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    1. Prophetic Dreams/Oneiromancy

      by , 10-16-2015 at 01:00 AM
      I have had several "prophetic" dreams over the years, in which a similar situation I dreamed appears in waking life, or direct situational experiences that happen in my dreams then happen in my life a few days later.

      Some examples that I can remember:

      In Dream: Boss comes to me worried and upset because the til was off by $40.
      In reality: A couple weeks after, my boss comes to me freaking out because the til was off by $40

      (Just for reference, I work at a music retail store)
      In Dream: Checking new oboe reed stock as it comes in, annoyed at my coworkers for not checking them in themselves, notice one of the few reeds I had ordered was "stripping" at the sides of the reed, making it a "bad oboe reed"
      In reality: A few days later, I get new oboe reed stock in and, checking them over, I notice one of the reeds was "stripping" in the exact manner that I was shown in my dream

      In one of my 'nightmare' dreams (Check my DJ): While getting out of a haunted house, very large, very hairy spiders surround the door frame of the house.
      In reality: A few days later, while baby sitting, I turn to lead the kids out the door and to the bus stop I notice their parents had put up Halloween decorations. One of the decorations was a string of plastic spiders hung around their door frame. The spiders were the same size, same color, and same "hairiness" as the spiders in my dream, except these ones were fake (obviously)

      Several instances (though I can't remember exactly) where I am told something or someone says something and that same word or phrase is said just days later in a similar situation with the same inflection and tone as in my dream.

      What are your takes on oneiromancy or dream divination? Are my examples "valid" examples of such things?