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    1. Goal Kick

      by , 10-30-2018 at 02:44 PM
      I became lucid, can't really remember what had been happening. I was in a room laying on a bed, and it was morning. There were people in the room but I didn't want them knowing I was awake. Eventually they left, so I peaked out from under the blanket I was hiding under.
      My father was in the dream (but a young version). I didn't want him there spoiling my dream, as I don't get on with him (he's a control freak) so I shoved him out of a top window. Unfortunately, only landed on the window sill, so I opened a bottom part I created and booted him off. He fell a satisfying distance down a cliff onto some rocks and that was last of him for that dream.
      I then moved back to the bed and manifested some people there and had cuddles, it gave me a very warm satisfying feeling
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    2. Water water everywhere....

      by , 09-13-2016 at 08:13 PM
      D1 - I am way out in the ocean and inorder to be safe I have to get inside a small submersible. I have to get inside via a small opening that is part filled with water, so I have to squeeze under the water and come up inside the submarine.

      D2 - At my parents house I am in their back garden at night. I can't really figure how I was not lucid I was puzzling to myself in the dream, saying "I haven't had a dream involving the end of their garden in ages" then I was non-lucid walking back to their house in the rain. Inside they were sitting down to eat even though the roof was leaking everywhere. My dad said they were waiting for the roof to cave in so they could claim on the insurance for a new roof. The roof did start to fall in. A repair man came and was up on the roof, he then started running about and put his foot through Oo.
      I used my powers to make a glass umbrella for my mum, then a round glass chair with a dome, so she wouldn't get wet?!

      I have been trying to resolve issues from childhood about my dad. So I am interested that it was only my mother I was trying to protect, from?? the water signifying emotions.
      Glass usual is symbolic of me not being able to hide my emotions.
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    3. Paranoia

      by , 07-11-2016 at 05:13 PM
      At school a child came up to me and hugged me. They would not let go. Then along came a social worker and told me I had been chosen as a substitute father, as the child's father had had a breakdown.
      I went to the child's house and found that the father had made a few mistakes that had attracted the attention of the authorities.
      The house looked pristine, and much nicer than mine, lol. It was open plan, with a white kitchen table with some photocopied notes on it. The father had apparently stapled they're lesson plans to the child's homework (they were also a teacher Oo).
      It all started getting really weird and I got freaked out after that, feeling obviously I shouldn't be there and wtf would this happen to me also.
      Spoiler for Substitute husband:

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    4. Tried FILD

      by , 06-20-2016 at 04:52 PM
      Programmed myself to wake after every dream, which I did but I find it very much like coming up for air then plunging back under the murky waters, quite disorientating. So lots of chaining.
      Also I tried FILD a lot.

      D1 - Escaping from my father I travel across europe. I am being traced by a chip sticking out of my iphone.

      D2 - Staying in Ireland, in a farm house. Waking up early in a bedroom, with double windoes overlooking the farm courtyard. I am a child but do not want to go visiting the farmyard animals with the other children.

      D3 - I am a child again and I am unable to stop the bathroom tap running (a phobia of mine when I was younger). I am yelling for my My mum to sort it out.

      oooo I don't really remember having dreams where i'm a child before Oo, must be deeper.

      I had about four false awakenings LOL
    5. Nightmare Worms

      by , 02-17-2016 at 07:54 PM
      D1 - Class are drawing something, all the drawings are slightly different but all are wrong, red, blue pen is being used.
      Ed suggests he could help. I decide to redo lesson and take class back out on a trip to see the art they have been trying to replicate in the art gallery again. Whilst taking them I realise no way is there sufficient time to complete task, it is 2.30pm.
      I meet D in corridor she is smiley and helpful, but just makes me feel inaquedate and totally stupid.

      D2 - A load of old geezers are drinking in a bar, there is a large pitcher of whiskey which is being refilled. Some have hat and coats on. One looks like delboy out of only fools and horses. They are discussing someone, they don't rate. I have the feeling it is me. That I don't qualify as man enough for their liking.

      D3 - Someone is jogging through semi-woodland on a muddy track. They are having a conversation as he runs along, about how his coach has been so great and a fantastic rolemodel. And as I stand by the path, near some training bars, I get the feeling that I am excluded, as i am not a good rolemodel, or father or anything.

      D4 - We are at the last minute it seems again, trying to learn the lines for some performance. I try hopelessly to get the kids to remember their lines.
      Rob ever helpful, seems to have put me in a barrel and i'm in dark water out at sea.
      Next i'm on his boat in a small cabin, I can still sea the dark waters out the little rectangular windows.
      He shows me his parasitic worm collection, they are gigantic and very horrible. I try with all my intention to pull away as the worm comes towards my face. I imagine them inside me, eating me.
      He is upset about how his worms have not be breeding well, due to the dark wet weather and that the tanks have not been cleaned properly. Inside the wood in the cabin is slightly ornate, not unlike a coffin Oo.

      When I awake I am not scared but later remember the extreme sensation and fear.