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    1. 07/07/15 - Modern Assassin

      by , 07-07-2015 at 08:30 AM

      Note: It seems I am having more problems lately recalling much in the way of dreams. My recall has gone down a lot since I signed up here, which seems backwards to me... but I finally remembered one! An Assassin's Creed based dream:

      Modern Assassin

      I am wandering around what I recognize as a place I used to live when I was a kid. The place doesn't look like it did when I used to live there. All of the homes are on large lots with lots of oak trees, but the area behind the houses is now filled with tightly packed model homes where there used to be open forest. I find it to be very disappointing that the beautiful forest where I used to play as a kid has been destroyed. I remember the patch of wild raspberry bushes growing behind the house I used to live in. There's a long driveway leading up to the house, so I will most likely be seen if I try to approach the house. But since I really want to see if the raspberry bushes are still there, I go towards the house.

      I don't even try to hide as I approach the house. I figure it would be easier to think of an excuse for approaching the house than for sneaking around. No one says anything as I approach the house. I turn right and go around to the back of the house where the bushes used to be. To my relief they're still there. I look closer and I see there are ripe berries on the bushes. As I pick and eat some of the berries, a man wearing Assassin's Creed style robes. I notice I am also in Assassin style robes. The man with the Assassin robes looks like he is annoyed by me stuffing my face with raspberries. When I pause, he asks if I am done. I nod.

      The man gets right to the point. He says the man staying in the guest room of the house I used to live in is a Templar spy and must be eliminated. The people who own the house are friends of the Assassins and must not be harmed. He seems impatient, so I go around the back of the house. There is an entrance directly to the basement there, a sliding door which isn't even locked. I go in and enter the large recreation room that I spent so much time playing in as a kid. I pause for a bit as memories of the past flood through my mind. I don't wait long. I figure the guest room is the room in the basement where my brother used to sleep. As I pass the basement bathroom, I get more memories of my brother and grief because my brother is dead. I continue into the bedroom that my brother used to use. I see a man in the far corner finishing doing something I can't see, but somehow I know he is planting a bomb.

      The man jumps when he looks up and sees me. It seems he knows why I have come, but that doesn't seem
      To bother him. He smiles and says I'm too late. Nothing will stop the plan now. He laughs and seems more than a little crazy. He says nothing can stop him. There is a large decorative disc hanging on the wall. It looks like an oversized shield. The man says we will now die together. I hear the bomb beeping. It's about to explode! I grab the shield and use it to push the surprised man back on top of the bomb he'd just planted. He barely has time to yell out "NO!" before the bomb goes off with a loud bang. I feel the force of the blast push up on the shield but it doesn't penetrate the shield. The blast has been somehow contained. I don't have time to wonder about that before I wake.