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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [25/26-03-2016]

      by , 03-26-2016 at 11:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      25-03 Dream

      I was in my house, it was an evening. Sister was watching tv. I was sitting near a table with a laptop. I turned around and saw an old man in black jacket and a young, blonde woman with glasses - probably an assistant of the old man. I asked him "Are you Sapkowski?" (writer of The Witcher) - he confirmed, looked at the laptop and said "You've gotten quite far!" I looked on the screen and saw that there was a witcher game turned on. Then he said "We'll see how you'll do this!" and turned on a strange mini-game. I had to click as quick as I can, and the witcher was dancing and singing about monsters. I did quite good job. The old man asked about one of his books, I replied "I've never readen any of these, but my pal did. He's quite big fan of your writings". He said that he must leave now and went away. I caught up with him and asked if I can make a photo with him, to which he replied - "No."


      First dream

      I escaped from the prison with others. We took over an important restaurant, where only important people ate. We waited for a judge that sentenced all of us to prison to appear. We took many guests, cooking like true masters and getting more and more cash. Other prisoners wanted to keep the restaurant and forget about the judge - I tried to persuade them to keep our current goal, but they didn't listened. With their leader I went to a freezer to fight with him.

      Second dream

      I was in some school, in the toilet. I was standing close to a mirror. I heard a voice "First they humiliated me, and then they killed me. I turn you into a monster, so you could fight these monsters back!". I looked into the mirror and saw that I have changed - my skin was gray and rotten, my teeth were rectangular and irregularly placed, my eyes were plain white and bulging out of eyesockets, I had a mushroom cap on top of my head. I knew where to look for them - a school trip that just went out.

      I ran through school, nobody minded a mushroom-zombie man running around. I went out - it was a rainy, cold afternoon. I saw them walking on the sidewalk, but there was a priest with them. I decided to go another way and catch them later, but I only met the priest who lost his way. It was close to sewer canals. There was a way to the rest of the group through a flat, but priest didn't wanted to enter it. We tried to go through canals, but there were rumors of horrible, terrifying monster living in there. I tore planks of the platform over a maintenance tunnel of sewers and entered it.

      Third dream.

      I was on a strange island. With other leaders we were sitting close to a round table, dividing our loot between us. I wanted to take my share in diamonds, but one of the leaders told that he's not going to share his loot. We started arguing, I looked at the island and saw that it's mostly devoid of resources, except for one cliff where I could see mineral veins. I said "Either we divide and plunder or start a war, and we both know that this island is devoid of hematite!"

      After we ended arguing, we started building our fortresses. I wanted to build my base in the mineral cliff, but just as I started, orcs build their base close to mine, claiming that we need to cooperate. All they did was disturb me in building my base.
    2. Repairing laptop, exercises

      by , 11-26-2015 at 04:46 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my house. With my pal we opened up my laptop, to see what's broken inside. After checking that everything is right, I tried to close it, but I've got one part left, and I didn't knew where it was. We decided to leave it for now and go somewhere. I opened the door to my room, and saw that there was a city on the other side. Streets were crowded, and there was a weird restaurant without a wall. I saw that my teacher is sitting there. She said "I wonder what he's doing there." when she saw me. I started to make random exercises, just so she won't disturb me.
    3. Friends, a movie, elemental zombies

      by , 10-19-2015 at 10:34 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First part

      I woke up in my bed. It was an early morning. I looked through the window, I couldn't see anything through the dense fog. I took on clothes - jeans trousers and a dark blue hoodie. I went to the kitchen to eat a breakfast, and saw that my whole family was there, eating their breakfast. I looked through the window in the kitchen, and this time I could see my cousin and my friend. The fog was still dense.

      I took my backpack and went outside to greet them, but cousin disappeared somewhere, leaving my friend alone. The fog have dispersed, but it started to rain. We wandered the rainy streets of our hometown, going to the bus stop. We stopped near a shop though, because shoelaces in my right shoe untied. I dropped my backpack on the ground, and started to tie it.

      The bus appeared then, but it haven't stopped at the bus stop. I tied the shoe quickly, and ran towards the bus. I forgot the backpack though, and had to run back. I took it and ran back to my friend. He told me that we're going to his car, and that I shouldn't rush towards the bus.

      We entered his car and drove to the closest supermarket. We were walking around shelves filled with random products, looking for things from buy list. After we took all of the things he wanted to buy, I asked him "Where are we going now?" He replied "To home." For a while I considered if I should go to school, but I decided to drive somewhere with my friend.

      We picked up another friend on the way, and drove to a restaurant. The walls were painted red, firniture was made out of mahogany, and chairs had red upholstery. They ordered something to eat. I told them that I'm not hungry. My teacher joined us - a blonde woman in early fifties. She was wearing a red dress. She asked me "Do you know who Rzecki was?" I remained silent for a while. She got nervous and told "I haven't expected that you won't know! Rzecki, the boiler room worker!" Then she left us.

      Suddenly cameramen with actors entered the restaurant. They were going to make a movie, but first they told everyone inside to pose for a picture. I hidden somewhere in the crowd, and after the picture was taken, I sat back with my friends. A girl from my class joined us, and told us something, then she was trying to go out, but cameramen stopped her. They wanted to give her a role in their movie.

      Part two

      I told my friends that I'll be back in a moment, then I left the restaurant. Goind through the doors I found myself in ruins of a metropoly. Looking back I could only see a burning building, nothing more. There was a flat nearby, I thought that I could hide there for a while.

      The streets were empty, so no one seen me. I ran to the closest house and hidden in a dark corner. Only then I saw that the room wasn't empty. A zombie composed solely of fire was shambling inside. I didn't knew what to do. I looked around, and found a wrench, then I saw that gas pipe was open. I rushed towards it before the zombie could react and closed it.

      The zombie dispersed, and I could freely search the room. It had old oaken furniture, roughcast was dropping out of the walls. There was a carpet with weird patterns on it. Under the carpet I found two Uzi guns with ammo. I took them and went outside.

      I saw that there was a fallen skyscraper with a parking lot nearby. I decided that I should take a car and drive away. I crossed the empty street, but when I got close to the rubble, it started to move. Rock zombies were coming towards me. I shot them with Uzi's, and but it wasn't enough to destroy them.

      Suddenly I saw something flying towards me. Air zombies tried to catch me, but I ran towards the flat room in which I spotted fire zombie. I hidden in the same dark corner, but looking around I saw that gas pipe was open again. Fire zombie appeared again, but I had no wrench. After it spotted me, it shot two fireballs at me.
    4. Balloon planet, bringing the coffee

      by , 08-27-2015 at 12:48 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my frontyard, launching a rocket to fly away and explore other planets. I was flying with speed of the light, avoiding many asteroids on my way, until I crashed at the moon. I immediately started to collect parts and repair my rocket, and then I flewn away. Next I landed on a balloon planet - there was no earth, rocks or anything. Just a pink, elastic membrane surrounding empty space. I walked on it for a while, and tried to plant some plants in flower pots, but then the membrane have broken, and I was falling into the outerspace. As I was falling, I noticed that I'm going to land on earth. Flying past planets of the solar system, I have finally reached Earth and landed in a dumpster near a restaurant. I got out of the dumpster, entered restaurant, and then someone gave me a platter with coffee cups and told me to bring it to politicians in one of the rooms.
    5. [11-04-2014]

      by , 04-11-2015 at 08:15 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Firefighters, frying

      I have joined forces of firefighters as a citizen duty. I went to an old, abandoned industrial building where for some reasons our base was placed. We haven't done anything but talk about how it all works, as it was the first day of my squad on duty.

      Suddenly we've got a call that something is going on in nearby area. We ran a long stairway, and checked the area. Except a weird, frightened woman running away from strange man we haven't noticed anything - and I was the only person to see them. We ran back down, and talked about a big ceremony. We had to place a flag atop a huge flag pole.

      Then my duty ended, and I went to my second job. I was a frying man in local restaurant. I had to fry, while the inspector looked at every of my moves. I fried everything they gave me, and tried to use my technique as best as I can. The inspector wasn't impressed.
    6. Practical lessons and a party

      by , 03-05-2015 at 06:54 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was bright, cold morning. The sky was covered by a few clouds. With my older sister we drove to school, where my practical lessons teacher told me to take a bus ticket, and drive to work. I was wearing my forester uniform. I took the bus, and drove to the nearest big city. From the bus stop I went to a square through the alleys, looking at the ages old cobblestone pavement, buildings covered by vines and gambrel rooftops.

      When I finally arrived at the square, I saw a small restaurant building, a rusty street lamp, and some houses. I went to the restaurant, where my aunt was working. She told me to go the kitchen, and use some kind of a machine. This machine was a chopper, and from looking at it I saw that it could be easily used to shred someone to pieces. It was covered with green painting, and looked like new. I turned it on, but haven't used it. After some time my aunt come, and told me to help with the dirty dishes. I went there, and suddenly she told me to put some bread to haversack. I did it, and then helped her with washing the dishes. Then I took a bus back home. In the middle of the road the bus has broken and I had to go home on foot.

      I have finally arrived at home. I was tired, in dirty forester uniform. I entered my home, and then everyone jumped out from behind furniture. They screamed Surprise! I didn't knew what to do, but I was kinda happy at the same time. Then a girl that's my friend came and hugged me. Other persons also hugged me, but I just wanted all the hugging to end. Then we hugged with the friend again. I went to another room. We were partying all the night, dancing and drinking. A few times I went to the toilet. In the end I have talked with that girl, but I can't recall what we were talking about.