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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [05-02-2017: Dild]

      by , 02-05-2017 at 11:57 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I woke up in a bed in parents' bedroom. The house looked like in the old days, long before any renovations. I felt like going to toilet. I went through kitchen which looked just fine, then trough a hallway and to doors leading to small room (basement and attic access) before toilet. I opened doors and saw that attic hatch was open, violent streams of opaque pale blue water falling down. By the basement hatch I saw a ducts opening closed with grates, our dog, though zombified, desperately tried to get out of the ducts. It's body looked like that of a mummy, anger in it's eyes. I quickly closed doors and upon hearing my grandma saying "I'm done, toilet is free now!" I repoened them and let her pass, then finally got to the toilet. It looked horrible, the bathtub was moved to the middle of the room and looked really old. I sat on the toilet seat and thought "Wait, is that a dream?" I made a nose plug RC and confirmed that it was a dream, just when I finished what I started doing on the toilet seat. I looked around, and thought "Give me toilet paper." and it instantly appeared on a small shelf nearby. I finished everything and washed up hands, then thought "What should I do now?" when leaving the toilet. I went to kitchen and saw grandma sitting on a chair, somewhat sad. Then I got an idea and said in my mind "I know! I'll just make my grandma happy!". I started with tidying the house, waving my hands and everything tidied on a whim. Then I thought "Wait, I should wake up!", and so I did.
    2. [25/26-03-2016]

      by , 03-26-2016 at 11:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      25-03 Dream

      I was in my house, it was an evening. Sister was watching tv. I was sitting near a table with a laptop. I turned around and saw an old man in black jacket and a young, blonde woman with glasses - probably an assistant of the old man. I asked him "Are you Sapkowski?" (writer of The Witcher) - he confirmed, looked at the laptop and said "You've gotten quite far!" I looked on the screen and saw that there was a witcher game turned on. Then he said "We'll see how you'll do this!" and turned on a strange mini-game. I had to click as quick as I can, and the witcher was dancing and singing about monsters. I did quite good job. The old man asked about one of his books, I replied "I've never readen any of these, but my pal did. He's quite big fan of your writings". He said that he must leave now and went away. I caught up with him and asked if I can make a photo with him, to which he replied - "No."


      First dream

      I escaped from the prison with others. We took over an important restaurant, where only important people ate. We waited for a judge that sentenced all of us to prison to appear. We took many guests, cooking like true masters and getting more and more cash. Other prisoners wanted to keep the restaurant and forget about the judge - I tried to persuade them to keep our current goal, but they didn't listened. With their leader I went to a freezer to fight with him.

      Second dream

      I was in some school, in the toilet. I was standing close to a mirror. I heard a voice "First they humiliated me, and then they killed me. I turn you into a monster, so you could fight these monsters back!". I looked into the mirror and saw that I have changed - my skin was gray and rotten, my teeth were rectangular and irregularly placed, my eyes were plain white and bulging out of eyesockets, I had a mushroom cap on top of my head. I knew where to look for them - a school trip that just went out.

      I ran through school, nobody minded a mushroom-zombie man running around. I went out - it was a rainy, cold afternoon. I saw them walking on the sidewalk, but there was a priest with them. I decided to go another way and catch them later, but I only met the priest who lost his way. It was close to sewer canals. There was a way to the rest of the group through a flat, but priest didn't wanted to enter it. We tried to go through canals, but there were rumors of horrible, terrifying monster living in there. I tore planks of the platform over a maintenance tunnel of sewers and entered it.

      Third dream.

      I was on a strange island. With other leaders we were sitting close to a round table, dividing our loot between us. I wanted to take my share in diamonds, but one of the leaders told that he's not going to share his loot. We started arguing, I looked at the island and saw that it's mostly devoid of resources, except for one cliff where I could see mineral veins. I said "Either we divide and plunder or start a war, and we both know that this island is devoid of hematite!"

      After we ended arguing, we started building our fortresses. I wanted to build my base in the mineral cliff, but just as I started, orcs build their base close to mine, claiming that we need to cooperate. All they did was disturb me in building my base.
    3. Going back home, Bonehoard

      by , 07-19-2015 at 07:59 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With group of friends we were going back from a party. It was late at night, but we could see everything. We were walking down the road leading nowhere. It was empty and silent, but we were in good moods.

      I looked to the left, and saw a huge power plant. It was newly built, but covered with smog already. I was sure that I'd suffocate if we had to go through it.

      Suddenly we were teleported to a forest, near a huge river. There was a ranger talking about some kind of mining works underneath the river. He also said that they don't really know what they are doing. We crossed the river by walking on water.

      Then we were back on the road. The power plant was still standing, though the smog was denser. We wandered for a while, and a friend got a call. He said to someone that we are going to a shop.

      It was a wooden hut, probably built with larch wood. We entered it, and got teleported into Bonehoard from Thief:Gold. It was a complex of catacombs and crypts, forgotten by everyone.

      We climbed down a rope, and got attacked by zombie, which in fact was my sister. I ran quickly past her, enduring scratch to an arm, and called friends to a shelter. The zombie ate one of us, and nearly killed another, but we escaped.
    4. Zombies, elder gods, black holes etc.

      by , 02-09-2015 at 10:42 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Escaping from zombies - recurring dream

      I was outside my home. It was midnight. It was too dark to see anything more than blurred shapes. I heard moaning and started to run. Zombie was chasing me, I ran around my house, and found something on the ground. I stopped running then, because I have found something that got me rid off the trouble.

      In the school

      I was standing in the school corridoor near the classroom. Suddenly I saw a girl going up the stairs. Everyone was laughing from her, and I tried to hide from her. When I entered the classroom I saw two girls arguing about their sitting place. One has shown that she has low intelligence, claiming that if she's sitting alone, she needs much more space than two persons sitting near the one table.

      Encounter near the shop - dream fragment

      I was going to shop with my two older sisters. I met classmates from previous school. I saw that they give me mockinlgy looks. I went to them and said Hi! Then I went back to my sisters, and we entered the shop.

      Tidying the room - dream fragment

      I was arguing with my sisters about who's going to tidy the room.

      Facing the elder god - recurring dream

      I was in my home. I have readen in a newspaper about a new religious sect. I felt a strange urge to gesture, pointing at the ground. I did it and a black hole appeared, sucking everything inside except me. Then a weird man in blue uniform attacked me. I was escaping through the forests, city and entered a hotel while trying to create more black holes along the way. I couldn't use that power all the time, it had to recharge. In the hotel I went to the boiler room, and entered an underground passage. I took a pickaxe leaning over the nearest wall. I was again attacked, this time I could see the man clearly. He had black hair, light blue scientist suit and white shoes. I threw a pickaxe at him, but he dodged and escaped. I went onward and a pack of ghosts attacked me saying How does it feels like, when being attacked by undead? I threw a pickaxe at those ghosts, but it couldn't hurt them. I took my pickaxe back and ran straight the corridoor. It ended in a great antechamber with a rectangular chasm in the middle of it. There were four, square shaped pillars holding the ceiling. Candles and magma in the bottom of chasm gave this room moody, orange-reddish lighting. By the look of the stone, I assumed that chamber had to be thousands of years old. I was standing on the edge of the chasm, and suddenly the elder god awoken. He roarred and moaned, but it was all, he haven't got any physical body. He gave a command to bring someone there, and his minions brought a girl who is my classmate. She was locked in the cage, I didn't knew what to do.
    5. A few non lucids

      by , 02-05-2015 at 09:34 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in home. I bumped at my younger sister when I walked the corridor, she thought that it was intentionally and shouted at me, that there is no cure for someone like me. I went outside. In the barn I saw two small pigs. I started to pee and made a huge river running through the barn. I thought Where is everybody? and then I saw the open garage They must've driven somewhere.

      Second dream

      I was in some kind of research facility. There was a girl with a notebook talking with a scientist. There was lots of research note in that notebook. I wanted to gain access to secret files, so I lured two students to make a distraction. They wanted some other notes, and they received some maps. Using opportunity I sneaked with that girl and one of students to the secret files. I looked at maps, and we sneaked into a basement. A zombie attacked us there. It tore the girl apart, and bitten me in my leg. I took some kind of metal bar and a piece of glass and started hitting the zombie until it was knocked out. Then I snapped his neck and with student we escaped. Later I saw it all from a level editor perspective.
    6. Unfinished mod, research facility

      by , 12-20-2014 at 09:45 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      *It was lengthy, non lucid recurring dream. Only the first part with playing games and presence of my classmates is new.*

      I was playing Baldur's Gate on my PC, but I get bored after a while and turned it off. Then my friend appeared, and wanted to see the mod for Half-Life I'm working on. First, I looked at textures first, and they were quite good. Next I turned the mod on. I saw everything from the mods hero point of view, and felt everything he felt. I started underwater, and swam up to the surface. It was cold and dark. I got out in some kind of lab, the alarm was turned on. I went to the corridor, turned around and frightened escaped from zombie. I ran until I found myself at the edge of enormous pit, filled with water. Without hesitation I jumped in, diving into water. I turned the game off, and looked into the level editor. I saw lots of errors. I thought that I'll finish the mod later.
      I turned the PC off and went through the door. I found myself in some kind of research facility. One of its rooms was placed in the outer space. I saw a man opening the gate to the space, and women in the astronaut suit. She was afraid to go out there, so I tried to push her inside. For a while I was her. I was afraid of going into the void. I felt that the siut is slightly bigger, I was really slim. I went back to my perspective. I wasn't forcing her to go there anymore. I stepped back, but the void started to suck her inside. I tried to help her a few times, and I made it. The man closed the gate, while another one wanted to go into the space. He was wearing the astronaut suit, and went outside. Next I saw a woman, who is working in the labs. Tall, slim brunette with slightly dark carnation. She entered her room, and showed me a sign to come with her. Suddenly I felt that I love her. I went inside. There were lots of laboratory equipment. She called also another man, and I escaped, feeling that she will dump me for another. I was running away from that room, and chosen the doors to warehouse. I saw a few classmates there, but didn't wanted to talk with anyone. I wandered the warehouse area for a while, then one of them wanted to talk with me. She was a little higher than me, brunette with dark carnation. I know her a bit in reality. I ran towards the stairs again, and went through the doors.
      Suddenly I found myself at the rooftop in some kind of city. It was late afternoon. Everything was dusty, like there was lots of air pollution. I couldn't smell anything. Everything i saw was a little distorted, and had a film grain like in old movie. There was a man with a rifle on the nearby rooftop. He was wearing dark green t-shirt, and jeans. His hair were dark brown. Two more men joined him. One was a policeman. The police officer took the rifle, but he couldn't resist and shot. Another policeman from the city shouted at him, he was mad. Suddenly, the bullet ricochet and hit the policeman in the torso, but nothing happened to him. All of them went somewhere, out of my sight. I grabbed the cables to slide to another rooftops. I felt the heat, my hands hurt. Eventually I found myself on the road. Whole city was empty. Then I found myself in my room, lying in bed. I changed the TV channel, and saw some kind of a movie for childs. Without any additional thought, I changed the channel again. But before I could see anything, the dream ended.