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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [07-11-2016: War]

      by , 11-07-2016 at 09:28 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a warm summer day. With younger sister we were in some beautiful coastal city. Then suddenly we were in our house with with rest of family, we were sitting on a sofa in kitchen and talking about something. Suddenly we've heard sirens and everyone started to panic. Soldiers quickly approached our house and started a shootout. Planes were dropping bombs on my house and it's surroundings. Avoiding bullets, bombs and explosions I've ran into a doghouse, picking up some old pistol from second world war era. With dog we were sitting quietly. The dog looked at me and I saw that he somewhat smiled to me. I heard someone coming closer and pointed my gun, awaiting.
    2. Gathering storm, [DILD] Resurrection

      by , 06-14-2015 at 10:22 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in school, sitting on a chair in a classroom. There were other students sitting there too. Teacher was talking about something I cannot recall, as I haven't focused on the lesson. I looked through the window at grim, gray sky. Suddenly I said aloud "It's going to be fun." And then sky became dark, and storm luds gathered. It started to rain.

      [DILD] Resurrection - recurring dream, this time ending with LD

      It was many years after portals were invented, and people had access to other dimensions. Many fantastical creatures came to earth. Some of them were hostile and started war, and some of them were just trying to survive. To stop banditry and fight against invaders, humans made a Confederation of Dimensions. Their mission was to capture criminalists, and fight off invaders.

      I was walking with two business partners in a river, swamp valley between high mountains. We were taking remains from a battle that went on there, and cleaning tracks of bandits. I looked atop one of the mountains, and saw an orc encampent. We took some more stuff and went along the river side.

      Suddenly I appeared in entrance hall of prison, chained with my two business partners. We were probably captured for helping bandits somewhere in the past, and now we were guided to portal, leading to a prison. The security officer told us to keep our hands in the air as we walked through crowded corridors of confederations outpost.

      There were many people, and other weird creatures, whispering about us. I felt that my whole left hand is sweaty, I tried to put it down, but an invisible force tried to keep it in the air. Finally I managed to put it down, and the chain slept off my hand.

      Security officer looked at me, and I looked at my hand. He ran for help, while I used this situation to run away. I took a path through old sports hall of the outpost, and ran away towards swamps. I jumped into lake, then went out of the water and hidden in bushes. Guards couldn't find me, so I went out of my hideout and swam to nearest buildings.

      There was an industrial area supported by orcs. They built war machines there, to win wat with humans. I jumped out of the water and climbed up a fence. I looked at the square, and saw a woman with a child. She was a blonde woman in her fifties. Shea had blood soaked eyes and was wearing casual clothes - pale brown t-shirt and jeans trousers. She held a hatchet in her hand.

      The child was a boy. He had dark hair and blood soaked eyes, and he was wearing casual clothes - a brown jacket and jeans trousers. There was a man walking on the square. Suddenly the woman charged towards him and hit him with the hatchet, killing him.

      She dropped the hatchet down, and was preparing to eat the man, but I jummped down the fence, grabbed the hatchet with my left hand, and striked her in the back of her head. The boy escaped to the swamps. The strike was enough to knock her to the ground, and she couldn't stand up.

      She tried to kick me, and I said "Try again, and I'll chop your legs off!" Then I turned around and ran away. Suddenly I realised this is a dream. I made a nose RC, and ran. But then I stopped, dropped down the hatchet and turned back. I walked back to the woman, and gestured with my left hand saying "Resurrect!"

      My voice was changed a little, and echoed all around. I looked at my hand, and then looked at the woman. She changed, her hair turned white, eyes were green and no more blood soaked, and she was much younger, like she was 20 again. The resurrection must've had a rejuvenating effect. She told me to come closer, and gave me a kiss.

      After we stopped kissing, I thought about going on an adventure, but suddenly everythin turned black and I woke up.
    3. [05-05-2015]

      by , 05-05-2015 at 07:38 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Training with warriors

      It was in the middle of barren land. I was standing on a hill side, surrounded by warriors in full plate mails. We were training for a great war.

      Bus drive

      I went out of my home, and entered the bus at the bus stop. People were talking about nothing in particular. I was looking through the window. It was dark, spring day. Storm clouds were gathering on the sky.
    4. Some non-lucids

      by , 02-06-2015 at 09:48 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      School - fragment

      I recall walking in school. It was cold, winter afternoon. The corridoor was empty. I was walking alone.

      War for the lemonade

      A guy named Phineas made his own lemonade factory in my garden. He produced many brews. People could give him recipe, and he'll produce them their favourite beverages. One old man get there for his receipt, and get "cubbage lemonade". Phineas told I think it might be spoiled! But the man told him Don't worry, it's the taste of 80's!. But soon Phineas's factory couldn't work quicker. One day people started complaining, I was among them only to ensure the conflict would grow. The argue started a great war. Next day everyone was preparing. Suddenly I realised my mistake, but it was too late. Factory workers with Phineas as their leader prepared battlefield. Armies were marching towards the battlegrounds. When armies crossed their ways I shouted I won't fight! I'll treat wounded! The army of people was in worse situation than Phineas, as he made many traps and armor. They wanted to negotiate, so I decided to help them. Suddenly a window popped up, telling that I advanced to "Plumber Devil". Everyone was laughing from me, but I taken my new form. Everyone around turned into devils, lesser demons angels and lesser goodly beings. I was attacked by angel, negotiations brought nothing and battle started. Last glimpses of it I saw from top down perspective.