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    1. July Competition 19 long and cool lucid

      by , 07-31-2019 at 09:39 PM
      dream starts with sexual content i skip

      ...i walk with the girl and we pass a meadow next to a house. she tells me she doesnt like the city. i say why not its not that bad and its kind of green and other citys are worse. we some dog babys and the mother some of them starts barking but the mother keeps them back and educate them. one of them runs at me and i kick it away. one of them is more like just a face on the ground and morphs into a butterfly. my awareness rises. we reach a canon and i get lucid doing a rc. i ask her if she wants to fly with me and start flying. i reach the ground and meet some people. they are something like superheroes? one of them has a problem with me. i fly further to a woman who greets me in a very friendly manner (maybe with a kiss?) i tell her that in the following 24h i can help her. the group of "heroes" arrives and the guy that had a problem with me pushes me with his thoughts away and laughs. i come back and remember that telekinesis is not that difficult and start concentrating and do a gesture with my hand. suddenly his face get serious and a second later he flys up 5m in the air and crashes in the ground again. i lough my ass of because it looked funny like hell.
      the dream fades and i am in another dream. i do a rc and still dreaming. i find my self indoors. i phase myself slowly thru many layers of walls and rooms and wooden construction out and climb some parts. i am on a roof now and jump from roof to roof. i want to find me some icecream. i jump down and see some people that look like they sell ice on big bicycles like it is typical in mexico but everytime they come closer the just transport paint for some reason. i cant find ice and have a FA. i sit at a table eating icecream. i do another RC and again still dreaming. i get up and look out for icecream again to finish the task. i ask a young guy at a corner of a street. he tells me he doesnt have some but i tell him he should look behind him and when he does suddenly he has some icecream. i am happy and pay him some coins. its ice made out of coca cola. i continue my way and notice i am in the suburban train station. i want to get out but dont want to phase all the way out so i phase straight thru the walls and imagine to be outside and after the second wall flying thru i find myself outside. i fly up a building because i want to see the sunset. after founding a good place to be i do another handgesture to let the sun go down. i am a little out of practice so it doesnt work immediately suddenly there are one or two guys next to me and distracting me with talking shit and how it doesnt work. the sun goes down but the visuals get super bad like in dark night and i start to calm down rub my hands and focus on the dream. i tell him that for his reason i didnt notice the sunset properly. i try to get the sun up again but it doesnt work. i switch the roof and remember that the sun goes up from the opposite side so i turn around and fair enough see a nice sunrise. i jump and fly thru several roofs and found a well painted arty house. i enter thru the roof and explore the inside. there is a lot of art in the rooms. i see a woman lying in a bed and aproach her. i resist to start something and just pass into another room where i see another person sleeping i think its a boy but then it turns out to be a guy. i phase out and think about what to do next and remember Dreamers method of narrating the dream to remember it better so i think what happend so far. something happens and the dream destabilizes but this time its not getting black but white. i go into it and let it happen. everything around me spins and patterns appear a short moment of drawings. i ask a question to the dream: what to do/work? a new dreamscene appears and a guy talks with me he wants to tell me something but dont remember the word in the end he tells me something about a doctor or that i should be a dentist. im not sure about it and ask him what about physiotherapy he tells me that its possible but i wont learn to much there.
      i phase into a house and i feel its mine. i enter the kitchen and eat a fresh cherry and think what to do. i feel like the dream is hell long and try to remember how fast i got lucid so that the REM might be very long. i want to meditate a little but i feel like the dream destabilize
      but i let it go to not forget to much about it.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Summerish Competition - Night 14

      by , 09-15-2017 at 12:46 PM
      I am on a street and look into a car. i hear a girl say "hey daddy the tires of the car are on the edge of the pavement." i notice that i have to pee. i see a underground garage. i walk down and notice that it is monitored. i notice a sign for toilets. one is for women and children and the other one for men and elder people... i see a lot of doorbells and a closed door. i find the same symbol again on a doorbell and ring it. the door is pretty far away and i only hear the buzzer shortly but when i reach the door it opens. i enter and see some pallets with contact lenses? i seem to have an appointment and hear a woman wants to advice me. i have shortly the thought: "hm contactlenses in a dream? what an effect". i remember that i want a toilet and move away and go for the bathroom. i see a sign that shows again the toilets and enter it. Next to it there is a Sign: "Lucid Daniel". And this makes me lucid. i stand infront of a pissoir and as so often i know it makes no difference if i piss in the dream or not because the feeling i have is from my waking body. but instead of not pissing at all i just dont bother and piss in big circles on the ground.
      a friend of mine is entering and we start talking. i have a false awakening where i feel myself lying horizontally and opening carefully one eye. i close it again and find myself in the dream again. i stand around with same guy and do a nosepinch to be sure. i find myself infront of a bridge. there is a tabletennis plate standing. i want to make it go with TK but in the first moment nothing happen. i am irritated if i am really dreaming but i am sure so i try with more willpower and it flies away down the bridge. i want to play some tabletennis and ask my friend if we want to play TK TT over the whole bridge but he declines. i throw something to him but he throws it down the bridge. i focus and concentrate and the thing comes back via TK into my hand. its a 2€ coin. i let it fly a little bit around and shot it on the ground where it pins inside the concrete. i also have a 5€ bill flying around and i TK both the bill and the coin. i shoot the coin next to a random guy right infront of his feet. my friend notice that none of the dcīs seem to notice me but i answer him that they dont bother me out of respect.
      we enter a building and walk around. we want pass a door and go outdoors again but finally i take a moment to concentrate on what do to with the lucid instead of trolling around and i remember my 3step task. instead of open the door i just phase thru. and enter a white room with with walls and ceiling. i want to start flying and i start hoovering but for some reason i dont move. (the idea was to fly thru several walls and teleport this way to a new scene)
      but again i feel like waking up and have a FA. i sit next to another friend and tell her about the dream and she seems to be excited. i am wondering if she is talking about the dream and if told her already. a kid is entering and she takes her on the arm and walks away and i wake up for good.
    3. Spooky Comp. Day 20 - big deja vu, fighting ninjas

      by , 11-03-2016 at 04:34 PM
      i move around and i want to get somewhere and want to take a shortcut? i move into something like a backyard. i "remember" strongly that i was here before already and i feel like i should go because this is not a good place to be. while i turn around and leaving i get lucid, confirming with a nosepinch, and thinking to myself "oh no hopefully there are no ninjas again" "remembering" that i met them here already. while i try to let this thought go i already see some ninja like shadows behind me. i turn around and i really dont want to have another lucid where i fight and flee all the lucid. so the first ninja that jumps right infront of me i offer him him my friendship telling him its in both our interest. he agrees but only a second later another ninja jumps on him and squeezes him into the ground. "okay it is on" i think, lifting him with TK and smashing him left and right and left and right several times. i let him smash against some wall and he doesnt get up. i turn around and start running while thinking about something different and goals to prevent more ninjas to come and change the theme. i stop waiting and notice that there is no hostile situation. nice. i thinking about to do a short distance teleport but wake up trying.

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    4. Spooky Comp. Day 6 - getting hunted with brother, alot of phasing, some TK

      by , 10-20-2016 at 11:39 AM
      this night my recall was way better. a lot of wakenings a lot of dreams and frags and way easier recalling.

      again SSILD this time i fall asleep on my back while i tried halfhearted to WILD. woke up not so long later with a short dream i dont recall because i decided to turn on my side and try to fall asleep while doing some ssild again.

      dont remember exactly how the dream started but it was fast-paced and hectic dream. but no nightmarish or scary.
      i see (myself?) my brother in front of a bigger door. it is closed and he tries to enter. he knocks and smashes against it but the door is to heavy i realize i am dreaming but i have no body so i say to my brother to phase thru the door. after some seconds he does so and is inside of the medieval building. he is on the run because he/we get followed by some people. i see how he runs thru different corridors and makes himself invisible (so he gets transparent) and uses another dreamcontrol i cant remember.
      i find myself next to him in a body and we run together. i instantly remember my three step task (finally!) but first we need to get away. we phase thru a lot of doors then walls into different rooms and thru darkness [probably because phasing thru several different thick walls without expectation] where we head to the light. we end up outside and jump into some bushes/woods. he tells me to make myself invisible but i cant [never could so far...]. we hide behind some bushes and we see the opponents down the hill. while i stay behind a tree he moves on and we get sighted. he runs away but i stay in my hide and think about how to attack them.
      i remember my second three step and look around. i see some smaller campfires and i try to move the fire via TK. it wont work and the fire goes out. i try to move the firewood near me but i have some problems with it. when i manage to do it i get sighted and i jump up and run away. i jump out of the bushes on a yard and jump high up on some roofs. i jump from roof to roof till i feel save a little. i try to decelerate the dream and not think about the opponents. i sit there and again try to make some fire between my hands. i hold t hem together and while pulling them apart the skin sticks together for a short period of time. the flames that appear are very weak. i look down and see right under the roof where i am sitting a guard. i throw the "shadow of a ball of fire" down at him but miss him two times. i try it with some lightning but it doesnt work at all. i squeez some water out of my hand but that has obviously no function at all expect that i get noticed by the guard. i keep on moving on the roof and see the guard coming up a ladder. i kick him down but he comes up again. i take him with TK and smash him down on the ground and lift a car that stands around and park it on him and then throw a refrigerator on top of it but it wedge in the narrow alley [i incubated to stack up some cars and then adv. morph it into a building/tower but it didnt play out that way]
      i rub my hands together, calm down and raise my awareness. i decide to change the scenery to get off this stupid theme of getting followed and attacked. i jump of the roof and approach and phase thru a wall. i find myself in darkness again [feels similar to the void but after a second thought it felt different because there was gravity and not nothingness] still running. while running i say to me "a calm nice place... a calm nice place.... a calm nice place..." and again i see a light at the end of the "room" after moving thru the light i see some palms and feel that i managed to change the dreamscene.
      sadly shortly after i wake up.

      after a waking without journaling and a short non lucid
      i find myself in same scenery like in previous lucid shortly after we phased thru all the walls and before we jumped into the woods. i pass by a door with three different writings on it. one says "exit" while still approach the woods again i get lucid and decide to not do this villain thing again so i turn around and approach the door with the exit sign. i do a nosepinch and remind myself that this is a dream again. trying not to think about the guards. but since it works the opposite i hear behind me:
      "wait who there!!" i shout "your mama" start running and phase thru the door.
      i turn left and jump high several plains. there are fields and houses. i look down and see that it is pretty high. to score some easy points i jump down alle the way to the ground just to turn around and jump up again. i sit on a roof and feel the dream fading. i try to stabilize but since i dont have a real plan for the lucid i let go and wake up...
      [lazy me...]
    5. Spooky Comp. Day 3 - on the move with brother, TK, some Fire, listening to music, summoning my Cat

      by , 10-17-2016 at 09:56 AM
      had a lot of fragments with some wakings over the night but didnt write anything down till morning.
      after GF left the house i did SSILD and felt asleep again even though it was already 8:30 and i had around 9h of sleep... cant do this every day but yea... earned a decent lucid with not too much access to memory..

      i cross a street with my brother. i think about jumping up a pretty high wall, some lucidity streams in. i see two pretty ugly women, fat and with a stupid look in their face hearing music thru earphones. one of them has one in her ear and one in her nose. all this results in me being lucid.
      i sing a song about how stupid those two are and continue to move with my bother. i dont do any RC... but i jump up the wall i saw. my brother continues to walk on the pavement. i jump down where a gap in the wall is and smash down pretty hart on something loose on the ground. i smile to my brother and repeat it one more time. i jump next to him and start using TK. with a simple hand gesture i let a parking truck behind me levitate. i wonder shortly that its so easy but i keep going and "throw" it some meters in front of me on the pavement on a cat/dog of an owner... i instantly feel a little bad. but we keep moving and the car and the "accident" disappeared. i let a older chubby man float around and turn him in air. but i dont want to do any harm so i try to let him down softly on his feet but he has problems to stop turning around and so it needs some more seconds and mange to set him down save. we continue walking and i think about how to make some points... for some reason i just dont remember my 3 step task or any of my incubated goals what so ever.
      so i decide to make some fire in my hands. as some of you know this is not a specialty of mine. while walking i imagine energy flow into my right hand and visualize a fire but its not working. to concentrate better i stop moving. and use both my hands. i hold them like i would hide a ball in between them and slowly pull them apart. i have a small flame in my right hand but i cant expand it and it turns off fast. i repeat it and my palm is burning a litte but again cant do anything with it. i concenrate a little more and now i have a small ball of fire in between my hands and while i pull them apart the fire is expanding. i hear a background noise that says something similar like " Plz dont do any fire here (so nothing starts burning) and nevertheless the pro guy who do flames is in town so there is nothing to win here" ignoring the voice i feel satisfied so far with my fire bending and i continue walking with my brother.
      i tell him i want to hear some set of Sigil. while we approach a house (of a previous dream i think) i ask him if he could ask out loud for some music by sigil. he asks and as we enter the house i hear some music. we approach a girl and i ask her if we can turn on sigil and she answers "this is sigil already" i am not sure but go with it and listen a little. i ask loud what to do now. i think about my personal goals thinking if i already did one by coincidence but i cant remember any and remember to summon my cat. i know cant say what was first. the idea of summon my cat or the black cat that sits next to the door. i see it now and think yea that is not my cat. i want to make mine appear right infront of me. i make a wipe around with my hand and blur the background a little and try to see my cat. i see some patterns but not really a cat. i stop and see my cat sitting right next to ne black one. nice i call him and he comes to me. i pet him a little and decide to wake up
      what i do

      so far not so satisfied with my commitment and outcome of the competition but i will try do to some decent daywork and incubate some cooler stuff. tomorrow i have to get up early so probably no lucid again... :/

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    6. Summer Comp. Day 12 - Two short Lucids - nothing special

      by , 08-10-2016 at 10:33 AM
      Tonight was the first night since last Friday where i could sleep in and i knew i could make some points. normally i would try to be more aware during the day and incubate now and then what i want to do with my lucid and maybe get of the computer some hours earlier and read a little or meditate but yesterday i just couldnt motivate myself...
      nevertheless i got some lucids but they where very short with bad quality and my overall awareness of the night was not to good too..

      i got to bed at 23:15 and woke up for the first time at 3:45. wrote down a dream and go to toilet.
      i lay on my back, do progressive body relaxation and start with SSILD-Cycles my concentration is not too good again and i feel restless. after some cycles i lay an my side but dont fall asleep. i continue doing cycles but turn atleast two more times... not too good but i try to stay calm. after some time i feel drifting away. i see some HI and get an interesting bodyfeeling. suddenly i feel light vibrations and my body starts to spinn in my bed. i try to promote the feeling but suddenly it stops and i lay in bed again a little dissapointed.
      i stand up and sit on my desk [which is at a different corner in my room] i pick up a small container and notice that there is more inside as i thought and the screw cap is broken at one side. i think about put it into another container and while standing up i wounder and do a nosepinch. i am already dreaming! the feeling i had was indeed transition! just like that i try to push my thumb thru my palm and it works after some seconds. i am happy and jump right thru the wall outside. i hang in midair and for some reason i dont fall down... the quality is not too good... i try to get down, i look up and around and suddenly i start falling. i look down and there are some people going on the pavement. i crash next to them into the street and say "hi!" but they ignore me. i step onto the pavement and shout STOP to freeze time but everyone is moving on. i repeat my command and one guy seems to be a little confused and stops moving but more because i am shouting than because i freezed time okay so thats not working. i now shout REWIND! and after a second shout suddenly everything runs in fast rewind. good finally i get any reaction... i pick up a girl next to me and lay her down. i inspect her body from head to toe and make her stand again. the people go past me and i think about my next three step task. mass TK... i start with a traffic road sign. i try to lift it and it starts to shake. i think 'this sign is not heavier than a feather' and the pole rips out of the ground. i throw it aside and now i want to do it with a tree. it seems to be windy because the tree is moving. i concentrate again but wake up trying.

      now its 5:15 and i drink something and go again to the toilet and again repeat my procedure

      i am in a room that has similarities to a doctors room. there is a girl with very long hair. the hair gets stuck somewhere and i help her. a woman enters the room and she is harsh [this is some Harry Potter residue i think]. she says my hair and or my beard has to go. i sit in the chair and the girl starts to cut my hair. i trust her. then while still the woman is there she shave my beard with a razor but without water or soap. it hurts and i tell her. i stand up and leave the room. i move some stairs up, pass some people and enter a toilet where i look into a mirror. my beard is only shaved half and it looks terrible. my hair is short and has no shape. i am a little pissed and ask her if i done something to her or it was just random... we move down the stairs again and i slide on the handrail. we go to a party and i meet an old classmate C. she tells me she had some funny feeling in her mouth after eating some food half an hour ago. i tell her i know the feeling and i had it too some days ago as i take some drugs so i didnt know if it was the drugs or the food... [for some reason i feel like i talked to her about it already] we stand in line and there is another friend Y. some people are pushing and he pushes strongly back so that we nearly fall down from the terrace. i look angry to him because one could get hurt but he just smiles. i ignore him. he seems to know the security? because a guy next to me tell him he wants to buy a package of cigarettes for 2€ too... i see there is a desk with some prices/gifts. i conclude that the entrance costs 10 € but when you pay more you get a gift? i talk to the guy at the counter about a festival and that it was pretty big and all. that i like smaller ones and if he organizes another smaller one. he tells me that this party here goes also two or three days. while talking he changes into an attractive girl i start to flirt a little. i remember my beard and my hear and hope it looks not too bad but she seems not reluctant. suddenly i see a video of her doing some flicflac in the woods? and landscape changes and i am in the woods on a swing. i swing around and look at the horizon. there i see some lightnings and just like that i lift my arm and try to manipulate the lightnings. now i see a transformer station and i see some lightning coming out of my hand. i do a nosepinch and i am lucid. i notice that the quality is pretty bad and try to rub my hands on the swing but its not enough. so i let myself fall down from the swing to the ground and crash down with my whole body. this stabilizes enough and i stand up. behind me the sun goes down and it looks pretty nice. i move up the hill where i saw the lightnings and want to do some TK again. some stones are already levitating and i lift a handful more. there are some runes with blue glowing signs and i pick up one or two and activate them so they disappear but i wake up before i see an effect.
    7. Summer Comp. Day 3 - no recall but cool lucid: summon/unsummon building, morph color, teleport

      by , 08-01-2016 at 10:30 AM
      since i had a bicycle day yesterday i was occupied the whole day and got late to bed (around 2 am), i woke up for the first time at 7:30 with only a fragment of the whole night and felt tired. got to the toilet and was torn back and forth to just go back to bed and sleep some more or try to induce a lucid. i decided to try it. lay on my back started with relaxation, incubated my goals again and did some SSILD cycles. i felt for a WILD but felt way to alert and awake. i turn on the side and try to fall asleep. but even now i felt to awake i turned 2 times and fall asleep and woke up with a nice Lucid in my pocket

      [some more NLD i cant recall] ... move down the street in company of a woman and a older man. while walking a super tiny thought of 'when this is a dream' pops up. my awareness rises instantaniously and i am fully lucid. i do a nosepinch and its difficult to breath thru but i know i am dreaming. those two move infront of me and i tell them to go without me i will catch up. "but wait a sec" i say and pull a stone with telekinesis from a building site next to me and give it to the woman. she looks confused and like i want to shit her and she throws the stone away. [i did this to score some points maybe not fully lucid yet ]
      i look behind me to the horizon. it is night and i see two buildings on the left and the right side. in the middle i can see the sky. i turn to the woman and tell her: "you see? behind me? there is no building but now you can see the tall building? in the middle? you can see it right?" i turn around and see the building i have summoned. it worked like a charm. i stand next to her and we look both at the building now.
      I tell her: "now, since everything is just a picture, an image in my head i can make this building disappear just like that" i hold up my hand and move it slightly in front of the building. at the beginning not much happen but then i just imagine some more sky instead of the skyscraper and it disappears. i smile to her and she smiles too and seems to be a little impressed and not thinking that i want to kid her anymore. "now do you want to accompany me a little?" i think shortly... originally i wanted to summon a skyscraper to climb it up like spiderman but now that i unsummoned it i dont feel like put in more effort and dream time to make myself a suitable building.
      i look up front and see an old not to high house. this will do i think and "my next goal is to climb up this house like spiderman" while i say so we approach the house and i imagine micro hair on my finger tips [like in the movie ] and start to touch the wall. the woman and the man seem a little confused but do as i do. at the beginning i have some problems and hold myself at edges of the house but then i dont need anything to hold on and climb purely the wall like spiderman. i climb up and for whatever reason there is a roof/ceiling there and i climb up side down. it feels a little weird and i dont know exactly what to do now. i push myself away from the ceiling and land on my feet standing in a room now.
      i am in a kitchen. i think about what to do and pull a rubber ball with TK into my hand i look to the man and tell him "i will change the color of the ball." the ball is blue? now i look at it and will it to change the color to green. after a sec the color starts changing and the man screams up with enjoyment. i stop - but wait the ball turned white. i will a little more and now it changes in green. i feel satisfied.
      i want to mass TK and pick up three items. the ball and two little tomatoes i try to make them levitate at the same time but have some problems with it. i dont try hard enough but instead i change the color of the two tomatoes. because of schemas they turn green like unripe ones, but i want them to be purple i look at them concentrated and it changes and changes to black and then purple. nice!
      so i cant lift enough objects at a time but i could lift something very heavy. i use TK to lift up the water boiler and smash it around. the DCīs around scare up and feel a little uncomfortable but i dont care and start to find it funny to demolish the kitchen. i lift up the stove. i rip and tug around until the cables rip of with some sparks and smash it against the wall. i turn around and lift the refrigerator and throw it across the livingroom (that wasnt there before). i feel like this was enough. i lift a book and throw it a guy against his head and enter the living room.
      i think around what to do and think i could teleport. i approach the window to jump out but on half the way i think it would be smarter to phase thru the wall. i turn left and run straight to the wall. for a part of a second i think about if it would be smarter to do it slowly and static but i decide to jump right thru will work fine. and i phase thru it without a problem [in opposite to some other encounters] and find myself in mid air over a street, as it seems at the height of the 5th floor or something... i am surprised because i didnt expected this and i start falling with waggy arms. while falling i reflect on my situation and tell myself i am invulnerable and my falling gets controlled and i land safely on my feet.
      now it is after dusk, the street is a little wet and it smells wet and fresh. its silent like it should be in the morning hours. i draw a portal with my feet but it looks shitty so i kneel down write with my finger 'My room' draw a portal right beneath it. stand up look at it and try to push my hands in a "handstand" into the portal. nothing happens at the beginning but after some seconds i feel like my finger start to sink in like into wet mud i embrace this feeling and start to sink in completely. i am in the void but still feel like a part of me is inbetween the locations. i give it a last push and feel a litte falling and now am completely in the void. i do some tactile movements to be sure not to wake up. i see some white noise while i think about a sentence i have read some days ago from sageous or sivason or someone: "the void is like a loading screen, like the construct of your head [or something]" i think about it and it makes sense. i finish this thought and feel like beeing long enough here so i start to visualize my room. a homescreen (like in windows) appears with two users. [again schema because thinking of a "loading screen?] i "click" it (but without doing anything...) and stand in my room. i decide to wake up because i am scared i would loose the beginning.

      this was a very pleasing lucid. i didnt believe i would get lucid because it didnt felt that way but it was a long and stable one. too bad i didnt remember to summon a teammate and let him accompany me (that way i would have had about 30-40 points more...) but used the woman that was already there... but i dont care and am happy about getting lucid again.

      from today on my GF is in town again and we will see how lucky i get when sleeping not alone anymore.
    8. 1 LD = 3 TOTMs

      by , 06-30-2016 at 12:03 PM
      after my first proper WBTB since months! i used SSILD for induction, also didnt used it like for months, i felt pretty confident to have a nice and long quality lucid

      i am in a city and walk down the street. i tell someone? on the phone? about my diploma thesis. "the gathered results there where up to date at that time..." i have an awesome mood and keep on moving. an elevator left to me opens and i make a small jump to scare them a little and smile to them just because i feel so good.
      just like that i get lucid and keep on moving some meters. i remember the basic task. i look around and everywhere are some people so i move back a little and found a girl with his boyfriend moving up some stairs. i decide to pull down her skirt and repeat it with her underpants. her boyfriend looks awkward down to the ground, she tells me "oh [my name]" like i would have told a bad joke and stands around. two guys that where next to us smile and look down on her bottom. since i knee anyways because i pulled her pants down i give it a short lick but i dont want to waste time with sexystuff because i have a lot more goals to check so i stand up and tell her to put up her pants again. before anyone react i already move away and see another girl with a dog? i approach her and knee before her for what reason i cant remember [i think i worried a little that the dream gets unstable so i grounded myself with a detail?]. i notice that i am still a little caveman and so i stand up and move on. i remember both advanced tasks and i decide to do the pokeball one. in waking i have incubated a little how i wanne approach this task and so i move straight to a guy and ask him/tell him i want to catch him into a pokeball but he dont have to worry i will let him out shortly after. [with this i wanted to make it feel easier because there will be no battle or resistance] he looks not that enthusiastic but since this is my dream he has no chance anyway. to summon the pokeball i look to him and say "ah and the pokeball is right behind me right" and i point without looking at a place behind me "but more on the right side?" he starts nodding. now i look to the point where i point at and see the pokeball. i smile because it works like a charm and pick up the ball. next to me is a girl or something? it feels like a witch [i hear harry potter audiobook at the moment] and i feel like she will prevent me from catching this guy. i push the button on the ball and throw it at the dude, the ball opens but it only bounce of him and nothing happens. damn it... i pick it up with TK and throw it at one of two ghost next to me [damn you harry potter xD] but the ball flows thru him. i pick it up with TK again and this time a guy approaches the scene and is next to the guy who i tried first. i throw the ball at him and he gets soaked in to the ball. i smile again and pick up the ball. i hold it in my hand and start moving around again. after some time i remember that part of the task is to let the guy out again and so i throw the ball. it opens the guy gets out and in same second the dream is fading.
      i think i dont wake up but have a change in scenery where i lose lucidty.
      i walk with a friend of mine in a mix of office and climbinghall. i see at the of the wall a climbing wall where a dude is belay a girl at the wall. i have the strong feeling of already knowing him and i already told him once that he is doing something wrong. my friend is laughing about him. he hears us and approaches us. i welcome him friendly and tell him that the thing he did was not smart. while telling this i suddenly have multiple ropes in my hand and i wrap them around my hands and start to swing a little. someone is pulling me backwards strongly and letting go so i swing to the ceiling on both sides. i do a backflip in the air and get lucid by that again.
      "this is a dream again or still!" i move around and i see a office with some tables and people in suits. moving around i want instantly to phase thru a glassdoor but it wont work because in the last moment i feel insecure... i take a bowl per TK into my hand with some teabags. i move on and see a secretary i remember the bonus task and start moving and shaking my feet like it would be a earthquake. i say "wow do you feel this i think this is an earthquake" she looks up and agrees that this must be an earthquake but she seems not to bother. on the side of my visual field i see a window and outside some signs falling apart. i stop moving around like pretend because now i dont need to pretend anymore. i move to the window and for a short second hope that it wont get out of control and start to strong or end bad. i sit infront of the window and look around. shining Advertisement signs fall down and make some sparkles. i look at the street and see how it starts to crack up and to make a big hole. i feel satisfied to accomplish the bonus task so easy. the earthquake ends and i stand up and move over to the kitchencorner to make me some tea "hm i never drank any tea in a lucid" i think and expect a mug being in a wall cupboard. i open it up and find a mug with some water in it. i put it out pur our the water and start to boil me some water. since it need some time (doh..) i look around and think about meditate a little but the ground is wet so i imagine to know that next to me are some pillows and fair enough i look to my left and see two pillows. i them both up with TK and want to sit down as my roommate approaches me. i connect a bad feeling with him and think about to approach him and to resolve my waking life problem with him but the dream fades again and the scenery changes.
      i loose lucidty and hear him telling me/a friend? that he just cant do it anymore. the music is too loud there are to many birds and he just cant sleep anymore. i sit somewhere outside and somehow feel like this is a dream and try TK on an item but it wont work because i feel insecure about my state. i move to a sign where some letters are pinned with magnets and i try to change them in something like Good bye but the letters are wrong and it wont work. i wake up for real

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    9. TOTMīs: Basic II and Advanced I

      by , 12-02-2015 at 11:39 AM
      Woke up at night, wrote down some dreams, decided to try to WILD, laid on my back and relaxed my body. after some time noticed i am to awake for a dive so i switched to do some SSILD cycles. changed my position to the side and imagined to climb up some stairs up and down and up and so on.

      Dream started: still in my bed and try to fall asleep. its 10:40 am and i feel awake and should start my day. have a little bad mood because i wanted to LD this night and it didnt work... someone enters the room and i talk to him about it.
      a lot of vivid NLD scenes...
      then i enter a room. a lot of people are around. i throw something behind my back over my shoulder into my other hand. [i practiced this some month ago in waking, then did it shortly in one lucid and dreamed about in maybe two other NLDīs] i notice "hey you did this in your dreams.... wait this is a dream" Nosepinch to confirm it. i instantly remember all my tasks for this lucid. i want to do basic II advanced I and bonus. how convenient that i am in a room with some people. i turn to the next guy and start pointing with my finger on him and laugh like crazy. while i do this i look at him and get a short doubt if i should have picked someone else because he looks like someone who dont like to be laughed at and punch you in the face for that. i ignore this thought and laugh even harder. he gets a little angry and tries to slap away my hand but i react too fast and pull it back before he hits me. he seems offended and goes away. i am in really good mood so i pick a chair and say "people hey some attention please" step on the chair and do a frontflip down on the ground. i (too) strongly feel the rotation and think that i had luck it didnt destabilized my dream or did it stabilize it...? some people are laughing some start to talk again. "Hey psht PSHT do you hear this? i think my phone is ringing" i dont feel or hear anything but i look around and suddenly see atleast 3 phones that lie around or are held by people whose display turn on like they where ringing. i just expect that my phone in my pocket will ring to. i put my hand in my pocket, search a little and get it out. its not ringing or vibrating but i see the display is on and in a mix of English and German there is written incoming call. my display looks strange so i have some trouble to take the call. the symbol disappears. [i remember Senseiīs thread which says: dont focus to much on hitting some buttons when you want to write a text but concentrate on the text and let your "fingers" do it on their own.] with this in mind i just put the damn phone to my ear and expect that i picked the call and talk to someone. at the beginning its an automatic machine-voice but after some seconds i hear a guy talking. i seem to talk to "Stratos" a troubleshoot hotline for phone and internet? (maybe because i had some trouble with the phone some seconds earlier?^^) He asks me to start to tell him who i really am. I tell him "Your mama can tell you some authentic data" and i hang up . i go out on the terrace and look around. my vision blurs a little and i dont remember why. maybe i put of my glasses or something? i dont care and continue i try to move a flowerpot with TK and it wont work. i get a little confused if i might not be dream? i do another nosepinch and breath long and deeply in and out. my awareness raises again and i see through the window the guys. i see some flowers and approach them. they are not that big but have really really bright colors. i smell them and some are smelling and some are not. when i look from up close they look exotic. i i really enjoy to take my time to look at them in detail. it feels good. i remember that i want to blow up the earth. i didnt decided yet if i want to fly into the outer space or try to teleport there. i think about lying down and "fall asleep" for teleportation. i look for the right place (damnit that i always need to find "the perfect spot" for everything...) i go down some stairs and see a couple entangled in eachother. i move my hands in a gesture to split them apart. they hold on to each other but one can see that a force is pulling on them. i think about to pick the guy up and throw him out of the picture but i decide i dont want to be mean and let them be together so i stop. i look down the path i am going and see that it is a long winding path. i ask them if its crowded there at the end and she tells me it depends... i start flying and fly with high speed down the winded path. i am so fast i miss the mark. i stop and paddle back a little. the path changed into some red and blue waterslide. i find it cool and fly with high speed back to the middle of it and sit inside. i start slideing but for some reason i start thinking about my waking body and have a FA where i write down my dream. i see on the paper that i already wrote down that i woke up at 10:40. i look at the watch and change the time to something around 7/8 and start writing. i rip out some paper to write on and notice that i rip out more then i wanted to. i wake up for good and see that i didnt write anything down, neither any time or the dream. so i remembered my FA in my FA xD

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    10. Two lucids in one Night. Nothing special tho still some nice time

      by , 10-11-2015 at 03:33 PM
      Just dont know how this could happen. Got pretty late to bed (11pm) had a huge Pizza right before sleeping, no meditation and totally destroyed from the day. i repeated a Mantra "I will remember that i am dreaming" until falling asleep.
      i left out the NLD of the night and shorten the lucids a little bit because its a litte more than 7 DinA4 Pages ...

      woke up after only 2h of sleep with the first lucid. Very uncommon but really cool:
      Get lucid because i look at a watch and somehow think that the time is not appropriate. i ask M and she tells me a different time than the clock is saying and i am lucid. I tell her that and show her my hand. she asks what we can do now and i tell her that i in theory can phase thru walls now. i try to show her but hadnt grounded yet so no real dreamcontrol. i run to the wall but am scared of the impact and not confident that i will pass thru. i raise my hands and run against the wall for some times. there is a balkony and i try to phase thru the door because its not that thick and a window is in it so you see where you go. but dont want to work neither. i recognize the problem and start to ground myself in the dream. i plug my nose and take some deep breath thru it. I remember that i made a list with things i want to ask the "higher Subconscious" to see if i get an answer just like that. dumb thing is i dont bother to remember the whole list with the more important stuff but remember point one: "show me something funny". I ask and look down and there are 3 eppendorf cups that are bigger than normal i paint with a pen smiles on them... i hear someone talking and look up again and there is a table now with some people talking drinking and smoking. i sit next to them and start playing around with telekinesis. there is a beaker with 5 reactioncups and i try to lift them all but one after another. i have some problems and after 3 or 4 i dont get the other in the air. the problem is that they dont hang in the air but fly around my hand or into my hand like it were sticky. i let a bottle or a glass with some liquid in it hover and fly around one of the guys. the others are impressed and look what i am doing. they drink more and more and smoke some joints. i let a bud fly around. one of them says "ah the last weed... nevermind". at the corner of the table there are 3 bottles that i upset just because i can... i feel a little bit hazy like if i had some of that drinks too. they shove some thing of the table and now there is a little bucket where i have to let something fly in it. my problem again is that the thing that i let fly somehow stick to my hand so its not that easy to let it go into the bucket. i do another deep breath thru my plugged nose and realise that i want to do a TOTM. i stand up and accelerate and jump thru the balconydoor. i just have a little slight doubt if it might not work and at the end my hand gets stuck for a second in the window. it hurts a little but i have so much force that i just fall down to the street. i looking for someone to follow unseen but again i just cant find some interesting person. so i try to fly a bit around to maybe find somewhere else someone. i had some problems flying. i expect a nice woman behind the next corner so i can follow her and there is one but i cant fly appropriate so i decide to go around the house (dunno why, so she cant see me?) there i cant fly at all now and i climb up a little platform and enter a building. it is a closed bar with noone there. i go to the corner and see a gift in a black box. i know it is from F for R. i look insight and find plastic vampire teeth. i think about the sense of this gift and if R forgot it here. i put it back on the table where other stuff is standing too so i think noone will take it and R can pick it up next day because he is working here apparently. my vision gets black and i think i woke up but i cant DEILD because i still have the gift in my hand and need to move to put it on the table... (facepalm)
      so i thought it was over but the dream could continue without problems i think.

      i do a WBTB focus on my breathing to get relaxed and heavy with every breath i take. i repeat again the mantra and fall after some longer period asleep

      i am in my apartment and make some potato wadges. the alarm is ringing and im going to the kitchen to get them out of the oven. i dont turn on the light. but now with the plate in my hand i cant see if they are good already. i want to turn on the light in the oven and turn the wheel but it feels different than usual and i get confused if i accidentally operate the dishwasher instead of the oven? i decide to turn on the light but the light switch is not working. i get lucid and do a noseplug. i go into the living room still with the hot plate in my hand and my roomate wants to leave the room i prank him by tell him to hold this for me. he does for some seconds and burns his hands (dont know why i should so something so evil...) he gets angry and i throw some wedges on him. he builds up infront of me and wants to beat me up but i just say "stop!" and he turns friendly again. i enter the room and load my hand with some wedges and start eating while going to my other roomate. the wadges tasts good i tell him how awsome that is and that sometimes you just know you are dreaming and there are this times you feel totally confused and just cant believe it. i tell him how awesome this is that this is already the second lucid this night. he looks a little sad because he wants to lucid dream too but just dont do no work for it. the dream gets a little bit unstable but my roommate calm me down and tells me to rub my hands. i do and it gets better again. i go into a corner where there is some tapestry. i imagine how small the room would feel if the ceiling would be that much lower. i turn around again and there are some people i dont know in the room. i approach them and they have a bowlingball. i cut it on a special way but it dont work like i would like it. i start to throw the ball behind my back over my shoulder into my other hand. with the one hand it works fine but feels really heavy. with the other hand i have no fine motoric and i throw the ball to far but it feels lighter with my weak hand. i get the ball back with TK. and i want that the ball hangs in the air. i position it and let it go but it slowly sinks. i try again and it works for some time. the people are happy about the trick. i decide to do something usefull again and phase thru the window. outside i look again for a potential canidate i want to follow. on the opposite site i see a party. left at the corner there is a guy i know from the lab. i think about to go to him but a woman comes from behind and puts her arms around me. she tells me to follow her. somehow she feels like i have no real chance and i want to see what she want from me. we cross the street and approach a sunstudio. i ask her what she want to tell/show me but i think she doesnt answer. i make some stupid joke like: "ah so we go now together into the sunstudio to get some sun?" we approach the counter and she opens the barrier tape and we go into the next room. we are now in a dress shop and she tells me to pick a top for her. we are infront of a row with all the same tops in different colours. i pick the one in green-yellow but she dont like it. so i tell her to pick one up and i will watch how she is changing and tell her if i like it. she still is behind me and we stand infront of a big mirror. i see her and she looks like a combination of a friend of mine and cameron diaz. she starts to unclothe her pants and then her top. i ask her if she really want to do it here but she dont mind and me nether. she has relativly small but nice breasts, blond hair and looks charismatic. she has a blue butterfly on her lower back tattooed. i start to rub her breasts a little and want to put the bra aside. she tells me that the bra needs to stay. i massage her nice big nipples.
      I have a false awakening. i sit in a street with a friend of mine. i think about to DEILD but another friend just dont stop talking and wants to know how to DEILD and so on. i decide to write my dreams down because it just makes no sense to try. i have two DJ infront of me and think about in which one to write in. i notice something is wrong aaaaaand wake up for good.