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    1. Be kind and friendly to your DCīs and you will wake up with a good feeling

      by , 05-13-2018 at 10:06 PM
      recall a bit fuzzy because of several DEILDS (i always get problem with continuity and mix up parts...) maybe i need to narrate the dream more while lucid. but with this DEILDS its super relaxed, no worrys to wake up or anything... you just need to remember to do it xD and have some proper goals or awareness will sink with time...

      -some sexy time with a woman in a bus
      - i am with A and F, A is visiting F, we are in the living room. i go to the toilet and get lucid [dreamsign i try to train... in one of maybe 10 or 15 it triggers lucidity] i phase back through a door and into the room. i remember the TOTM and ask the two if they want to sing me something? maybe something from queen? they start smiling instantly and start put their arm on the shoulder of each other and start singing (i also hear the music?), i smile and am curious if they know the songtext because me in waking life never remember any songtext. in the moment i think about it they just start mumbling and humming like people who dont know the text... we all laugh [sadly i cant remember which queen song it was...] and i wake up/FA and DEILD
      -i walk with a girl, i do a Nosepinch to see if i am dreaming, RC fail but i am not in my bed so this must be a dream, we walk and talk i rub my hands and sing an affirmation [it was one with a cool melody but i also forgot :/] we walk around a corner and there is a band playing with drums and singing and all, its very cool, i go there and dance a little between people i recognize one of the singers as a friend i know. the floor is made out of fine gravel. some girls dance bare feet. i am smiling that the "dream" is doing this for me. my goal for this dream is to be nice to DCīs and have a proper talk without expectation, so i go around the corner into a room where a super cute girl is sleeping with a big smile, i try to wake her calmly but she is very drowsy so i put a pillow under her head and dont want to bother her and again wake up and DEILD
      -i am on a canoe (later it changes that i am swimming) and i have a basket with me on a leash, i paddle past two girls next to the river and ask them if they wanne join eating. they smile shyly and deny. i feel very good about beeing friendly to everyone without any demand or expectation. i meet ("my"?) girl in the water i am swimming now and tell her food is ready. i climb out of the water on a platform that seems to be a cafe, i look into the basket and its empty, i look away and expect there food to be and look again. i find some cookies i try and deeper in the basket is some chines food in the typical take away boxes. the owner of the cafe comes around and i ask if its a problem that we want to eat here. he changes into a rat, perspective is changing and i see a group of rats disappear in a hole... DEILD??
      -i ride a bike with a girl, i phase thru several objects while on the bike, we park our bike and i ask her if she would like to have a talk with me but she seems not to? i stay friendly and tell her its no problem

      another lucid in same night:
      -i try to phase not thru walls (this got second nature) but i want to phase with the ceiling, but instead of flying... i jump feet first... xD sometimes i manage to get high enough and push myself with arms thru the ceiling sometimes i "fall" down again and a floor deeper... after some time i decide its stupid and phase thru a wall but instead of seeing the next room i feel like stuck in between the wall and everything is white?
      after that only semilucid stuff with low awareness i am to lazy to type
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    2. Summerish Competition - Night 14

      by , 09-15-2017 at 12:46 PM
      I am on a street and look into a car. i hear a girl say "hey daddy the tires of the car are on the edge of the pavement." i notice that i have to pee. i see a underground garage. i walk down and notice that it is monitored. i notice a sign for toilets. one is for women and children and the other one for men and elder people... i see a lot of doorbells and a closed door. i find the same symbol again on a doorbell and ring it. the door is pretty far away and i only hear the buzzer shortly but when i reach the door it opens. i enter and see some pallets with contact lenses? i seem to have an appointment and hear a woman wants to advice me. i have shortly the thought: "hm contactlenses in a dream? what an effect". i remember that i want a toilet and move away and go for the bathroom. i see a sign that shows again the toilets and enter it. Next to it there is a Sign: "Lucid Daniel". And this makes me lucid. i stand infront of a pissoir and as so often i know it makes no difference if i piss in the dream or not because the feeling i have is from my waking body. but instead of not pissing at all i just dont bother and piss in big circles on the ground.
      a friend of mine is entering and we start talking. i have a false awakening where i feel myself lying horizontally and opening carefully one eye. i close it again and find myself in the dream again. i stand around with same guy and do a nosepinch to be sure. i find myself infront of a bridge. there is a tabletennis plate standing. i want to make it go with TK but in the first moment nothing happen. i am irritated if i am really dreaming but i am sure so i try with more willpower and it flies away down the bridge. i want to play some tabletennis and ask my friend if we want to play TK TT over the whole bridge but he declines. i throw something to him but he throws it down the bridge. i focus and concentrate and the thing comes back via TK into my hand. its a 2€ coin. i let it fly a little bit around and shot it on the ground where it pins inside the concrete. i also have a 5€ bill flying around and i TK both the bill and the coin. i shoot the coin next to a random guy right infront of his feet. my friend notice that none of the dcīs seem to notice me but i answer him that they dont bother me out of respect.
      we enter a building and walk around. we want pass a door and go outdoors again but finally i take a moment to concentrate on what do to with the lucid instead of trolling around and i remember my 3step task. instead of open the door i just phase thru. and enter a white room with with walls and ceiling. i want to start flying and i start hoovering but for some reason i dont move. (the idea was to fly thru several walls and teleport this way to a new scene)
      but again i feel like waking up and have a FA. i sit next to another friend and tell her about the dream and she seems to be excited. i am wondering if she is talking about the dream and if told her already. a kid is entering and she takes her on the arm and walks away and i wake up for good.
    3. February Totm attempts

      by , 02-03-2017 at 02:31 PM
      Tonight i finally could sleep in as long i wanted after some hard days of work. before i got to bed i looked up the totms of this month. i wanted to do the book of secrets, changing weather and switching to black and white.

      i wake up at night and remember a dream where i started throwing fireballs. i didnt get lucid but this is always a good sign that my awareness is higher than usual. i stand up, go to the toilet and set my intention.
      i fall asleep and i have a dream where i am in a building. i have some trouble with someone? i go out and in front of the building a car is parked. i notice that i have an item in my hands. like a thing that you can use to plug in two headphones in one port. but instead i go to the wheels and stick it into the valve and let out the air. i go to the front wheel. here i have to screw of the cap first and repeat it. here you go.
      i stand up and walk down the street. it is night. im thinking what to do next and this moments of reflection make me lucid. i start flying and fly close to the street straight thru different buildings. i phase thru all with ease. but now i start to worry that i might loose control because the scenery is changing so fast. i slow down and find myself now high in the air. i keep flying and look for a good spot to do the advanced task. i want something in the nature. i fly over a small hill with threes and a meadow. i land there and while landing i think about how i get snow and suddenly touching the ground everything around me is white. a lot of snow is lying around. but it seems like it snowed days ago. the snow is not fresh and slowly starts melting. i feel the cold around me. i seem to wear a pullover. i touch some of the snow. it is cold but not as could as ice should be. okay how i change the weather now? i look around. there are no leaves on the trees. i try to will better weather but i accept that this wont work "okay maybe i can swipe of the snow" i think and start swiping around and i manage to make the snow disappear right infront of my eyes. my swiping gestures gets bigger because this method seem to be very slowly but the parts i can make disappear gets bigger and bigger. after some time nearly no snow is there anymore. but it seems that this does not really change the atmosphere to a nice warm day...i approach a small naked plant. i will her to start growing and it does. it gets a little bigger and some branches start to spring. but its not enough.i pause and fly up again thru different stuff and find myself in a room again. i jump out and fly down again and suddenly i see full colors of green. i smash into the ground and find myself on a healthy and well nourished meadow. i see a lot of clover. wow the weather changed. i get up and look around and the trees start to bloom. i notice that its pretty comfy and warm. i wear a t-shirt now. i look into the sky and i see full orange and yellow tones of color at the horizon. i start with some gestures because its still kind of night. i want to make the sun appear. the full red and orange colors raise a little but instead of a sun i manage to rise some bright glowing stars. i make them disappear again and try again but now different symbols of the sun appear at the sky. some numbers appear next to them. okay so no typical sun nevermind. i let it go but notice that its gotten brighter.
      K. starts to move in bed slightly and my attention shifts to my waking body. i keep calm and concentrate on the dream. i hear a voice talking and i start to engage my dreambody. it seems to work but seconds later the church bells start pretty loudly.
      so i woke up and make mental notes of this lucid.

      i fall asleep shortly after and i think i have a short nld. K.īs alarm clock goes of around 30min later. she gets up and i put in my earplugs and my sleeping mask. i lay there not too comfy. i feel like i fall slowly asleep but i notice that my arm is not comfortable. i change the position of my arm and instantly i find myself in a dream lucid. wow was this a wild?
      i am in a building with high ceilings. i jump around a little on different hights. i find it interesting that no matter how high something is when you aim for it and jump up you always get high enough.
      after some climbing at some metal beam i decide to think about the totms again. "okay what was the basic one i wanted to do?" at first i cant remember but then i do: find the book of secrets. i look down and instantly see two bookshelves. i am pretty happy with the fact how easily i summoned the shelves. i jump down and look into the first one. different books and magazines. some seem to look like waking ones i own. but nowhere there is secrets written on it. i look into brownish one. its a empty book i got by a friend of mine. it looks pretty similar. outside is written something like: treasure or safe or something. not secrets but in a way related to the sense of this word. i look inside and only on the first side are some notes. it looks private. something about bondage*another word* i have the feeling its not what i am looking for and close the book but open it again. the layout of the notices have changed a little but for some reason i dont keep reading but close the book and start to look in the other bookshelf. again it seems like i recognize some books. one looks like the black dream yoga book. for some reason i think i dont have to pick them up because i know them already...
      [to sad now when i think about it it would be very interesting to read some more and see what there is]

      some part i dont remember. i dont know if following was in same dream or another.

      i am lucid and i think about what to do next. i try to make my dream black and white. i am in a room and dont know how to start. for some reason i summon money out of my pocket. first there is only a used tissue but after get it out a lot of money is around. i think i asked a dc to give me some glasses that change my perseption into black and white. he give me a pair of glasses where one glass is a little brownish. i look at him and ask him "this will work?" he nods. i put them on and my vision changes. it gets a little darker and the colors get full and high contrast but not black and white. i put them of and next to me are different ones. i put them on but again not black and white. "hm" i start with swiping again to get ride of the color. it works in some way. everything i swipe over gets darker and less colorfull but a plant for example is still greenish in the end. i dont get it completely black and white. nevertheless the effects i created was pretty cool.

      again memory hole.

      i think what totm i could to and remember the other basic totm. i am sitting in a chair like in a bus. i turn around and there are two girls sitting. i excuse myself for interrupting and ask one of them to tell me a totm that i should do AFTER i wake up, she looked confused at first but then tells me an easy math calculation. [i cant remember the equation anymore] i tell her there has to be a better totm and she stands up and goes somewhere. now we room. i fly thru some walls where i think she is and we talk again but i dont remember what.

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    4. Splendid Comp. Day 3 - finally a lucid, and a decent one

      by , 01-16-2017 at 10:46 AM
      i think this one was a WILD but i am not 100 % sure because i didnt initiated a WILD so maybe it was a DEILD from a nonlucid.

      i lay in my bed and imagine how i run down a street. at the beginning my movement is way off and i cant see anything but after some time it feels more and more like real running and i start to have visuals. i find myself in a street that where on my way back from school in those days i went to school. while running i rub my hands too. i smash against something that gives a boost in stability. after turning right i have the feeling that the dream is stable enough. i have good visuals and bodycontrol.
      i approach a flower and look in detail. it moves a bit and it looks pretty nice. i turn around and i see a cherry tree that seem to be in the phase it normally is in springtime. i see small pink flowers. i fly up and look at it. then i land again and think about what to do.
      "okay Three step task no 1: phasing."
      i move to a garage and think to just phase thru but i decide different and draw a portal on it. the drawing is white like made of dust. hm so how to open it. i push but i already know it wont work.
      "it would be to small anyways."
      i draw a bigger one and this time i pull at a little edge. it moves and i see pure blackness behind. i say out loud: "to pandora". i even turn around and repeat it another time but again my expectation is not too high plus i didnt imagine anything while saying pandora so fair enough i jump into the void of pure blackness.
      i find it funny and start making somersaults by flapping my arms in circles. i can feel the movement distinct. visuals come back and i find myself in a apartment.
      "okay three step task now."
      i phase thru the kitchen wall forth and back. then i move into a room that looks like a workroom with a lot of books stapled everywhere. "Mass TK."
      in my foggy lucid head i think for Mass TK i need more then 10 things simultaneously in the air. i wave my hands around and some books start to levitate. i manage to make 2 times 4-5 books in small groups fly around but its difficult to count if its actually 10 items so i decide to do it differently.
      i jump phase out of the window and accelerate down to the ground. i dont mind slowing down and smash feet first on the ground.
      "so Mass TK is also things bigger than human. a car should do."
      i choose which one i want to lift. not too big but not a small one neither. i start to concentrate on it and at the beginning nothing happens. "ah right i need to imagine how it starts float and not just stare strained on it." and the car starts floating. first the front then the whole car. i cant control it too good where it floats. it turns and crashes into the ground. i lift it again and again it smashes.
      "good enough now step three. element manipulation."
      without thinking to much i start throwing my arms around like throwing fireballs on the car. the car btw changed and is now a way smaller car of the size of a child. it is on the ground and instead of throwing fireballs it seems like i throw very small pieces of i dont know Bolognese? i concentrate a little more pull my hand back wait and focus some energy in it until i see it starts burning and i throw a big fireball into a passing car. nothing happens even tho i thought maybe it explodes?
      suddenly a coworker and friend approaches me with some stuff in his hands. we start talking but there is the voice of our boss thru some speakers out of a building. he says something like "K are you coming? how long do i have to wait, this is working time" we stop our convo and he pushes me the things he carry into my hands and hurrys away.
      i walk back into the apartment with the stuff in my hands. i reconsider to not drift away:
      "i dont need that stuff its random and i have better things to do."
      i get the idea that i want to throw this stuff into the wall. i throw the first pieces but they just smash against the wall and fall down. okay i want it to stack in the wall like darts in cork. i throw again and they go half thru and into the wall and stuck there. i am satisfied and push myself thru the wall and out of the house again. i float a small round thinking what to do.
      "ah next to the three step tasks there are personal tasks. i could summon my cat."
      i kneel down next to a pickup truck and move my fingers like i would have something in it and call my cat like i would in WL. not a second and i see a cat approaching me from under the truck. "thats not my cat!"
      i keep looking around and 2 more cats from the left side are coming. not my cat neither. i call him again and look up front where he just appears and approaches me. he looks slightly different but it is him. i pet him shortly. i really wanted to do this longer and soak in some details but suddenly my mother appears telling me something like
      "you guys are old enough so that i can leave for half a year and work in swizerland for a catering company. i need to talk to the guy whos doing this blabla."
      for some reason it makes me feel not good and i loose lucidty and visuals like when i cant be sure if i still dream or am awake and hear my mum talking. i decide to just stand up and walk around. i also rub my hands and it works. the dream gets more clearly again and i can assure myself that i am still in control.
      "okay what else can i do? it dont make sense to do another personal goal... what would give some more points? ah i could try to get invisible."
      i cant to this so far so i tell my girlfriend that seem to morphed out of my mum that i want to get invisible but i want to put on a ring that helps. i start looking in my pockets and ask her to look into hers. i find something that feels like a ring in my right backpocket. i get it out and it looks different then it felt in my pocket. it is black and looks similar to a knucks. i try to put it on but i need to find out the right orientation. after putting it on i ask her if i am invisible but i can see myself still clearly and she shakes her head.
      shortly after i feel like waking up and decide it is time to write all that down.

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    5. Spooky Comp. Day 23 - totmīs fails, teleport but not to candyland

      by , 11-06-2016 at 02:34 PM
      i stay infront of a mirror in a bathroom. i see that i have no beard and short hear. hm this is not right. i do a nosepinch and am lucid. i rub my hands look out of the window and think what to do. okay candyland here i come.
      i look to the wall and even tho there is no mirror i see a reflection of me. i see myself smiling and tell myself "behind that door is candyland" i open the door but just a floor. the setting is like an very old hospital. i move to the next door and open it and again just a random room. i continue thru several doors until i land in a room with a guy and a girl. both seem to be personal. i see two doors next to each other and i want to ask the guy which one is the door to candyland but before i can ask he opens one and enters. again just a bathroom. i go to the girl and ask her same question. she tells me "none of those but this one" and points on a bookshelf with a small wooden door. she approaches it and puts in a tissue to open the lock. while shes making around i summon a fire in my hand again. its working but with a little more willpower than the two days before. i think iīve found a reproducible and easy way to summon a nice fireball in my hand. i am happy about it.
      she opens the wooden door and i see a purplish portal behind it. without hesitation i jump inside and find myself in the void. pure blackness. i move some body parts to ground myself and not to wake up. i say again and again "candyland" and try to imagine it. this time it feels long to be in the void. after some time i start to see small circles that start to get bigger. suddenly i am in my room. for the split of a second i seem to see some candy outside but i am back in my room standing there. just to be sure i do a nosepinch and phase outside. i feel like in a different reality. the plants i have on my window board are half a meter outside in mid air. i float next to them and look and them. the colors are special. very green and strong but not loud or shiny. kind of different... i float up and see that alle the buildings are different then they should be. there are some constructs made of wire that seem to be a parking lot on some roofs. i try to make a fireball in midair but i seem to concentrate to much because i have problems with the fireball and sinking at the same time. i stop it and decide to fly up into the sky. i fly to a bulding and kick myself of it to the next one like a pinball. i jump strongly and up in the air. its night and the sky is over and over with stars. i see galaxys/milky way and some falling stars but they dont fall straight but in shape of snakes. i accelerate more and more and the stars start to blur and i find myself around stars
      and wake up...

      i go somewhere with my roommate. he has a bicycle. he has a big TV on it. and it seems that i want him to do something for me. transport something? he agrees and i ask him if its really okay and he nods and starts moving slowly. i look down at me and notice that i have nothing on my except a t-shirt. so i need to go back home and get my stuff. i have a pink old bike and i start riding. i see my roommate and ride past him. in a curve the right handle of the bike falls down. i stop pick it up, but it back on and continue riding. i am now in my hometown. the handle falls down again and after picking it up again i do a nosepinch and can breath thru like a king. i am confused and to back this up i look at my hand. yup seven fingers.
      i phase into a car and push out a granny again (dont know why i have a high affinity to cars that much at the moment and why there are always grannys inside...) i say out loud: "navigation on, bring me to candyland." and immediately a blueish arrow shows the direction. i start driving the car and hear music in the background. i accelerate and decide to drive to a place i know and get out there. but because i think about something else i land in a different location and i get out and everything is game-like. i want to communicate with DCīs that are next to the car but i have to type it so it appears as a speech bubble infront of me. i notice something is off and normally i dont have problems communicating with DC. why do i dont just speak? i die?! or reload?!
      however i am back in the car in same position before i started driving. i ask out loud "turn on some music. Sigil plz" and music is starting. i think i even got something similar to what i wished. i get out of the car and approach a girl. since i found the last "show me a dance" not so convincing i ask her to the same. without a word she moves around the car and in the moment she wants to start another girl approaches her looking worried. she wants to whisper her something and i put my hand behind my ear deciding to have super hearing and i hear her loud and clear saying something about to think twice to just like that show a dance and to think about it. shortly after
      i get woke up by a temporary roommate smashing a damn door...
    6. Spooky Comp. Day 22 - some TOTMīs, searching and summoning FM

      by , 11-06-2016 at 02:04 PM
      the first lucid i only remember the end. i think it was an early night lucid:
      i am in a hurry because i want to get somewhere? i see a car run to it and phase from behind into it. on the seats are two grannyīs. i tell them to get out because i need the car. after a short moment they agree and get out. i start riding and waking up. i try to stabilize but no chance.

      later the night after a wbtb:
      i drive a car and touch my chin and notice i have a 1 or 2 day beard. it makes this feeling and sound when you wipe over it with your hand. i start wondering: i have a beard for some years now and in past 3 or 4 month i have a pretty long one. i do a nosepinch and get lucid. after some seconds i decide to get out and just stop moving so that the car continues driving and i phase out thru the back of the car. i move around the corner looking for something? and wake up. i lay still and DEILD back in using tactile sense. i lay in my bed and feel that i am dreaming again. i stop the tactile movement and do a nosepinch its working. i still have my sleeping mask on and i am a little scared if i just can put it off. but it works and i see perfectly (probably because i gave the dream enough time with tactile movement and a long nosepinch). i dont loose time and phase thru the window.
      i fly down in a clumsy way and see a guy. i land/stumble next to him. i ask him to show me a dance. i notice that he looks like a kickboxer or something. big, strong and athletic. he starts his "dance" that looks more like kicks in the air (maybe a little like capoera but really not that dancefull) i tell him "yea but i want to see a dance" and he nods telling me THIS IS a dance. okay i think and for some reason i decide to answer this with a fireball the way i learned it yesterday. and yes it works pretty straight forward without to much problems. but i have a problem throw it on him but nah who cares. he "danced" for me and now i want to put my head into some nice concrete
      i look for a good place in the ground. i notice that everywhere are bigger and smaller manhole covers. i dont want to make it too easy so i look for a place where there is solid ground. i find a nice place and dive free of fear on the ground head first. i stick my head face first into the ground and i feel that the ground gets flexible pretty fast and i sink in. darkness. i want my head to go deeper so i do a hand/headstand and push this little ball of a head deeper into the ground. but i just cant see anything. its pure black darkness. i wait some moments and notice to start see some schemas like HH or looking into the sun and see little bits and balls but nothing with real structure. i decide that its time to get "my head out of sand", spit some dirt out of my mouth and continue with next totm.
      i look around and see several people. i want to do advanced II. i go to a group, turn my back to them and my hand behind my back asking for FryingMan. some random dude takes my hand i turn around ask him "are you FM?" he shakes his head. i let him go and move some meters to the next group and repeat it. again someone takes my hand and again its not FM. i ask/tell him to bring me to FM. we start walking (hand in hand?!) and i see some tables i want to move thru but because he holds my hand i move against them... i let go of his hand and think about some way to make easy points on my way. "i could smash the wall with my bare hand!" i approach a wall and start to punch it strongly. but i cant destroy the wall. just some sand is dropping. on the other hand my hand get no harm neither. " i really am not a fighter guy" i think and keep moving. i decide i could jump super high and try this with no aim. i cant jump significantly higher than normal. i aim for a rooftop and this time jump up and with ease i make several meters. in mid air i start floating and decide to come back to the ground.
      but i have some problems going down again and i feel how the dream destabilizes. i start rubbing my hands and use some tactile movement. next thing i know i am infront of the house i was jumping and i enter it. there is a guy and his dad. they are eating something with eggplant and a dip made of tomatoes and cream. i for some reason feel that they do it "wrong" and the dip is not right. i move into the floor but then i decide i want to taste the eggplants. i go into the kitchen but the boy already cleared away the food. i ask them "where is the food?" he answers "in the freezer" i look around and ask "where is the freezer?" they just stare at me and dont answer. fuck it i think and pick up the bottle of juice on the table. i drink it and its grapefruitjuice. i phase out of the building but put my head in again and call the dad an asshole and phase out again. i look thru the window and see how he gets angry and want to get out. i want to throw him the juice against his head but the bottle dont phase thru the window and just smash against it and falls down. the dad comes out and wants to beat me up but before he can smash me i but both my hands on my temples and use mindcontrol. i say: "you dont remember any of that. you have a headache and want to lay down" the surrounding changes from outside to inside the livingroom. he come around and shakes his head saying "uh i have a headache i need to lay down." i stand up and point to the couch tell him to lay down there and meanwhile i leave him alone so he can rest.
      i leave the building and in front of the house is a girl and another person? we talk shortly about something and then she wants to go somewhere and i accompany her. she tells me where to go but i stop her and say i first need to do something. i put my hand behind my back and this time feel super confident. immediately i feel a hand and ask "are you fryingman?" no answer i ask a second time and again no answer. i turn around and see a thin guy with short blond hair and light skin wearing blueish cloths standing there. i ask him directly "you are FM?" and he nods. i tell him that he wanted to show me how to get invisible last time but it didnt work out and if he can do it now. he starts to get worried like something is not right mumble something around. he seems to be torn between yes and no and i start waking up.
      i try to stabilize again but this time feel thatīs over and i should journal to not forget it.
    7. Spooky Comp. Day 17 - eating, drinking, smoking, sex :)

      by , 11-03-2016 at 04:18 PM
      i am at work sitting on the ground and putting some money into a transparent plastic pocket. my boss is kneeling on the ground right next to me and counting my working hours of the month together. a family is coming in and looking turkish but talking russian? i wonder. a friend of mine (who does not work there) is serving them. i notice one woman has no shoes/only sandals on. i notice a coworker also just has open shoes and for some reason i get lucid by this doing a nosepinch to confirm and have problems believing the fact its just a dream. i phase thru the table and leave the shop and try to pocketsummon something to eat but my pockets are empty. i turn around and see a carazza-pizza (snack) in a shelf. i take it and open it. its way bigger than in waking life but i bite in and it tastes the same. i enter the shop that is an imbiss now again and see a counter. i go there and pick me a coke and drink it. i notice to wear a big jacket now and the pockets are full i pocketsummon a bottle of wine and there is other stuff in there but i leave it there i leave the shop again. i try to think about the new totms of november. i remember that a lot of them needed a dc to interact so i phase thru a building wall and fall several meters to the ground but i feel no pain at the impact and stand up standing right infront of a door. i phase my head thru the door to look inside (damn not wall but floor was the totm^^) and i see a flat. i ring the bell and a petite good looking girl approaches and opens the door. i enter and we go to the living room. i notice that i now have a big joint in my hand i smoke it consciously and it tastes strong and i can smell the smoke. but i feel no effect. i hand it over to the girl. when i enter the living room i notice another girl and some minutes later notice that next to the girl a dude is lying around. i try some mind control and command the girl to take of her cloths. she starts to undress but while doing like i demand she is nagging around. i dont care and from here on some naughty stuff happens i dont want to describe i wake up by my phone ringing in dream and i think its in waking life and wake up -.-
      Tags: drink, eat, phase, sex, smoke
    8. Spooky Comp. Day 9 - good recall, funny lucid with a lot of dreamcontrol

      by , 10-24-2016 at 09:59 AM
      several scenes that started in my room/false awakenings. i found those interesting and like them
      good recall with long detailed dreams.

      i fly without a body over a beautiful scenery with hills and beautiful clouds and sunset. i get lucid by the fact that i am flying and manage to do a nosepinch. i ask the dream to fly me in the direction of the sun because it looks so beautiful. at first there is no reaction but then my inner self seem to relent and my direction changes. i fly over a hill and the sun goes down/disappears and a wave of darkness comes into being. i wonder why and whats up with my inner self and see a train moving over some rails into a mountain. i expect it to crash with the mountain and wait for the explosion but nothing happens. i feel that i have a body now and can direct the way i fly. i see a small and abandoned filling station and decide to land there. i accelerate strongly and smash into the ground terminator style but without damaging the ground. i start moving and see a snake and a basketball. i make them levitate but i want to mass TK so i see another basketball and some more snakes and in the end i make 6 items consisting of several basketballs and snakes are levitating in the air but pushed a little together so the snakes entangle around each other and the balls. i let them drop and keep moving.
      i start running very fast and the stony ground changes into sandy ground. i find myself in a park and see some ducks. i want to make a fireball and remember obfusc8īs hint to feel the heat in my hands. i do so and throw the fireball at one duck and indeed a fireball is flowing over and lightening the duck. it starts flying hysterically and lands on a three. while flying the fire goes on and of two times. for some reason the surrounding gets a little hostile and i feel like leaving. i get followed by some birds? i reach the edge of the park and for what ever reason the ninja turtles approach me. i shortly think about to throw a fireball at them but decide that its better to have them as friends so i approach them and say hi. one of them seeīs the birds and says something like "no wonder they act like this what would you/we say if someone would come into our territory" sounds reasonable. nevertheless i try another fireball but this time i have a basketball in my hands and try to make it inflame and throw it but there is no fire and just throw a stupid basketball... [dont ask me where als the basketballs are coming from]
      and we turn around and walk away. they morphed into a group of friends of some kind and we walk down a street. i see one is wearing a watch and i pick up his arm looking at it several times and amuse myself about the fact that the time is always a different one. a car stops right in front of me on the pavement and i stop next to it. there is a woman and a man sitting inside. i start to knock hardly against the front window and try to smash it but it feels a little like plastic and it dont want to break. i dont accept that and so i squad down put my hands underneath the car and just turn it on the head. the passengers try to leave the car but i push it against the wall so the door they try to leave is blocked. good enough i think and keep on moving. my group is turning right and i am a little behind thinking about how to score some more points because i havenīt prepped any specific goals.
      i think "ah i could phase thru something" and see a construction site with a lot of framework. and i just move right thru it. a SUV stops at the crossroad and i run there and jumpphase inside the car. i push the driver outside and he hangs outside but still holds the wheel so i push a little harder and kick the accelerator. i drive down the street that is one big construction side. the street is broken at some places and there are a lot of scaffolding. so far i always tried to drive a car the right way but this time i think why not phase with the car and just keep on driving straight thru several scaffolds past some shops. cool i think. and while driving
      i think about whats next and remember my personal goal to change a banana into an apple [the wrong way btw]. i hit the handbrake, yank the wheel to the side and phase out of the car. the car turns to the side and starts to roll over several times and crashes into a shop with a moving staircase and moves down the stairs. i dont mind and think about a banana. i imagine how a banana looks and want to reach into my pocket but i get a little nervous and the dream starts to fade
      and instead of trying to stabilize or deild i just wake up...
    9. Spooky Comp. Day 6 - getting hunted with brother, alot of phasing, some TK

      by , 10-20-2016 at 11:39 AM
      this night my recall was way better. a lot of wakenings a lot of dreams and frags and way easier recalling.

      again SSILD this time i fall asleep on my back while i tried halfhearted to WILD. woke up not so long later with a short dream i dont recall because i decided to turn on my side and try to fall asleep while doing some ssild again.

      dont remember exactly how the dream started but it was fast-paced and hectic dream. but no nightmarish or scary.
      i see (myself?) my brother in front of a bigger door. it is closed and he tries to enter. he knocks and smashes against it but the door is to heavy i realize i am dreaming but i have no body so i say to my brother to phase thru the door. after some seconds he does so and is inside of the medieval building. he is on the run because he/we get followed by some people. i see how he runs thru different corridors and makes himself invisible (so he gets transparent) and uses another dreamcontrol i cant remember.
      i find myself next to him in a body and we run together. i instantly remember my three step task (finally!) but first we need to get away. we phase thru a lot of doors then walls into different rooms and thru darkness [probably because phasing thru several different thick walls without expectation] where we head to the light. we end up outside and jump into some bushes/woods. he tells me to make myself invisible but i cant [never could so far...]. we hide behind some bushes and we see the opponents down the hill. while i stay behind a tree he moves on and we get sighted. he runs away but i stay in my hide and think about how to attack them.
      i remember my second three step and look around. i see some smaller campfires and i try to move the fire via TK. it wont work and the fire goes out. i try to move the firewood near me but i have some problems with it. when i manage to do it i get sighted and i jump up and run away. i jump out of the bushes on a yard and jump high up on some roofs. i jump from roof to roof till i feel save a little. i try to decelerate the dream and not think about the opponents. i sit there and again try to make some fire between my hands. i hold t hem together and while pulling them apart the skin sticks together for a short period of time. the flames that appear are very weak. i look down and see right under the roof where i am sitting a guard. i throw the "shadow of a ball of fire" down at him but miss him two times. i try it with some lightning but it doesnt work at all. i squeez some water out of my hand but that has obviously no function at all expect that i get noticed by the guard. i keep on moving on the roof and see the guard coming up a ladder. i kick him down but he comes up again. i take him with TK and smash him down on the ground and lift a car that stands around and park it on him and then throw a refrigerator on top of it but it wedge in the narrow alley [i incubated to stack up some cars and then adv. morph it into a building/tower but it didnt play out that way]
      i rub my hands together, calm down and raise my awareness. i decide to change the scenery to get off this stupid theme of getting followed and attacked. i jump of the roof and approach and phase thru a wall. i find myself in darkness again [feels similar to the void but after a second thought it felt different because there was gravity and not nothingness] still running. while running i say to me "a calm nice place... a calm nice place.... a calm nice place..." and again i see a light at the end of the "room" after moving thru the light i see some palms and feel that i managed to change the dreamscene.
      sadly shortly after i wake up.

      after a waking without journaling and a short non lucid
      i find myself in same scenery like in previous lucid shortly after we phased thru all the walls and before we jumped into the woods. i pass by a door with three different writings on it. one says "exit" while still approach the woods again i get lucid and decide to not do this villain thing again so i turn around and approach the door with the exit sign. i do a nosepinch and remind myself that this is a dream again. trying not to think about the guards. but since it works the opposite i hear behind me:
      "wait who there!!" i shout "your mama" start running and phase thru the door.
      i turn left and jump high several plains. there are fields and houses. i look down and see that it is pretty high. to score some easy points i jump down alle the way to the ground just to turn around and jump up again. i sit on a roof and feel the dream fading. i try to stabilize but since i dont have a real plan for the lucid i let go and wake up...
      [lazy me...]