a train (or 2). It also isn't laid down neatly, but stands up somewhat. Somehow all the pine needles fall off neatly starting from the top. I think we make a run for it at this point.

      Still daytime, I'm standing alone near one of the train tracks. It's like I'm in between scenarios, as I've started cooking, but a different setting hasn't fully materialised yet. I have some meat which I smell to check if it's still good. I'm in doubt. There's also some fatty parts which I remove. I end up forgetting which part is the fat and which part the good meat. I can hear K (my blond female housemate) talking from my left, a bit in the distance. It feels as if there's a door in between us.

      Dream 2: Holy mother of knees!
      I'm with a guy who is supposedly my housemate. We're chilling in his room, which is decorated like a living room. I distinctively recall the colour red. I think it's because of a red couch which appears later on. We're messing with each other a bit. I'm filming him while he delivers a speech of some sort, while standing against a white wall. He's wearing a black jacket and I think a white cap. He's a bit taller than I am. He jokingly punches me or something and I attempt to kick him in the balls. Eventually we're down on the ground and I'm in a low squatting position while he's holding me there. I tell him he needs to let me go, cause my knee can't handle this. He persists. Eventually I start crying and he sees that I'm serious. I think I might've felt my ligament snap. A moment later I'm sitting down on the ground elsewhere in the room. I'm feeling up my knees. In my mind it's the right one which is messed up, while in reality it's left. I can slide my right kneecap all the way to the right side of my knee, leaving a sort of hollow platform where my kneecap is supposed to fit. Holy f! This is not good. I check on my left knee to see what is normal. I can slide it all the way to the left side, same effect. Wtf? I tell my housemate to check it out and if he can do that too. I examine my right knee more closely. Just underneath where my kneecap is supposed to be you can still see 3 or 4 staples from the surgery (I never had staples).

      This is the moment from which I distinctively recall the colour red, though I'm sure it's not only because of the couch. My housemate has about 4 or 5 instruments. Piano, guitar, violin... not sure what else. From a distance I can hear K again. There's a small window with a slit above it through which sound passes rather easily. She is with a guy. She enters the room. It's one of my classmates, one of who I have never dreamed before; BJ (not kidding here). It feels like they aren't just friends, but it's sort of a date.They sit down on the couch, while I look around for a shoelace. When I look down at my shoe I can tell there are supposed to be 3 or 4 different coloured shoelaces in it. I'm missing a red one. I look through a small drawer I believe. In the end I must've found something, cause I sit down on the couch on the far right to tie my shoes. I feel something pushing against me. It's BJ. Because they didn't spread out evenly it's getting very cosy here. I move to another smaller couch. BJ makes a joke about missing out on this opportunity with me. K says something about how it's not comfortable leaning on BJ anymore, cause he's not leaning on me. I tell them that they don't know how to sit comfortably.

      » I'm outside in an urban area, I think a residential neighbourhood. It's dark and there's almost no one on the street. I might be out jogging. A classmate comes by with his dog and they pass me. I don't recognise the guy, but I instinctively know that he's my classmate.

      » I ask someone about the dreads of a distant friend of mine called Q. I'm not sure who I'm asking, I think 1 or 2 girls I know. They tell me it looks ridiculous. Really? They say that she cut off her previous dreads and started anew, but this time she did it herself and blegh.

      » I've entered a building, I believe a university building. Inside are some of my classmates. I can't recall what happened exactly, but it has something to do with our upcoming exam.

      Dream 3: WhatsApp distraction
      I'm at a train station, on the platform talking to a friend (no clue who it is though). We're leaning on the railing. I'm not sure what the conversation is about. I walk towards the tracks and back for a few seconds. On the way back I hear my name coming from my left. It's a former co-worker, who is sitting on a bench reading a newspaper. I greet him from my current position. My friend says it's ok if I go over to talk to him. I'm ok. A few seconds later the co-worker announces he's gotta go back to work. See? Issue resolved. It feels like they've switched places and I'm now talking to the co-worker. He tells me about the time he was supposed to be back at work by 12:00 but wasn't back until 14:30 or something. How?! He tells me it's cause he got distracted by WhatsApp.
    14. #23: Golfing big / Plane / Shrimp girl / Zombie apocalypse

      by , 10-29-2015 at 09:11 AM

      Dream 1: Golfing big
      I'm awake in bed. I think i just woke up. I'm sitting up, with a laptop on my lap. I still have a white blanket or pillow drawn over my lap. I have two tabs open in my browser, one of them is fb. I believe the other one is a new tab. My girlfriend is to the left of me, also in the bed. She was asleep, but wakes up now. Because she is still laying down while I'm already sitting up, her head is at my waist level. She puts her head on my lap so that she can see the screen too. The moment she woke up I switched away from fb. I didn't want her to think I'd rather spend time on fb than with her. She wants to play the game. Ok, we can do that. I see it in a full view kinda way, as if we are actually there. It's a weird combination between playing on the laptop and actually being there. It's a sort of golf game. It's on Bali (Nusa Lembongan?). Top-down view of a field of grass, which lacks any detail (just like a crappy game). There's a yellow and an orange or red player. The hole is quite big and you're supposed to guide an airplane, a tank and who knows what else in there by making an arrow that tells it where to go. Apparently this doesn't have to be a straight line, cause I consider making my plane move around a bit before going to the hole in such a way that it will also push a truck in there. At the start of the game there is a slight confusion over who has which colour, because something went wrong in the game.

      Dream 2: Plane
      There's two people, one of them is a guy, the other I'm not sure about anymore. I think I'm just a non-present spectator. I feel like the dream was cartoonish, due to a certain drawing style. I can't shake the image of humanoid cartoon mouses, but I don't think that's really what my dream was like. The two are at sea, without a boat or something. A propellor plane is after them. They duck under water for a moment. At some point they are on very small deserted island which is only covered in grass, though I'm not sure when exactly that happened. The plane sends out a message in a Morse code kind of way. The guy does the same thing using a whistle. He is... part of an organisation and has a title. It's sort of like the army, cause he has a rank. He intends to commandeer the plane I believe. Yeah... good luck. I don't recall how that ended

      Dream 3: Shrimp girl
      I'm with a guy. Apparently we're friends. Something happened, but I can't recall what. After that we end up in an elevator with partially glass doors so that you can look outside. The rest is made out of metal. I walk in and out a number of times, causing the elevator to stay where it is. When I'm done and ready to go a few people (2 girls and a guy) approach who want to join. I make sure the doors stay open long enough for them to join. The elevator is spacious like a room. One of the girls (I think she's blond, black pants and a red coat, but somehow I'm not certain) is doing something weird on the floor, which is referred to as 'the shrimp'. The guy makes a mention of joining my friend and I to our home. Yeah don't think so. He says it in a joking kind of way, as if he's testing the waters.

      We're inside the train station in my mom's city. We're walking from the back side to the front. I'm talking with my friend. There was a vote about what we're gonna do or something and I say that I bet he voted for the anime/cartoon of which I can't remember the name, also not in the dream. He laughs and says he did. There are two sets of stairs near the front, both about 5 steps. In response to the shrimp, I wanna do something fun here. Take a short run-up and take off from the 2nd step to dive over the rest of the steps and glide like a penguin. I'm a bit socially conscious about it though, as every few seconds total strangers pass through the station. I don't recall actually doing it.

      Not sure if it was before or after the last paragraph. I'm walking outside the train station, but it doesn't look the way it should. Much, much more space is dedicated to bicycle racks. I walk over, past a girl with long dark hair and a dark/greyish outfit. I walk back and forth at least once, so I pass her at least twice. The last time I look at her, her hair is covering her face like the girl from The Ring, but not in a creepy way. At some point I start thinking in a way as if the others we met in the elevator are coming home with us. I wonder how far I could go with shrimp girl. I wouldn't do anything of course, since I have a girlfriend. But I wonder what could happen, as in how attractive am I to her.

      Again not sure when this happened. I'm walking towards and then past a train. The train is yellow and has a black text written on it. I forgot the exact phrasing, but it was in Dutch and basically said you are allowed to eat in that wagon. I start to think: aren't you always allowed to eat? I look through the windows as I walk past the train and see people sitting with small tables with food on it. Right before I walk past the wagon I start to think about my ex girlfriend, though I don't remember exactly what I was thinking of.

      Dream 4: Zombie apocalypse
      The zombie apocalypse has occurred. I'm rather calm, as if the situation isn't completely new. My cousin, my little brother and I need to get away from here. We're just outside of a house, no clue where specifically. I tell my little brother he needs to get his sleeping bag. We may also need another bicycle, so that we all have one. I ask my cousin for an item, but I find something better: a rope. A blue one. My cousin (and little brother perhaps) isn't too excited about the prospect of staying in the woods. Well suck it up, I'm thinking about our survival. Using the rope we can put our hammocks/sleeping bags in the air by tying them to trees. This way the zombies can't reach us. We can set up a perimeter by putting up a string with tin cans on them, so it will rattle if something passes. We can use thumbtacks to pin the string to trees to prevent slack. We need to make sure it's at the right height too. Too low and the cans hit the ground and won't rattle. Too high and things might crawl under it.
    15. #18: Tiny captives / Taekwondo / Dreadful dreads / Contacts

      by , 10-24-2015 at 10:45 AM

      Dream 1: Tiny captives
      A girl (my gf?) and I are tiny creatures held captive by a regular sized person I believe. We think he's a real asshole. He keeps us in what looks like a sort of small fridge. We meet another small creature there. We plan our escape. The girl and I go first. I cup my hands and am holding an orange gooyie liquid. Part of our escape. The guy that's keeping us captive (not sure but I think a white guy with a stubble beard and black nerdy plastic glasses) looks at me. I stay still for a moment. He ignores me. Ok on to the next room. We can't manage to continue there. I have to accomplish something on a macbook, but I'm fighting to correctly size the window. In the mean time the guy notices our escape. We have written a letter or something alike on the macbook, which needs to be finished. Remotely, the guy deletes a portion of the 2 page document. I delete a portion of him, hampering his attempt to catch us. Why do we always have bad luck. I open my black backpack. It's filled with a clear block of ice. Not a neatly cut one, but more natural. There are also 2 or 3 pairs of shoes in there. Ours and the basterd. Lets keep those and sell them. Or give them to a homeless person and make a picture.

      Dream 2: Taekwondo
      I have taught a girl some taekwondo moves. I specifically recall teaching her about backside and frontside kicks. At the end, she has a match. She doesn't implement my techniques perfectly, but it's not bad. Not black belt material though.

      Her moves have in actuality not that much to do with taekwondo

      Dream 3: Dreadful dreads
      I'm with a guy who is having a look at my dreads. He tells me that the person who does my dreads has messed them up real bad. It looks horrible. He tells me I should be selective in who I allow to do my dreads. I tell him I looked for the best back in Indonesia and that my friend recommended that person. He retouches a few dreads at the front, to show me what he can do. Ideally he'd cut them off and start over. He tells me to let him know if I wanna continue with him. We're on the bus. He walks to the front to exit. It's only now that I really have a look at him. A dark skinned guy (reminds me of Alfredo from the serie Elementary) with dreads that are very long, but he's got them in a bundle with a hairtie. My girlfriend is next to me. I tell her I should go to a lot of different guys to ask them to demonstrate their skills. In the end: free dreads!

      » I'm at a trainstation with my girlfriend. Not sure where we're going. The system is unlike any I've ever seen. I have to make sure we take the right train.

      Normally I don't analyse my dreams that much, but the dreads and the train seem connected to me. As in having to make a choice about what to do with them. I've been doubting about what to do with them for a while now.

      » The setting looks a bit Indonesian. It's daytime and I'm not taking part, I'm just witnessing this as if I'm watching tv. A brown skinned, muscular young guy surprises a bit of an older woman by giving her a hug from behind. This is his preschool and he's come by for a visit, or he ended up here by accident.

      Dream 4: Contacts
      I'm going through my phone, through my contact list. I'm surprised to see that I have the number of a girl I met in Indonesia, who I didn't talk to that much. I look at her (Whatsapp?) picture. She is wearing skates. It feels like the picture expands 1 or 2 times or changes a bit to give me more info. There's a low wall next to her, with a rail. She grinded the rail and just landed. That's why she is in this weird position so low to the ground. A girl who I don't recognise makes fun of me for looking at the picture. I continue. There's the name of a girl I went out with once. Holy shit she looks amazing. She has a thin black.. Shirt, top? Upperbody covering fabric, let's keep it at that. She's sitting on I think a barstool, holding her hands above her head. It causes her boobs to have a weird shape, cause she is not wearing a bra. But holy shit are they big!