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    1. short lucid, failing RC but to stubborn to accept it

      by , 10-29-2015 at 03:49 PM
      Bedtime: around 0:00. ate early so stomach was pretty empty. meditated before bed, did some visualization (~15min) sitting in bed before decided to lay down and sleep.

      no long WBTB´s no standing up. just short mantra/intentionsetting no journaling through the night --> maximizing sleep

      - i am at a knowing place at a theater in my old town. there are pallets with stuff like food and color etc on it. some are empty some are full with empty boxes. we start cleaning and sorting out. i kind of coordinate the people (because i worked in a supermarket as a teenager). i go to get my supervisor and show him what we did. i need to go to the toilet try to find a place in the building but i get distracted/have no private space. i go somewhere more far away (i drive with the train?) i am somewhere... dont know if i managed to find a toilet but then i want to go back. i want to ride back with the tram. i ride one or two stations get out and am lost. dont know where i am exactly and what number i need to take. i try to look it up on my phone but have no success.

      -i am at a shoestore with my brother and my dad. he wants us to try some shoes on. i try something on that looks like short gumboots but with leather. they look funny in the mirror and my pants are to short. i decide against the boots. my brother (maybe its a girl now?) labels some boots and have fun with it... my dad was going somewhere. i want to go. two employees talk to each other... something about one of them got evaluated pretty serious and they dont know what to do with it. i see a mother with her child in a shopping caddy. i go there and push a shelf down so it looks like the child was it. i run away behind some other shelfs and i hear the mother complaining. i get a serious bad conscience and go back to get it up again. but i somewhat dont tell the mother it was me. i tell her the shelf is not heavy no problem. she asks "hmm how do you know its not heavy?" because i worked at a supermarket ... we finish and i hug her for goodbye as if we would know each other. i ask her if she is not the mother of this or that child because she seems familiar suddenly. while hugging i get a different vision like with googleglases or robocop with a layer over the seen. i see heartbeat and some other parameters of her. it feels that we are closely to kissing. after that i tell my brother to stop labeling and go get our dad so we meet at the front door.

      8 am:
      -i am infront of my climbing gym. an older teamer i know want so collect sweet chestnuts but there is a problem like its always raining or something? a guy says that you can look up in the internet when to collect where and how the weather is then. she says she doesnt understand. she climbs (way to fast and easy) on a normal chestnuts tree (with nearly no leaves and no fruits because its autumn now) and wants to know what then because there are no...
      i am in a building not far away from that scene and look out of the window. i focus my sight on a car infront of me that wants to park in a parking lot. it brakes very abrupt and then accelerates fast into the parking lot but he didnt stop and keep on driving out of my sight i lean forward to keep looking and see that he drives right though a electricity box or a mailing box? weird. i look down again and see a guy i saw the other day with another guy and the walk pretty fast. a mixture of fast forward and rushed. i get a strange feeling and look at my hands. looks pretty normal. i throw them out of sight and back again fast. a little blurry. i do a noseplug but somewhat i cant breath really. i dont give up and get stubborn. i dont ask but think this is a dream! and do the noseplug again and suddenly i can breath without problem. i dont know what to do. i jump out of the window. and move in the direction where the car was driving. the quality of the dream is pretty bad. everything looks pixelated/grainy. i rub my hands and try to stabilize. while i keep moving i think that it looks like fog and suddenly fog come up. i dont want to enter the fog because i think that it will let me fall into the void and i turn around and wake up.

      maybe i could have tried to stabilize more and be more rigid about it but it dont felt like a mind thing but i think it was because it was too early morning and my sleep was very light/fully rested. after waking up i felt fully awake and not sleepy at all.
    2. Finaly an enjoyable long and stable lucid dream with teleportation

      by , 10-28-2015 at 05:59 PM
      Bedtime: 11 pm, did meditation before bed, eat early so not that full stomach, daytime awareness decent. did some visualization of my previous lucid dreams
      had problems falling asleep (needed like 1-1.5h till fall asleep) unusual but maybe fullmoon maybe because i did an hour nap at afternoon.

      -"Nightmare" or better say unpleasant dream:
      in a room. some bananas on the table/ground. a big black-yellow spider comes from them and runs and jumps around. switches the room. i lock the first so it cant go back. i run after it and in the next room. a hell lot of plants (bananaplants?) i dont find the spider. think about putting something yellow on the ground so the spider comes and wants to hide there? a couch with some friends sitting. i talk to them and see 2 or 3 spiders right behind a friend. tell her not to move and want to approach her. suddenly i feel a spider on my left foot. i scream and wake up.

      --> not super nightmarish like awake with high heartbeat and all sweaty but i normally dont have this kind of dreams.

      -FA: i look at the clock and see its 6am (need to get up at 7am) so i decide no try to get lucid because i want to sleep. wake up afterwards and see its 4:40... damn

      -FA: i stand up and look at my hand. it is a little blurry but i think its because my eyes are tired. i look closer and count fingers. there are five. so i am "awake" NLD

      i am at a small store. i go some stairs down and see some muffins. i wonder if xy has baked them. i look at my hands but they look pretty normal. i do a noseplug but very little air comes thru. this time i not led up and think about how i could prove now if i am dreaming or not. i look outside at a stores sign. i look three times and everytime a completely different word is standing there. i smile and feel happy and tell J "wow i am still dreaming" and start flying slowly away. i levitate/fly thru the street and meet another friend. i fly on my back and ask her how she is. i keep flying some feet stop and remember i want to summon my roommate. i try the hand behind back technique but it seems that i have the wrong mindset i am not impatient and only feel my hand entangle in my jacket. i think shortly and decide that i sure will find him in the store i left because there where other friends of mine to. i go there and he is not there i call his name and in this moment he runs down some stairs and jumps on the street saing "Tadaaaa" everyone is happy to see him and wants something of him. i go to him and make him clear that i want to talk to him alone. he jumps on my back and i want to start flying (obviously i dont belief he can fly on his own ) i start and he falls down. i help him up and tell him to hold tighter. we try again and slowly i rise. i tell myself that its not more difficult to fly than alone but still we are pretty slowly but steady. i fly on a roof where we stop and sit down.i rub my hands. i ask him if he wants some candy and have a big smile on my face because i want to do the summon out of the pocket move. i put both hands in my pockets and get out some candy plus a used tissue and a tissuepack. i put them away again and we continue talking. i notice that somehow i have some sweets in my mouth too but i dont mind because tasting will ground and stabilize the dream. i tell him how much i like him and tell him that he appear in atleast one dream every night. i ask him if he might help me get lucid next time when he appears in my dreams and i am not lucid. he dont get it and tells me we can rent a cottage and spend some time together there. i say ya cool but i dont mean that. i explain again. he nods careful and i dont think he really get it. atleast its not the reaction i wanted to hear. a guy is coming a rooftop next to us and rant something. L is asking if it is okay if we are on this rooftop and i tell him who cares this is my dream and if someone has a problem with it will see what he get right? i ask loud and the guy says something like hell yea! while we talking i look onto the horizon and see an explosion or something but without sound and a shock wave expanding and coming to us. i dont want the conversation to be interrupted and so i stretch my arm in the direction and put some will into so the wave stops right infront of the riverside. my roommate didnt notice anything because it happened behind his back. he climbs of the roof and wants back to the other guys. i think about run after him but then i decide that i want to try out t he blink eye teleportation (i incubated this scenario or this goal before sleep) i want to teleport to my room because i know it pretty good and can visualize it easily so this is a good start i think. i close my eyes and imagine my room with the bed on the left side, my table, my cupboard... i feel a slight falling backwards, open my eyes and i am lying in my bad with a pillow on my head (Daytimeresidue: i woke up before because my other roommate´s alarm was ringing for his work so i put a pillow on my head and fall asleep again). Its not the feeling of a FA. i know that i teleported. i do a short noseplug and i can breath completely free. i stand up, notice that i have my sleeping cloth on but i dont care, its a dream . i dont know what to do because i didnt incubate anything after the teleportation (kind of didnt tought it would work that easy) i think about jump out of my window for some action but i decide to explore the apartment. i go into the kitchen and notice that it looks different than usual. its dark so i want to turn on the light but it dont works. i dont care and go into my roommates room. he is doing some random movements with his hand like ti shi. i accidentally suprise or scare him and he rants shortly. i ask him if he cant remember that we where together some minutes ago. my alarm starts ringing and i try to build it into the dream and say to him hey your alarm is ringing but wake up some seconds after.

      This was a very nice and aware lucid without worrys of waking up or instability. i needed this because the last 2 or 3 dreams i started to get a problem with thinking oh might this dream gets unstable or may i fall into the void and it always happens then... this time i was likE "this dream will last forever"
      and teleportation is sooooo coool ! and the close eyes be somewhere else is very easy and fast way. its nice to see i dont have problems with closing my eyes in dream