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    The Dream Journal

    Digital version of my dream journal. I leave out the names and events that have to do directly with me.

    1. 0211125:On the Brink of Lucidity, Weird Dance, Bomb Goes Off

      by , 11-02-2015 at 07:36 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I feel myself going lucid, like an energy going up my body, I feel like I'm "falling" in lucidity but I suddenly feel a weird knot, like something close to my stomach, a ball forms? I wake up before I can totally get control of the dream.

      I'm in a warehouse with my elementary school class, big windows in front of me show a field and some trees in the distance, sun is coming up. We start doing a dance and I somehow take over, leading it, everyone dances around me in synch except I'm doing different moves. It ends with me doing the Sun Salutation as the sun rises in a golden haze. Afterward I walk to a teacher to my left who commends me for the dance. I say that it wasn't too good, offering a far too simple view of native cultures as close to nature, a modern view imposed on them.

      I follow a man with a brief case down a city street. We enter a large glass, modern hotel or office building. I think he's going to do something bad, like rob the place or extort money. As he does that I go up the transparent glass elevator. In the hall there is a bunch of people sitting and standing, like a reception for someone, or a party. I talk to the CEO, a young, handsome guy. He says environmentalist have put a bomb in the building. I panic, instantly accepting my fate. I'll die here. Then I suddenly gain some courage. Can I escape? I go down the elevator, almost out. In the lobby by the front door, sun is shining through the windows, I see a young woman in a white baggy t-shirt and a sign, an environmentalist protesting. As I exit I whisper to her "I agree with you."

      I walk briskly out, the bomb can go off any second. As I cross the road and head toward the train station I hear a rumble, behind me a cloud of dust and chaos. I run toward the central train station, people are screaming and trams are crashing. Inside the train station, trams are crashing through the walls, and so are buses. I don't know where to stand, any false move and I'm dead. I stand paralyzed. A mutilated and almost blind bus driver comes out of the break room, he's been out of work for years but because of the emergency he can now work as everyone is now preoccupied.

      I see a rat catcher that looks like John Goodman. He says he's killed almost all of the 5000 rats in the train station, but the remaining 800 left are as tough as nails, the fittest survive the longest.
    2. 161015: A Game of Go Followed by a Bomb and Ritual Sex Magic?

      by , 10-16-2015 at 01:17 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1: Board Games at a Party
      I'm playing chess at someone's house party it seems, I'm in a room where there are only a few people talking on a sofa behind me. I get up and see a teacher of mine, he is a fairly simple kind of guy. He asks me if I play a lot of chess and I say yes, and I also occasionally play the board game Go. He asks me what the game is and I try to describe the rules. As I describe the whole idea of surrounding, he mentions that he feel like he can already play the game, as if the rules transcend human concepts. I think that's pretty insightful. He proceeds to drink a glass of water only using one half of his mouth. I mention that there's a girl from a rough neighborhood here at the party and I hope to be able to show her how to play the game. I try to talk about her in a way that does not sound condescending.

      Dream 2: A Bomb and a Weird Sex Ritual?
      I'm on a pier like in LA, the sun is just about to start setting. Ben Stiller is in a role trying to get Jonah Hill to go to prison to save his girlfriend. They are both dressed in ridiculous 80's clothes, Jonah Hill has a crazy mullet and a handlebar mustache. It feels like a movie. Ben Stiller is a cop and that's why he can't go to jail himself. Jonah Hill says no one will believe that he would go to jail, especially if his friend was the one to lock him up.

      I walk past them to the pier. A bomb goes off, there is pandemonium. I look around, I see the destroyed target, a trailer that was on the pier. I go under it and find the terrorist who were responsible. Now they have to go into hiding, a young women asks if she can join them, she is young and easily persuaded.

      I'm in a dark, church-like place. A middle-aged woman is having sex, she is lying on the edge of a table. I see something vague, I'm not sure if it's that I can't remember or if it was just hard to make out. I see a line of creatures, the size of fingernails(were they actually fingernails?!?!). They have something to do with the sex.

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