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    1. New home :?

      by , 03-31-2017 at 08:17 PM
      D1 - Visiting a place where there is not enough room to swing a cat. They're is a fridge which you can open the door of and some kind of straw in the ceiling, a concrete white room where a black cat lives.
      We are visiting just to feed the cat. There is some left over cauliflower and tomato from the day before. Is this cat vegetarian.

      D2 - Next i'm visiting another place with my deceased mother in-law. This time to visit a small girl who needs looking after two. I am distracted by the neighbours for a moment then look around the plain but elegant apartment. It has fancy fittings and a tasteful sofa. Evidently we are in a posh area. I toy with the idea of us moving in so we can look after her more easily.
      Tags: cramped, home, white
    2. hom-adic?

      by , 02-17-2017 at 10:35 PM
      One memorable house dream!

      I was looking at this super new possibility for the person who can't afford a house of their own,
      it was a large mercedesbenz van thing but when you went in the back it was just like a very small
      sitting room with sofa and chairs and little table with a lampshade etc. In short a little mini house on wheels!
      I thought it was cool in the dream and was seriously thinking about buying one.

      Funnily enough we were talking about a cousin of mine today who has never had a "home" as such. She has always travelled and when she comes to visit someone she sleeps in their garden in a sleeping bag. Her base camp now she is 65 that she does stay in is a storage container.
      Might point is interesting coincidence and secondly evidently a physical home is not required our ancestors as we know were nomadic. What I need is security i.e. self love.
      Tags: home
    3. Home and relationships

      by , 12-08-2016 at 07:48 PM
      My brother is staying in a house, with white walls, low ceiling and a large collection of vinyl records stacked to one side. My brother and sisters are telling me I may inherit my parents house. And i am filled with relief at the possibility of having a home. there is a music concert going on.

      At a conference, I am organising there are loads of groups gathered. At one table their are people with an old style mini-computer which I try to connect with a usb connected to a big silicon chip. A red gauge keeps showing to say out of juice. At another area kids are riding on pretend animals, I help put the animal covers back on. Next there is a table with kids from my school one is eating dorrttose and cream (spooky as today I was offered something like this Oo),
    4. At sea or at home

      by , 06-14-2016 at 05:28 PM
      D1 - In a large dinning area with lots of tables with white cloth on with a few people around. The hall was L-shaped with double doors at one end. All the food seemed to be horrible seafood, grey looking creatures. My daughter and I didn't know what to do as they're was nothing palatable to eat. Feeling nausea

      D2 - In an apartment feeling calm and peaceful, a warm feeling of tranquility washing over me. There are square windows without frames, it looks like a place I used to live. It is early morning but I am not rushing, I am laughing about something with a friend.
      I lay in bed and look at an ipad, it has a function to encode the video I am watching from Irish to English, I laugh at the absuditiy of it, as the people only had a sligh accent LOL.

      I realise I haven't felt like I have a home for a long time. Not having anywhere to call home is not a nice feeling, hence the nausea.
      Tags: home, peace, sea sick
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. sin-aesthesia

      by , 05-01-2016 at 11:53 AM
      My dream recall is still lousy except for my little lucids that are so vivid as to be real or more than real.

      I awoke to find myself on a large bed with nice clean white sheets, it is a four poster bed. I am sprawled out on the bed and wonder where the hell am I, when I wake up in the dream. I realise I am dreaming and go to get up off the bed but find i am stuck.
      My wrists and ankles are bound to the bed by white silk ties Oo this is not disimilar to a dream I had before but did not record as it was to embarressing lol.
      I feel the presences of silky and sure enough I look up to see her looking at me, I am quite deliriously happy, and she is begins to belly dance. I am totally hypnotised by her every movement craning my neck up from the bed, as sh dances.
      As she dances my chest is filled with heat but more interestingly she seems to shimmer. And sure enough she is pulsing with some kind of aura or afterglow. As she moves my eyes are riveted to her every sinuess movement. The energy is starting to be thrown off from her in great swaths. I suddenly realise that the music filling the room is coming from her, as her every movement is not only in time with the music but it is vibrating to create it and I now can see the music as colours radiating from her body.
      She is so amazing, I start to cry feeling the warm, tears trickle down my cheeks.
      The energies intensify and roll off her in powerful waves slowly filling the room with colur and light, forming a 3d patchwork around her. The colours paint the walls of the room creating intricate artwork everywhere.
      She moves closer and says something but i am now so blissed out that I can barely make out the words, I am again in a warm bubble of golden syrupy energy. I feel safe I feel like I have come home again.
      I think I made out her words, she was mischeiviesous as ever.
      I wake up feeling warm and snuggly and don't want to get up at all
      I just want to stay with those feelings forever.

      The noises of people and the mundane world start to fill my awareness
      and I awaken thinking how strange the world is that it does not know what had come to pass.

      I noticed that the colours in the air were making the kandinsky combinations
      those they evolved further

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