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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [26-07-2016]

      by , 07-26-2016 at 09:12 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was detective working for police, with two female agents I was sent to solve case of serial killer. We drove to a hotel and left our luggage in our room, then moved on to search for clues. First we drove to stables where last murder happened. I got past police blockade and took a look around. The whole place was rundown and stinking, the body was left lying in the middle of the room. No traces of killer. We drove back to hotel and got into about suspects - one woman living in a flat not far from our hotel had argue with recently dead. We drove there, I took a look around her house saying that I'm looking for toilet. In the meanwhile the woman gave agents a cake with special substance that temporarily blinds them. I went back to them and they said that they can't see, so I decided to take them back to hotel. Feeling that this woman wasn't the killer and their argue was just about that cake, I decided to check another suspect - one of teachers of nearby school. I assumed a disguise of janitor, while one of agents took a disguise of my wife, a new teacher in school. I wandered around, searching for any clues. I went back to the hotel, but couldn't open doors to my room at first. When I finally opened it, I saw medical emergency and a girl all in blood. The murderer have attacked, but his prey survived. The girl was a student of nearby school and other teachers decided to visit her in my room. Only one of them didn't payed attention, and hacked into my computer and started looking for magnesium phosphorane on police stocks.
    2. Chain of non-lucids and DILDs

      by , 12-30-2014 at 10:44 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Crisis and sleeping in wardrobe

      I was in my home. It was during the great crisis. Government have sent a message to citizens, that there can be no more than three persons in home. My family told me to hide in the wardrobe, and they won't find me there. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. My youngr sister came. She tried to hide with me, but I told her to get lost. She went to mother, and told her that I'm drunk and rude. Mother came to me. I told her that I'm not drunk. She told me that government overcame the crisis, and I can sleep in my bed again.

      DILD - the friendly wolf

      I was outside my home, tidying our barn. Then I saw a wolf. It was angry, and barked at me.
      I become lucid, and started whistling to the wolf. Then I told Why are you so aggresive? Confused wolf replied I am a wolf! What I'm supposed to do? I told Of course you are a wolf.... The wolf attacked me before I fully replied. Then I shouted You are a wolf, but kind and polite one! The wolf stopped barking, or trying to bite me. It replied Oh, I'm sorry about that, friend.
      I wanted to go somewhere with my new friend, but I lost my lucidity, and another non-lucid dream started.

      Detective haunted by nightmares

      It was in 1923. I was a private detective. I drove to the great metropoly by train. I went out of train. My client told me to search for some bodies in the sewers. I wanted to go to the city instead. I walked from the train station pavement to the cobbled road. Suddenly I heard moaning and screams. I went on, a little frightened by the voices. Then I heard a gravely voice telling me Go straight that way.. I have moved back, but I overcame fear and went on. I felt stron pain in my chest, and my body was more and more numb. Then, I have reached a chapel, and all the voices ended.

      DILD - being a security camera

      I was back in primary school. I made an RC and become lucid. I saw a security camera hanging from the ceiling. I went to it, jumped and hanged from it. I pushed myself into the camera, and become one with it. I sensed someone close. I turned right, and saw a confused man looking at me. While turning, I felt like my whole body was streched. I haven't seen any camera effects while being one, my vision was the same all the time. I tried to stop being a camera. At first I couldn't change back, but I focused and went out.
      I went straight the corridor, and lost lucidity. I woke up.