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    1. Summary - November 2015

      by , 12-01-2015 at 05:01 AM
      Some more snippets. Lots of snakes this month.

      I mean to go and visit a friend, but the route to his house is blocked by a swamp of crocodiles. I am with some people who become quite alarmed when they realise that there are snakes right nearby. I am not frightened, and neither is my cat. The snakes are not scared of us. The larger one is a slate-grey colour with dull yellow rosettes along its left flank and steel-blue rosettes along its right. It coils around in front of us to show that it is comfortable in our presence. The second snake is much smaller. Its scales were a rusty red-brown and it had a rattle on the end of its tail.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      Earlier in the dream, I had used my phone to take a photo of someone I had seen. I would do this occasionally in dreams, and even though obviously the camera was fairly useless, it would help to mark a moment to focus my recall on when I awoke. I was walking around in front of the state library in this dream and came across an array of items that looked like they had been abandoned by someone who had come this way before me. There are clothes on the ground, along with an ice-cream tub with only one scoop left. In the tub there is a photo of the tub itself. I shake my head and continue on.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      We're running a con or playing a game, I am not sure which. My friend is trying to impersonate a man he's never met. He's wearing a bright magenta suit. I don't think he's going to be able to pull it off, but I'm keen to watch anyway. Mid-way through our gambit, a person rushes over to us.
      "Wraith! He's an astral wraith!" the person cries. I walk over excitedly.
      "Really? You're an astral wraith?" I don't know what it means, but I'm intrigued. He looks over, an unimpressed expression crossing his face.
      "No, no. You just misheard." He says to me. The dream fades.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      I am in my parents' front garden. There is a small green snake here, warming itself in the sun. The visuals are very clear and distinct. Blisters have broken out on its skin and smoke is rising from the wounds. It seems to be doing this intentionally, the warmth of the sun purging the toxins from its body. I reach for my camera, but am suddenly teleported high above the Earth and the scene is lost.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      My friend and I are battling a huge zombie. We all leap through the air towards each other, my friend firing an assault rifle while I swing wildly at the zombie's head with a blackjack. It is taking damage, but not nearly enough. It lunges towards me, coming closer than I would like.
      'I'll stab it in the eye,' I think to myself. Everyone stops mid-air.
      "Woah, dude," my friend says, taken aback.
      "Yeah, that's a little bit excessive," says the zombie. "Calm down."
      I look around at them, uncertain myself. The GM steps in.
      "You've already decided upon your action. Roll damage."

      --- --- --- --- ---

      I dream I am with two of my real life friends, a couple I know. In the dream, they are bickering constantly. I take them outside and sit them down. I haven't done couples counselling before. I begin to talk to them about the issue, but they seem confused. They don't see it as a problem and am unsure why I do. I'm confused myself now, have I missed something?
      The next day in the waking world I catch a tram with them both. They spend the entire tram ride bickering. One is trying to organise something to do together for the other's birthday, but the other is being very tense and resistant. I observe and say nothing.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      "Your ears are full of wax," someone says. I am lying in my hammock, talking to someone over my right shoulder, but I cannot see them. The hammock is full of rocks and they are digging into my back.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      An episode of hypnagogia. I'm lying in my hammock again and hear a voice from over my right shoulder. They are speaking to me.
      "An illusion," I state.
      It's voice sounds like it is smiling. "Glad to know that's how I come across," is it's only reply.
      "Who are you!?" I shout out with some desperation, but there is no response, and the episode fades away into sleep.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      I could see my self clinging to a sinking boat, half-submerged in the ocean. The boat was not mine and it was full of explosives, and yet I clung to it still. A woman towered over the horizon. An explosion went off behind her, as though in the same room, yet I was very small in the world below. She glanced over to check on it. I was angry at her, but I didn't know why. I was plucked from the ocean and rescued. My friends rushed over, attempting to heal me, but I suspected that it had been the woman who was responsible for my safe recovery. I was indebted to her, but felt very conflicted, and didn't even understand why.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      "I'm just going to pay for these in the next room," I tell the man, items scooped up in my arms.
      "Sure," he shrugs, regarding me with absolute confusion. I'm always the craziest DC in my dreams.

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    2. Rakshis and the Serpent

      by , 09-01-2015 at 11:00 AM
      This dream was fun, and one of many that featured friendly serpents.

      --- --- --- --- ---

      One of my friends was looking for information on Rakshis. I assumed that she was referring to Rakshasas from Hindu mythology, and I excitedly suggested that I may have a book about them in my library. She pointed to a book in front of us, and we flicked through the pages together. This book featured information about the Egyptian pantheon. We looked through for information on Horus, or 'Hortet' as he was called here, but found very little that was specific. I turned to look at the cover, and the title illustrated that the book was about the esoteric significance of sexual love or energy as it was expressed between different mythological figures. Interesting enough, but not what we needed. I did have a book that would be more useful to my friend, but it was not on this plane, so I shifted us both over.

      We appeared in a vibrant, high-detailed world. We were in a a great, high-ceilinged, conical, brass structure. Grated metallic platforms lead over a bubbling stream which ran through the building. It was lush with vegetation and sun-kissed pond life. We were standing before the exit. Light poured in through the opening, and the stream flowed gently out and down the hillside beyond. Forested hills rolled away towards the horizon beyond. My friend knelt before the book and scanned through it. I recommended she find what she was looking for as soon as possible as we could not stay in this place long.

      Already, I could see the spiky backs of crocodiles bobbing in the stream, waiting for their moment to emerge. I told her to run back through the building and leave, and she obeyed without question. I was now there with my friend the Sentinel in the form of a dark slate-grey serpent. The enemy was approaching now and we were in danger. I scooped up the snake and ran back across the platforms to the elevator in the centre of the conical building. It would return me to my own world. The elevator was quite open, ringed with ornate brass bars to keep the occupants from stepping off the side. I dashed inside and closed the gate behind me. I wanted to take the serpent with me, but after I released my grasp on him, he slipped through the bars of the door. I felt anxiety rising that he would be crushed by the mechanics of the elevator and that I would only be able to look on helplessly. Despite my fears, he was perfectly fine, slithering around the bars without difficulty.

      The enemies approached as the elevator descended. I knew they were there, but I could not see them. As I slowly descended from view, I saw the serpent coiled and reared up, cobra hood open, defending my path from our pursuers.

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