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    Letaali's Dream Journal

    Hello and welcome to my dream journal!

    Dream Key:

    I won't write all my dreams here, just interesting/lucid dreams.
    For fun, I might track some things from my dreams here.

    Personal goal attempts: 17 (Been trying to reach a planet I visited in a dream in 2013)

    Alien worlds visited:

    Spoiler for the list:

    1. Two new alien planets and a fight

      by , 03-17-2017 at 07:22 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Outpost on an alien planet
      I see two soldiers walking through a desert on an alien planet. They pass by an old human outpost. My vision goes to the outpost. Looks like no one has been here in centuries. There are two black pods on the yard. Looks like they dropped from space. Lights on one of the pods is blinking. Something inside is still alive and trying to get out. The female soldier passing by notices this too. "I hope they make it out. Fight." she says without stopping.

      Forest of Giants
      I see a group of humanoids traveling through an alien forest. The trees look like redwood trees, but they are over 160 meters tall and fairly wide. I recognize two of the DCs: Storm from the X-men movies (Halle Berry) and Jason Momoa. The group is trying to sleep when a T-rex appears from the forest. Storm wakes Jason up and asks him to help. He looks groggy, but gets up without a word and walks to his own dinosaur pet, a raptor that's only slightly taller than him. He takes a dagger made of dinosaur claw from his bag and rips two large metal pieces from an abandoned car to work as weapons. The T-Rex has transformed into a giant man with a greatsword. The 80 meter tall man looks like Yondu from GotG. Jason drops the metal pieces, won't be of use against a giant sword.

      I become Jason and the dream turns first person. I jump away from Yondu. I go to the nearest tree with my superhuman jumps and with two more jumps I climb 100 meters. Yondu misses his first swing at me while I jump up. Seeing the sword up close is terrifying. It looks like Frostmourne without the blue glow. I jump off the tree and try to land on Yondu. He swings the sword again and barely misses. My heart nearly stops, but I land on Yondu and my poisoned dagger sinks into him. He is paralyzed and falls down. I make several long cuts on him with the dagger, making sure he won't get up ever again. I walk back to the group. Storm thanks me.
    2. Just some non-lucid dreams

      by , 09-07-2016 at 06:52 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Killer Whales and a Forest Fire
      I was with three friends on the shore of some large lake or an ocean. It was probably an ocean, considering there was four killer whales wandering close to the shore, almost like they were waiting for us to get in the water. (I have dream of killer whales a lot. Well, I've seen them in like 7 dreams in the past 3 years.) My mind is not focused. My thoughts wander, trying to make sense of the scene and for a moment the dream becomes a mess. The gist of it was that I was in a movie. I saw really short scenes of people going into the water getting away from the orcas. I think flying was involved.

      I focus and the burst of disjointed scenes end. I continue walking with my friends. We climb a hill and sit down to talk and enjoy the view. The friends I'm with were some of my oldest, but one of them was a girl I met on 7th grade. I didn't like her that much in school, but in the dream we enjoyed each others company.

      We continue up the hill, away from the water, and enter a pine forest. My friends start to run. I notice that I have no shoes, but I still run after them. Then suddenly some bushes near me catch on fire. The fire is small enough that we could probably put it out. We look for branches that we could cover the fire with and remove oxygen from the equation, I guess. The fire dies down on it's own. Some other DCs wander around in the forest and talk about some new type of paper being problematic.

      Another Monster
      I'm outside, playing a game similar to capture the flag. The twist here is that the flag is an orange glowing cube partly inside the player who has it... and the enemy team has a monster as a player. He's a big, long armed loosely humanoid monster with glowing eyes and sharp claws. He has no mouth, ears or anything like that, just glowing eyes. His body is completely black, it absorbed all light.

      The monster is fast. I take the cube from him and try to run, while my teammates try to buy me some time. I have the ability to boost, but it takes a second to start and I have to stop to start it. The monster is right behind me so that's not an option. The monster catches me.
    3. Friend of a monster + LD 81 - Flow

      by , 09-01-2016 at 09:10 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      0:40 - 6:10

      Friend of a monster

      I was sleeping outside, on the hillside next to a small dirt road, next to a forest. I got up slowly and saw an overweight kid biking towards me from what I assume is a small town in the middle of this forest. I walked over to him. He was scared of a monster that had been in the area. He wanted to hide in the forest. I joined him.

      In the forest, there was a clearing with a house on the edge of it. There was also a massive tv screen attached to two trees not too far away. It had live feed from a camera, but we saw nobody around. Someone was filming us and we couldn't see them. Pretty quickly we figured out it must be the monster and it was invisible. We kept looking around in panic, anticipating an attack. Then I felt a connection with the monster. He was human, invisible and had the ability to move objects with his mind. He gently lifted me in the air and placed me on top of the house. He didn't want to harm me, but the other kid had done something to piss him off. I could sense that he wanted to hurt the kid. I didn't want that...and I guess the monster sensed how I felt. He stopped and instead tried to lift the kid on the roof as well. The kid was too heavy and just flailed in the air for a bit, until I woke up.

      WBTB. I was up stretching, drank some water, and visualized becoming lucid in the previous dream. I was up for 40min. Fell asleep with the mantra "I'm dreaming", which has worked fine for me before.


      LD 81 - Flow

      I'm a disembodied observer in the same forest from the previous dream. I wander to a river. There are some sewer pipes that I focus on, because the river was flowing into the sewer and it seemed really odd. I'll skip describing it, but I studied the system closely. I got out of the underground pipe system and I was in a different part of the forest. There was a small abandoned town next to the river, on a small hill.

      I manifested a body in the middle of the town. The town was literally just six small houses or something. They were built around a small marketplace with a well. Next to the well were two unusually large apples that had been peeled weirdly. I picked one of the apples from the ground and used the water from the well to clean it a bit. The water in the well was dirty. Then a short monologue happened in my mind.

      "I shouldn't eat this apple."
      "Because it was on the ground and isn't yours."
      "This is my dream I can do what I want!...wait"

      Finally the lights turn on in my head. I take a bite out of the apple and throw it away. I continue walking through the empty town. I sometimes question if I was actually lucid in a dream, if I didn't RC...so I do that just in case. I plug my nose and breathe through easily. The dream was a bit fuzzy. I look at my hand to stabilize. Some fingers look like baby fingers, mildly disturbing. I force them to change into normal fingers.

      I have my earphones on and I hear music. Outside of the town there is a vast field with tall grass, flowers, bushes and stuff like that. Forest continues in the distance. It becomes extremely windy and the wind changes direction constantly. It's sunny. I just enjoy the view for a moment. I recall all the goals I have: burning building, evil wizard, frozen planet, dream guide etc. But I want to focus on staying in the lucid dream as long as I can. I want to go with the flow, I won't force anything.

      A biking trail appears in the field as I walk forward. Then two DCs bike backwards towards me. They look like the mountain guides in the Himalayas. I stop them and ask the one with a funny hat to guide me to the frozen planet. I ask his name, but the music and wind makes me unable to hear it. He starts walking somewhere and I follow. I expect to see a building and one appears on the edge of the field.

      Inside the building is a break room and more DCs. Some of them look European. There's a stack of electronic devices on one cupboard. Some annoying noise is coming from them and the DCs don't like it. I just touch one radio and the noise disappears. I ask a new DC to guide me to the frozen planet. He agrees and starts leaving the room. I ask his name, but can't recall it anymore. (Goddamn it! Is it that hard to remember one name?!) The corridor outside the break room is dark. Wait, it's the dream fading
      ...and I'm awake.