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    1. 05.18.2016 Someone sells me paintings in bed (?)

      by , 05-19-2016 at 03:46 PM
      Preface: I came in late to work on 05/18. I was still not feeling 100% and yes, still taking cold medicines to knock this out. I stayed at work, went to dance practice, then decided to do a late yoga class to try and refocus my awareness.

      DR 1

      I am on a ship. I can see the blue, blue water from the deck. I am part of a group of people, who are in a line. We are behind 3 or 4 people, all waiting to be "judged". The "judges" are deciding whether or not we get to stay on the boat. I keep looking out towards the ocean, which seems endless. Its sunny and the water is so very blue and beautiful. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. Suddenly a new group of people try to skip us in the line. Right away we tell them that we were here first, and we point them in the direction of the end of the line. There are some words exchanged between some of the men, but our place in the line is restored.


      I am in bed with an ex-boyfriend. The room is dim, and everything looks blue and grey. I am on the left side of the bed and he is on the right. I feel as though we are trying to take serious steps to reconcile, but are unable to. Despite everything that has happened, we find ourselves attracted to one another. Our faces come close to each other, but we do not touch each other or kiss. I don't want to get closer. He tries to come closer to kiss me, when suddenly, the ceiling opens up. We look up, and from the dark gaps of the floor above us, two guys drop paintings in front of each of our faces, and ask us if we want to buy. I am startled and confused by the happening, but somewhat relieved with their timing. I ask, "how much?" and they both tell me "$17". I mentally understand that this is the price for both. I say I may not have any cash, but I check my night stand to my right side, and I have stacks of receipts and cash, though I believe the cash to be in $1 increments. I pick up two of the bills and find that they are both $20 bills. "Oh, here you go!" I exclaim, while handing one of the bills to the salesman above me. "Keep the change." They drop the paintings into our hands. I rise out of bed, look at my ex and in my head I think something along the lines of, "this is not supposed to happen".

      DR 2B

      I wander through a kitchen, and then to a dining area. There is a huge yellow sheet cake with buttercream frosting. My niece is seated at the table to my right. Someone is at the head of the table (possibly my mom?), a female. My niece says the cake is really good. Apparently, I baked it earlier. I begin to eat what's left of the cake, at least half a sheet. I stuff all of it into my mouth, and its amazing. Near the end of it as I am stuffing spoonfuls of buttercream into my mouth, I begin to feel sick. My stomach starts to turn and I begin to regret being such a glutton. My niece is looking at me in both amazement and disgust.


      I find myself standing on the deck of the same ship again. I can see the blue water; I'm in the same place. It's still sunny on deck. I am still with the group of people and we are still standing in line. But everything seems to be going our way, as the "judges" have decided that we have some qualities that they like. I get very strong feelings that we are going to be allowed on the boat. I can feel that they like us and are going to accept us, and I have a very positive feeling.

      Side Note: This positive feeling is with me when I wake, although I feel tired, because I feel as though I have not been sleeping.
    2. 05.15.2016 Burial and playland

      by , 05-17-2016 at 05:44 PM
      Oh yeah, saw The Cure live in concert last night!!! Super excited! I did a few RCs while at the concert, because I felt like I was in a dream. It seems to have helped as I was able to recall a lot of details. I did get caught in the rain though, so the sickness I was fighting has finally caught up to me. Sore throat, itchy throat, headache, stuffy nose.

      DR 1
      My best friend and I are walking; we've just come from eating soup at a restaurant in Chinatown. The weather is warm and we are both wearing shorts. She has on a white cotton blouse. We are talking about life and our next career move, etc..when we see a yellow banner from one of the restaurants has blown down. It has red letters, but I can't make out what it says. I just know its a restaurant banner. It blows across the street and becomes entangled in a black gate. I go across the street to untangle it. I take my time getting the banner strings loose, and it untangles. But then, as I am holding it, it turns into two white figurines. They look like little white figures of a king and queen, with no faces, about 12 inches tall. There is a man walking by, kind of scruffy looking, and he starts to kind of bother me, hitting on me and such..I ignore him and I walk around the corner (to my right) to a place where there are bushes, and a small garden. There is a small plot- someone has dug a small square plot for the figurines. Feeling like they want me to bury them, I place them in the plot and I cover them with leaves. I stand in silence and there is a soft breeze. I can hear the spirits on the wind agreeing that I have done what they have asked me to do.

      DR 2
      I am on vacation with friends, some of them are from work. We are on the coast, and the water is blue- very blue and clear. There is a long wooden board, about 6 inches wide from land to a yacht. My friends tell me to walk it, that I'll have no problem, so I start. I begin to walk it like I am on a balance beam. I'm being careful, and when I come halfway to the boat from land, I sort of lose my balance. Instead of falling into the water, I revert to gymnastics training and fall, with one leg on either side of the board, and catch myself with my hands. I softly place my behind on the board and let my feet dangle in the water. (whew!) I then notice one of my friends (? nobody i know IRL, a blonde girl) jump from the yacht and begin to moonwalk over the water. She starts saying its so easy, and my friends start to follow her, doing their own versions of the running man or "cutting" across the water. I am laughing and I think it so cool. I get up to try and the dream changes. The water is so beautiful, clue and clear. (I realize now that all of this really should have woken me up into lucidity.)

      DR 3
      I am back on land with my friends and we are still vacationing. We are sunbathing on land in front of a huge sand pit, The inside appears to have been lined with millions of very colorful lego blocks. Its like, a pit for dirt bike riding or something. I find this very interesting because I have never seen anything like it before. I look around and there are different sand pits around but before I can look at them in detail.. a toddler girl comes running up to me and puts her face right in front of me, tells me my name and cries "tell us about ellomenopy!!!"
      I'm like, "what is that?!" There are toddlers all around, and in front of me, a few feet away, is a professional filmmaker. They scream the word at me again...In surprise, I ask the kids to use the word in a sentence. In response, they sing the alphabet, and I laugh, be cause they have combined the letters L M N O P and created a word..I make up some meaning of the word that is very very silly and go on to explain it, and the camera crew laughs. They finish the scene and the babies go off to play.
      My friends and I continue about this play land, and we want to get something to eat. I wake up.
    3. 05.10.2016 Threes

      by , 05-11-2016 at 02:51 PM
      Mother's Day, so i finally got some much needed rest. Hung around with my mom all day on Sunday, so a lazy day. Allergies are giving me headaches, but taking benadryl at night. Its been affecting my dreaming, though not so much the recall. I think I'm recalling more.

      DR 1
      I am visiting a house that, supposedly, I used to live in long ago. My mom is there with me, in the background. I walk into the kitchen and there is a huge table that appears to be a display table, with three tiers. On each of the tiers, there are red and white cakes and assorted pies. I am excited, but my mom acts as if she already knows about them, but it super happy. I am buzzing around and looking at all the old rooms.

      I begin to reminisce in one of the rooms, thinking about furniture and things..because now the carpet has been pulled up and there is only foam padding underneath.

      I come back to the kitchen and most of the cakes are gone. I ask my mom where they are and she tells me that she gave them away to her old co-workers. I become highly upset , so upset and start crying- telling her that she never thinks about me.

      As I am crying, i go back to my "old bedroom". I notice there is a trap door in the floor. I know that there is water in the room below the door, so I don't go near it. My mom comes into the room, she's wearing Ugg boots, and she asks me if I'm ok. She notices that there is water in the corner of the room. She steps toward it and I can see that the water is above her ankles, but she is wearing boots so its ok. She goes towards the trap door. I tell her there is water underneath, but she doesn't care. She opens it and we hear like a bump- a deafening rolling noise...and then a wave of water rushes up from the floor, but then, a huge wooden table top rolls up from the door in the floor and stops almost right in front of us...then a second, and finally a third. Then, a small wooden box with a gold padlock washes in. My mom and I stand speechless. Everything is then silent.
      non-lucid , memorable