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    Pasta time with patches!

    1. Lucids #2-6: Summaries. Flying, pillow talk, texting, a canal, a mall, and more!

      by , 01-02-2016 at 08:42 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      I'm posting all of these ones together because these are ones I had before but forgot to put on here when I had them. If you think I should split them up, just say so.

      #2 Got lucid and started to fly across a small lake. My body was positioned horizontally like a bird. It was quite vivid. Lots of blues and greens. (lasted 30 seconds or so)

      #3 I forget if this was number 3 or 4. It doesn't really matter. Anyways, I was with this other woman, sitting on a bed, waiting for this one man to come home. We looked in eachother's eyes and said, 'We're dreaming, right?' or something along those lines, and I realized I was dreaming. (30 seconds)

      #4 I dreamt I was texting my boyfriend in Dutch on the computer--then I realized I was dreaming. I tried to type some more stuff when lucid, but it was super slow and pretty much impossible. (30 seconds)

      #5 In this one I was looking at my parents old lake property. After studying it, and noticing how it looked similar to how I remembered, I realized that I was dreaming, because we sold that place to other people. I then realized I was standing on the other side of a small canal (like those on the side of the road in the Netherlands) and I saw my dad sitting on a chair in front of one of the reddish houses that were attached together. On the right, it merged into the old lake property in an interesting way. I told my dad what I observed.

      Then, I tried flying across the canal to my house, but it was much slower than I was used to. It was neat looking at the vivid scenery when I did so though. I did get to the other side, and I think I walked around/looked around for a bit, and then woke up. (5 minutes)

      #6 So I was at a mall, and there was this mood ring display sitting near the exit. It had all sorts of mood rings with cool blue/purple/so on colours. They were personality mood rings, sort of. Let's just say they described certain NSFW identities/roles. I think I looked for one that fit me.

      I saw my dad further inside the store, and he looked like he was getting ready to leave. so I started to walk up towards him but then I realized how vivid it was, and decided to try flying (I thought it had to be reality, it couldn't be a dream). To my surprise but not surprise, I succeeded.

      So I flew over to my dad, around 1 meter off the ground, and told him i'd be checking out the mood rings. He said okay, and I think he gave me a jar of spaghetti. so I took it, and flew back to find the mood rings. I suspected that the stall had probably disappeared, and when I flew in the space between the two doors I saw that it had.

      During all this I was looking around at the vivid mall scene, and occassionally refocusing. It was painfully vivid almost, and it felt like my eyes were open even though they were not. I finally lost focus when I was at where the moodrings were, and the scene went grey. However, I still felt the jar of spaghetti in my hands. I thought, 'No, it couldn't be', and I pressed my hands against it, and it felt real. So I opened my eyes and saw the spaghetti jar under my sheets, with a bit of a spaghetti sauce stain on one of them. I wondered how the heck I took a spaghetti sauce jar to bed, so then I realized I might still be dreaming, and then i woke up--I think?

      Either that, or while I had the jar I started to chat on my phone in the dream and maybe tell about the rings and me randomly holding a jar of spaghetti. I think gab reacted to it somehow (in the dream chat). Anyways, and then I woke up! (Probably lasted 5-10 minutes).
    2. Secret group dream

      by , 04-28-2015 at 02:33 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      I was shopping for clothes. I got a hundred and twenty dollars worth of clothes in two stores. Later on, I saw a woman in the mall who had baby huskies from her adult huskies. When we went to a place in a mall hallway to pick them up, they weren't there. The woman by the dogs told us that she wouldn't say which dogs were where, but we could go to the other place to pick them up.

      So I ran across the mall and took a shortcut through a hockey rink, but there were hockey players skating around the part I was going through. Eventually I got noticed, and I think someone gave up shooting or following me and gave me the gun or blade instead. They acted like it was a joke. However when I found a trapdoor with a screw to open it and started opening it, they said, 'Hey!' and someone chased me. I got open the door, shut it somewhat behind me, and found a set of stairs which I awkwardly started to run up. There was someone's dorm bedroom or something at the first flight of stairs, so I thought about going out that way. However this red headed girl was chasing me up the stairs, in the middle of the staircase opening some how, so I pushed her head down so she fell a flight or two.

      I went up a couple more flights and pushed her down again until I got to the top. There there was a group of people. One said something like, 'Amelia. Definitely not on our side' and Amelia shouted up that, 'British tea is better than Russian tea because we make our tea exclusive!' or something like that. Then the woman at the top loft--the leader, said, 'likely on our side' in reference to me.