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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [11-10-2016]

      by , 10-11-2016 at 11:22 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream, false awakening

      I was in school, sitting in a classroom. It was already evening, but we were all still sitting in school. There was a new teacher - a redhead woman in early forties, wearing jacket and trousers in pale purple colour. She was really bossy and rough, almost everyone was scared of her. She said "This class would need a good head teacher to become as effective as it could be..." Then I interrupted her saying "We already have a head teacher, and she's the best one we can have!"

      I woke up in a bed in parent's room, it was dark all around but I could see parents sleeping in their bed. I woke up saying the aforementioned line. My mother was saying it at the same time with me. I got out of bed and went to toilet. I couldn't see anything through the window as the glass pane was completely frozen.

      Then I was back in school, in different classroom. People were preparing for lierature classes, some asked me if they got the right book. One of the girls asked me if I heard of a "Kim Kardashian - American Virgin" movie. I denied, saying that it's the first time I actually hear about it. Then I said that I know someone who can get that movie for her, for a small favor. Then that new teacher was back, this time a soldier with an uzi accompanied her. I got into argue with her again, she came closer and really lightly hit me in the head. Everyone laughed and she asked why, to which I replied "They're under impression of your powerful punch." She got angry and slightly scratched my forehead, I commented with "Thanks, it was kinda itching." Everyone laughed from her again, she got mad and ordered her soldier to shoot me. I grabbed her and used her as a shield. Soldier shot out a magazine at her and she fallen dead. Then we all got out of classroom, everyone congratulating me for dealing with her.

      Second dream

      It was early winter, with two teachers and a bunch of friends I was at a pier. I talked wih teacher about storms that can greatly increase water level in this usually dry pier. I looked at the sea - there was no water at all, just some ice scattered around. The sky was overcast but bright. Then the wind started blowing strongly and sky went grim. I looked towards the land, and saw a flock of seagulls escaping. Then I saw a huge wave of water incoming. It hit the pier, we barely held on. Water was raising rapidly, the wind and water flow was so strong that first it pushed a big van at the pier. We were lucky enough that it missed. Then it pushed a bus with high velocity and it hit the pier, breaking it completely. We jumped down to a small boat and started paddling with our hands. I paddled with my leg for some reason. I heard teacher shouting "Swim to N-40!" We paddled on, swimming into some swamps. I was a bit afraid of paddling as there were some venomous snakes swimming in water, but we got to land safely. Then we started wondering "What means N-40?" - one of friends asked. Another replied "I think it's "Now swim on for 40 seconds"." I asked "Isn't it North-40 degrees?"
    2. [20-06-2016]

      by , 06-20-2016 at 05:55 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was an evening. Strong wind was blowing and sky was covered by dense layers of dark-red, huge, towering clouds. I was in my father's carpentry workshop, we were working on something with father, sister, my friend and two other men. My backyard was changed and door to old toilet hut were placed right in front of the workshop. The doors were opening on their own and despite the strong wind, sister scared me that it was a ghost opening and closing them all the time. I looked at the clouds and saw loads of lightnings shooting across the sky. I said "There's a photo session up in the sky, we should get back to home." We went back to my house, it looked like it was before renovation. My friend said "Wait, I've got to go meet someone at the wolf." I immediately realised that the wolf is a name he's calling one of the streets. We went out, it was just after the rain. We saw something strange - a blue orb of energy, surrounded by an orange, circular energy beam. It moved towards us really quickly, disappearing and appearing in another spot. I said to my friend "Look! It must be an anomaly, just like in stalker games!" We went around it, but then I decided to throw some pebbles at it. Two throws missed, I got a feeling that it's watching me. Third throw hit that orb and it exploded, releasing huge amount of steam. We went onward.

      Second dream

      I was in school, ending my classes. We were going down to cloakroom, I took my stuff and went for a bus. There were only a few passengers inside. I looked out through windows and saw that storm is coming. I felt that the bus is going to fall on it's side, so I leaned through a window and pulled a few strings that made it keep balance. When we were driving in a crowded town, I found myself in a cargo that was placed externally, on the bus' side. I was trying to not get crushed when bus was driving by other vechicles. Suddenly the engine turned off and I had to leave the cargo. I met up with two girls from the bus, one was very rude and we couldn't stand each other.


      I was in my house, in a living room. There was a tied up couple lying on the floor. A man in a black suit with red tie and a blonde, completely naked woman. I was holding a gun in my hand. The man said that they're not my parents which made me shot myself in an arm. Then he said "We're just freaking, kid!" This made me rage, I shot at them a few times.
    3. [18-01-2016]

      by , 01-18-2016 at 07:42 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall only a brief moment. It was a stormy afternoon. I was wearing a black hoodie and jeans trousers, and I was in my house. I had a strong urge to run somewhere, I had something important to do.
      Tags: running, storm
      dream fragment
    4. [17-01-2016]

      by , 01-17-2016 at 07:21 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in a tv room with my pals. It was furnished in fifties style, there was an old, small black tv. We were watching a tv show about secret organisations. I was holding the tv in my hands while they were showing skyscrapers, and when it changed scenery to a beach, I took a step back from the tv and suddenly found myself falling down into the show.

      It was warm and sunny day. Girls all around were wearing bikini suits. I could still could hear my pals, talking about these girls. Suddenly I received a message that I should go and find a daughter of a man fighting against some corporation and protect her. I from the road to a beach and moved closer to the shore. I almost found her, but then everything was getting blurry and my vision was slowly widening. I thought "Like in a lucid dream" and ran forward to road.

      There were no people or traffic in the downtown. I ran around skyscrapers, getting closer to my target. But then I realised that I was fooled in a trap. A giant giraffe chased me through the city, smashing down buildings and parked cars. It almost got me, but then a group of muffin-superheroes appeared and fought with the giraffe. Brown muffin tangled it's legs, while green mufin made it's breathing harder. There were also other muffin-superheroes but I didn't payed them attention.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed, wearing jeans trousers and gray hoodie. It was cold and dark afternoon, a thunderstorm was gathering. I felt an urge to go to toilet, so I moved to a ladder and opened hatch to an attic. There was a huge wooden toilet seat, which seemingly had no bottom. I tried to do my thing, but it was really cold, and I got scared by storm clouds and hurricane going in my direction. I went down, but toilet there was closed.
    5. Gathering storm, [DILD] Resurrection

      by , 06-14-2015 at 10:22 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in school, sitting on a chair in a classroom. There were other students sitting there too. Teacher was talking about something I cannot recall, as I haven't focused on the lesson. I looked through the window at grim, gray sky. Suddenly I said aloud "It's going to be fun." And then sky became dark, and storm luds gathered. It started to rain.

      [DILD] Resurrection - recurring dream, this time ending with LD

      It was many years after portals were invented, and people had access to other dimensions. Many fantastical creatures came to earth. Some of them were hostile and started war, and some of them were just trying to survive. To stop banditry and fight against invaders, humans made a Confederation of Dimensions. Their mission was to capture criminalists, and fight off invaders.

      I was walking with two business partners in a river, swamp valley between high mountains. We were taking remains from a battle that went on there, and cleaning tracks of bandits. I looked atop one of the mountains, and saw an orc encampent. We took some more stuff and went along the river side.

      Suddenly I appeared in entrance hall of prison, chained with my two business partners. We were probably captured for helping bandits somewhere in the past, and now we were guided to portal, leading to a prison. The security officer told us to keep our hands in the air as we walked through crowded corridors of confederations outpost.

      There were many people, and other weird creatures, whispering about us. I felt that my whole left hand is sweaty, I tried to put it down, but an invisible force tried to keep it in the air. Finally I managed to put it down, and the chain slept off my hand.

      Security officer looked at me, and I looked at my hand. He ran for help, while I used this situation to run away. I took a path through old sports hall of the outpost, and ran away towards swamps. I jumped into lake, then went out of the water and hidden in bushes. Guards couldn't find me, so I went out of my hideout and swam to nearest buildings.

      There was an industrial area supported by orcs. They built war machines there, to win wat with humans. I jumped out of the water and climbed up a fence. I looked at the square, and saw a woman with a child. She was a blonde woman in her fifties. Shea had blood soaked eyes and was wearing casual clothes - pale brown t-shirt and jeans trousers. She held a hatchet in her hand.

      The child was a boy. He had dark hair and blood soaked eyes, and he was wearing casual clothes - a brown jacket and jeans trousers. There was a man walking on the square. Suddenly the woman charged towards him and hit him with the hatchet, killing him.

      She dropped the hatchet down, and was preparing to eat the man, but I jummped down the fence, grabbed the hatchet with my left hand, and striked her in the back of her head. The boy escaped to the swamps. The strike was enough to knock her to the ground, and she couldn't stand up.

      She tried to kick me, and I said "Try again, and I'll chop your legs off!" Then I turned around and ran away. Suddenly I realised this is a dream. I made a nose RC, and ran. But then I stopped, dropped down the hatchet and turned back. I walked back to the woman, and gestured with my left hand saying "Resurrect!"

      My voice was changed a little, and echoed all around. I looked at my hand, and then looked at the woman. She changed, her hair turned white, eyes were green and no more blood soaked, and she was much younger, like she was 20 again. The resurrection must've had a rejuvenating effect. She told me to come closer, and gave me a kiss.

      After we stopped kissing, I thought about going on an adventure, but suddenly everythin turned black and I woke up.
    6. Camping at the mountainside

      by , 03-17-2015 at 09:13 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was at school. It was during the lesson. Suddenly, a courier arrived and told that has a parcel for me. I immediately unpacked it, and saw that there was a motorbike with welded two additional wheels. It was yellow with black parts. There were green letters composing hte name of it, but I can't recall them. There was also a scooter in the pack.

      I went out of classroom. Suddenly I realised that it's a friday, and that due to some kind of teachers conferention we had no more lessons. With classmates and students from other classes we went upstairs. There was a one guy from my class, wearing grey blouse, dark grey trousers and sports shoes. He shouted to the other guy, and made a parkour stunts on the handrails.

      We were all climbing up the stair way. It was gigantic, the size of a mountain. The stairs led to the stands where we could watch spectacles. I took a chair and sat on it in the halfway to the peek. There was a great, awe-inspiring view. I saw vast expanses of forest areas, mixed with school buildings, which looked like a small blot in the ocean of green. There were other mountains, far away on the horizon.

      Suddenly I felt that someone punched me in my neck from behind. I saw that it was one of my classmates. He was wearing a blue hoody and jeans trousers. He thought it was funny, but told me that it was one of my pals who told him to do this. I immediately ran up to the peak. I felt strong pain in my back. Finally I got to the peak and saw some of the classmates sitting there. I saw him. He was wearing black t-shirt with grey jeans trousers. He was grinning mockingly. I charged at him, trying to hit him. He was defending himself, and we both landed on the ground, almost falling of the peak. He was stronger than me. In the last moment I kicked him in the face. It haven't had any effect on him, as if I did it without any force.

      A minute later we were back in friendly terms. We were joking. I looked at the sky. It was dark, storm clouds were gathering. The wind started to raise in power. I decided to go to my last stand, rather than join other classmates. I left the classmates behind. I was moving slowly, and I heard the classmates laughing "Hahaha! Look at his legs! Look at his legs! I ignored them and moved on.

      Looking at the foot of the mountain I saw hundreds of tents. They belonged to other students. I reached my stand, but then I deduced that with the current speed in which wind gathers strenght makes it dangerous to sleep in this height. I climbed down the mountain, and made my place in a nice valley, on the outskirts of the tent city created by students. It has started to rain. I looked around, and saw some outcasts standing with umbrellas. I thought that I should get back to the classmates over the peak, but I concluded it was better to stay where I was. I searched my backpack for a tent, but the only thing I found was a bag with leftovers after some kind of dish.

      Then my vision goes back to my home in retrospection. I saw my mother talking with grandma. She asked How could you give him a bag with leftovers instead of the tent?

      And then I'm back at the foot of the mountain. The strong wind took the bag with leftovers away. I took an umbrella and lied down on the ground. I was like one of the outcasts, without the tent, left alone in the rain.