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    1. First successful flight to the Moon

      by , 09-20-2015 at 02:41 PM
      i am in the livingroom of my old house. a girl i once have a thing with is there and i come near to her and our faces come closer. she rubs her cheek on mine i kiss her but now the looks very unhappy. i think i got bad mood after this because i stood right next to my mum and my brother. she made fried eggs and made me 4 without asking. i demonstrade and eat the one egg thats on my plate. i want to eat the other ones that are on the plate of my brother but when i get the plate its already empty and i get angry again...
      i am in a dark kitchen and take some food on my plate. i leave the kitchen and find myself in a backyard with some construction trailers where people life in etc. i sit there at a table and eat my food. i nearly eat everything up except of a steak but i am full alrdy and have a bad feeling that i put it on my plate so i need to eat it.
      i get lucid dont know why because of the food or the location? i stand up but still take the steak and eat it up. there is not that much of meat but more bone. i enter the kitchen again and my mum is cooking. i hug her and thank her and leave the room on the other side. i am outside and its raining. i dont want it to rain so i close my eyes and say now its sunny. i open my eyes again but its still night but no rain atleast. i want to make the clouds go away and point on them and just expect them to go and they do. i want the sun to go up and on the horizon its getting lighter but i dont manage to see the sun. then the moon rises and i think close enough. i can control the speed and the location where it rises. there are some clouds again and i want to see the moon without clouds so i push away the clouds around the moon because i now want to fly there and once had a dream where i fly in clouds and everything got grey and i woke up so this time no clouds. i start flying and this time the moon is getting bigger and bigger and comes closer. suddenly everything gets white around me and i see a circle that seems to be the moon. everything looks like drawn. the gravity flipps and i find myself on the moon. it still looks like a bad drawing with a pencil. i look up and can see shortly the earth but its not like the typical image like everyone knows "the earth seen from the moon" but more a little planet with something around maby like a logo or something. i dont look closer and start to look around what is there. there is drawn a line with something i walk by the line and find a backpack. i think about to take it with me but then decide i dont need one because i am in a dream and everything i need is just behind me. i look behind and see, that oh what wonder, i am wearing a backpack already so nevermind i think. i put it back on the ground and walk a little bit further the line and found something different i dont remember. i look up and see some people that look like guys from startrek with their uniforms. i think about if they are friend or foe but i have the feelings they dont like me. 2 of them approach me slowly and start shooting with their laserweapons. i find a supersmall little lasergun and start shooting. after every shot i need to reload her with the typical shootgun mechanism. they are now near me and are 3 guys. we shoot on each other but i often miss and the laserbeams that hit seems to have no effect. i expect that left of me is a bigger rifle, look there but instead there is a lasershootgun. close enough i think take it and start shooting on the nearest guy. i hit him now and then and after some time i think he normaly should bleed or something and with the next shot his face turn red and he starts bleeding. somehow the situation changes and we dont fight anymore. i put the shotgun on my left site and expect it to hold to the backpack and it does. one of them tells me how i should take a savepoint maby for the weapons or something? i need something therefor they tell me. i pick up another small gun and take it with me but wake up then.