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    Folqueraine's Oniric List

    1. The dream of the Dwarf and the Killer Box

      by , 06-18-2010 at 07:29 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Weird fragments of dream, although I woke up during it due to a power cut...

      A crime had been committed in my grandparents' house. Sherlock Holmes was investigating.
      There was a weird happening every night in the conservatory. Everyone would sit in the dark, and everyone would feel like someone slapped them across the face, but when the light was turned on there was nothing.
      In fact the guilty party was a dwarf. His weapon was a box which released a killer insect when you pressed the bottom in a special manner.
    2. The dream of Poulgolo cloister

      by , 06-17-2010 at 09:56 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Before 2002.

      Poulgolo is part of a moor on Quiberon peninsula, in which relatives possessed a small patch of land without any building, just heather and pine trees. In this dream my grandmother gave me a guided tour of the property, the biggest part of which I didn't know. Other members of my family, such as my younger cousin Joss, my uncle Pivy, were also there. There was actually a cloister on the property, or a half-cloister (only two "walls"), turned North-West. The rays of the setting sun enlightens the place through the pillars. On the East side of the cloister is a huge room with only three walls (the South side is open), without any window or light, so that seen from the entrance, it looks empty. In fact when you progress into it, you can see that the wall on the other side is not finished, there is a 60 cm (2 ft) opening between it and the ground, on all the length, hidden in darkness. We all get into it, using church candles to give us light. Behind the wall, the room is a really huge amphitheatre (or a giant stairway?) going down earth's depths. We walk down for several minutes. It is very wet, there are puddles and moss grows, so it is very slippery. We can't really see the walls on either side. We finally reach the bottom, where there isn't anything particular, just a big stone wall. We go back up the "stairs". My grandmother gives me the cloister and its secret amphitheatre.

      I cannot really interpret this. Someone give me something that was kept secret, so it must be of some value, but in the end it is a dead end.

      A regular pattern in my dreams : I discover that a place I thought I knew was in fact much bigger, with underground levels or hidden passageways. In my list of dreams, this features is joined with the criteria "something is not what it looks like".
      Another systematic feature: the orientation. In my dreams there's always a North, East... (and so on). Geographically speaking, it is most of the time very coherent, to the point that I can draw maps of the locations.
      Another common feature : religious locations. Many dreams occur in churches, monasteries or religious looking-buildings, even when there is no religious "action". It is worth mentioning since I am the most obtuse atheist. Is my unconscious calling for more religion in my life? Or should I say "was it", since I less frequently dream of such places these days?