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    1. Some non-lucids

      by , 04-06-2015 at 09:19 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was walking in the countryside. I was halfway to the nearest city. There were fields on the left and right, and a forest in the distance. I met a brunette girl with bright blue eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt, bright blue skirt, and had a necklace. I can't recall how the necklace looked like.

      She asked me if I can take some flowers for her from the field. I jumped onto the field, and looked for the plant she wanted to receive. When I got out, I was all in mud, dirty. She was really thankfull.

      I decided to go with her to the nearest shop. She chosen what she wanted to buy. The shopkeeper demanded huge amounts of money for only four products. I tried to remove some of the more expensive, but it was still huge.

      I checked my wallet, and it was empty. I asked if she has any money. The girl checked her wallet, and found nothing as well. She asked me if we can just take the products and run away, and after a while of consideration I decided that we should just go away, without taking anything.

      We walked out of the shop. Suddenly we found ourselves in front of my house. There was a black man - student of Oxford college. He was weaing a green hoody with Oxford written on the back. He went to the street, met other students, and rapped.

      Second dream

      I was walking in school. There was a girl that was looking for her lover. I tried to help her. We found out that there was a man who had a few girlfriends. They received that information rather quickly.

      Third dream - recurring, different ending than before

      Technology became so advanced that humanity could revert all it's impact on environment, and then move to huge vault-complexes. Nobody leavd their vaults, except for moving to another vault, either by trains or cars that used form of energy, that doesn't create any pollution.

      I was with a group of teenagers. The group consisted of three men, and two women. I can't recall if any of them used names in the whole dream. One had dark hair, and was wearing white shirt and jeans trousers. Second guy had blond air, and was wearing black t-shirt and jeans trousers. I was the third one. The first girl had brown hair, and was wearing grey t-shirt and jeans trousers. I can't recall the second girl.

      Somehow we found a way to the surface, but after we got out the way was sealed. It was cold early morning. The vault was surrounded by fields with growing crops. There was a road and train track nearby. We tried to go back the sealed way, but it wouldn't open.

      I decided that we should spread out, and see if we can find a way. If we do, we must call for the rest. I searched the area close to the sealed way. My point of view changed. I was the guy with white t-shirt. I was searching some basements. I saw a way, looking like ducts, but I hesitated if I should enter it.

      Then my vision changed again. I was the guy with black t-shirt. I was on the road. I dodged some cars to get close to the trains, but I saw that they open only from inside the vault, and have no windows. I saw that there is a way from under the train track, but it risks death if I would be there where train comes.

      My point of view changed again. From the top view I saw the girl, searching some rooftops and going into corridors. Suddenly a door in the corridor opened. The girl was scared and was crying.

      Then I was back at my point of view. I found a hidden switch, which moved a platform to the rooftop. I found a way inside there. I immediately sended a message to the rest of the group, and the came quickly, We just jumped through the hole, and landed safely in the corridor near apartments of the vault.

      *Usually the dream ended with:

      - The guy in white t-shirt killed by mechanisms when trying to go through ducts;

      - The guy in black t-shirt hit by car when moving on the road; killed by train while trying to find the way under the tracks; killed by a serial killer when following the road to the entrance;

      - The girl killed by mad scientist after entering mysterious room;

      - Me catched by mad scientist, and killed by serial killer;*

      False awakening

      I "woke up" in my bed. I felt a strong pain in my teeth. I touched one with my tongue, and felt a huge hole in it. I felt that I touch my gums through it. After a while all of my teeth started to fall out of gums, and form a ball of crushed teeth. I took it out of my mouth, and then awakened.