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    1. food for thought

      by , 02-18-2017 at 04:23 PM
      D1 - First dream was 3rd person looking on as I was attacked by someone with a big rectangular weapon with a serrated edge. But they could not harm me as I had no body. yeah makes sense, right lol.
      Anyway for some reason I was trying to create a body with help from someone else. I fed it and for some reason sewing of a white shirt seemed necessary. Once one self was complete we went onto making another.

      D2 - I was at school but it was kind of a prison. I needed to time everything to plan my escape, figuring out the daily routine. Having left the building I found a food truck that was parked in a corn field. I spent some time collecting provisions (that had to be veggie) and water. By this time the sun was setting. Just then I realised there was actually no where to run to, as everywhere was in the physical plane.

      Woke up throwing water over myself, and started pondering about water and air and why are they invisible, obviously our perception makes them so.
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    2. Post apocalyptic shopping

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:32 PM
      I am by myself searching through a desolate city scape, very grey and cold. I see a woman going into some shops and think she must know where some food is, but also i am wary for her safety.
      I follow after her down into the basement of a store. There are aisles of boxes stacked high and debris strewn everywhere. One section has a long greenhouse, abandoned, for some reason.
      However as the woman disappears off I cannot follow her as a large wild cat is now between the two of us.
      It's about the size of a large dog, with grey matted fur and its eyes are scarred out. Although it is blind I feel its gaze burning into me.
      I move but as I do it moves closer still. I pick up a rock and through it, it has no effect. I am petrified. I throw another as hard as I can at its temple but it just bounces off. Now i'm a bit more scared.
      Then I remember that I said I would go back to my practise of hugging DCs rather than killing them.
      I make protective gloves and padding appear but I dont really think this will be enough. As the cat must be seriously pissed off and has wicked looking claws. I am lucid at this point.
      I then materialise my titanium wings and go in for a big hug. I am eyeball to blind eyeball with the cat and it does try to claw me.
      There are lots of pinging noises as its claws rake against my wings and some white sparks.
      But I get a hug in there lol. I wake up.

      I go back into the dream but am not lucid. There is a guy cleaning up plants and weeds into a big bundle he puts in a wheel barrow, next to the old greenhouse. He is an old Jamaican guy with a cap who talks to me. My daughters phone has fallen into some water nearby and I go to rescue it but the water is toxic and it has melted the gold on the back of the phone. As when I wipe it clean it just comes apart. I go to a workshop to try and get it fixed, the workshop has loads of stuff in it, I have seen it in another dream I think.

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    3. food for thought

      by , 12-26-2016 at 04:45 PM
      I was in a house that connected to another house? but it was hard to get too. And though this didnt really seem to figure in the dream, the other parts of the house were floating in a void (that's right nothing there at all). I felt I had to be careful I didn't fall into the infinity of space, is all.
      In order to get reach the other parts of the house I had to really strain. In these parts, a staircase, a little kitchen, a corridor and some little room, were provisions I could nab, for myself. I was able to release my breath when I got somewhere safe.

      Next I was dreaming about a race of werewolves. They're were two groups the old which had some kind of powers too, shown by blue streaks of energy (tendril like when they moved) and a younger breed which was trying to usurp the old (they had red trails).
      The younger werewolf would soon overpower the others by eating its way through enough victims (prey), which included werewolves.
    4. Spud U don't like

      by , 08-26-2016 at 08:54 PM
      D1 - In a book store, I am signing copies of a book called "Clipper" which is about a hairdresser but apparently has significance on a spiritual level as some kind of galleon spirit ship, My name was Saracen Lost in the dream Oo

      D2 - Some non-lucid sex

      D3 - At a social gathering of some kind, I go into the part of a house where the food is (as usual) and find Louise, she is trying to feed a slug!! salad from her burger @@ I try to help and take the slug away in a cup and secretly use my powers to make it larger then return it to her?
      I go into a room with tables and open backed white chairs and chinzy table cloths at the back. There are three woman who are very happy to see me and ask me what I think of their costumes (hmm same dream people again).

      D4 - At a technical college I use my powers to open large garage sized doors to a workshop. Then is some guy there who doesn't seem to mind and we converse about something.

      D5 - In a classroom there are five very tall unruly kids at a podium thing at the front of class. They are messing with the lights up in the ceiling or something. I use my powers to turn the lights back then slam them into the ground.
      I then teleport them into a game or different dimension where they become like small potato sized blobs. I then have to do something to make them join together idk.
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    5. High up in the sky

      by , 08-12-2016 at 03:36 PM
      D1 - I am in some woods that lead down to a river, on the banks of the river are a small group of people. I offer a boy there a bar of chocolate that i procured on my way. The people are dressed in medieval clothing, but the chocolate bar wrapper and all is modern and large.

      D2 - The boy tells me of a place where we can get more food, if we are clever. There is a college nearby where students often play a game with the locals, throwing paper aeroplanes at each other through the dormitory windows. If we go there at night we may be able to sneak in. We get there and sure enough there are two undergraduates there who are late because they are getting changed from some sporting activity.
      When they open the dorm window to play paper aeroplane throwing, I climb across a para-pit joining the building and onto the roof.
      From there I sneak into the building.

      D3 - I am now inside the large college buildings which look edwardian or later, mostly stone with elegant windows. There is some do going on but I am in a side room. I go to look down from one of the windows and see the feathery leaves and branches of a tree.
      The tree looks oriental. It is like a jack in the beanstalk tree and goes down and down and down. I feel a jolt of fear as I realise how high up I am. I am as high up as the sky, looking down seemingly forever. I roll away from the window feeling I cannot stand for a moment. I go to find the boy who is eating and tell him of the tree. He comes and looks.
    6. more Survivors

      by , 07-28-2016 at 05:22 PM
      D1- Sisters wedding planned for next day, itinery includes cookie making competition. I plan out some receipies , making large choc chip cookies.
      Wedding is out at some large farmhouse in the countryside.

      D2-There has been some kind of apocalypse and I am out scavenging. I go to my old house and search through things for usable items. I already have utensils/crockery etc at new place but feel sad about leaving these yellow ones behind. Also sorting through what food remains, I dont want to leave old food there to rot it seems wrong.
      As I am spending so long being regretful?nostalgic? and sad this gives a man and a woman who are in the house time to emerge. I had thought both of them to be dead killed by some virus. One is me and I dont pay him much attention. The woman makes me feel overwhelmed with emotion, I am so grateful she is alive I had missed her so. She looks very wasted and sallow. I pull a track of some kind of cord out of them, out of their throats, this is part of the cure that happened to me also.

      D3- At school I have a new class, I plan for them to go over their previous lessons work and correct/finish it then start watching spirited away with the remaining time. To my suprise they have done very well with their work and are a very nice class. I then see an old boss of mine who was horrible but in the dream is nice and also supportive, they are wearing light clothing.

      nice to have, positive mood/outcome
      also second dream very emotional.
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    7. Zero stars

      by , 07-15-2016 at 07:50 PM
      In a dark and foul tavern, many people dressed wretchedly are eating foul smelling dishes of food. They look animalistic in my eyes,
      and all seem to have lots of facial hair. There is a thin mist in the tavern of either cold or cooking smoke from the fire, it is unpleasant and damp. We are being offered to sit and join these people for food but are repelled, one even begins to be sick from copious amounts of ale. Evidently not a five star establishment, we leave.

      I guess there is a lot that disgusts me about myself and I try to hide from, and be higher than, but it is still there, part of me.

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    8. Corn on the brain

      by , 06-02-2016 at 09:45 AM
      Had a long chain dream.

      In a large town hall, in a seated area listening to a forum on healthy living. Lots of opinions and ideas raised. It seemed to be mostly women in the audience, seems its related to some course of study.
      I notice a couple if the women, though young are very sizeable.
      From here we move onto another room, where there is food and beverages. I think its a break before the next part of the day.
      I am bored and want to see what is going to be happening next.So I snoop around the building. It is a kind of labyrinth with lots of interconnected rooms on different levels, although it is quite a confined space. I realise that it used to be a school annex and they are using resources that were there previously. I notice old health displays and pretend food. My eye is drawn to a box of cornflakes and a plastic yellow corn cob next to it.
      There is not much of interest here, however it is very quiet and kind if cosy.
      I go through to the other room where everyone is still chatting and find a women. She has long fair hair and is fairly plump. I take her through into the empty part if the building and we start making out.

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    9. the universe melds

      by , 02-23-2016 at 09:35 PM
      D1 - fringle the magician is making magic, his old friend mouse-fringle makes magic on the same wavelength causing a overlapping of waves of energy, enveloping all.
      Someone is bending to get through a white doorway.
      D2 - Staying on holiday in italy, trapsing through the streets, as staying away from the centre means the food is lousey.
      Everyone we meet is planning on moving as we head through the busy streets. Nice houses but we are quite lost if we venture further, but we are drawn despite the danger.
      D3 - ?
      Feelings of acceptance and non-resistance on coming out of third dream.
      By the time I came out of the third dream, i had strong feelings of acceptance and non-resistance, to everything.
      The dream and me were one entity, on waking the world and me were one entity.
      I now experienced what it meant to say that lightning and a drop of rain were one. All was the same essence. All me.

      I hope you can understand my feeling, my sensation at the time.
      The feeling you get when you get to slip back and the duvet for some extra sleep but without the exited emotion about the extra sleep and without the worried emotion about having to eventually get up. Just a lovely syrupy feeling like the world is one big glob of golden honey.

      People were talking on the radio, all I heard was words, people talking talking they didn't realise that it didn't matter what they said it was just sounds, They had talked yesterday and everyday of their lives, they're was no resolution to be had through words, they just generated more, like thinking just making more thoughts. Just a noise going on forever, talking was fine but not nonsensical talking.

      Anyway the feeling enveloped me further, and I was in a kind of beautiful daze as I had a shave, my mind was clear.
      In the shower I felt a breeze, as it was a chilly morning, the wind felt like it was a part of me. The water that rained down on me was also part of me.
      It was wonderful, but such a calm warm feeling. Just a constant emotion, if it could be called that, unbroken.
      Then thoughts tried to make ther way into my mind, my ego was returning, as soon as I started to fear this feeling would depart.
      So I experienced first hand that the ego is generated by fear.
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