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    1. Unspeakable things!

      by , 02-27-2017 at 08:54 PM
      Saturday night Dream 1: I was somewhere in the early 1800's in an outside market of some kind. Some creepy guy took one of my grand daughters. He was doing unspeakable things to her. I was outraged of course which turned me all lucid & angry. Then an evil man tried to say it was my fault that I let this happen yet he wouldn't give her back to me. I woke up, thx Meesha Cat .

      Saturday D2: Chained right back into the dream angry & hell bent on revenge & very lucid! I went back to sleep & went back into the dream. I then had to sneak in to where she was being helped & took her back. Everything was made of weathered wood. I ran at superspeed & had great strength so I sent the men flying like rag dolls. It was very detailed for the era. We then escaped & I then woke myself up.

      My other daughters kids were staying with me this weekend & her 2 yr old was acting strange. (These are not my grand kids I normally refer to. These are my other daughters kids.) She lives with her dad's father & her father who have made her afraid of other ppl so when she stays the night she always wants her father. He's a manipulative prick. Some how I ended up with this horrific nightmare. I don't necessarily think this kind of thing is happening yet it does represent my concerns as a whole. I went back into this dream to rid myself of anger which was therapeutic..... I was able to help my grand daughter to not feel scared to be at my house which made me feel better also. Her & her brother have never been okay sleeping in the kids room w/o me before until now. He fell asleep & I stayed w/in earshot & went in periodically to soothe her & to reassure her that I will always be just a few feet away & can hear her. They went to sleep the next night w/o incident at all! I told my daughter about all of this when she came by. Hopefully soon she will get her new job schedule & daycare fixed to get my grand kids back w/ her, her new baby & new baby daddy soon! What a mess.

    2. 2 alien dreams & an apocalyptic dream

      by , 02-10-2017 at 07:37 PM
      These are the dreams I could make some sense out over the last week but the last few days I have been so busy & those dreams reflected that with things that were hard to explain.

      D1: Aliens took away our air on this planet & made us unable to reproduce. Somehow I was chosen the be the breeder for the human race which was odd. I told them I couldn't be because I no longer have the anatomy to do such a thing. This is a dream sign trigger for lucidity since this is something that is very personal to me. They also chose some other women that I would be in charge of that were also to me a baby maker for them. I was informed that the typical human reproduction won't matter in this case. Then handed us these green wand like stick which was about 7 inches long. They had these bumps on it & the whole thing glowed. I had the feeling that these were eggs of some form because we were to insert them in ourselves during a process where they would be fertilized. We were angry about the whole thing but then they gave us pure oxygen around our bodies to breathe. Unfortunately it was what seemed to be stale air. Meesha woke me up.

      D2: I chained right back into the dream. Now we were being led through the streets & up a hill through masses of ppl. Tubes were waiting for us at the top that look like water slides. We were to impregnate our selves & as we slid down the slide an alien that looked human would fertilize us in the tube some how. Our strategy was to kill the alien some how as we went down the slide. One woman failed & I had to kill the alien in her tube.

      Next day: Every race of ppl are immediately in my line of sight. I notice all are represented. The world is over as we know it & ppl are living in this burnt out city of rubble. I found that I was happy that the initial race war accompanied w/ crazy ppl had not exceeded in wiping out whole races of ppl yet there weren't many families intact where I was. Mostly they were ppl who took in a child here & there. I walk through to see what my surroundings are. I can't help but become lucid at the sadness of it all but I just want to see more. I now know I can't be hurt but it feels like a cautionary message to me. I can see a child here or there running through the streets playing near the rubble in their clothes which are basically tattered rags and I see a lone child sitting on a front stoop of a burnt out brownstone on the stairs. A particular group of children are playing near this woman who is making me very nervous. She has something that looks like a M80 firework with a thick yet rather short green fuse that is about 2 1\2 inches long. She is showing customer after customer how her fuse is special & slow. She would light & the person was always trying to not look leery & I'm just kind of in shock looking at this woman do this repeatedly. It seems insane because I know this is no typical M80 in this scenario. She lights it & we wait, it takes a while for it to even get to the M80 but right before it gets there she pinches the fuse with her finger & snuffs it out & then pulls the fuse out of it. The person then buys it from her. This happens over & over. I don't remember ever being lucid like this looking at someone repeat a process like this. It seemed strange on so many levels. The more she does it the more I start to get nervous. I just know one of those kids are going to get hurt running around her kicking up dust. Finally a man walks up & she does her thing & it blows up. She is now gone & so is the man. A child is laying on the ground all mangled but alive. I pick him up & no one is helping me. I go into a nearby apt building & finally a man takes him from me all panicked like he may be the one who was caring for this child in this new world. I realize I had gotten up in my own lucid dream & that this of course was not real but I just can't shake that moral duty of mine even in a dream. I then turn to my right & I see my first husband & run to him because he's the only familiar face in this dream & hug him. Even though in real life I don't want anything to do w/ him but I know if the world went to shit & I came across him he would take care of me so seeing him wasn't that odd. I thought maybe he was there to help make sense of this dream but I no sooner see him than I look to my left & see this man w/ what looks like a popcorn machine. But the front looks like a giant gumball machine chute. Kids are getting cotton candy out of it. I know what my dream means now & I choose to just wake up.

      I'll continue another day in a separate journal entry.
    3. Living in the rubble, lucid after lucid: Do others chain like this?

      by , 02-01-2017 at 09:51 PM
      I'm not sure how many times I went back into this dream but it was a whole lot. I did it for a good 3-4 hrs. Chaining back into the same dream so many times was something I used to do but not lately... Even though it was a dark dream scene it was a relief to know I hadn't forgotten how to do this all together as I had feared.... There were all kinds of races of people which made me smile. But unfortunately we were living in the rubble of a city that was ravaged after war. People were living in burnt out apartments & townhouses. Warehouses & lean two's. Living in poverty where there was only water & food where you could find it. No officials or police. Violence with no accountability. Strangely enough I saw no guns which I was looking for. There were little kids sitting on a stoop all disheveled & sad. A woman selling her goods of sorts. She had some kind of fuse & was attaching it to some kind of M80 looking thing that you see on the 4th of July. I know because we buy them, lol. I watched her for a long time. I kept wincing waiting for it to blow up & I was really nervous because I was really never sure what it was. Like I was saying she was trying to attach a fuse to a M80 & would light it! It looked like she was showing them how much time it would take for the fuse to burn & then she would pinch it & make it snuff out. She did this so many times. One of the times I woke up was actually by Meesha & I just brushed her off & dove back into my dream. I could have done many other things in this state but lucid dreaming must be first about myself. Fun is secondary. This was so revealing about what I see in our world today & my fears of what the US will become. There were children running all around this woman & I feared the worst. I had such a drive to find what hidden meanings I could from this dream state. Finally one child was not so fortunate when she didn't snuff it in time. This again was one of the times I woke up & fell right back into my dream state to do what I would in real life & try to help the child. I frequently say that in my dreams I have a serious drive to stay true to my morals so this reaction was not uncommon for me. I could easily just shifted gears but what good would that do? Yes I could go off & change the scene but how often do you get to help others in real life up close in personal. I always say if I hit the lottery I would help ppl not give to organizations who funnel money that never sees its real way to help someone. Anyway, I looked for help for the child but there was none of course. I went to an apartment nearby & finally a man took the child from me. I hadn't seen a single person that I knew through all of this which is not typical for me. But I no sooner have this fleeting thought & I see my first husband & I run up to him & hug him because I have been alone all of this time. He would not be my top choice to be stuck w/ during end times for sure but I do know he would protect me strangely enough. I then look to my left & there is a man handing out cotton candy out of a machine. It looked like a popcorn machine w/ an overlarge opening that looked like where gum comes out of a gumball machine. At this point I know what this all means, believe it or not. I now hear Meesha IRL meowing weird so I get up to see what's going on.....
    4. Popping people & government agencies showing up while we watched orbs in the sky

      by , 07-23-2016 at 05:42 AM
      D1: non-lucid: A nightmare in the twilight zone is the best way to describe it. I was in this house & I heard someone. People were popping in & out of existence! They would appear & disappear & then other people who appear & disappear. Most were coming back repeatedly & it was really creepy.

      D2: non-lucid: I chained right into this next dream. There were orbs flying around in the sky. A cluster of orbs. Me & other people were chasing them through peoples yards & suddenly government people appeared. They had set a table with all kinds of technological devices.

      I was watching a show about UFO's before I went to sleep.

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    5. Emotional lucids with multiple types of dreams techniques. Very interesting indeed.

      by , 07-15-2016 at 05:32 PM
      D1: Lucid- I was in this luxurious house where I murder had been committed. There was a dead woman. I was consoling a friend that I don't know in my waking life but I became lucid & because I felt so connected to her I tried to find out more about her. She was hysterical. I was also looking around the room looking for hints of any kind due to the familiarity of the woman.... I woke up briefly due to a power surge in my home. My neighbors pulled down a power line which switched off our new central air & other electrical devices. I got up to pee & turn the our fans back on but came back to bed because I just thought it was a fluke surge.

      D2: Lucid- I had just came back to bed & immediately started my dream state again. I was in a radio studio giving an interview with the same woman I felt I knew which made me intensively lucid because she was just in my last dream. It was about the murder & a house that burned down. I was confused about the house burning down. I had said something to my friend & to the listening viewers into the radio microphone. Suddenly I hear crying. I look next to me & my friend was now 2 chairs over & an older woman was between us & crying. I felt it was my fault & was apologizing to her because I was referring to my friend & was trying to tell this older woman this. My friend had her arm around this woman but I felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness & started to cry. I think she was the murdered woman. I woke up crying with a strong sense of grief.

      D3: Lucid- I fell right back into the dream from an awake state so I started this dream lucid of course. The scene changed where I was standing behind a house & behind this house was one that was burned down. My friend was there again.... I started to utilize the state of the dream & said we should start to rebuild the house. I had started to use my mind to move some of the rubble to begin the building process. But my friend was saying we couldn't do this without a permit so we started a conversation about this when I was awakened again because of the electricity issue in real life. My son had come into my room. Hence my dream was over before I could finish the house project.

      I spent the day using mnemonic method. Also a new visual of technique in particular that I've been doing over the last week where I look at myself in the mirror & close my eyes while holding the visual of my own face in the mirror.... I read you can only dream of people you have seen before in your waking life which in turn if you have not seen them in this lifetime they could be from a past life, alternate universe, duel reality, or parallel plane. If I was to take a guess to which this one would be it would be the parallel plane or duel reality...... I recently read a book that told of the "ether". It's what Buddhist's belief system & many other cultures who have a strong ability to astral travel talk of. I've also been doing the exercises to that allow you achieve such goal. It's a very interesting concept & my meditation practices are growing stronger due to these exercises.... I was able to achieve a number of techniques over this night which I'm really excited about.

      v-wild, vild, chaining, lucid, deild chain, familiar people, non - lucid, ada dild/self awarenss, meditation technique

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    6. Family Trip

      by , 07-13-2016 at 09:16 PM
      Non-Lucid to Lucid: My family was going on a vacation on a big river or lake somewhere. There came this big rain & some of us had tents that were right next to the water & had to try to find other places to sleep. Things were just so surreal at this point so I knew I had to be dreaming & became lucid so knowing my family I wanted to see what else was to come that I could amp up on steroids through lucidty. But for now I was seeing where we were walking along & it was going well under the circumstances so I was just waiting for my "in". Then we were going down the dock on our way to get the the buffet that was supposed to be available but went right past it cuz it was just this one little cart. So we were disappointed. It was time to go look for other things to do but Mike called & ruined it!

      Oddly enough it reminded me of another dream I had years ago on a lake. It just popped in my head & that was pretty cool in itself... I'd say this dream was probably about me being overwhelmed & wanting to do some positive things with my family where I don't have to think about the stressful things for a while. It's all about time management. But this weekend is about Mike. He needs to take a vacation day for himself & not just use them for shit that needs to get done so maybe next week or weekend. I also want to get back to doing a little wbtb stuff next week & hopefully some chaining. Setting an alarm helps a lot.... I also had a failed v-mild which I was using a mirror but not gonnna elaborate cuz it's a little personal.

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    7. Boats & Bandits- Also a throw back of an amazing lucid dream I had!

      by , 06-12-2016 at 08:19 PM
      I had 3 dreams. Non-lucid: The first I woke up from & fell right back into it but it changed somewhat in the middle. Chaining/DILD/WILD. I was on a ship & there were these thieves or bandits. There were a lot of people though like this was a luxury ship yet not a cruise ship. It was like I knew a man in the first & in the second. Same man but I just couldn't tell how I knew him. Woke up to feed Meesha & fell back into this ship dream again. The details weren't all that interesting it just had cargo & some animals & people talking about theft. The man was the focus for me just because I couldn't figure out how I knew him. 3 dreams with the same theme was unusual though.

      Throw back from LD4All website.

      The one place I've always wanted to go. Venice!

      PostPosted: Thu 24 Mar, 2016 in LD4ALL:

      WBTB Method. When my cat woke me up I used it! I tried my back first but then I turned on my stomach cuz I have spinal issues & it hurts. Took my Meds, smoked a cig, used the bathroom, fed my cat, read about lucid. Then I thought about Venice because I've always wanted to go & wanted it for a destination in my LD. And I suddenly remembered how much I slept when I was a child. I loved to dream. I had a traumatic childhood & I'd suppressed this. I did my meditation & before long I was having a dream about my childhood friends & then it happened! I was on a staircase in the dream & then my friends were gone & I was outside. It was beautiful! The most vibrant colors I've ever seen even in real life & I was on street in Venice! And then I knew it. I knew I was Lucid Dreaming & I consciously opened my eyes. Lots & lots of ppl & color. And can't say enough sbout the color! I could run really fast & I tried to push past some ppl who weren't happy about that & I knew I shouldn't do that so I flew over them, just like that! Easy peezy. And then I woke up... Talk about a rush! ... And I feel refreshed. Like I did a work out & just feel all kinds of happy! I hope it counts cuz that's where I wanted to go.

      I mention this one because I always wondered why it was so incredibly different than most of the others I've had since. I meditated & did the flip. At least that's what I call it when you are laying there meditating & you go straight from awake into either a lucid dream state or AP state or at least sleep paralysis. I opened my eyes because I could see through my eyelids & it felt so different like I actually went somewhere. I went from meditating to being in Venice where it looked like Mardi-gras. I've always been fascinated by Venice but not once have I ever seen the festivals that actually exist in Venice which exactly like Mardi Gras. This had details that were extremely vibrant & all the details were very intricate. I remember it just as I would if I had taken a trip there on a vacation. Very Memorable.

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    8. Not sure what this is called but I'd like to know if it is called something. Is this chaining?

      by , 04-03-2016 at 09:21 PM
      Dream #1: I started the dream w/ being in a group of ppl at a polical event for Hillary Clinton & I was supposed to be applying for some kind of position. Then my cat woke me up again & I lazily fed her & peed & laid back down(less than 5 minutes) & tried to get back into the dream.
      Dream #2: This dream started immediately when I laid back down. I still had the last dream fresh in my head. I left off from where I had woken up but now we are going through a wing of this location where there are ER Rooms. It's like a big complex. And nothing really occurred except we were in there talking. Ppl were still trying to convince me to work for Hillary & since I don't like her I'm debating this because the money is good.

      Is this chaining? I've done this for years so it just seems like some form of normal for me. Sometimes more than this. Usually it's due to the content of the dream which I'm enjoying & just want to dream more of this. But this time I wanted to go back in because I just wanted to see what would happen since I wasn't really enjoying it & it worked.
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