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    1. Desire = Mindfulness

      by , 05-09-2016 at 02:02 PM
      I am with my dream guide, my actual dream guide in his actual form. The room is dark and he is giving a talk to about 30 people. I am about 4 steps away from him sitting on the floor. He is looking for feedback when I immediately express my gratitude to him for what he has shown me. There is such a close intimate connection where I feel he is right beside me listening within me. I express that although I have picked up a bit that he has so patience to deal with how far removed I am from the truth. I feel his love and him saying that it is what he wants to do. I am requesting to be freed of some more of my troubles.

      I have this small pack of smarties. They are very sweet ones and small and are in a hard plastic container a bit like Tic Tacs but bigger. These smarties were present in my previous dream and have some significance. My dream guide had changed his form into another kind of dream guide who focuses more on clearing negative actions. I offered some of the smarties to him and he accepts them but I know he does not really like them but he says he will eat them for me and tell me what they communicate to him.

      I am on a walk in the countryside. It is very open with not much scenery. I am walking quickly with a big stick that almost looks like a crutch. I look like I am on a mission and yes actually I want to sit down to eat my food and email my friend. I see two guys ahead. One guy looks Asian if not Tibetan. They are laughing at how restless I am and how quickly I am walking. I joke to them saying I am rushing so I can sit down and see a picture of my love. Then the Tibetan young man (tall, slim, sallow skin, short black hair) says in this incredibly clear communication that: "Sex does not have a purpose. It is not real. There is nothing to be gained from it. It is like a dream. It is not really there" Then he hands me a note explaining more. There were four lines but I only read the first one before I woke up but I did see the other 3 but am not 100% sure of their content:
      1. The only reason we are in this world is to have sex (the urge to procreate)
      2. Sex is not real it has no purpose.
      3. ....
      4. ....