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    1. Advanced ToTM Fail: Random Teleportation

      by , 12-13-2016 at 12:38 PM
      I'm in my kitchen and spontaneously become lucid. There's a DC with me who's being very loud and distracting. I try to remember my goals, but this DC is distracting me way too much. I suddenly think I remember a goal when I wake up. Now that I'm awake, I realize I didn't remember a goal at all, so I think about my goals so I can remember them in a dream, and I fall back asleep. I'm in the same kitchen and the same DC is there, but now I remember a ToTM - teleport to a random location. I spin to teleport, but the DC is still trying to distract me, and I only end up a few feet away. My lucidity level becomes very low and instead of getting rid of the DC, I just keep trying while they're distracting me. Then another two DCs enter and I'm even more distracted. I lose lucidity and soon later wake up.

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