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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [09-02-2018]

      by , 02-09-2018 at 07:00 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Narrow escape

      I was some woods. The weather was extremely foggy, all the trees in the forest had no leaves and it was cold, probably a mid-autumn day. It was a deciduous forest composed mostly of beech and hornbeam trees. I was there with a group of people, we were trying to get inside a rundown shed. I thought that it was a horrible idea to seek shelter in that ruin, but I wasn't exactly sure if that was our goal. We were attacked by undead, a group of zombies ran at us and we had to fight them. We had only knives at our disposal but backing up each other we managed to defend ourselves. Curiously, the undead attacked only a moving person. Undead seemed somewhat oblivious of my presence. Suddenly a carriage appeared behind us and several trees disappeared, opening a path to leave the forest. I jumped up on it with two other travellers that weren't a part of our group. Two knights, they were arguing. One called another a cancer. We drove out of the forest.

      Game Engine Test

      I launched a game engine and appeared on a test level as a game character. It was dark, but thinking about how I should've disabled several broken effects I brought back lights. The room I was in was covered with shiny metal plates. Suddenly the engine test turned into "Half-Life" game. I received a crossbow and sneaked around, trying to shoot down alien grunts.


      I was at some party and was about to leave. All the people were formally dressed. I've met several people I haven't seen in a long while, one of my pals asked me if I had time to help her with something. I thought "As usual...", and said that I won't be able to help her this time. I left the entry hall and moved to another room, where I met my old teacher. She asked me something which I couldn't quite make out, she seemed really angry. "Excuse me, what?" - I asked, she smiled and said that I've made a lot of progress since the last time we met.
    2. [11-06-2016]

      by , 06-11-2016 at 04:45 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in a huge city, parking my car in shopping mall's parking. It was summertime and I drove there to visit my mother in her new workplace. I couldn't find myself a suitable spot to park. When I finally found it I left it and entered the mall. It was heavily crowded. I met my previous teacher, but she was thirty years older. An elderly woman with completely white hair. She was wearing a dress with strange patterns. We talked for a while. Someone was laughing from me, I felt that the whole mall is full of people I didn't liked. After a long while I finally met my mother, but she had to work. I left her and decided to get into my car and drove away. On the way to the parking I heard and saw people I knew and didn't liked very much, gathered into one place and watching me, laughing. I got nervous and run towards my car, kicking someone on the way. When I finally entered the car, I decided to check where's nearby computer store.

      Second dream

      I was testing a computer game of my design, checking how combat moves combination work. I was wandering around volcanic lands, fighting with monsters.
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    3. [17-04-2016]

      by , 04-17-2016 at 09:17 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in school, it was a cloudy afternoon. I was at a highest floor, close to additionally built cloakroom and some classrooms. I only saw clouds through the window. There was a wraith flying around the building, a vengeful spirit of some kind, which is an effect of a crime commited here. I wondered what kind of joke I can make to one of the classmates, and I decided to take his jacket and make up that he commited the crime. Then head teacher called everyone into a cloakroom. In the end I decided to leave the jacket be, not making that stupid joke.

      Second dream

      Cold, cloudy evening. I entered father's carpentry workshop and thought about playing a game I just got. It only took me a while to almost completely finish it. I saw only last scenes of that game - main heroes made an orgy on a beach with random women they met. One of them - a dark haired dude, took a date with a blonde woman next day. He was wearing a black suit and headed towards my father's carpentry workshop, where he met her. She was wearing a red dress. But it wasn't a date that he expected, she was an assasin that tried to kill him. She attacked, he got hit a few times and dodged rest of striked. Suddenly she just disappeared. He took a phone out of his pocket and called someone. To end the game, I had to run around my backyard, touching points in random places that were glowing blue.

      Third dream

      With other firefighters we drove out of our base, as emergency bell rand. I was standing on the ladder while we were driving. A woman that was in a team shouted to me "Don't fall of honey!", I thought that she felt something to me. I was watching the city while others were talking and joking. I told to one of firefighters "Looks like you weren't in Vegas yesterday!" and ponted at an easily seen border between cities. We stopped in an alley and took off our fire proof suits - we were all wearing black suits under them, as we were special agents. Then we entered a mansion of an IT specialist that helped us before. He was living there with his mother, she was upstairs and we couldn't see her. We went to a living room and I took a disk out of my pocket and said "We were unable to hack the securities placed upon it. Can you help us?" He was hesitating.

      Fourth dream

      I was in my house, sitting in a kitchen. It was before we painted it. We were sitting there with all my siblings, talking and playing cards. We talked about free time we had left, and we counted that we have ten days until we go back to school from holidays.
    4. [12-04-2016]

      by , 04-12-2016 at 05:22 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      It was an early morning. I was standing in front of the door to my uncle's house, waiting until he opens them. My uncle opened the door, and suddenly frost gathered on everything around. I felt strong and unusual coldness on my hands, took out gloves out of my pocket and put them on. They didn't helped even a little.


      I was in my room. It was cloudy late afternoon. I was lying on my bed with a glass of tea. I was drinking it upside-downm sipping just a little every time. I drank whole tea, then went on to play a really entertaining game on my laptop. It was a 2D game with a top-down perspective. I was running straight a road between settlements, fighting monsters. My younger sister disturbed me from time to time, playing a guitar from time to time. I had to rush into next save point, as heavy, dark clouds gathered on the sky. I killed last creature and saved the game, turned the laptop off and looked at the sky through the window - storm clouds were moving quickly and powerful lightnings shot across the sky.
    5. [04-03-2016]

      by , 03-04-2016 at 03:08 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was preparing for a school trip. Suddenly I woke up in the bus, my teacher was sitting in the front part of bus, directly in front of me. There was a weird string going from doors of bus. I grabbed it and pulled. It was really long, and placed firmly in the doors.

      Suddenly I woke up again. I was lying on two seats. There were two girls sitting in row in front of me. I looked around and wondered how I changed my position. One of the girls looked at me, she had curly brown hair and green eyes. I tried to lie down some more, but others regulated backs oh their seats that they almost crushed me. The bus stopped and we had a chance to visit a mall. I tried to put on my shoes, but I already had some on. I entered one of the sections of mall. There were loads of junk food on shelves. I went straight to checkout assistant and asked if there's a toilet nearby. I took the door that was nearby and ended up in a hospital hallway. I moved to doctors office and went back to the streets.

      I could see the bus from afar. I went towards it, but someone caught my arm and stopped me. It was a man with short, black hair. He had beard and moustache, and he was wearing industrial era worker clothes. He retired to so me, but I moved on. He drove a bike after me, and when he got close, he left it and charged at me. I jumped and dodged, trying to counter his attacks. I was a bit scared and all sweaty. He took a broad, gladius like dagger and tried to slash me. I felt adrenaline rush, but my mind was still calm. I thought "He should throw that knife at me, and I should catch it.". He did as I thought - thrown his weapon. I caught it and stabbed him in the heart. Then I moved back to bus.

      I got teleported away and had to play a game in which I chose spot and DC bird flies towards it. My goal was to kill a snake that hypnotized whole city and was ruling it. I failed and the game changed into nor sure scrolling adventure than a strategy. It was really similar to Captain Claw game.
    6. [27-02-2016]

      by , 02-27-2016 at 11:07 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in home, it was evening. I was in room with almost all of my sisters. One came back from working abroad in Switzerland. We all were doing something on laptops and PC's. Sisters were playing the Sims game, while I was doing something on sisters laptop. Suddenly my pal appeared and tried to kick me a few times, roundhouse kick like Chuck Norris. It had an old operating system. I took it to another room. My mother was sitting there, working on something. Then all my sisters appeared and started arguing. After they went away, I turned on an interesting game. It had camera from behind character and gameplay mechanics similar to heretic 2. I was a warrior chasing an evil warlock that kidnapped my daughter. I was climbing up a mountain. The scenery was quite beautiful, everything was really vivid. After climbing I ended up in ruins, but warlock teleported me to another plane where I had to fight with a giant. After I defeated him, a book with hints where I should look next appeared. But I was unable to read it, as warlock made the book slowly disappear and teleported me back to ruins.

      Second dream

      I was in fathers carpentry workshop. There was a fireplace set up in one of its corner. We were working on something, but had to check something in a shed near our garage. It was a dark evening, my brother that worked abroad was back. We tried to open the shed, but we couldn't. We took a drill and destroyed lock on the door. We didn't looked what was inside. I went back to workshop, father went to home. I looked at the fireplace, and thought "Screw it, it may burn the building as well." And went to home.
    7. School, building a game

      by , 06-13-2015 at 08:33 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school. I went into a classroom to take some papers. When I taken them, teacher told me to stay for a while. I sat on the chair close to the tabl with random snacks. Teacher, an older, blonde woman sat in front of me. After a while other students appeared.

      We talked and ate snacks. Then when we finished I went to IT room. Everyone was playing something. I went to a PC and started working. I turned on texture, model and level editors from development kit, and whenever I made a change I tested it in game.

      The game was in wireframe mode, so I had to use console and type gl_texturemode 1 or gl_wireframe 1 when I needed to switch between them. I wandered dark, abandoned building. I stood in front of dark corridor, waiting for anything that would go out of there.

      I drawn a magnum gun, and started to shoot. Suddenly a pack of zombies went out of corridor, and I had to kill them.