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    1. Be kind and friendly to your DC┤s and you will wake up with a good feeling

      by , 05-13-2018 at 10:06 PM
      recall a bit fuzzy because of several DEILDS (i always get problem with continuity and mix up parts...) maybe i need to narrate the dream more while lucid. but with this DEILDS its super relaxed, no worrys to wake up or anything... you just need to remember to do it xD and have some proper goals or awareness will sink with time...

      -some sexy time with a woman in a bus
      - i am with A and F, A is visiting F, we are in the living room. i go to the toilet and get lucid [dreamsign i try to train... in one of maybe 10 or 15 it triggers lucidity] i phase back through a door and into the room. i remember the TOTM and ask the two if they want to sing me something? maybe something from queen? they start smiling instantly and start put their arm on the shoulder of each other and start singing (i also hear the music?), i smile and am curious if they know the songtext because me in waking life never remember any songtext. in the moment i think about it they just start mumbling and humming like people who dont know the text... we all laugh [sadly i cant remember which queen song it was...] and i wake up/FA and DEILD
      -i walk with a girl, i do a Nosepinch to see if i am dreaming, RC fail but i am not in my bed so this must be a dream, we walk and talk i rub my hands and sing an affirmation [it was one with a cool melody but i also forgot :/] we walk around a corner and there is a band playing with drums and singing and all, its very cool, i go there and dance a little between people i recognize one of the singers as a friend i know. the floor is made out of fine gravel. some girls dance bare feet. i am smiling that the "dream" is doing this for me. my goal for this dream is to be nice to DC┤s and have a proper talk without expectation, so i go around the corner into a room where a super cute girl is sleeping with a big smile, i try to wake her calmly but she is very drowsy so i put a pillow under her head and dont want to bother her and again wake up and DEILD
      -i am on a canoe (later it changes that i am swimming) and i have a basket with me on a leash, i paddle past two girls next to the river and ask them if they wanne join eating. they smile shyly and deny. i feel very good about beeing friendly to everyone without any demand or expectation. i meet ("my"?) girl in the water i am swimming now and tell her food is ready. i climb out of the water on a platform that seems to be a cafe, i look into the basket and its empty, i look away and expect there food to be and look again. i find some cookies i try and deeper in the basket is some chines food in the typical take away boxes. the owner of the cafe comes around and i ask if its a problem that we want to eat here. he changes into a rat, perspective is changing and i see a group of rats disappear in a hole... DEILD??
      -i ride a bike with a girl, i phase thru several objects while on the bike, we park our bike and i ask her if she would like to have a talk with me but she seems not to? i stay friendly and tell her its no problem

      another lucid in same night:
      -i try to phase not thru walls (this got second nature) but i want to phase with the ceiling, but instead of flying... i jump feet first... xD sometimes i manage to get high enough and push myself with arms thru the ceiling sometimes i "fall" down again and a floor deeper... after some time i decide its stupid and phase thru a wall but instead of seeing the next room i feel like stuck in between the wall and everything is white?
      after that only semilucid stuff with low awareness i am to lazy to type
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    2. Epic long LD with DEILDS+rescues and first Portal made and walked trough and morphing in front of me

      by , 09-28-2015 at 08:54 PM
      wow what a night. i think my longest LD so far. awesome new dreamcontrol level.

      wake up after 4h and WBTB after about 50-60min (not intended but needed so long to write my dreams down + toilet) i used SSILD again. it works like a sharm and i really like the technique how it feels and how it helps me to fall asleep again even if i felt a little bit to awake and pumped. if i would say up my mantras MILD style or try a wild i wouldnt have fall asleep that good i think.

      dont remember the nonlucid dream before the Lucid because it was too long
      I get lucid and am in a building. phase thru the wall fall outside on the street. do a long noseplug with deep breathing (thank you ~Dreamer~).
      First task is to summon a Angel. i picture one behind me. dont work. i imagine there is a point in the sky that gets bigger and will be an angel. i see the point but no angel. i keep going. try to summon Nightfeather dont work neither but other people appear that now stand around me. nevermind second goal: making a portal with a portalgun. i expect one to be in my backpack and even describe a woman what i want to get out of my backpack and how it looks like (i am for a portalgun rick and morty style). i take of my backpack and look insight but nothing more insight than some tape... so a old woman passes us. i stop her and say to her that i think my portal gun is in her bag. she wants to look insight but somehow she gets pissed and dont want me to look in it. she tries to walk away but i raise her with TK and turn her around. she pisses around so i think fuck that, next goal: look into a mirror and talk to yourself. i go into a floor with some shops that are all closed. i expect a mirror to be behind me, turn around and yes there is one but way to small. i look at it and start to wipe with my hands to make it bigger. it starts morphing but a litte clumsy the frame gets bigger but totally crooked and not how i like it. i stop because i dont see that this will get better and bigger like i would like it. a guy passes me and i turn to him and ask him if the mirror behind be now got bigger. he negates it and i ask him if he knows where i find a bigger one. i follow him and find a mirror behind a shop window. i phase thru and take the mirror wit TK to me. i now am searching for a good place where i can put the mirror so i can see myself as a whole but just cant find a good place (damn dreamlogic^^)
      i notice the dream fading and start rubbing a pillar. it feels rough wet and sandy. i swap somehow and am in a dark wet dungeon or something?
      memory gap

      DEILD i think a short NLD part

      i cross a street. a car is driving fast. i try to stop it with TK it dont work but he stops anyway because he dont want to drive over me. because i move so slow he starts driving again and i earn a angry look. i remember that i want to make a portal. so i search a wall that is straight and have some space for a portal. but i just cant find a suitable place. i want to do it on a white car i see but when i approach it i see its a normal car and have a lobsided back. so what do? ah just do it on the ground i think. i move with my hands and i even hear a sound (something like the TP sound in Diablo i think) but there is no portal but some red glowing symbols on the ground. unfortunately under the white car... so i use TK again to lift the car and put it away so i can see the whole symbols on the ground. i got some audience now that watches what i do. i try again and the location of the symbols changes. now i try to "open up" with a gesture the circle. after some time a little hole originates and i see a bright light. i feel really happy and now i just rip the hole bigger with a guesture. this part fees way more simpler. i jump in and i feel and see crazy shit like a little bit in stargate but the wormhole is not blueish but it looks like distorted and twisted surroundings. i get spit out out and i think i landed at the same place or maybe not far away. memory gap/maybe short NLD

      i am getting out of a building (in the same street i know) and i investigate something with somebody? a car wants to flee or drive away i stop and lift it again with TK. memory gap

      i am in a hut and phase through the wall outside. i want to have some sexytime now and move to another hut and expect there to be a nice woman. and there i find a black goodlooking woman. i move to her and open up my pants and sit right next to her. she is a little bit complain that i cant do that and we are in public but i just kiss her. she starts to like it and i knead her naked nippels. it feels realistic and good. we think about to go somewhere else. short memory gap

      i move down the same street and see some more huts. infront of some of them there are some dead animals like rabbits and pheasants hanging around to dry or to smoke. [Played Skyrim yesterday ] i wonder a bit but keep on moving. a friend of mine is calling and asks me where i am. i dont know exactly and she tells me to take the bus home. i think about it and tell her " while saying that i try to phase through a wall what is not working. "but if this is a dream it shouldnt matter where i go because i would wake up anyway. on the other hand i could do that because i am not lucid anymore anyway..." i see the bus she wants me to take. in the background i see a huge amusement park. i tell her "damn if i would new that this is here i would have been there a long time" i look at my hand shortly. she tells me to take the bus again. now he is near me. i look on my hand again and count mindful my fingers and count seven. i am lucid again and tell her "yea i take the bus" replace the phone. I breath again a long time through my plugged nose to ground myself again and fly over there and in a pretty height. i see a big rollercoaster that i want to ride. i fly straight downwards and i feel again a very strong gut feeling so need to stop the nosedive i do this like two or three times until i am at the ground. i look around and see that its night, there are no visitors and everything is turned of. damn i think and want to make it day. i turn around and look at the horizon and imagine it to get there a little bit lighter and it happens. i see a little bit of the sun and from there on it is easy again i rip the sun up in the air in that of a speed that some stars wasnt fast enough and are still up there. never mind i think they dont bother me at least it is bright now. i look down again and its snowing now. i think about to change the weather too but ahh who cares its not cold and the machines should work anyway. i start flying and searching for the entrance to the rollercoaster. i fly by some attractions but nothing that interest me. i look up to see the rollercoaster and find it. i fly low near the ground and fly right trough a car and a tube up where i think is the entrance. i see the seats and pick one. there are the safetystraps and i try to find out the mechanism. i fly next to it and put the straps down. damn now i dont sit inside... i let it pass me. the next seat is taken by some DC i want to take the one after him. i fly there but somehow tumble a bit and do some swimming moves to come near the seats that are moving in the air the whole time. i sit in and know now that the safetystraps go down by themselves when its time to. i look to the front on the passanger before me and i see how he gets nearly shaken of his seat as a little teaser before the ride. i am happy like a little child and singing "i am still lucid and that for some long time now yuppyduppydoo..." i get accelerated fast in my seat and take a turn. memory gap

      dont know if the following part was after the rest or in between. forgot to write it down and just remembered:

      i am outside at a parking lot. i want to try another portal with the intention to teleport home. i start some gestures and the symbols apear at the ground again. there are two old women standing next to me looking what i do. with some effort a little portal apears again and i stretch it with a guesture. one grandmother tells the other to go away not that she falls insight. i intent to land at home and jump in. (i think i didnt set or visualise the intent enough it was more like a home?! jump) i land in the void, everything black, no effects like before. i hear some voices (of the grannies?) and i say something. and wake up five minutes before my alarm clock.

      i┤ve fallen more than one time into the void but just didnt care waited for some seconds in the dark, didnt move and a new dream formed. this was awesome because normally i would just wake up, move and thats it. once i even thought: "oh dark... damn just wait....nothing happens damn its over...oh wait picture aaaaand there you are dream"
      --> therefor i used for the first time while going first to bed "i wont move after waking up" because i just yesterday read a thread about DEILD, so nice it worked that fast
      i think i was like for an hour lucid with some lost fragments and some short NLD moments but overall gained lucidity over and over again and had a lot of fun! i had a super mood this day because of this awesome night!

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    3. Competition Night 10: less effort than yesterday but more lucids... + weekly Task done

      by , 08-27-2015 at 06:13 PM
      To bed at around 10:15 pm

      First wakeup: 4:00 am one fragment (i do FP-measurements and instead of one plate i have for every transfection one and i did forget the 2mM ▀-Me) +

      I am in an airplane perspective and shoot things on the ground. perspective is changing and i am on the ground. my task is to kick little yellow plasticcars on the site. i have a radar. my mom is coming: "you run so lovely"... her hands are dirty. a girl cross my way i tell her she needs to turn off her phone or take out the simcard because she appear on the radar.
      im in the lab now and do measure something as an experiment. a girl i saw sometimes in the university is coming in and we kiss each other. "seems to fit [between us]" i think. on the other side of the room is a new equipment, something with ice. i ask myself what it is good for. i am satisfied with my measurement and go over to R and M.

      WBTB with some SSILD cycles and Mantra┤s:
      i am sitting at a table with my roomate L and her girlfriend J. we eat some savory pie which J has done. L is asking if F has feelings or if he changed in the lately. My opinion is F still has feelings but them changed (he has a new GF now). L stands up and goes on the balkony. its windy outside. Someone is visiting us and the topic remains. i tell him my thoughts about it. i┤m sitting in my room at a table (that normaly is not there) and eat the rest of the pie. the pie is dry. my curtains are closed but its really bright from outside. i wonder for a sec if i forgett to close the curtains or if it is the superbright moon. I do a RC and am lucid. i want to summon Nightfeather and expect her to be outside of my room. i leave my room but instead of NF there is another guy in our floor who enters the kitchen. i go into the kitchen and its full of people. i dont understand right and ask what they are doing. someone tells me to not speak so loud because its night and everyone is sleeping. i am stressed out because its my home i dont know the people and the fuck he tell me what to do? i repeat a RC because i just cant belief this is real. i ask them if they want to kidding me its 4 am in the morning (i kind of know the clock on the counter says 20:50) i want them to leave but noone cares. i leave the room but come in a second later go to a dude that has a particularly annoying and stupid grin on his face grab him at his balls and pull him out of the kitchen into the floor. i enter the kitchen again and ask if someone else dont want to leave and the room starts to getting empty. i say the pretty one may stay and you can choose who is the pretty one of you. but i kind of alrdy choose a girl which top kind of is up and i can see her breasts which have piercings. i find it interesting move to her and kiss her. a girl behind me asks: Really? Her? she is so dumb! and her lipstick stains... i wake up.

      I lay still and DEILD:

      I┤m now in the city [FŘnffensterstr.] and remember i wanted to summon NF. I expect her behind the corner [at Rathausstr.] and go there. there are some people but its relativly dark and i dont see her. i call her name: NF, her real name but the wrong one (ups). then i remember her real one and shout S. i turn around and a girl is coming in my direction. i ask her if she is NF and she affirms it. that makes me somewhat happy and i take her hand and we start walking. she looks super sympathic. she has dark cloth on a beanie on her head and really dark red to black hair and a very friendly face. i rub my hands and we keep on walking. i tell her if she can show me a trick and if she can show me what she can do. in front of us is dark night with no stars or moon. suddenly at the horizon its getting brighter. after some seconds a hugh moon is rising slowly. i am excited about it and she smiles. after i look to her and to the moon again the moon is smaller to a normal size and rising much faster until its all up. now its not that dark anymore. i say to her Wow this is awesome i normaly have big problems with that same as with changing the weather. and she agrees with me. i think whats might be next and i ask her if she would like to show me a dream of hers. she nodds and tells me we need to get to a building for this. we keep on walking. i rub my hands again and we cross a bridge. i want to summon a little boy behind my back because i want him to bring me this little rubber massage balls lucid but stupid-39008_image.jpg because i have now for some time the idea to use it for dreamstabilisation to have it in my hand so i have a sensual stimulus the whole time. but there is noone behind us and we reach a street. we are at a hobo corner. there is some piss on the ground and a lot of beer. i see a guy on the other side of the street and i tell NF to remember me to ask him about the ball when we reach him but while i tell her that i see that he is drunken as fuck and falls to the side. i say nevermind and we keep on strolling. we cross the road without looking right and left and in the middle of the street some scooter drivers cross our way one after another. they drive while looking on their phone and i try to use telekinese to take it away from them. at two i can push it a litte bit so there hand moves like you like you would collide with them. but they dont loose it, dont care and keep on driving. with the third one i bother more and accidantly push him of the street and he drives into a bush. i say ups and NF just smiles. we keep and walking slowly. we reach a building that reminds me of a cinema or something and i think we wanted to enter but i wake up again.

      i set my intention again and repeat my mantras but dont force to get another lucid because i want to sleep and i fall asleep fast.
      i remember standing in a mall and eating something. someone is standing next to me. someone is passing us with a dog and he sniffs my hand and snap my hand and growl but dont bite me. i frighten for a sec and then just wander what that was because i didnt do anything.
      i am still at the mall and somewhat go to a girl in a group and kiss her because i just like that know that must be a dream. i go away but come back shortly after and she is looking at her phone and i see three times my name like i had called or something. the time says 9 am. i ask a dude what time is it and he tells me 11 am. thats not possible i say because on her phone its nine. i finally remember the weekly task i just didnt remember and touch her shoulders and tell her OOOHHH the task. okay wow do you see right behind me some plants? i see her look wander and she nods. i look behind me and see some boring typical office plants some feet away. i think for one second thats more far away than i wanted to be but who cares. we walk there and i tell her i want that the plant speaks to me and she can choose which one of those. she points at a branch of one plant and i follow the branch to see which one of those plants it is. its a human size one with a white pot: lucid but stupid-buerobegruenung-_raumbegruenung-_innenraumbegruenung_-3-.jpg i start talking to the plant like it would be a child or a dog but it dont responds. instead of that it stats to shake with its branches. the girl and some of her friends make sounds like you see a little baby or a puppy. i ask the plant if it would be so nice and come a little bit closer and the whole pot starts to slide in our direction. everyone is cheering and i say nice thank you and now back again and it slides back. i see a little behind that plant and another did the same without asking
      task done i think and want to make some fire in my hand again. and again nothing -.- i tell them that if i had some liquid in my hand and someone ignites it i have no problem. i try to ignite it with my thumb that could be a lighter but it doesnt work neither. some of the guy finally uses something like a lighter and my hand is burning. i throw the fireball into my other hand and than on one of the guys. his chest starts buring slowly and i take away the fire again and throw it on somebody else. but there the fire end and only a spot of liquid is on his cloth. we walk a little bit further and there is a butcher on the right site. i want to do some mindcontrol and approach the counter. i see in the background that they have a strange animal in a glass box and it still moves. i tell the saleswoman i want to see it first. she bring it and put it on the counter. it looks a little like a beaver or something and it dont moves anymore. i tell her i want to take it but for free. she somewhat disapears in the room behind and she comes back with her chef. she tells me how much it costs but i tell her i want it for free and she will give it to me. i get what i want and turn around to the girl and the guys and smile. i then point at the thing i get for free and try to make some lightning but it dont work that well. i make some stupid sounds like bztbzzbzt and now it works *facepalm*
      i wake up again. my roomate is up and i hear constant noises so i decide to write it down and get up soon.
      in this dream i was not that clear or lucid. i could do what i want but everything felt like i was in a sitcom or something and not in "reality" but nevertheless i finaly accomplished to do the weekly task

      Fragment: big tent. L sleeps left of it outside. i enter the tent and there is awning. its dark and i kick someone accidentally. i throw my sleeping bag and my sleeping mat into the tent. J and i talk about something and at the other side of the tent some girl i dont know is just sitting there.