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    GDreamer's spaghetti

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    1. The Sage's visit

      by , 12-25-2014 at 11:01 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I was walking home while my friends were fooling around on the street
      I walk through the way from the bustop.
      But then an old guy , grey hair, grey-white suit, appeared and flew up in the air.
      At this part the dream became foggy , the next I remember from now I'm in a big building.
      Actually an infinite building. The old man , lets call him the sage.
      He was full of wisdom he telled me big things about humans
      but I do not remember any of those.
      Then I continued my journey in this infinite house
      I was facing with different memories of my life , sometimes just conversations, I had.
      Then I entered a museum where there were no lamps ,but there were light.
      And the paintings were surreal as hell. It scared me a bit
      then I continued my way in the museum.
      I met with my friend in a sector where were vintage sofas and chairs
      we sat down ,He asked what do I'm doing here I answered that I'm on a journey.
      He said that he's on a trip.
      I was aware at this point that the museum was meshed up with this world I'm in for a purpose, and that he doesn't know this .
      Then he gave me a red tie "for the special events" and I put iit in my pocket.
      then he leaved , the sage showed up again.
      We spoke again I tried to find out why is he do this to me , he said he want me to learn something , or thats all I found out from his speech.
      Then a scene started on a vintage bed. In anime style.
      A girl tried to wake up his boy, but then it turned out it was not his brother but her dead self , blood all over her face ,eyes open stare stiff, horrifying.
      Then I seen another girls face in negative vision , anger was on her face , then my vision normalised and at this point I said "this is bullshit, I'M OUT" And I woke up.

      I think it was some kind of trial , but I aborted it.
      I never met with a dream character having this big power.

      Now I want to meet the sage , but now in lucid state.

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