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    The Dream Journal

    Digital version of my dream journal. I leave out the names and events that have to do directly with me.

    1. 101115: Mario Donkey Game, Writing on a Road-sign, Gin&Tonic and 121115: Vague dream of a loud TV

      by , 11-24-2015 at 07:20 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in an unfamiliar bedroom. I begin playing a red-tinted Mario game, like a Virtual Boy game. Mario is riding a donkey and has to dodge pills and geometric shapes as he move to the left. He gets hit and the donkey runs off like Yoshi in the Super Mario World games. I get really into the game and "become" Mario. I dodge the now 3D and in full color geometric objects and pills with great finesse. I've become really good at the game.

      By the beginning of a forested path at night near my old school. I try to send a text message to an old school friend of mine but the message gets turned into a reflective road sign next to the path, the smiley I used in it looks weird on a road sign.

      I turn around and try to contact my friend on Facebook with a laptop, he doesn't respond but his wife does. I begin to see an image of a person drinking Hendricks gin on a grainy video feed. The club is lit with blue light and the guy throws the bottle away and turns around, walking clumsily toward the exit. He's wearing a bear skin and has long hair and a big beard, feral looking.

      See my sister and she offers me a Gin and Tonic with cucumbers in it. Don't really want to drink but I take a sip with gratitude, I don't want to offend her.

      I'm in an apartment that looks like Dexter's from the series Deter. Sunlight through the window. I look into the fridge for food, so much stuff in it but not much that interests me.

      A vague memory of being at my friends house, the TV is on really loud. Another friend says we should turn in down before the neighbors complain. I agree and we turn down the volume. Another friend enters, I ask him what's up.
    2. 181015: The Dictator's Wife and the Dangers of Junk Food

      by , 10-18-2015 at 09:02 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I had a few dreams before all of these, but stupid me lacked the energy to write them down as I woke up and fell asleep again. I believe they may have been variations on a theme that follow on into the dreams below.

      Dream 1: The Dictator's Wife
      The sun is setting, I see trees, I'm outside a summerhouse kind of place. I open a fridge, I see bottles of health drinks. I take one. A car pulls up, it's big like a camper. Out comes a dictator, pompous and wearing an elaborate uniform, he reminds me of Gaddafi. He is with his wife, she is a blonde, white woman with huge hair and a skirt, a jacket with padded shoulders, she is like a televangelist's wife in appearance.

      She is very vain and stuck up. Her face is painted on the doors of their car and on walls inside the camper. It looks like her husband was a bit cheap when it came to the painter because despite being able to make out the pictures are of her, they look like they were painted by a child. This doesn't seem to bother her.

      Dream 2: Dangers of Fast Food
      It's like I'm on a train, her face is on the walls here too? I get out, I'm in a newly built, modern town, I see modern looking apartments. The sun is rising, the sky is a faint and gentle morning blue. As I walk I'm suddenly faced with a documentary style explanation, with stock footage and all, of why fast food is dangerous and bad for you. It is full of fat and even the healthier options, like a fillet-o-fish, are full of bad stuff, I see one in in a wrapper like an ad, except it is dripping with vile grease.

      I make it to a parking garage with a McDonald's drive-thru. Two men, one older and one younger, from El Salvador, walk to the drive-thru. They do not know the dangers, and even being told them doesn't seem to have an effect. It smells too good, the older man says.

      It cuts to them lying on the ground, their backs against a bulletin board, stomachs bloated, they couldn't help themselves. The president of El Salvador comes across a grassy lawn, he has come to help his countrymen to understand the dangers and to help them get up. The older man gets up, telling the younger one to be sharp, this is the president after all.

      I see a train with a conductor. He is going up the civil service ladder. More documentary footage rolls before me, showing how the civil service works and how people go up from the lowly ranks of ticket checkers to conductors all the way to officials in government. Conductors in the first car are the most prestigious and get the best benefits because they are in more danger if a car full of explosives drives head-on into the train.

      To my left I see a burnt out train car, the tracks in front of me being where the scene has faded into reality, a train passing by with a conductor being visible.

      Behind me there is a hospital room. I enter it and there are green tiles on the walls, curtains. A child has been brought in. He has diabetes. His vain mom refuses to believe he could have it. Another, poorer and more humble mother, is also with her child with diabetes. She accepts the news gracefully. A creepy kid in big coke-bottle glasses distorting his eyes, slowly puts a syringe of insulin into the richer kid's neck.

      Dream 3: Doing my homework
      It's a hectic day in class. People are being noisy and belligerent. In class on desk we are given homework for the holidays. As people leave I decide to do it right there, it won't take too long. We have to copy an ad from a piece of paper onto the back of a newspaper. It's for some find of mech or ghost thing. (Imagery is from Ghost in the Shell). I copy the green fonts on the newspaper's black background, the letters look like gibberish, but it could just be the font. As I do this an Asian kid, one of the "too cool for school" kinds, asks me why I'm doing the homework now, it takes only a few minutes and can be done the Sunday before school starts again. I say I rather do it now so it's out of the way.

      A teacher with a new haircut comes and asks me if I know how to make electrical drawings for houses. He shows me a picture of the electrical wiring of a house, it's a square and the right upper and left lower corner is clipped off. I try to ensure him that I can.
    3. 131015: Cool guy Keeping Cats Dry.

      by , 10-13-2015 at 08:56 AM (The Dream Journal)
      A very vague night of dreams. Tried WBTB, faded in and out of a light sleep.

      Vague image of a X-Files episode set in Australia, in the dusty outback. Mulder by the back of an open trunk of a jeep?

      Dream 1
      Rainy rivers form on the slanted hill of asphalt outside an industrial hall, the sun is rising behind the trees lower down, the sky is a purple-orange. I try to get a large stagnant puddle moving down the hill with my feet, kicking water to the left and then down the small trickle of a river. It's not very efficient. I think Batman comes up, am I working for him?

      A group of feral cats come up by the puddles, they are thin and weird looking like the Devon Rex breed. I look at one, a bit confused. At least I'm getting rid of the water, it won't bother these cats anymore.

      I'm walking down a narrow and dark shopping mall hallway, there is a restaurant to the right. A mother and daughter exit the place and pass right in front of me with trays of noodle soup. Looks good.

      I enter the well-lit central Metro station. It's like I'm back in high school, there are young kids around forming cliques. There are some mean girls sitting by a group of desks in front of a chalkboard right in the middle of the metro station. They are talking about a picture on the back page of a newspaper,it's a risque picture of one of the unpopular girls in white lingerie posing for an ad? as they laugh I'm acting indifferent and cool. I try to give the impression that I don't care for this kind of high school stuff, I walk away in a plaid shirt like the badass cool kid, feeling really tough.
    4. 011015: Playing boards games, on a bike in an industrial yard, achieve lucidity at a school.

      by , 10-01-2015 at 06:12 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm at my friends place, he's playing a board game. We're in a laundry room in the basement, there is a window at the edge of the far wall where grey daylight comes in. The board games has something to do with whales. After rolling some red dice a few times and getting predictable results my friend talks about getting new dice. I tell him of some new dice I've seen that look very futuristic and we go into an in-depth discussion on how they might be off-balanced. I suggest 3D printing a tester die just in case.

      There is some confusion about how the game is supposed to progress, I forget what the situation is and what I should be doing. After my friend informs me, a bit annoyed, where I should be on the board (I have a whale piece by the shore that is attacking another piece) I roll and see if I am able to proceed. Another person I know is there as well.

      I turn and see two old women sitting on a wooden bench through a large window on the wall behind me. They are just sitting there, being old women. I turn around and see the game has turned into a kind of Jenga-type thing, there is a cube of made of bricks. I try to pull one out and the whole thing collapses, I feel a rush of shame.

      As we are packing I talk to my friend about playing Magic: the Gathering at some point, enthusiastically expressing how much I want to play it. I remember that I might have ruined the surprise of his surprise party.

      I take my bike back, I'm walking through the place where my friend's sister lives, it is pretty foggy. I talk to my friend Micheal for a bit before going off on my bike. In the middle of the road I see two hedgehogs on tip of each other. I break quickly and look at them. Are they fighting or having sex? In any case, it's dangerous for them to do that in the middle of the road. I try to scare them back into the bushes but they seem pretty unafraid of me, still totally connected. I go to their other side and start to wave at them, they slowly head into the bushes, still together.

      I walk down the path a bit and see two more hedgehogs sleeping by the side of the road. I look at them with great interest, I admire their quills, so long and sharp. I hear someone coming up behind me. Two people pass me and startle the animals, one of them is Ron Burgundy from the Anchorman movie.

      I walk away between two concrete apartment buildings. It's night now and I drive through the unfamiliar streets. Am I deep in the east side of the city? I drive my bike down narrow pathways in an industrial area, not sure where to go. I enter a building, still on my bike, looking for a way out of this maze. It's even more cramped here, tables and chairs, stumbling in the dark.

      I decide this was a bad idea and head outside again. Biking, I see another person walking toward me, I'm alarmed at first, what is he doing here? He passes me by with no incident. I continue to make my way.

      I'm in an inky blackness, can't sense anything. There is only a realization. This is a dream, this is a dream.
      A familiar excitement rises in me from my toes to my stomach. I know I can't get too excited. Suddenly in front of me a school appears. It's a red, brick school, a wing of it stretches to my left. It is a foggy day. I walk toward it, looking at everything, studying and examining, everything is hyper-real. Bricks, windows, the asphalt. I look into the window to my left and see my reflection, it is as I would expect, even my hair looks dopey as usual. Walking down I see a woman teaching a class of children, their faces as distinct as the "real" world. I enter the school, dazed, I don't know what to make of this, what should I do?

      The hall is lit with a yellowish light familiar from childhood. I turn right and walk down the hall. Things get fuzzy, I feel things slipping away. I know I must take action and I begin spinning in a circle to stabilize the dream. I see the lockers on the sides of the walls. The dream begins to feel stable again. I turn to see a balding man with glasses, a teacher, walking out. I look into the room he left, it is a small room with a window at the top edge of the far wall. Something like a bathroom, but there is a bed there. It has a 70's style quilt on it.

      I leave the room and go down the hall in the other direction. I meet two teenage girls sitting on a bench to the left. I hear them talking. The dream destabilizes......
    5. 250915: In a weird bar, on a train, meeting up with strangers.

      by , 09-25-2015 at 04:33 AM (The Dream Journal)
      It's night time and dark, I'm in a a town center. I enter a bar. By a video poker machine a friend of mine puts in his few remaining coins, hoping to hit it big. To my complete surprise he gets a full house and the coins come rushing out the return slot, he and I both smile with excitement. I look at the people in it, they all look a bit odd, some are very short, others have weirdly exaggerated features, I see a few people in wheelchairs without legs. All of them are middle-aged men. The cigar and cigarette smoke is too much for me and I leave, out into the cool night air.

      Outside as I walk down the familiar square, the light posts illuminating the street, I see small pictures placed around. They are painted by kids and look pretty abstract, they all have descriptions in two languages under them. Are they made by students of my old school?

      By the train station where I left my bike there is a small, maniacal man on a bicycle, he's dressed like a biker with a leather jacket, a bandanna covers his face and he is wearing sunglasses. He is really annoying, driving circles around and around past people, he reminds me of a mosquito that I want to swat. As he passes me again and I turn to look at him I see a guy behind me kick him hard and the guy falls off the bike, what a relief. The maniacal guy gets on the bike again and drives right at me, I kick him in self defense, he hits my right ankle. I wake up with it feeling a bit sore.

      In an episode of Rick and Morty, we are in some kind of odd, orange-colored place, the hills warp up and down. Morty is trying to get a giant boat into dock, there is no water though, must be sci-fi boats. In the large hangers I see each boat is named "Giant of the Sea". Rick wonders why all boats are named so lamely.

      Gerry is walking around, the parking of the boats, or something else, has torn up the hillsides and the roads, he is pretty confused. An alien doctor gives him a drug that makes him totally content and happy. He continues walking, saying it's amazing that he can just be and feel completely contented, he doesn't even feel as if he'd ever want to take the drug again.

      With my mom and sister on a train, outside it looks cold and sunny. We are sitting in the space by the door, as if the train is very full. A conductor comes by to sell tickets, I have no money and just ignore him. Right afterward a ticket inspector comes by, I feel a sting of panic. They check my sister's and my mom's ticket. When the bald, bearded and tough inspector looks at me, my mom says I live really far away, I'm just using this train to connect. I feign illness and a few very good looking female conductors in uniform come and help me out of the train and on to the platfrom. It looks like one of the stops outside the larger city, snowy and busy. I pretend I can hardly stand up and pretend to almost fall over a few times. I feel shame for doing this but also don't want to get a fine. Eventually when I get far enough from the train I "drag" myself away and thank them for helping.

      My cellphone rings and it's my friend S who wants my opinion on a board game she is developing. She wants me to come over and take a look at it. I'm walking through the windowless halls of the train station, talking on the phone and at the same time trying to find my way through. I reach another windowless room where I can see a small nursery, orangey light comes from the fluorescent overhead lamps. Turning around to go back down the staircase I reminisce to S how I used to love board games as a kid and had a large collection, I see some board games on a small table before I leave the room, I'm glad she asked me for my opinion.

      Buying lobsters and crayfish with my mom on sunny day, I didn't know she liked to at them. We go down a road by the coast where there are lots of wooden cabins that sell them. My sister is nice to me and talks to me about getting life on track. Isee a cousin of mine, there are DVDs on the table, I recognize Who Framed Roger Rabbit and some other 90's movies, haven't watched those in a while. I'm wearing different paired socks. I apologize about falling asleep watching South Park and leaving the TV on.

      Sunset, images of a discussion on the religious experience on papyrus or parchment, ink words in Latin. I make out the word "DivinicusHorror", something about awe? Outside an apartment, there are people who live here that started a Reddit thread about the subject. I climb up the stairs outside and get to their door. I hesitate to knock, there are others here with the same thing in mind. As the rest leave I get a sting of courage and I knock on the door. It opens and a young guy answers it. I ask him "hey, heard of about your discussion. Want to talk?", thinking I have nothing to lose. He lets us in, and I start shaking everyone's hands. Some of the handshakes are awkward, our hands go in the wrong place but we nevertheless try to continue the shake.

      More people come it. A group of girls come in and I meet one of them. She has a green dress and and I think she has red hair? I ask her where she's from and she says she's from Sweden. I get nervous, say I'm from pretty much everywhere. She holds on to my hand and I swirl her around and I sink into a hypnotic state, I look into her eyes and she continues, says she took the train here. As I swirl her around with my one hand I see her face begins to turn small and white and her eyes become beady and small and black, like an alien.

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