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    1. Fragment and Dream [Sensei comp Day 1]

      by , 01-26-2015 at 12:25 AM
      I went to bed really late last night so it's not surprising to me that I only got two fragments. I really need to buckle down for this competition now that I have a dare. Thanks Percy for daring me and I will try my absolute best to get the dare done.


      I am playing a video game with one of my friends, it is a stealth game and we are hiding in some bushes while a searchlight passes over our heads. My friend asks me if any shade counts as being hidden and I answer yes. His character moves to a sign and crouches in the shade, the searchlight passes right over him and does not react.

      Short Dream:
      I am in an empty dam with a random DC, he seems to be putting some explosives at the dam wall, I realise that the other side is completely filled with water. He puts the last of the explosives down and tells me to start running. We both begin to run to a ladder that is about 50 meters away from us. He reaches is first and as we begin to climb I hear an explosion and the sound of water. I try to climb faster but the wall of water reaches us before we get to the top. I feel myself being pushed agaisnt a wall while holding my breath. My view goes black and the dream ends.

      Not too much this time but now that I am back from holidays I expect to get a lot more dreaming done. Thanks again Percy for the dare and I hope I'll be able to complete it for you.

      - Have a third Lucid Dream.
      - Have a conversation with a DC.
      - Fly.
      - Meet my Dream Guide.
      - Summon and animal and ask it a question. [Dare]