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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [22-11-2016: Escape from caverns]

      by , 11-22-2016 at 09:59 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With siblings and friends we were stuck in some dark cavern system deep underground. It was some kind of abandoned mine. We all were desperately trying to find our way back home. In one of the caverns, I found some kittens and took them on my arms. I decided to help them get out of there too. We reached an elevator going to surface and turned it on, but then I realized that my younger sister was left behind, I grabbed rock wall of elevator shaft and dragged the platform down, so she could go with us. When we reached the surface, we were stopped by an enormous barricade, so high that it reached clouds. There was someone stuck on a platform of this barricade, who tried to help us get to the other side. I thought about using lines and some poles to pole-vault up there, but then I looked around and saw that the gate is just open. I ran out through it and thought that this might be a dream. I did a nose plug rc, and woke up.
    2. [11-10-2016]

      by , 10-11-2016 at 11:22 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream, false awakening

      I was in school, sitting in a classroom. It was already evening, but we were all still sitting in school. There was a new teacher - a redhead woman in early forties, wearing jacket and trousers in pale purple colour. She was really bossy and rough, almost everyone was scared of her. She said "This class would need a good head teacher to become as effective as it could be..." Then I interrupted her saying "We already have a head teacher, and she's the best one we can have!"

      I woke up in a bed in parent's room, it was dark all around but I could see parents sleeping in their bed. I woke up saying the aforementioned line. My mother was saying it at the same time with me. I got out of bed and went to toilet. I couldn't see anything through the window as the glass pane was completely frozen.

      Then I was back in school, in different classroom. People were preparing for lierature classes, some asked me if they got the right book. One of the girls asked me if I heard of a "Kim Kardashian - American Virgin" movie. I denied, saying that it's the first time I actually hear about it. Then I said that I know someone who can get that movie for her, for a small favor. Then that new teacher was back, this time a soldier with an uzi accompanied her. I got into argue with her again, she came closer and really lightly hit me in the head. Everyone laughed and she asked why, to which I replied "They're under impression of your powerful punch." She got angry and slightly scratched my forehead, I commented with "Thanks, it was kinda itching." Everyone laughed from her again, she got mad and ordered her soldier to shoot me. I grabbed her and used her as a shield. Soldier shot out a magazine at her and she fallen dead. Then we all got out of classroom, everyone congratulating me for dealing with her.

      Second dream

      It was early winter, with two teachers and a bunch of friends I was at a pier. I talked wih teacher about storms that can greatly increase water level in this usually dry pier. I looked at the sea - there was no water at all, just some ice scattered around. The sky was overcast but bright. Then the wind started blowing strongly and sky went grim. I looked towards the land, and saw a flock of seagulls escaping. Then I saw a huge wave of water incoming. It hit the pier, we barely held on. Water was raising rapidly, the wind and water flow was so strong that first it pushed a big van at the pier. We were lucky enough that it missed. Then it pushed a bus with high velocity and it hit the pier, breaking it completely. We jumped down to a small boat and started paddling with our hands. I paddled with my leg for some reason. I heard teacher shouting "Swim to N-40!" We paddled on, swimming into some swamps. I was a bit afraid of paddling as there were some venomous snakes swimming in water, but we got to land safely. Then we started wondering "What means N-40?" - one of friends asked. Another replied "I think it's "Now swim on for 40 seconds"." I asked "Isn't it North-40 degrees?"
    3. [30-09-2016]

      by , 09-30-2016 at 08:18 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Beating a ghost

      I was in my backyard, it was a cold evening. There was a ghost in one of buildings. I gathered group of friends and siblings and we charged inside, I was holding a cudgel. We all hit wildly, trying to harm the ghost. Only I sensed it good enough to hit it, and despite it being just a presence, it was scary. I hit harder and harder, everything went black as I became more scared. But finally I managed to beat both my fear and the ghost, then I emitted a shockwave that cleansed the building after the ghost disappeared.

      The fox

      I was in my backyard, another cold evening. Going to the back exit of my possession that goes to fields I saw something sitting behind some planks. It was a fox, sitting on the ground and staring at me. I called my brother's wife and she quickly ran closer to see it. I thought that it would scare the fox away, but instead it ran closer to me. I was a little afraid as the fox had weirdly darker fur, but in the end I pet him.
    4. [21-05-2016]

      by , 05-21-2016 at 08:22 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in an airplane. For some reason I was climbing from the tail to wings, trying to get back inside it. The plane was burning heavily, I finally managed to get inside and then it exploded.

      I woke up in my bed, took some clothes and turn on the radio. They told about an airplane that exploded and only survivor - me. I took a bottle of beer and wanted to sit on an armchair, wondering how I survived, but then my mother appeared and told me to go outside, as the weather just marvelous. I went outside, it was a summer evening, the sky was clear and it was warm.

      Then I was in forest with my two friends. I was accused of the plane tragedy and had to escape from special forces. There was a crashed plane nearby, presumably the same I was in. I went closer and found a black box, using some wires I managed to get information out of it. It transmitted through a communicator I had stripped to my belt. A pilot said that he couldn't save all the people, and that he was responsible for the tragedy. I unplugged black box and went to my friends, telling them about it. We sat down in silence, then I started singing "It's new age, everything changes and won't be the same!"
    5. The world ends

      by , 11-22-2015 at 11:33 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Late autumn. It was cold, rainy night. I was going out of my house with my two friends. We were going to friends house. On the way we were talking. One of my friends said that the world is going to end soon, just when new release of Dwarf Fortress would see the day. He said that there would be something wrong in the code, that would trigger death machine.

      Suddenly I found myself on a desert town. There were like two houses, salloon and a graveyard. I immediately went inside salloon, where a strange old man hired me. He said that I should check the situation in the local graveyard, as three of his last messangers disappeared there. Without hesitation I went there. There were only ten to twelve graves and a chapel.

      I saw that there were three bodies on the ground. I couldn't remember what happened after the last time I met my friends, so I didn't know what killed them. Suddenly I heard moans and screams. Zombies were coming out of graves. There were also huge hordes of them on the horizon.

      I quickly ran into the salloon, and saw that the old man hidden behind some kind of a barrier. He said "They're coming... Let's rock!" Then he started to play a heavy metal song. I hidden behind a counter, the building shaked, the barrier broke and he made an earthquake. He disappeared, and everything stopped. The zombies were still coming however, so I went to the place he was standing in.

      There was a huge hole in the floor, that led into some kind of caverns. I decided to jump down there, and landed safely. I turned around and saw that there were many angel-like figures. All of them looked the same - they were wearing steel armors, red cloaks and red checked trousers. They were floating in the air, only one of them was sitting on a huge rock. He said with a calm voice "Do you liked that? I was writing it for 30 years, and it's the best song I made in my one hundred years long carrier!" Then they have just disappeared, and there was just darkness. The world have ended.
    6. Vampire ate my friend, Devil at the cemetery

      by , 11-07-2015 at 10:48 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Midnight, the moon was bright, giving some light to the city. It was really cold. I was driving a car in a Central District, following main road and then driving off to an alleys between skyscrapers. I parked the car, and went outside. Suddenly another car appeared and parked in the darkness. Then four persons came closer to me - they were my friends. All of them wearing black hoodies with dark trousers.

      - What's the plan?
      - We'll wait in the shadows. The vampire would arrive shortly.
      - Sounds good.

      We have hidden, and then another car parked in the darkness. Then a monstrosity - a tall humanoid with gray skin, sunken eyes and bat-like wings. We charged at the beast, but then it just swallowed one of my friends in his entirety. Next the vampire started to climb up a skyscraper, and tried to fly away. Suddenly I became a giant, and catched the vampire in my hand. I just thrown him down, and he hit the ground with force so strong, that vampires head just flied away from the corpse. Then my friend just scrambled out of the body. I became normal-sized again. We drove away to the docks, to throw the corpse into water. Next we were sitting near a fireplace and talked about getting a boat and crew.

      Second dream

      It was in another planet. It had breathable atmosphere and Earth-like gravity. I was in some sort of settlement. The main hall was really crowded. There was a teleport specialist post in the middle of the hall, a huge archway teleporter to the right, and a way outside to the left. I followed the hallway, and entered a locker room. I took a key, and opened a 182 locker. There was a bag with food rations, water and a hunting knife inside. I took it, and then went outside, as teleports were out of order for some reason.

      The whole planet was a rocky wasteland. There were little to none vegetation, and no animals. The planet was swarming with some sort of creatures with distorted bodies, attacking anyone at sight. Many explorers were slain by them, but I kept fighting, going through Rocky Wasteland, Dark Valley and other regions, until I appeared at Red Mountain - a huge volcano. There was a raging ash storm, but I couldn't go back, I've gone too far to retreat now. There were other explorers here, but no one was cooperating. It was a race - the person who reaches abandoned cemetery first and retrieves family memorabilia for a rich man, gets the prize.

      I was finally reaching the cemetery, but I stopped. Looking further, I saw that a wall of fire, and clouds of smoke and ash appeared. The rubble was flying all around. Finally something moved out of the clouds - it was devil himself, sending rays of destruction and death to anyone who might come. At first he was of more demonic appearance, but for some moments he looked like a corpse with glowing white, sunken eyes and gray hair.

      This is where the teleporters at main settlement became active again. I found a teleporting stone in my bag, and used it. There was a siege, everyone had to evacuate. People were running to Earth through the archway teleporter. I decided to go deeper into the base, and look for some things I could've left. There were none, and I ran towards the main hall.

      Last people were going through teleporter. Suddenly a portal appeared, and demons - bald people with gray skin, wearing bracers made of brown metal, and brown ragged trousers were going out of it. They had white, glowing and sunken eyes.

      I had to choose - running to Earth, or going to cemetery, to fight devil. I've chosen the latter, and went to teleport specialist, so he could teleport me to cemetery. She said "Perhaps you're the one to fight devil. You may be our last hope." She made a mistake however, and I ended too far from it. I went back through teleport - demons won, the building was ruined, all portals inactive. The teleporting specialist was still alive, and her friend appeared.

      I decided to go on foot again. Everyhting was gray and distorted. The sky was plain black, and there was only a green moon visible. I haven't went too far, getting weaker and weaker. In the end I just fallen on the ground. Suddenly everything get blurred, the time was moving backwards. I had to choose again, but this time I went to Earth. I appeared in an upper floor of old mansion. I went downstairs.
    7. Friends, a movie, elemental zombies

      by , 10-19-2015 at 10:34 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First part

      I woke up in my bed. It was an early morning. I looked through the window, I couldn't see anything through the dense fog. I took on clothes - jeans trousers and a dark blue hoodie. I went to the kitchen to eat a breakfast, and saw that my whole family was there, eating their breakfast. I looked through the window in the kitchen, and this time I could see my cousin and my friend. The fog was still dense.

      I took my backpack and went outside to greet them, but cousin disappeared somewhere, leaving my friend alone. The fog have dispersed, but it started to rain. We wandered the rainy streets of our hometown, going to the bus stop. We stopped near a shop though, because shoelaces in my right shoe untied. I dropped my backpack on the ground, and started to tie it.

      The bus appeared then, but it haven't stopped at the bus stop. I tied the shoe quickly, and ran towards the bus. I forgot the backpack though, and had to run back. I took it and ran back to my friend. He told me that we're going to his car, and that I shouldn't rush towards the bus.

      We entered his car and drove to the closest supermarket. We were walking around shelves filled with random products, looking for things from buy list. After we took all of the things he wanted to buy, I asked him "Where are we going now?" He replied "To home." For a while I considered if I should go to school, but I decided to drive somewhere with my friend.

      We picked up another friend on the way, and drove to a restaurant. The walls were painted red, firniture was made out of mahogany, and chairs had red upholstery. They ordered something to eat. I told them that I'm not hungry. My teacher joined us - a blonde woman in early fifties. She was wearing a red dress. She asked me "Do you know who Rzecki was?" I remained silent for a while. She got nervous and told "I haven't expected that you won't know! Rzecki, the boiler room worker!" Then she left us.

      Suddenly cameramen with actors entered the restaurant. They were going to make a movie, but first they told everyone inside to pose for a picture. I hidden somewhere in the crowd, and after the picture was taken, I sat back with my friends. A girl from my class joined us, and told us something, then she was trying to go out, but cameramen stopped her. They wanted to give her a role in their movie.

      Part two

      I told my friends that I'll be back in a moment, then I left the restaurant. Goind through the doors I found myself in ruins of a metropoly. Looking back I could only see a burning building, nothing more. There was a flat nearby, I thought that I could hide there for a while.

      The streets were empty, so no one seen me. I ran to the closest house and hidden in a dark corner. Only then I saw that the room wasn't empty. A zombie composed solely of fire was shambling inside. I didn't knew what to do. I looked around, and found a wrench, then I saw that gas pipe was open. I rushed towards it before the zombie could react and closed it.

      The zombie dispersed, and I could freely search the room. It had old oaken furniture, roughcast was dropping out of the walls. There was a carpet with weird patterns on it. Under the carpet I found two Uzi guns with ammo. I took them and went outside.

      I saw that there was a fallen skyscraper with a parking lot nearby. I decided that I should take a car and drive away. I crossed the empty street, but when I got close to the rubble, it started to move. Rock zombies were coming towards me. I shot them with Uzi's, and but it wasn't enough to destroy them.

      Suddenly I saw something flying towards me. Air zombies tried to catch me, but I ran towards the flat room in which I spotted fire zombie. I hidden in the same dark corner, but looking around I saw that gas pipe was open again. Fire zombie appeared again, but I had no wrench. After it spotted me, it shot two fireballs at me.
    8. A chase, teacher and a baby

      by , 08-03-2015 at 09:41 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was sitting with my friend in his house, and we were watching TV. There was some kind of action movie. Suddenly we were both sucked into the movie. His role changed to villain, and my role was a cop. At first we wanted to find out what's going on, so we sat in one car and drove around the city.

      It looked like a mix of a real city my friend is living in, New York and in some places Hongkong. There was no big change in people's appearance. Suddenly, another car appeared and villains started to shoot at us from it. Friend gave me his phone, and I started to check what can I do with it.

      I pressed a button, and everything moved in slow motion. There was a weird menu, with "Skills" section, and "Press (C) button". We both could see it. I tried to open it, and I did it. There were options to: "Upgrade weapon skills", "Upgrade driving skills", "Upgrade melee skills" and "Upgrade health". I have chosen to upgrade driving skills, and our car was moving so quick that we easily outrun enemies.

      However, the speed was so high that I just fallen out of the car through a window. It made me mad, I ran for a while and stolen a motorbike to chase my friend. He also changed his vechicle - he also chosen a motorbike, though much better than mine.

      I was chasing him on the streets. People gave us no attention. Once he quickly made a turn, while I drove on a ramp, and flied high to the sky. I decided to change my situation, brought back the menu and teleported to one of the streets. Luckily, there was a military helicopter just waiting for me. Finding the villain was just a matter of time, and when I found him, I shot him down with a rocket. Then I landed.

      Suddenly with friend we were both back at his house. We turned the TV off, and decided to leave the building. His family appeared. It was dark and cold evening outside. I forgotten that I have my jacket left inside, and went back to take it. Then I realised that for some reason I had two jackets with me. I took them both, sat on a motorbike and drove back to my house.

      When I reached my destination, I parked the motorbike, entered the building and went to a living room. For some reason, my teacher was sitting there and reading a newspaper. My sisters were there too, but they weren't giving the teacher any attention. Suddenly the teacher spoken: "I saw your article. Congratulations!". This felt somehow weird, as I weren't writing anything for a newspaper.

      I just left the room, went to a kitchen, and saw another of my friends. He was holding a baby in his hands, and said "Let's go for a walk!". We went to the streets, and moved through darkness. The friend gave me the baby, and then I decided that it would be best if I went back house. And so I did, the friend continued on his way.

      When I entered my house, my older sister appeared. She was mad at me because I took the baby.
    9. Going back home, Bonehoard

      by , 07-19-2015 at 07:59 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With group of friends we were going back from a party. It was late at night, but we could see everything. We were walking down the road leading nowhere. It was empty and silent, but we were in good moods.

      I looked to the left, and saw a huge power plant. It was newly built, but covered with smog already. I was sure that I'd suffocate if we had to go through it.

      Suddenly we were teleported to a forest, near a huge river. There was a ranger talking about some kind of mining works underneath the river. He also said that they don't really know what they are doing. We crossed the river by walking on water.

      Then we were back on the road. The power plant was still standing, though the smog was denser. We wandered for a while, and a friend got a call. He said to someone that we are going to a shop.

      It was a wooden hut, probably built with larch wood. We entered it, and got teleported into Bonehoard from Thief:Gold. It was a complex of catacombs and crypts, forgotten by everyone.

      We climbed down a rope, and got attacked by zombie, which in fact was my sister. I ran quickly past her, enduring scratch to an arm, and called friends to a shelter. The zombie ate one of us, and nearly killed another, but we escaped.
    10. Joghing in a forest - MILD

      by , 07-18-2015 at 07:58 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a warm evening. With my mother we were jogging on a path hidden within bushes. The path took a turn right in front of two lakes, and it was easy to fall into the water. There were mountains to the left, and pine dominated in the forest.

      We were running and talking about helicopter crash in local forest. When running I almost fell into the lake, slipping on mad and ending slide just before water.

      I quickly standed up, and a group of friends appeared. We went away, and went through a sandtrap. I have fallen into the trap with one of friends. We were dragged down, and they wanted to free us somehow.

      Suddenly I realised that It's a dream. I thought that I should use something, and got an idea. I moved my arms, and frozen the trap, and then I broken ice jumping out.
    11. Messenger

      by , 06-04-2015 at 11:35 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school. There was a huge pit in the middle of the building. I was heading to the cloakroom. I was wearing a heavy, black jeacket, jeans trousers and one shoe. Suddenly I realised where I left one of the shoes, and went to take it.

      I walked up the stairs in the pit, and found my shoe lying near two girls. They gave me a purse, and told me that their pal is waiting for it on the bottom of the pit. I took my shoe on, and took the purse. Suddenly someone called me, but I haven't replied to the phone call. I ran down the stairs, gave the girl a note from my pocket and said "Sorry that I'm late."

      Then I turned around and saw my friends sitting on the stairs. I sat with them.
    12. For yesterday and this day

      by , 05-26-2015 at 06:57 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      [25-05-2015] Portal to a harbor city

      With mother and younger sister we went to a local cinema. Younger sister was wearing a costume of wonder woman, I had a trenchcoat and my mother was wearing casual clothes. We entered the Screen 1 room. It was a small room, with wooden benches and lights out. We sat down as the movie started to play.

      Suddenly I've got sucked inside the movie. The projection showed a short scene of me and my relatives coming back from a city. Brother asked me to park a car in the garage, which I've done quickly, maneuvering between dog and grandma. When I placed the car in the garage, I got sucked into another scene.

      I was a lone wanderer. I travelled from a small village into enormous cursed city, where I found a portal to another realm. I entered it quickly and found myself in medieval harbor city. I was standing on the edge of platform, looking at the sea lands.

      I walked the poor, empty streets of harbor city, going to an entrance. Then I saw warriors taking control over the place. Then I saw someone similar to one dude from my class, and said "What!? You've gave up!? People, you don't know what you did! This guy is a badass! He saved the world... and killed dragons!"

      Suddenly I changed into that person, and took a short sword into my hands. With quick moves I killed all the warriors and freed the city and myself. I went back to look at the sea land, and saw coral-like creatures jumping over the water.

      When they contacted the water, they changed into another forms. One changed from blue to red, and received a long leg. The other one was white, and turned into a statue. I ran to the place from where I come, to the entrance of a portal.

      I saw two monks and one of the coral-like creatures, but bigger and more humanoid. Monks when watching as he comes clouser said with amusement "Concalcius! You're back!" It had fingers of different colours, and looked at the whit one for a while, saying "I hold power... I hold life."


      I was walking with group of friends in high mountains, when suddenly a white griffin appeared and captured one of them.