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    The Dream Journal

    Digital version of my dream journal. I leave out the names and events that have to do directly with me.

    1. 050116: In the Middle of Nowhere, Playing Cards

      by , 01-05-2016 at 04:59 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Middle of Nowhere Waiting for a Bus
      I'm in a small town at night, by a small road that winds past a residential area with little houses. I wait for a bus to get me back to the city, I see a bus come up. A person runs to it, a red-haired friend of mine. He doesn't recognize me though, and as I look at him his features become unfamiliar and strange.

      In the bus, there are other people. The scene has changed, it is now daytime, morning, and a grey sky stretches over the field we pass to my right, a deep forest to the left. I look suspiciously at the people around me. I see a young guy with a buzzcut a little ahead of me. He's a troublemaker, been in a juvenile facility for a while I hear. There is some confusion, was he put in there as an innocent kid and the place has now turned him into a thug?

      Playing Cards
      I'm in an old apartment of a female friend of mine, she lived in a place similar to the one I was waiting for the bus in. The sky is grey, I can see the ambient grey light coming from the windows on my left. She has a bunch of Magic:The Gathering cards that she takes pictures of and puts on Imgur. She gets a lot of likes and makes it to the front page. I find it weird that she now collects these cards, but I rationalize it by thinking she likes the artwork. She shows a card she really likes, a black card called "Tombic Totem" (a nod to Hearthstone I believe) and says she actually understands the English name of it. I look at the card and it has a little picture of a pedestal with a skull and a candle where the text should be. It has a game mechanic called "candle" where if the candle goes out it silences (another Hearthstone mechanic) all other cards and relights. Whenever the candle is "blown out" it silences a card.

      I'm out back in the backyard of a house at night. There is a fence around the grass,there is a small tent by the house. A bunch of rowdy working class people smoke cigarettes and drink tall cans of beer. I sit by a table under the roof of the tent. A friend of mine is playing Magic. I join and play. We get into a tie and have to draw instant cards and the one with the highest cost wins. We draw twice before the third breaks the tie in his favor. To my left I see an old friend who has come back from Germany. He as a lot of shiny foil special lands on the table. They look really nice, I point out one that looks like it has a hologram picture on it. I ask about it, I think I see C'thulhu on it? The cards are so precious I don't even want to touch them, my friend turns it around for me to look at it upright. The sunken city of R'lyeh?
    2. 161115: Flying Around in a Lucid Dream

      by , 11-16-2015 at 08:35 PM (The Dream Journal)
      During a nap, I talk to my sister, who is being unusually friendly to me at our old childhood place. She mentions she was pregnant at some point, and it confuses me, but it feels good that she shared that with me.

      I'm clearing snow on a dark road, light of a car come by, I have to hide, or at least pretend to be 18. (?) I need to keep clearing snow, it's the only way out of here.

      I see a mage and a shaman from Hearthstone fighting 5 evil statues, they are hooded and in a ring. As one is defeated a gentle light goes out in its hood. As we defeat three of them, they surrender, but as the mage approached them there is a trick attack and it almost drops us to zero health. The mage calls forth a bright light that comes out of a mirror like portal that banishes the statutes for good. I hear a voice, authoritative, that says that the portal can be used to visit other worlds.

      I touch the mirror and suddenly the scenery shifts and I'm by a family altar in a fancy house. I see fancy looking things that look like they belong to my grandma. I step away, is this an alternate reality where my family was rich?

      I suddenly go lucid. I look around, amazed at the detail. I yell out "more vivid!" and the house becomes more stable and detailed. I walk around looking around, wondering what to do. I see a little girl and I follow her, just wondering where the dream will lead. I follow her for a while and see my sister. Knowing I'm in a dream, I float up in the air to impress her. She asks me how I did it and I sat "magic".

      I go up the stairs, the place is now my friend's parent's old place. I go up to his room, thinking it is empty. My friend is there, sleeping. I try to get him to vanish but it doesn't work. I walk down the stairs and look out the window.

      I go on the ledge and decide to fly. David Lynch comes to mind for some reason. I begin to fly, admiring the absolutely beautiful summer day, sun up high and a few trees looking so beautiful and green. I try to fly around, hard to control. I grab a branch as I go down, I sink and sink and the branch bounces back up and sends me into the air. I think of flying to my other friend's place close by. I fly and I'm suddenly by the parking lot of a gas station, a taco truck comes by and sells tacos. I am a but hungry. I wake up.
    3. 141115: In a City on a Sunny Day and Spilled Ink

      by , 11-14-2015 at 05:14 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm walking in a city, it's a summer afternoon, the sun is high and bright, it's by some water. In the shade of a large building, I'm walking and I see up ahead some people who are a little too happy and cheerful, they must be religious or something. I see to woman, their backs are turned to me. I want to walk by and ignore them, but I know they are going to come up and talk to me anyway, so I slow down and wait for them to turn. I assume they are Mormon.

      They smile and start to talk to me, they are dressed in old-timey Amish like clothes. They point out that I'm wearing nice religious robes. (Did I secretly want them to talk to me after all?) An Indian man with robes and a turban comes up to us and pulls me away, saving me from a long and awkward conversation on religion, saying he's never really been into the stuff. He knows me and I know him apparently.

      He says he has a headache and I go to find a pharmacy to get something for it. I go up to people sitting by the water, I'm a bit awkward and don't know who to ask. I end up talking to some Asian tourist, realizing as I talk to them that they are not going to know where a local pharmacy is. Next to them is a group of guys. They tell me one is around the corner. One of them is a celebrity known for his travel shows. I pretend to be unimpressed.

      Inside, I play a game of Hearthstone. I'm playing a game where there are an impossible amount of minions in play, my opponent, playing a Priest, has 1111 life. I take a screenshot, no one is going to believe this.

      I spill some ink from a pen on the floor of the kitchen. I try to clean it up but it just spreads it further around.