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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [31-01-2017: Monsters & rooster, Working abroad, Dark magic, DILD]

      by , 01-31-2017 at 09:47 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I saw a biome border between temperate grasslands and barren wastelands. I saw a huge hill forming a slope coming up to the height of sun as seen on the sky. People in that area wer living in cavern-houses and modest outside cottages. There were horrible monsters roaming the area, leopard-like predators made of bone and rocks with some fleshy bits in between and more creatures mentioned by people. I walked up the slope and then slid down to a huge valley and started escaping. The monsters were chasing me, I only had my bare hands to defend. I ran up to some volcanic rift, and decided to run back to safety of grasslands. I reached it and then place changed. It was a cold, early spring dawn. I went from behind my barn towards house, trying to avoid angry dogs on the way, and then suddenly turned to chicken pens. I reminded myself that I had to do something there before coming back home. I opened a gate, but one of roosters tried to escape the pen. I managed to stop it, saying "Don't leave the pens rooster, there are dogs out there that might eat you!"

      Working abroad

      I was sitting in my living room with some random people and my family. There was an old, bald man with a moustache that seemed familiar, his wife was as old he was, she was a redhea. There also were my two sisters and parents. I spoke with the man about some work we have to do and I started preparing, taking on layers of clothes and high shoes. It was something to do abroad. With younger sister we prepared and left the house. It was a warm morning, we sat on a wagon and set off after a while. Only then my sister told me that we're going to a working camp to become slaves, but everything was prepared so that we can get out of this. Just before the wagon left my possession, police appeared and stopped it, then arrested the old man and his wife.

      Dark magic

      With siblings and parents we drove to my aunt's house and entered it. The place was a strange amalgamate of my and their house. We went towards living room where TV was turned on. It was some new technology that made the TV project everything as a hologramme in the room. I saw some city with skyscrapers and thought "Godzilla?" Then something strange started to happen, hologrammes of the Godzilla and numerous mummies appeared. They were black with white outlines. The mummies hurled black orbs that on impact sent shrapnells at us and made more of them spawn. I recall that with my mind and by throwing one orb back, I beaten those mummies. Godzilla just stood there in the background, between skyscrapers. Suddenly everything turned to grayscale with blackness in the background. Strange undead or demon alike figures started to fight between themselves so they'd get a better view of me. They could've been waving to me too.


      I woke up in my bed, though my house again was a mix of my and my aunt's house. I left it and went towards bathroom. The light switches weren't working, I tried turning the lights on several times to no avail. I left the bathroom. Then I made nose plug RC as lights seemed unusuall and became lucid. I turned back and entered the bathroom. This time it was different, with rock-alike tiles in shades of brown, there was a huge bathtube in the middle of the room, with a tall mirror on the wall. The mirror reflected everything up from my stomach. I looked much younger, uglier and had shorter hair, I was wearing a camoe t-shirt. I recalled my current lucid goals - transformations and shape shifting. I took a towel that was hanging on nearby wall and obscured the mirror, then thought about changing. First I wanted to try changing into opposite gender. I used towel to obscure and reveal the mirror, changing parts of my body this way. I became naked after a first try. Suddenly I found myself outside the toilet, non-lucid. I repeated RC and became lucid again. I went back to bathroom and continued changing. Each time as I changed, my facial features were feminine and different from previous. Only thing that was in common with each of them was that my hair were black and eyes had darker shade of blue with mixture of brown. After a while changes weren't instant and I had to hold the towel in front of mirror for a while. Suddenly when I revealled the mirror, it summoned the reflection. A woman with dark hair and eyes and somewhat pleasant body was standing beside me. Curiously, only her reflected in the mirror. She looked at me, smiling. I touched her to shift into her body, and then she disappeared. I changed my head a few more times until I was good with the change, then started changing the torso. It was quite quick to get a female body. Suddenly someone approached me from behind, pointing a gun at my back. It was a blonde man in a black suit. He shot several times, but I ignored him and the shots. He disappeared after a while, his bullets not even touching my body. Then I started shifting lower parts of my body, this was the hardest as the mirror didn't reached it (and I haven't thought about enlargening it), and feeling coming with it were quite intense (more in a turn-on way though). I was trying to hold on and managed to stay in the dream. The lucidity faded away though and I stood there non-lucid. After a short while I woke up.
    2. [01-05-2016]

      by , 05-01-2016 at 08:38 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a dorm room, checking my stuff. I touched the wall and teleported to another room, to meet with my colleagues. We talked for a short while and then I left to east something in nearby fast food restaurant. When I was going to leave, I received some plastic objects like forks or talons. I went back to colleagues room and asked what's about these things. A girl that also visited them said that they represent points which can be spent in any shops. I took my points with my, thinking that they may steal it.

      I thought about going to work and said that unlike my sister, who makes art for a living, I'll go to work at sawmill, as I'm after special courses. I touched the wall and got teleported to my room - it was a small, cramped room. There was an utter mess, clothes and all other objects spread around everywhere. I went to my backpack and took some tools that I'd need there, then I took a book from the shelf. Suddenly my previous classmates entered the room and we were talking about our work. One of them worked at the same sawmill I wanted to go.

      I left the building - it was a warm morning. There was a gentle orange glow that sun often gives in my dreams. Outside there was my home town, but completely overgrown with vegetation. There was knees tall grass growing out of sidewalks. I met two girls I previously knew and we walked uphill. After a while they went to other side of road. I heard a car and continued on the same side, bit them I looked back and saw that this car was driving on sidewalks, with lawnmower mounted to it's front. I went to other side and after a short while entered a forest. It was a great and beautiful forest. Trees were tall and enormous. There were bushes rich with fruits and understorey was full of vegetation. Going uphill I saw a dam made of gigantic timber logs. I saw that classmate with whom I talked before, there were sawmill workers around him. He was showing something on a nearby poplar tree.
    3. [22-03-2016]

      by , 03-22-2016 at 09:29 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in school, inside a classroom. It was late afternoon. I was arguing with someone.

      I was a captain at a pirate ship, fighting with other captains. I just thrown an enemy overboard and taken over the ship.

      I went out of my house, I had to do something outside. On the way I though about modifying a game.

      It was a side scrolling platformer. I was a mouse that had to collect gold and reach end of stage. It was really hard, as there were many traps and ghosts flying around. I thrown knives at these ghosts and this dispersed them for a while. I tried to reach a platform, but there were really strong winds pushing me back. I've fallen down.
    4. Going to work

      by , 09-29-2015 at 03:34 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I decided to leave the country, and drive to Switzerland, to work at Kobelt Chicory, where my older sister works. I packed my stuff and entered a bus. The journey was long, and I appeared on the spot in the evening. The boss told me to go to sleep at his house until they give me my own room in the worker flat. I went to bed.

      I woke up some time later, about three days later. During that time I worked all the time, and got assigned a room close to my sisters house. I visited her one day.
    5. Family reunion

      by , 06-16-2015 at 08:31 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I took my uniform and went to work. As I was wandering a forest, suddenly I got teleported back to my home, to a family reunion. I was confused, and watched as family was talking about something I can't recall.
    6. Lenghty non-lucid

      by , 12-27-2014 at 11:19 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school, sitting in classroom with my group. We were waiting for the teacher. He arrived after a while, bald, tall man with moustache, in his late twenties. He told us that we are going to work in a forest. He smiled viciously to me, and told me that I have the hardest work to do. He had good disposition towards me before, and now he betrays me. I went to the cloakroom, and changed my clothes to work uniform. There were three girls sitting on a bench with a sleeping dude. He was drunk, the wine was spoiled all over the floor. They were talking about various drinks. I had mixed felings towards them. We were in friednly terms before, and now I feel only reluctance. I went out of cloakroom, but couldn't find anyone, so I went to the bus stop. After a while the bus came, it was long, two storey with silver paint. I entered it, and sat on the left side. My older sister entered it too, and sat with me. I felt somehow safe, but I never needed her help. We drove to the city between my home and school. In the meantime, girls were doing photos with their phones. They were a bit blurred, but funny. On the photo there was a girl, she was looking like a monkey due to her face exprssion and blur. I went out in my home town, and got a message from friend, that we must met in the city I have passed. I entered another bus, it was old, and a bit dirty. I went out in the city, and received a message that he is in my home town now. I waited for another bus, and got to my home town. It was clody, dark evening. I got another message, he told that we'll meet another day. You can't count on anyone it seems. I went to my home. Mother told me to do something in the attic, and gave me box full of toys and other junk. I went up, and put it all to another box. I went down, and mother told me that we are driving to the city. I went out, entered the white car, and drove to the city.
      Tags: attic, bus, city, school, work
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