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    1. Wood chip

      by , 04-25-2018 at 07:20 AM
      An extension of a recurring dream. The company I am working for has a long standing contract with a company abroad and I am in charge of the paperwork.
      I am responsible also for a key. The key unlocks a metal ornate grill then another door into a very old wooden building that looks Dickensian. I like the smell of the wood and it feels strangely comfortable in there despite the lack of modern conviences. It reminds me of my dad's workshop/shed but much bigger.
      Initially I go there and am followed by thieves who follow me in but I manage to escape past them and lock them in. The police come and arrest them.
      Next I decide to stay in the building as it would be rent free as long as nobody knows I am there. I spend time working out how I could survive there and sneak in and out without being noticed.
      Then there is a party taking place there again with old fashioned people, almost like a western saloon with woman wearing big frilly dresses lol.
      Tags: dad, house, wood, work
    2. all work and no play

      by , 03-22-2018 at 09:58 PM
      At a workplace the employees were messing about pushing a made up, stuffed and wrapped, figure out of a high up window, as a prank.
      I arrived at work the next day to find my desk covered in crap whereas everyone else's desks were just the normal paperwork.
      A call came through about doing a Law course in my old town, I self consciously put them down.
      It was a works do and everyone headed out to a large venue a few blocks away. It was dark and crowded inside, everyone was getting very drunk, also other stuff that I felt I needed to steer well clear of. In fact, I just got fed up with it all and went home to sleep.
      Tags: work
    3. weird shit

      by , 03-14-2017 at 07:35 PM
      D1 - Working in a big glass building's kitchen. J is in charge of us and I am assigned to get the food supplies for all the cooks. Pissed off with this I use my powers to create a fake business card and change the dream so I have a job with another company. All the others are impressed/surprised.
      I then try and leave but can't get out of the place, all the buildings seem to close in around me. Trying to go through a building I end up trapped in a corridor that has twisted at the end. I am up again some white wooden window frames. using my powers I buzz saw through them, sparks flying.
      D2 - Watching 3rd person I see myself with someone having sex, I don't know who it is I can only see there butt lol.
      D3 - I'm in some shared dwelling and I find that the cupboard where I store my water has been used by some other resident as their toilet Oo.
      Tags: cooking, white, work
    4. Not much recall

      by , 03-13-2017 at 07:58 PM
      Floating far out at sea there are lots of large green leds attached to wooden boards. I am adjusting them. They are apparently sound activated.
      (My led alarm clock has large green digits and is very noisy, i rarely use it as its tooo noisy)

      Laying on a white leather sofa, I am Watching the omnibus of a tv soap. Behind me Matt watches, he is dressed and ready for work while im slumming it.
      Tags: green, water, white, work
    5. room with a new view

      by , 02-23-2017 at 09:36 PM
      I dreamt I was in my room from when I was a kid. (It had a bunk bed I shared with my brother and a big window the length of the wall.) I found myself back in that room but I was an young adult. The room was all white furnishings (as usual), with a bed and a section partitioned off with a computer desk etc.
      Looking out the window, it was more like an advert for 4D TV. There was a scene that was everchanging. It was part underwater scene and part other interchanging/swirling. There was some kind of underwater fauna or debris blackish in colour on one side swirling and a underwater turtle. The swirl kept on going from left to right, turning into pink tree blossom with a great big cherry tree on the right. It was very vivid.

      After this the dream went fairly normal, someone was on the phone asking me to do some work stuff. I realised I should be at work. Then after searching for a computer that worked realised I didn't need to worry as I had left that job many years ago, lol.

      I take the dream as a sign of my perception changing, and see it as a sign of some light breaking through.
      The water representing emotions and the tree earth or abundance.
      Tags: pink, water, white, work
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. intrigued by carpet pattern again

      by , 12-10-2016 at 09:27 PM
      In a room off from the bosses office, I am trying not to be heard. There is very little in the room and it is dark except for a window with the blind drawn letting in a little light.
      The is an old white landline phone on the floor, the carpet is worn. I wake up.

      I re-enter the dream and am lucid. I can see more in the room now, I look closely at the carpet which takes on the appearance of my parents carpet with an intricate yellow and brown (very 70s) pattern.
      I try to alter the carpet but only succeed in drawing it out in a cuboid shape. I focus closer on a spot on the fabric but it does not change.
      Thinking I should try something else, I go to the door. Open it and enter a corridor with no light except that coming from around the door frame of a door to the right. Entering this room in total darkness, I hear sounds from the kitchen in spirited away, loud and muffled. I make the lights come on and the kitchen changes into an apartment with low level lighting. I am disturbed by the waking world and awake.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. sad and scared

      by , 12-01-2016 at 06:18 PM
      D1 - I awake in a room where the light is just coming in through the window, dawn. I am being held by a small smiling child but his father and other mini hims (lol) are in the bed. And so I tell him to cuddle his father instead.
      I go to find a toilet but when I get there I find it is all glass and there are some people sleeping just outside from the night before. They awake and are hostile as they are poor and think i am rich person living in this big house. They turn on all the water systems for a load of swimming pools. There is loud crashing roaring sound as water pours through pipes. People are starting to gather in the pools as I head back. I feel trapped by the sound. (I have learnt it is my fear of my emotions crashing out of control and escaping).
      I am lost and don't know which way is back in the white corridors which have doors and lead through kitchens and things. I try to change the dream. But when I change it its no good as I don't believe the dream any more,
      I know its a dream and it just all stops. The dc just looks at me, as if to say ok dream over.

      D2 - I am looking through the eyes of a half human half doll with crazy hair, I am looking at the audience who are watching the show. I am expected to do the next show, but i am a fake even with the hair and costume. I feel a fraud and I cant carry it off.

      D3 - At work I am in a study room with college students, I make jokes and then realise I am a teacher and shouldn't be there. I leave but am wearing the wrong clothes and have no idea where i should be teaching. I am embarrassed and scared.
      next I am in some woods with a stream running through it. It is freezing and dark. A student is spending time doing a research project studying the fish.
      I walk past and out onto a path lined with trees, overlooking a scrubby cut wheat field. There are children there and I feel embarrassed but cannot contain myself any long and start to sob uncontrollably.

      Strangely on waking I feel a little better for having cried in my dream.
      Tags: cry, doll, fake, study, teach, work
    8. Eagle Angel

      by , 11-27-2016 at 05:13 PM
      In a work bathroom, I look in the mirror and see a youth with long straggly hair, wearing two ties Oo one red and black and the other blue. I am in to much of hurry to change and head into the bar, where some people are ordering sandwiches and pints of beer.
      I end up in a grassy area, it is partially sunny, more like fading sun of late afternoon. There are some stone benches outside the building, in the cold.
      I'm lucid and try and summon someone but it doesnt work, some women have appeared but they do not seem to be her. I use mind control on them but soon get bored with the clumsiness of it all.
      Again I try to summon her, this time the sky is filled with brightness and I find I am aerial again looking down on S who has been summoned.
      Her long blonde hair cascades down to her waist, she is in the form of half angel with big wings and half bird (eagle I guess) with long white tail feathers. She is flying towards the setting sun. And we are high up above the sea. The glittering makes everything seem like a giant stained glass window.
      Its all very captivating, as is she.
      Tags: angel, eagle, work
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    9. blue collar

      by , 10-29-2016 at 05:11 PM
      D1 - Working for a company. We are joined by another and new company that seem reputable unfortunately they have been duped by others so that they can use our facilities, therefore gaining a back door entrance as we are not allowed to check their premises.
      Inside the office of the new firm they have received an assignment of boxes. In my minds eye I see them as containing some kind of weird green plant.
      In actuality when an employee opens the first box to find a very small insect like creature in some brown viscous gloop on his desk. He looks closer only to find the insect produces a mini-screen with red border, on the screen is written a statement saying they have nothing to fear. I can hear the thoughts of the insect as it laughs having fooled the humans.
      He then feeds the insect some food, it immediately starts to grow dramatically in size. It is now almost human size and gaining. It is a blue and yellow giant ant (help!). It tries to put it back in a box in a filing cabinet but it has its pincers around his head and he is now trapped instead of the insect.

      D2 - At my parents house they have made a much bigger plot of compost heaps, which they're are steps up and down to.
      Tags: blue, insect, work, yellow
    10. Dark and Light (repeating dream sign)

      by , 09-08-2016 at 07:13 PM
      D1 - Beautiful large black and brown bordered tarot cards are being used to play a game, I am at a loss as how to play. I am told by a self assured blond man who is the dealer that I should use the cards that match based on electricity. The cards have electricity flashing across them.
      I meet a guy outside this tavern and talk about something.

      D2 - [Repeating work dream] At a workplace I am talking to my boss and explaining that an invoice has been accepted as the company is a professional business and not a small personally run operation. We are standing next to a giant printer (used to have one like this at work, the width of a large desk, with a glass top). A printout comes through and it become apparent that I have missed a deadline for some paperwork (24th Sept). My boss is unimpressed and I go off to see what paperwork is missed. I find I only have a few things in my tray not processed.

      D3 - Walking down a street I am blocked by a load of people. I step up to each person and place my hand on their forehead, one by one and use my powers to turn them into my minions. They turn around and head in the direction I want them. They are all wearing suits and look old.

      D4 - Walking through a darkened bookshop shop, looks like Waterstones. I am looking at small glass boxes like old fashioned carriage clocks with white lines of lightning running across them.
      On trying to leave I find the exit is blocked by a large grey boulder and have to squeeze back through and past a queue of people at the checkout.
      I see some people through the large glass plate window of the shop. I see they are doing something I do not think is right, so I use my powers to step through the glass. On the other side I see one young woman has blond hair and one has black hair. They have the audacity to ignore my remonstrations and I try to use the same mind control on them by placing my hand on their foreheads but it does not work (LOL).

      D5 - Outside a house there are little fluffy yellow chicks in a grassy backyard in the countryside. I use my powers to round them up and bring them indoors, unfortunately there are a load of black curly headed dogs in the house. I use my powers to get the dogs out but then the chicks escape! So I have to start again.

      The dark seems to represent unsurprisingly shadow elements
      I have been in a dilema about these in my life for quite some time.
      I see now from one dream I had where there was a woman who had a twin, one blond and one dark haired that infact that both are incorporated into me and I don't have to make an external choice only be more accepting of that which is within me and allow it an outlet.

      Large plate window and grassy banks are also repeated dreamscape idk what thats about exactly.

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    11. white birds at box tower

      by , 07-29-2016 at 03:11 PM
      D1- In an office looking through cases with a boss and one other.
      They are trying to figure where some account money that is missing will be coming from. I try to explain about an account which gets money put in annually. Ive had this dream before but this was the short version.

      D2- I am working out the best place to live in Africa. It is another survival dream. I am checking out all possibilities based on various factors.

      D3- I an at the bottom of a tower made of cube shaped compartments. Climbing up to get to my room. My brother is their and some of my old student clothes Lol.
      We play some kind of giant board game like checkers. Gary is also there we have missed 5am movie.
      Climbing down there are many white birds , like cranes and exotic parrots.
      I am in a tree lined valley.

      D3- Going down a road through a housing estate. I bump into mckenzie on her bike. She does her smile and gives me her email. Apparently we are going Steady.

      D4- Someone is using a swirly weapon made of sections of garlic bread that are snakelike like a guy out of bleach. There was also an upgrade

      Tried wbtb x2
      D2 very nostaligic feelings.
    12. Work dreams and tiny explosion lucid

      by , 07-27-2016 at 04:10 PM
      D1 - In a small room sharing a round table with a bald old guy with glasses. He is assessing a big stack of books but the door to the room keeps opening so he is getting more and more annoyed.
      in the end he leaves complaining that he has never etc etc
      He asks me if I have marked book pb-1256 yet, I embarressiny say I have not yet, it is a blue book.
      Outside in the road there is a massive pile of red books, so many that it is stopping a large bus from reversing.
      My work mate Ed has his lunch:a lunch french bagette with ham and a scotch egg tucked under is arm. He steps up into the front of the bus to drive but is encumbered by his groceries.
      A weesel or something is trying to get at his food in the confines of the cab, causing him more trouble.

      D2 - Repeating dream
      There are a line of women and in order to solve something I have to visit them each in turn but keep running out of time.
      I am convinced of this and keep going into the same dream.

      D3 - I wbtb and find myself back in the dream I get a bit fed up as its not working. I realise its a dream and makee everything explode. It is like special effects from a movie, everywhere there is splintered wood traveling in slow motion through the air.

      D4 - outside a flat that is supposed to be a. Old one of mine, but is not.
      the door is boarded and inside one window is.
      Outside i am waiting when paul from work gets in my way causing me to walk into wAter. We are high up over the main road of shops and I see above a pagoda style restaraunt that there is a giant dragon and frog statue in jade.
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. work worries

      by , 07-05-2016 at 05:31 PM
      D1 - I having been persuaded or decided that it is my responsibility, I am standing outside a hall for group functions and parties etc.
      It is dark and looks like it might rain, I am standing wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. In my hand is a tray, with a large cake on that has been sliced, I am to offer this to people as they pass by.
      I then realise that information on next years positions has been posted inside and go to enter. There is suddenly a melee of hundreds of people all coming out at the same time. I am again swimming against the current and making no progress. I have been told I have been given a position I want least.

      D2 - In a classroom with very large students, secondary? They are all sitting on high stools at narrow bar like tables. This excentuates how short I am in comparision. They are a tough class I can feel and I am apprehensive of how things will go. At this point their teacher turns up, they are annoyed as though I have spoiled their game.
      The teacher is a short haired, blond lady with glasses. She beckons her teacher's pet to come over to her, he towers over her so she askes him to kneel, bringing him to her height LOL they take their roles and act out the usual smiley niceties.

      D3 - In a dark room, with a large furnace like machine, two very odd chemists are making booze. There are loads of small fuzzy creatures, like coconuts with eyes. The chemists are also strange creatures but much larger. They compiserate with me, drinking heavily.
    14. A key to lucidity

      by , 07-03-2016 at 01:48 PM
      Lots of syncs corresponding to something in my dream, so I don't know whether it also symbolises something else, probably

      D1 - I am at my parents house all is dark, its a wintry morning. I'm wearing a quilted jacket and am in their kitchen then locking up before I go out. I am scared of something unseen a presence/feeling. I double back and check they are a sleep. They're door is closed signifiying they are still a sleep.
      I take a small steel key to lock the back door, I feel the cold of the key against my fingers and fiddle with the lock, checking and re-checking. This action is slowly waking me up in the dream. As I feel vague stirrings of my consciousness, as if a mist is lifting or becoming less foggy headed.
      Outside the ground is frozen with a light snow. In the distance I can see children surrounding two cats that appear to be fighting.
      I preceive that the childtren are in some way encouraging or in some way to blame for the fighting.
      The cats are jumping into the air as they fly at each other.
      Two of the children walk in my direction, I am scared and angry at the same time.
      I finally realise it is a dream, and say to myself are i'm dreaming. I wonder what to do and can think of nothing except to release my pent up emotion by kicking one of the children up the butt.
      The other child has a funny blue and white, thick woolen jumper and matching woolley hat. He has long fair hair and looks on bemusedly.
      I remember that I need to stabalise and rub my hands frantically together but then I wake up.

      The action of touching the key in the dream clearly triggered my surfacing from the normal dream state.

      D2 - Long dream where I am working with another teacher in a large lecture threatre, preparing stuff for later. I am interrupted by a manager who askes where a painting has gone missing. I pretend to look for it, in the hope she'll go away.
      Similarly, I try and escape from an office later on some pretext or other in the hope of not being found out.
      Tags: cold, dark, key, parents, work
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    15. Is it possible to salvage?

      by , 06-30-2016 at 05:49 PM
      - Trying to get into a college library at closing time, everyone was streaming out when I needed to get in. Going against the flow of people.
      - Not knowing what to do.
      - Being told to teach English instead of ICT.
      - Searching around looking for something I could scavenge to make metal parts for musical instruments. Finding metal latices of metal cubes. Finding cupboards full of old metal gizmos, wondering if I could break them apart to use.
      Tags: flow, metal, music, work
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