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    1. 04.08.2016 Crazy People Files

      by , 04-08-2016 at 04:19 PM
      Got to sleep pretty late, close to midnight. Listening to a lot of Belly dance music, lately, practicing listening for cues. I only did a few mantras earlier in the day. I intended on doing some before I went to sleep, but I got busy playing with my phone, etc.

      DR 1
      I was in the backseat of a red jeep, being driven by unknown men. Seated behind the passenger seat, I looked out the window to my right. I could see there had been a flood, although I witnessed no rain. There was so much high water in the streets. The driver of the jeep attempted to do what many Houstonians attempt to do during our floods- which is drive through it. We got stuck and the jeep started to sink. We have to go, said one of the guys. I tried to open the door quickly, but when the water came in, I got scared and closed the door. The guys left the jeep and it kept sinking. I finally opened the door and got out...

      DR 2
      There was a show of some sort. I was supposed to be singing with my 14 yo niece (we sing a lot together in real life) and another person (unknown to me in real life). I was in a small apartment practicing with them- but we hadn't sung anything yet. We could only decide on two songs..I can only recall one.."Stand by Me". We were practicing singing cues...(cues again).

      DR 3
      A man (in a suit, looking important and in kind of a rush) hands me a stack of manila folders (15-20) and tells me that he needs me to get to the pharmacy "ASAP because the crazy people need their meds!" I do not act surprised by the crazy people comment, but I am surprised that I am being asked to do this. Apparently delivering files is not my job so I am not happy about having to do it, but I do it anyway. Each one of the manila folders in the stack has a million post-it notes on it, with notes written in red and black ink. I can't make out what they say. I don't really try because I realize that this is an urgent task and I just need to get on with it, because I don't want the crazy people out of control. I am walking down the sidewalk and there is still high water down some of the streets. I try to take a detour between some red colored buildings, but I can still see the water on the other side.

      Side notes:
      Been waking up and having the most random songs in my head. Today's song is none other than the Tag Team's "Whoomp There It Is", which is hilarious but I am not embarrassed. I'm from Texas after all, "Home of the TRILL". Doubt that was an international hit.