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    1. Bags of Frags

      by , 11-16-2015 at 05:39 PM
      F1 - Spending ages fiddling with black wires and some kind of diodes, fitting them together in correct sequence...
      F2 - Waiting for slidy gates for lorries to exit
      F3 - Watching bushes appear at high speed around a race track
      F4 - Hiding in a wardrobe while someone who is me comes into the bedroom

      I recall other dreams instead.
      F5 - Going up and down trying to evade others in a tall office building with central lift shaft.
      F6 - On a ship with zillions of cabins
      F7 - In a muddy field with big concrete halls of residence. Searching through halls for someone.

      Buildings seem to be a big dream sign
      Tags: black, muddy, wires