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    GDreamer's spaghetti

    tst1where is this showing?

    1. Now that was a WILD?

      by , 04-06-2015 at 10:33 AM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      After failed tryings in the morning I got raged out and decided to just stay still, even if my parents are awake and loud as fuck.
      So there I was , waiting, after around 10-20 minutes I lost lucidity but quickly regained. Was just wandering around in the thoughts , and was visualizing a square because I wanted to make my own dreamscape .
      A starting room , not so much but failed.
      After a while I had HI , But it stopped after I moved my eyes, then I had a similar thing but now I was able to walk around , I suppose that was the dream but it was all hazy , maybe because I was hearing the noises outside and the noises were loud.
      but I stay inside.
      Everything is foggy, the eyelid void was covering all my vision, it was very unstable like if its gonna collapse in any moments, But I didnt care.
      So I was before this supermarket, in the parking lot was some kind of festival , no cars , only stages and tents
      Then I entered a shop, it seemed to be selling decorations but then I saw little guitars ,ouds, tried them and it sounded like the normal ones. The cashier woman said something , but I didnt listen. Then I gone over there and tried to kiss her. But just before I did , I falled over into the dreaming void this reddish, smokey thing.
      In the next moment I was having sex with someone , then I transported into my room.
      I was sitting on my bed , looking at the clock. I blinked , nothing changed, I blink again, now its goes 20:00a
      I blink twice again , now its 00:08
      I got sure that I'm still sleeping , but I still hear the outside noises, all is unstable.
      At this point I wake up because for some reason , I wake up when its 10 am.

      So now that was a shitty quaility successfull WILD?